I can’t stop thinking about how much of our recent history has been ‘faked’.

UPDATE: More on the horrific school assault in Netanya, that’s been ‘blanked’ from the news.


On the one hand, it’s such a disturbing and destabilising concept, that I almost don’t want to engage with it.

And on the other hand, the more information flows in, the more I am coming to the conclusion that all the ‘fake history’ and personas I’m piecing together in our Jewish world from the last 250 years has to also coincide with ‘fake history’ on the non-Jewish side of the fence, too.

Yesterday, I came across this film that I watched fine speeded up  (1.5), that covers a lot of ground on this topic, with a lot of compelling videos and photos of an ‘old world’ that apparently vanished sometime between 150-300 years ago, that had stupendous buildings, free energy, street lights, electric trains – all the things that we were told just never existed, until the Industrial Revolution began in 1840.

(It’s not shmirat eynayim friendly, as it does have clips with women.)



I watched this, and my mind is whirring.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying I believe everything in this video, or that I agree with everything being said – do your own birur carefully, as always.

But it does present a great deal of information and old footage that appears very hard to ‘explain away’.

Was there a ‘mud flood’ that destroyed most of the world, within the last 250 years?

And then, did that lead to a mad ‘land grab’ by the elite who were based out of the UK, France, Spain, Holland and Italy, who also then eradicated all the signs of that previous world?

I don’t know.

It certainly seems possible.


But then, I was wondering how something like that could be, and none of our rabbis, none of our Jewish sources from the last 250 years even referred to it?

This was puzzling me greatly – after all, we are the literate People of the Book, who always knew how to read and write, and store and share information and maintain the chain of history, from the beginning of the world, 5782 years ago.

And that’s when it struck me, how important it must have been to totally take over our Jewish leadership, and to ‘break the chain’ of our history, and to attack the Torah community anyway possible.

It’s hard to totally rewrite the world’s history to suit yourself, when there is a stubborn group of literate, articulate people who are clinging on to their Torah, their emuna, their history, their teachings, with total mesirut nefesh.

And especially when that group of people is shunning all the ‘brainwashing’ dished out in secular schools… And avoiding all the ‘brainwashing’ dished out by secular media…


In the middle of all this, I’ve been doing more research on Jacob Frank’s first father-in-law, Hayyim Samuel Falk, aka Dr Falkon, aka the ‘Baal Shem’ of London.

To cut a very long story short, he seems to have been deeply involved in Rosicrucianism, and taught a generation of black magicians who went on to found secret societies like ‘the Golden Dawn’ and Moses Dobruska’s ‘Asian Brotherhood’.

The following is an Abstract of an article that appeared in the ‘Zion’ Journal, now found on Jstor:

“[The] Brethren of St. John of the Gospel from Asia in Europe”, commonly called the Asiatic Brothers, [was] the first masonic organisation which stipulated the reception of unbaptised Jews into its ranks. The kabbalistical parts of its rituals were wirtten by Schönfeld who introduced into them portions of Jonathan Eibeschütz’ Sabbatian treatise Ve’avo hayom el ha’ayin, a manuscript which enjoyed wide circulation among the Moravian Sabbatians and admirers of Eibeschütz.”


While the ‘Sabbatian elite’ were off writing histories about this ‘miracle worker’ and lauding him mamash as a holy Rebbe, and individual of great piety and holiness, over in the non-Jewish world, you find information that paint quite the opposite picture.

This snippet about him (from HERE) comes from a French writer named Archenholtz, and was published in 1790:

There is a person of this nation called Cain Chenul Falk, but better known by the name of Doctor Falcon, who for thirty years has been famous for his cabalistical discoveries. He lives in a large house ; is attended by a small number cf domesticks ; is engaged in no manner of business-, and gives away a great deal of money to the poor.

When he goes out, which is indeed but seldom, heis always clothed in a long robe, which agrees very well with his flowing beard, and noble figure. He is now in the 7oth year of his age. I shall not here recount the wonderful and incredible stories told of this old man.

