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Remember, we said one ‘good news’ post a week?

(I’m trying to remember that myself….)

Three or four times a week, I try and go down and join the evening prayers with Rav Berland, on Ido HaNavi Street at 8:30pm, so yesterday, I went.

We spent the first 30 mins singing, clapping and jumping up and down to sweeten the harsh judgements, as per Rebbe Nachman’s teachings, that when you are really so deep in the hole, that is the only way to break the forces of evil and get things to turn around.

I’m not spending an hour clapping and jumping up and down because I’m  a mentally-ill cult initiate – although I can see why you’d get that idea, if you didn’t actually read Likutey Moharan, or understand what Rabbenu is writing. Or believe it.


I’m doing that stuff because it works.

Clapping got me out of the Zhuliana airport, when the Ukrainians changed the rules mid-flight and barred me and my family from entering the country two years ago, a month before Rosh Hashana.

Clapping got me out of the desert of Mizpe Ramon, where we were lost with a faulty map and some really dangerous terrain to navigate.

And clapping and dancing has helped me to deal with all the ‘heaviness’ about pedophiles, Sabbatean-Frankists, Covid shots and 5…G.

To give just a few examples.


So yesterday, I jumped and clapped for half an hour along with the Rav and his kehilla, and I got the strong impression something was being ‘sweetened’.

I don’t have any ‘bombshells’ to share with you in this post, but around the edges, I AM seeing things starting to move. I AM seeing more people standing up for what’s right and true, publically, and starting to push back against the evil ‘powers-that-be’.

Here’s a few examples of what came across my radar, in the last 24 hours.



Secular parents in Herzliyya publically protesting outside their school, for pushing ‘trans’ propaganda onto their kids.

My daughter sent me the link to the Arutz 7 site in Hebrew, HERE.

Here’s a google translate of the main points:

Parents gathered this evening (Monday) in front of the City Hall in Herzliya to protest pro-LGBT educational content being delivered to girls and second-graders in one of the city’s schools.

Two weeks ago, parents of second-graders at a school in Herzliya received a notice that the next day there would be a conversation with one of the students who he said was undergoing a gender transition. Parents were outraged by the letter without warning and some did not even send their children to school in protest at the incident.

Deputy Mayor Elad Tzedikov said: “The incident at the school in Herzliya is the imposition of gender reassignment surgery on second graders. A 7-year-old boy announced that he is transgender and will come to school tomorrow wearing dresses and will be allowed to use the girls”restroom at the school.


These are secular parents in Israel, who are starting to wake up and push back against the evil, ‘progressive’ agenda that is attempting to brainwash our kids.

Once we all realise that the true fight is not between ‘secular and religious’, but between Erev Rav Sabbatian-Frankists and real Jews – even if many real Jews are currently living a ‘secular’ lifestyle – we will be totally unstoppable, as a people.

And that process is starting to happen, in so many ways.



The Farbers suing Ynet and the ‘corona enforcer’ at their local school.

Rafi Farber is the author of the ‘Jewish Libertarian’ blog, and he and his wife took a very brave stance during the lockdowns and forced-masking in Israel: they totally refused to go along with the program.

I wrote about them a couple of times on my old blog, and even for me, with all my small, continual ‘pushbacks’ against the corona fascism, I have to say I was very impressed with their courage and integrity.


I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: There is strength in numbers.

What is stopping us from overturning all this ‘woke’ poison, all this corona fascism, all this covering up for pedophiles and abusers is simply our own fear.

That’s why every person who starts to stand up to the tyranny really does change the whole equation. They give strength to others to add their voice into the protest against evil. 

And when that reaches the tipping point – this all changes radically.


You can see the Farbers being interviewed by Chananya Weissman, below:


Each person  has their own unique way of ‘standing up for good’.

I’m not going to sue the post office now (much as I’m tempted…) but I AM going to continue ‘standing up for good’ on the blog, any way I can.

And you don’t need a blog, or even a social media account, to stand up for good.

Those parents in Herzliya took their protest direct to the Town Hall.

All you need is some courage, to start standing up to these LGBTQ+++ whatever missionaries, to the xtian missionaries, to the Sabbatean-Frankist bullies in our midst, to say AD KAN.

Up until here.

And no further.


If you have social media – push back on the posts and the ‘influencers’ that are pushing ‘safe and effective’ Covid shots and forced masking and trans porn for kiddies.

If you don’t – write comments on the bottom of MSM posts, that push back against the narrative.

Or write letters to the editor.

Or simply, start to stand up for what is right in conversations with friends and family members.

I know it’s unpleasant, I know it’s uncomfortable. But these bullies aren’t going to stop doing what they are doing all by themselves.

And we are coming to that time when the stuff they are pushing – especially on our kids – is so bad, so awful, the line has to be drawn now.



Blogger Daniel Amram.

I’ve been following his Telegram HERE for the last couple of weeks, because he’s been putting up a lot of inside info about Moishy Kleinerman, that was under gag order here in Israel.

(Because of course, the best way to solve the mystery of what really happened to Moishy is to legally stop anyone from talking about any details online, just as the case was starting to build some momentum….)

It’s not at all a shmirat eynayim channel, but what I’ve noticed is that this guy who lives in America, and who has a lot of tattoos, is mamash trying to wage his own fight against evil, in his own way.


He’s calling out police brutality and corruption; he’s calling out the terrible abuse and sexual assaults that are going on in the ‘entertainment’ industry in Israel.

And he’s also using his channel to stop schoolchildren in Israel from ‘boycotting’ classmates, and publically beating them up in videos that are then posted all over social media.

Mamash, he just got a public apology out of someone who organised a ‘boycott’ against a boy in his school in Eilat, which meant that no-one showed up for his barmitzvah…

Once the bully was named and shamed and got a taste of his own medicine, he made some sincere teshuva and then put up a video telling his victim that now he understands what he’s been going through, and he’s really sorry for causing him all that pain.


This is what ‘geula’ really looks like, at the grassroots level.

This is what is really starting to sprout all over the place in the Jewish community.

Geula doesn’t happen instantly, when Moshiach is finally revealed and all the problems and yuck just disappear by themselves.

Geula accumulates slowly, one person at a time, as each of us finds our courage to stand up for what is right, and what is good, and what is true, in their own sphere of influence.

It’s all up to us.

With Hashem’s help.


If you have more ‘good news’ like this, share in the comments or send me an email.

We ARE all making a difference to the big picture, in our small way.

Don’t forget that.

And don’t give up!



Here’s some more good news, sent via email:


Evil really is starting to crumble in the world.

I hope that process speeds up.


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2 replies
  1. JR
    JR says:

    “Secular parents in Herzliyya publically protesting outside their school, for pushing ‘trans’ propaganda onto their kids.”

    That’s because even the secular here in Israel are more traditional than their counterparts elsewhere in the world. They have more children and I’d suspect want to see grandchildren. Even that doyen of leftist secularism Shulamit Aloni would be cited (New York Times, Sept. 24, 1992) that “Woman were at Mount Sinai”. The sparks are dim, but they remain.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Gosh, one of your comments I actually wholeheartedly agree with… you see?

      Geula really is on the way.


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