When I was researching the family tree of Moses Montefiore, I stumbled across a mind-blowing find.

I’m still in the middle of trying to piece everything together, but I find it’s helpful to ‘clear out some space’, mentally, by sharing with you on the blog where I’ve got to with all this, so more new information can percolate through, and more clarity can come to this process.

So, here’s what happened:


After I figured out (in THIS blog post) that Montefiore was a secret Sabbatian freemason – because otherwise, he and his kin would never have married so freely with the Frankist Rothschild family – I decided to try and trace back some of his ancestry, to see what that would turn up.

When it comes to the Rothschilds, and other of the more obvious Ashkenazi Frankist ‘banking’ families, it’s very hard to trace the ancestry accurately, because so much deliberate disinformation has been sown.

That said, I’ve managed to make some headway there, too, and that maybe will be a post for another time.

But I figured that the Sephardi sabbateans have been much less under the public eye, and so their family trees will still be much more ‘honest’, as no-one expected a reformed psycho with OCD tendencies to spend weeks trying to figure out who the great-grand-daddy of Moses Montefiore really was.



So, I hit the first obstacle when Moses Montefiore wasn’t actually listed under his father’s family tree, on geni.com – and I couldn’t find him other places, either.

Immediately, the red flag went up that ‘something’ was being hidden away here, so I started clicking on every other family member, tracing them backwards and forwards, to see ‘who else’ they were connected to, who they married, who their ancestors and descendants were.

Very quickly, I hit something initially very strange:

So many of Montefiore’s close relatives were married to, or otherwise connected to, what appeared to be a bunch of Irish catholics:



Like this guy, Moses Augustus Montefiore – Sir Moses Montefiore’s first cousin – is married to a ‘Mary Kissane’.


For a day or two, I didn’t know what to do with that info, so I sat on it.

Then I resumed my research, and that’s when I turned up the following, stunning, chain of information, that began like this:


Jacob Frank was married twice.

His first wife was Chaya (Josefa) Falkon, (married in 1740) daughter of the ‘bad’ Baal Shem of London, called Samuel Falk. As well as being a close confidant of the Victorian Rothschilds, Goldschmidts and other Jewish-Frankist bankers in London, Falk was also big time into black magic.


Samuel Falk had to leave Podolia (what is today Poland / Ukraine) because he’d been charged with practicing witchcraft, and was about to be burnt at the stake.

Instead, his Sabbatean / black kabbalah connections helped him to escape to London, where he became a ‘respectable rabbi and kabbalist’ – whose daughter just happened to marry the false messiah Jacob Frank.


If you want to know why you never knew this before, the answer is simple:

These people’s descendants and co-religionists are still running the show today, in all areas of the Jewish world, which is why they have gone to such great lengths to expunge all these links and evidence from the ‘official’ history of the Jewish people.

But with God’s help, I’m piecing it back together, and sharing it with you.


So, Frank and Ms Falk Junior have six daughters, each of whom has a ‘Jewish’ persona and name, and each whom has a ‘catholic’ persona and name.

The six daughters are called:

  1. Ruth Dinah Frank (Franconia)
  2. Rivka Shoshana (baptised Anna Rosa) Jacob
  3. Miriam Chana (baptised Maria Anna) Frank
  4. Esther Matrona Frank (Franconia)
  5. Leah Golda Frank
  6. Sarah Judith Jacob


Ms Falk Junior dies in 1751, and Frank remarries a woman named Hannah Cohen.

He has his notorious daughter Eva Frank[1] in 1754, plus at least two more sons named Joseph and Roche[2].

(Remember, the Frankists were into immorality in a big way, so who really knows how many illegitimate children Jacob Frank really had, and just how many of his ‘official’ children were actually mamzerim, Hashem yishmor.)


Jacob Frank’s last daughter, Sarah, married someone called ‘Francis Rogers Kissane’ – who comes from a Jewish-catholic family of Spanish and Portuguese descent.



The Kissane / Kassin / Kessin family is very interesting.

They have tentacles all over the Jewish world, and if you look at their family tree, you can see that various members would pretend to be ‘catholic’ in countries like Ireland, but would sometimes (and simultaneously!) also be ‘chief rabbis’ in places like Aleppo, Syria, and Baghdad.

It’s truly mind-blowing.


But let’s stay on track.