It is most probable that he is a very great chymist ; and that he has, in that occult science, made some extraordinary discoveries, which he does not choose to communicate. A certain prince, who was very zealous in his search after the philosopher’s stone, some years ago wished to pay him a visit, Falkon, however, could not be prevail- ed upon to grant him an interview.


In his introduction, Archenholtz refers to him as ‘The Jew Joel Dr Falcon’ The Philosophers Stone’:

(It’s a scanned copy of a very old text, so there are some errors in the spelling, FYI.)


That stands up the theory that ‘Joel the Baal Shem of Zamosc’ – father-in-law of ‘Rabbi Jacob Benjamin Loeb Frankel’ is one and the same as the famous black magician, Cain Chenul Falk.

And this is not where the problem ends.

I started trying to track down more information about ‘Cain Chenul Falk’, who is lauded as one of the great teachers of devil-worshipping secret societies like the Golden Dawn, amongst many others, and I got to the website of one ‘Chuck Furnace’.

Furnace is an open devotee of the ‘Rosy Cross’ / Rosicrucian path of devil-worshipping ‘enlightenment’.

Many of his pages have been scrubbed and ‘unavailable-d’ now, but here’s a screenshot (with images off…) of his home page, with the parts I’d like you to pay attention to highlighted:


I’m not jumping to any conclusion here.

But I find it strange, to say the least, that this guy’s list of teachers begins with a bunch of rabbis, including the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and then ends with the famous satanist Aleister Crowley.


I am so sick of all the lies.



I had a query about why R’ Aryeh Kaplan, who translated some Breslov works into English, also appears on this list.

Here’s what I responded:

He wasn’t a Breslover himself, btw, he was someone who translated a lot of different books, including the Sefer Yetzirah – which contains a lot of straight up kabbalah, that these people probably use in their black magic rituals.
I actually had that book a few years ago, and was totally shocked it had been translated into English at all. In the end, I put it in the genizah, after I started learning more about how ‘practical kabbalah’ is actually just another term for black magic.

Last thing, for now.

I saw my sister-in-law from Netanya yesterday, and she told me about a horrific gang rape that occurred in a local highschool there, 3-4 months ago – that the media has almost totally buried.

I heard literally nothing about it, before she told me, but 20+ teenage boys broke into what I though was the ‘Chaim Gurary’ highschool in Netanya, to gang rape the drugged girlfriend – 14 years old! – of one of their friends.

It’s totally and utterly sickening.

Everything was caught on the school’s CCTV cameras, but no-one seems to be doing anything to really address what happened, and the poor girl and her father are now apparently in mental institutions, as a result of what happened to them.

(Or maybe, to keep them out of the media, so as few people as possible get to hear about this.)


Secular culture in the Frankist-Freemason State is totally sickening, and they are keeping these stories out of the news, because all they want to do is carry on with their war against the Torah, and religious Jews.

Remember what happened in Greece?

Remember what happened in Eilat?

This is sadly not an unusual occurrence.

Without the Torah and its moral structure, a human being literally descends to being worse than an animal.


Bezrat Hashem, I am really praying that God will explode this world of lies as fast as possible.

And our part, in the orthodox Jewish world, is to keep asking awkward questions, to keep chipping away at the edifice of lies that most of our ‘leaders’ have constructed about what really happened, over the last 250 years, and how they are really connected into a very deep matrix of evil and deception.

Instead of being spreading the light of the true Torah, they’ve just been spreading more self-serving lies, and conspiring to turn Jews into either:

  • Unthinking, unfeeling religious ‘robots’, who can be remote-controlled by social pressure and / or a corrupt rabbi or Rebbe.
  • Secular animals, who are consumed by their own lusts and bad-middot, and will do anything to anyone in order to satisfy them.

May God save us from this.



And in the meantime, if you want to know where the real light of Torah can still be found….


And Rabbi Berland.

And all the real, sincere tzaddikim who respect the former, and publically support the latter, even in the face of terrible threats and danger, from this Frankist-Freemason State of Israel, and those who are part of ‘the machine’.


