It’s human nature that as more and more of the truth about what’s going on starts to surface, we’re going to feel overwhelmed and despairing.

Firstly, know that this is a very normal, natural reaction.

If we try to ‘skip’ this stage of dealing with reality, and go straight into a fake-emuna state of hakol beseder, hakol letova – before we’re really feeling it, that’s really unhelpful.

That’s how people end up switching off their true emotions, and becoming stressed, sick ’emotional robots’ that use up all their energy and vitality trying to keep their fears and negative emotions stuffed down firm in some mental box.

Don’t do that.


Rabbenu tells us, deal with the heavy stuff for an hour a day, in your hitbodedut, and then the rest of the time be happy!

This is rock-solid advice, and it’s the best way of ‘dealing with reality’ – so you can protect yourself from harm, and deal with the fall-out from bad choices and situations – without getting totally overwhelmed and despairing.

For 2 weeks beginning just before Succot, I have to admit also dealing with a lot of anxiety and despair, as I started to notice how Jerusalem has become infested with 5…G antennas and other tech, literally on every street corner.

It was literally making me feel nauseous, and last week I got a massive migraine for 3 days that showed me, again, that:

I have to defuse this despair and anxiety.


How did I do that?

By taking action.

What action did I take? A lot.

  • I paid a pidyon to Rav Berland;
  • I made a commitment to return to saying at least one Tikkun HaKlali, for protection, every day;
  • I decided to ‘bless’ these 5…G antennas that anything they emit should only be for the good of the general population, and anything harmful should ‘bounce back’ on those who are controlling all this, behind the scenes;
  • Anytime I got nervous about 5…G, I pictured Hashem’s ineffable name wrapping around me, and my family, and my home, in protection – and zapping anything ‘bad’ trying to get me.
  • I did a good amount of hitbodedut to take my anxiety and worry back to God, and to really try to internalise Ein Od Milvado.

And then, I started in on the more gashmi side of the action, like checking out Faraday Cage Tents, and ordering Geocleanses and buying salt lamps.

And then, I was ready for the next part of the process – to start looking for real solutions to these problems we are all facing.


But I could only get there by first acknowledging my true feelings, and then working through them, across all three levels of body, mind and soul.

Try it yourself, I promise you’ll start to feel much better and lighter.


In the meantime, here is where I’ve got to, with all this.

First, an insight I had about the difference between invitro and invivo.

People are not petri dishes, and people are not animals.

We are human beings, with a higher soul that is mamash a part of Hashem Himself.

That divine ‘human soul’ is bigger than anything any force of evil could ever possibly throw at it.

We just have to start connecting to it more, and to God more, and to our True Tzaddikim more – and that’s what this horrible process is all about.


A corollary of this, on the practical level, is that while more and more researchers are clearly seeing some very strange and troubling stuff in the vials of Covid ‘vaccines’ they are analysing under powerful microscopes – like this, for example, just released from the Johnson & Johnson shot:

Slides and petri dishes are NOT people.


There is no ‘immune system’ in the picture here, fighting back, there is no ‘human soul’ annihilating whatever is meant to be in these vials, even at the physical level.

And that changes the whole picture!

So, understand what’s really going on here, feel your despair and anxiety for 5 minutes – and then switch into ‘action’ mode and start to fight back, in any way you can!

With prayers, with gadgets, with pidyonot, with teshuva – and with the courage to start challenging the madness on any level you can, that is truly appropriate for you and your mentality and your abilities.

There is no yeoush in the world!


On that score, I’m increasingly coming to the view that more and more people need to start challenging ‘The Justice of Sdom’ on its own level.

Let’s stop arguing about ‘civil rights’ and ‘Nuremburg Codes’, because that is high-level ethics they don’t give a monkey’s about.

This has to be challenged legally on the details, and with the ‘problems’ and ‘loopholes’ that the Justice of Sdom itself recognises and has to abide by.