The main point here is that if you trace Francis Rogers Kissane’s genealogy back, you get to a man called Ephraim Kassin, who was born in 1590 in Aleppo, Syria. Kassin was the ancestor of Nicolas Rodriguez Galvan, a Jewish catholic, who had at least two daughters.


One of those daughters, Maria Rodriguez, became the mother of Frances Rogers Kissane in Ireland, who became the husband of Jacob Frank’s daughter, Sarah.

And the other one, Juana Rodriguez, married Jacob Montefiore, the paternal uncle of Moses Montefiore:



Most of the genealogy links showing these connections have been carefully scrubbed from the internet, but even the titles of the pages that are now no longer ‘found’, are revealing;


Juana’s surname was then magically changed from Rodriguez Galvan to the more English ‘Levi Barrow’.


I know this is confusing (believe me, I know!).

So let me try and break it down in simple terms:

> Sir Moses Montefiore’s paternal uncle married Juana Rodriguez.

> Her sister Maria was the mother of Frances Roger Kissane (another crypto Jewish Catholic) in Ireland.

> Frances Roger Kissane married Sarah, Jacob Frank’s daughter.

> And then Juana’s son Moses Augustus Montefiore – first cousin of Sir Moses Montefiore – married Mary Kissane, the daughter of one ‘Captain John Walsh’:



The parents of ‘Captain John Walsh[3]’ were also Frankist / Catholic Jews.

John Walsh’s father is called ‘Frederick Walsh’ – and his father was Yehuda Wolowski Schorr of Rogatin, one of Jacob Franks most loyal devotees.

The Schorr family also crops up in connection with a lot of Zionist / State of Israel stuff, and I will try to do a post about that another time.


To sum up: the Montefiore family have multiple links marrying Frankists, including actual descendants  of Jacob Frank himself.

And all of this has been carefully hidden from the Jewish public, for reasons I will explain as we go along, in future posts.

But all this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Here’s the takeaway message from this post:

Even before Shabtai Tzvi and Jacob Frank showed up, there were large numbers of ‘crypto Jews’ of Spanish and Portuguese origin – Jews who were practicing Catholics, and who had been immersed in Catholic beliefs and society for at least two centuries preceding Shabtai Tzvi.

Many of these marranos were looking to create some sort of ‘synthesis’ between Christianity and Judaism, to accommodate their own (now warped….) beliefs, and the difficulties they had in resuming a truly orthodox life, which adhered to even basic commandments like circumcision and keeping kosher.

These people were flung all over the globe – literally – and had a very strong ‘crypto Jewish’ network operating, particularly along maritime trade routes.

Many of them were also located in German / Ashkenazi communities, and in Amsterdam, Holland, where they often resumed an openly Jewish lifestyle (despite their secret heretical tendencies).

Many of them were big into kabbalah.

And many of the big names in the Ashkenazi ‘orthodox’ religious world are directly related to families who trace back to these conversos, and to two ‘big rabbis’ of the middle ages, in particular.


Shabtai Tzvi was backed from the start by these people, who were looking for a ‘figurehead’ to try to get their reformed Judeo-xtian new religion officially accepted amongst the Jews.

Then when he converted to Islam and then died, Jacob Frank became their next ‘figurehead’, in the 18th century.

That’s part of why Sabbateanism and Frankism spread so very far, so very fast in the Jewish community


I have even more secrets to share with you in future posts, BH.

And if you think what I shared here is astounding, I promise you that what I’m researching now is even more mind-boggling and disturbing.

But it all needs to come out, and with God’s help, it will



[1] From the time Eva was born, Frank started teaching that Moshiach would be a woman – i.e. his daughter – and started up a whole new aspect of his cult, stressing the feminine aspect of the divine.

This obsession with ‘women’s lib’ is a key indication you are dealing with Frankist doctrine in the modern Jewish world.

Frank himself also claimed that Eva was really the daughter of the Russian Monarch, Catherine the Great, born as a result of his affair with her. More on this another time.

[2] That given name is another interesting ‘clue’ pointing to more links between the ‘catholic Jews’ and the European ruling classes. More on this in a future post.

[3] Captain John Walsh’s sister was a woman named Charlotte Sarah Jane Grimstead.

As well as being a descendant of the Frankist acolyte Yehuda Wolowski Schorr, she was also the mother of Charlotte Lyon-Bowes, whose son, Claude Bowes-Lyon is the paternal grandfather of the present Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II.