No wonder Breslov and the Rav have been persecuted so much, for the last 250 years.

Because that path really connects people back to their true, holy selves, and back to God.

And it really gets people to remember what the point of being alive is, and what the true essence of being a human being, and a Jew, really is.

And that’s the last thing these Frankist-Freemason-Rosicrucian-Devilworshippers want.


UPDATE: Here’s what I got back from the sister-in-law, about the awful assault in Netanya, that happened 3-4 months ago, and has been totally blanked in the news here:

I cant see it in news, it was all over social media groups. 

She went to Chaim (Haim) Gury School in Ir Yamim, Netanya and they were all from Eldad school in Netanya.

Again, this was caught on the school cameras, so it’s not a figment of anyone’s imagination.

Maybe, all those ‘social justice’ warriors who have nothing better to do than burn Chaim Walder’s books in Bnei Brak can take a look at the total disintegration of secular society too, in Israel?

Maybe, the media here could at least acknowledge what is actually happening?

I’m not holding my breath.


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10 replies
  1. Elisheva
    Elisheva says:

    Just this week the Supreme Court in Cyprus cancelled the conviction of a girl from the UK who accused 10 Israeli boys of rape and was charged & convicted of making a false claim. She was pressured to remove her complaint & then, after the men had returned to Israel was charged herself!
    Her family now wants the case against the men restored.
    Sadly, Ben Gurion has got what he wanted.

  2. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to know if any of the Stolen History/Tartaria theory is true or false, either way.

    But we can know this with absolute certainty:

    /If/ it was true, every institution in western civilization would lie their faces off to us about it, causally, effortlessly, and with an untroubled conscience.

  3. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    Upon first encountering these theories a month or two ago, my first thoughts echoed yours: “What do the Jewish authorities down through the ages say about this?”

    The connection you’ve made, about how compromised some of the biggest names may be, and particularly centering around this specific time period, is a very troubling possible answer to that.

  4. Efraim
    Efraim says:

    Don’t be confused dear Rivka. Delve in this week’s haftarah Terumah, about the building of the first Beit Hamikdash . Hiram -the “admor” of the baboonim – was a friend of David hamelech (alav hashalom) and was fully subjugated under the kedushah, only when the Wisdom given to Shlomo was revealed to all the world…..He contributed in the building and he received his shchar (20 cities in Galil). His subjugation to the Kdushah was temporary ,as Slomoh didn’t succeed to bring the final redemption, and he Hiram returned to the klipah……….. Think also about Yitro and Moshe rabbenu……Close friends and relatives….but Yitro subjugated completely. So don’t be confused about the Lubavitcher rebbe or rabbi Ariel Caplan, and retrieve please the sefer Yetsirah from the gnizah.

  5. Daisy
    Daisy says:


    Don’t forget that there is a lot of Arab influence in the secular Israeli world: Pere Adam. Where did the secular kids learn their behavior? Also don’t forget that “Israeli” does not necessarily mean Jewish. What if the Cyprus rape was committed by a gang of Arab boys? They are known for this kind of behavior. Now granted, the other two examples that you provided were committed by Jews – according to their names. But I know a young man in Netanya whose biological father is an Arab while his mother is Jewish: he is being raised by the woman’s second husband who is also Jewish – a Baal Teshuva BTW. So the boy has a Jewish name, is being raised as a Jew, yet his personality is everything but: not a criminal by any means, mind you; still, such a scenario could be widespread. So a Jewish name does not necessarily mean a Jewish neshamah. Also don’t forget all the Russian Goyim infiltrated in Jewish secular culture in Israel; many of them were – are?- actual antisemites.

    Are real Jews capable of such acts? The problem is the culture that allows everything in Israel: Arabs, Russian goyim, you name it: the “Israeli” melting pot. Honestly I don’t believe real Jews are capable of such acts, whether religious or not!

    So the Lubavitcher movement teaching Noachide laws to the world is a step in the right direction, wouldn’t you agree? Jews need to learn Torah – from the Rav or from other decent Rabbis; while non-Jews need to learn the seven laws of Noach: it can only help, provided they take the laws seriously.