Some examples:

According to the MoH corona regs, colleges and universities have to be offering their students ‘distance learning’ alternatives, if they haven’t got a green pass.

My daughter’s college decided they aren’t doing that – because it’s a pain in the bum to figure out how to ‘zoom’ a class for one set of students, while also teaching it in person to another set – so they are instead forcing her to pay to get tested each time she wants to come into school.

This is illegal.

I suggested to my daughter that she starts to ‘push back’, if she’s comfortable with doing that, and to point out that she by law, the school is required to provide her with ‘distance learning’.

The more people do these small actions, the more the pressure comes to bear on ‘the Justice of Sdom’, and its operating system – and sooner or later, it will crack.


Another example:

There is a ridiculous situation in Israel now, that if you actually had ‘Covid 19’, they are still expecting you to be ‘vaccinated against it’ – the only country in the world, with this ridiculous, unscientific mandate.

And if you had two Covid shots, and you have very high antibodies that suggest you also had Covid – which is happening to more and more people, especially as they ‘catch Covid’ post-vaccination – the MoH is still telling you that you can only get a Green Pass if you have a 3rd injection.

On the face of it, even by the ‘Justice of Sdom’ level, this is ludicrous and cannot be supported legally.


Watch this:

Hey, I can’t embed it! Always a good sign, when something is being ‘tech censored’ like this.

So, here’s a screenshot, then click the link underneath, to watch it on Rumble:–6-.html


This is Professor Retzef Levy, risk management expert and number-cruncher, who really believes the narrative about Covid 19 and the goodness of vaccines.

At the same time, he’s been doing some formal analysis of the reactions to the Covid 19 shots – which he’s passed twice to the MoH, only to be totally ignored – which he is finding very disturbing.

The low-down is this:

He’s finding a sharp correlation between people who already had Covid 19 and recovered from it – knowingly or unknowingly – and a big ‘spike’ in serious, adverse reactions to the shots.

Even in the world of the ‘Justice of Sdom’, this is an argument they can’t wriggle out of, without properly addressing it, because it’s using their own narrative against them.


This evidence has big implications for children and young people – many of whom already had ‘Covid 19’, even asymptomatically, who the government now wants to ‘vaccinate’.

And, it has big implications for those adults who already have ‘Covid 19’ antibodies, that the Government wants to ‘vaccinate’, or ‘vaccinate again’.

We’re not talking about graphene oxide here, or nanotech, or all the other stuff that in my view is certainly true, and the ‘real reality’ of these shots.

That’s too ‘far out there’ for a lot of people still.

But Prof Levy’s evidence is so useful, because even within the fake, manipulated, Covid shots paradigm, it’s showing there is a serious problem that cannot be ignore.


I told my lawyer husband this yesterday, and he was totally underwhelmed.

They’ll just lie about this, like they lie about everything else, he told me.

That’s true – but it’s missing the point.

Even in the world of the Justice of Sdom, there is a sense of ‘justice’, of fair play.

Rebbe Nachman writes about this, he tells us that even on the ‘left side’, the side of evil, there is also, eventually, a sense of tsedek, justice, that will awaken.

If the ‘truth’ is stretched too far, then even over there, it can and will break.


The truth is:

No kid should be getting ‘vaccinated’ with these Covid shots.

And it’s up to us, to work through our despair and anxiety and yes, also our cowardice, to start standing up for that truth, in God’s name.

Take action!

Do something, on any level of body, mind and / or soul – but preferably, all of them! – to challenge what’s going on, and start pushing back.

It’s not up to us to finish the job, but neither are we exempt from undertaking the task.

Just do your bit, and then let God and His True Tzaddikim do theirs.


But most of all remember:

There is still no despair in the world.

And God can cure anyone of anything in anyway, at anytime.


They still need to raise more money to prevent the corrupt government from putting the Rav back in prison.

They are missing quite a bit, still, so please gird your loins and help with whatever you can.

Ultimately, whatever you pay is for yourself and your family, not the Rav.

So don’t stint.

Go HERE to contribute.


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