    Now what Furnace the Rosicrucian did with whatever he had learned from his various teachers depended on him only: he obviously learned Kabbalah from some Rabbi(s) – whoever taught him that is not clear; then he took that Kabbalah, mixed it up with satanic stuff he learned from other teachers, and created his own occult salad.

    So teaching Kabbalah to goyim is a very bad idea, this is proof. But teaching the seven laws of Noach is important, as long as you stop right there. My opinion….

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There is a lot more to say, but in our ‘frummest’ communities, there is a huge problem of abuse going on.

      I’m debating whether to dive in to that topic or not, but we can’t just go on the outside appearances – for 200 years, there have been people with very long beards and ‘superlative’ religious appearances who are committing all sorts of mamash abominations secretly.

      Sabbatians were known for ‘wife swapping’, which is why the remaining orthodox rabbis banned marriage with them, because they believed all their children were mamash mamzerim.

      And then Frank and Eibshitz came along with a kabbalistic ‘explanation’ for why incest was OK, even a mitzvah…. and now we have a huge mess to try and sort out – especially in the ‘frum’ communities that were associated with the Sabbatean – Frankist families.

  6. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    ” But I know a young man in Netanya whose biological father is an Arab while his mother is Jewish: he is being raised by the woman’s second husband who is also Jewish – a Baal Teshuva BTW. So the boy has a Jewish name, is being raised as a Jew, yet his personality is everything but: not a criminal by any means, mind you; still, such a scenario could be widespread. So a Jewish name does not necessarily mean a Jewish neshamah. Also don’t forget all the Russian Goyim infiltrated in Jewish secular culture in Israel; many of them were – are?- actual antisemites.”

    I feel the need to say that what you’ve written here is contradicts halacha and is hurtful to Jews with non-Jewish fathers. Every Jew, whether he has 2 Jewish parents, a Jewish mother or converted yesterday, is equally Jewish. It contradicts halacha to insinuate that having a non-Jewish father makes one less Jewish. Also, it’s not nice to use the word ‘goyim’ around in a disparaging way. It’s like when anti-Semites use the word “Jew” in a condescending manner. Hashem made all people, and everyone has a mission, so we should treat people with respect. I think we Jews, especially if frum, should be setting an example of how to speak and behave.

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      So, can you answer the question of which tribe the ger tzedek belongs to and what portion of the land s/he gets after we become a kingdom (which would seem to be after geulah shlemah)? This is a practical matter, not one where artificial divisions are created, because of the precedent of the boy in Egypt who wasn’t accepted in the midbar because his father was an Egyptian and therefore he was not part of a tribe. He reacted badly against HQB”H and died for it.

      As you surely know, Eliora, the mother determines Jewishness, and the father determines the tribe. A non-Jewish father, or even a ger tzedek, has no tribe. (Please correct me if I’m wrong. One other question I have is whether there will be a tribe of Avraham Avinu (or Ya’acov Avinu, or whomever is designated to take this role), and land to go with it, where many people who are halachic Jews but whose father does not have a tribe can go and live.)

      And, by the way, a lot of the Russians that came here are full-fledged goyim and hate Jews, and I think this phenomenon is to what Daisy refers. They were sent by the Russian government back in the days when aliyah from Russia became common, with a huge aliyah, something like 100,000 in a short span of time.

      I feel bad for the children who come out of marriages between them and Jews (yes, that happens sometimes, and we might be on the grandchildren by now. And then there’s a government in power in Israel that has the will to relax, if not stamp out, all Halachic rulings, including those pertaining to “who is a Jew”…). The kids are more accessible and manipulable, so they often get the brunt of responses that rightfully should be directed to the parents.

      Yes, you’re right, we have to speak (comment) more nicely. If only others would treat us with such kind consideration. After all, we can all go on most websites and read whatever we can see there, for good or for evil.

      And we must never give them the impression that they have what to hold over us whenever they please, especially if we can have no such outlet.


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