Yes, the British royal family have Jewish blood, and are directly connected to Frankists.



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8 replies
  1. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:


    Even though I am 100% against what the state is up to these days, I still feel rather uncomfortable with your very judgmental approach to the Jewish-Catholic families, the Marranos. Do you realize what kind of tortures these poor families went through? What persecution, what terror? Is it any wonder that they had to lead double lives, and that their descendants got really confused and messed-up? Even one generation of abuse in a family severely affects its descendants; imagine the effect the Inquisition had on those families. These are simply Tinokot shenishbe’u, and I don’t think it is right to trample them so harshly.

    And the fact that they were into kabbalah is not off hand a bad thing: after all the Ba’al Hasulam, Rav Ashlag, personally went to Europe before WWII, and warned rabbis that unless Jews started learning Kabbalah and moved to Eretz Yisrael.there would be severe destruction of the Jewish People. And we all know what happened. Bekitzur he taught that NOT learning Kabbalah, the inner Torah, was WRONG. So B”H that Sephardic families didn’t have that restriction and freely learned Kabbalah, from what I understand. What’s wrong with that? Unless of course they learned it for the wrong reasons and using dark powers.

    We can’t be so harsh with these descendants of the Marranos I think. And I am NOT one of them so I am not saying that for self-protection.

    Now the harm they caused does have to be exposed and extirpated from Am Yisrael. Yes, the time has come. But please, have a little rachmanut on their ancestors! And just like we had and have to do Teshuvah, they have to as well. Does that make us evil that we didn’t know better, whatever that was?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Point taken. Not all conversos were ‘bad’, clearly, and many of their descendants today are amongst the most sincere (and victimised…) Jews in the world.

      BUT… there is definitely a group of these marranos that were and are spiritual poison for the Torah-observant Jewish community. And while many were forced to convert, there were many who chose to convert to Catholicism 100 years before the expulsion and Spanish Inquisition actually began. That’s what lead to the expulsion in 1492 and the Inquisition, as the church started going after the crypto-Jews who had voluntarily converted to ‘get ahead’ in life, while trying to live a double-life.

      Once the church understood the conversions weren’t sincere, the Inquisition began.

      So much of the history we’ve been taught is just not correct. There’s some solid sources suggesting the Jews of Spain were there since the destruction of the first temple, and refused to ascend to Israel at that point (this from Wikipedia, HERE):

      “Spanish Jew, Moses de León (ca. 1250 – 1305), mentions a tradition concerning the first Jewish exiles, saying that the vast majority of the first exiles driven away from the land of Israel during the Babylonian captivity refused to return, for they had seen that the Second Temple would be destroyed like the first.[23] In yet another teaching, passed down later by Moses ben Machir in the 16th century, an explicit reference is made to the fact that Jews have lived in Spain since the destruction of the First Temple:[24]

      “Now, I have heard that this praise, emet weyaṣiv [which is now used by us in the prayer rite] was sent by the exiles who were driven away from Jerusalem and who were not with Ezra in Babylon, and that Ezra had sent inquiring after them, but they did not wish to go up [there], replying that since they were destined to go off again into exile a second time, and that the Temple would once again be destroyed, why should we then double our anguish? It is best for us that we remain here in our place and to serve God. Now, I have heard that they are the people of Ṭulayṭulah (Toledo) and those who are near to them. However, that they might not be thought of as wicked men and those who are lacking in fidelity, may God forbid, they wrote down for them this magnanimous praise, etc.”
      Similarly, Gedaliah ibn Jechia the Spaniard has written:[25]

      “In [5],252 anno mundi (= 1492 CE), the king Ferdinand and his wife, Isabella, made war with the Ishmaelites who were in Granada and took it, and while they returned they commanded the Jews in all of his kingdom that in but a short time they were to take leave from the countries [they had heretofore possessed], they being Castile, Navarre, Catalonia, Aragón, Granada and Sicily. Then the [Jewish] inhabitants of Ṭulayṭulah (Toledo) answered that they were not present [in the land of Judea] at the time when their Christ was put to death. Apparently, it was written upon a large stone in the city’s street which some very ancient sovereign inscribed and testified that the Jews of Ṭulayṭulah (Toledo) did not depart from there during the building of the Second Temple, and were not involved in putting to death [the man whom they called] Christ. Yet, no apology was of any avail to them, neither unto the rest of the Jews, till at length six hundred-thousand souls had evacuated from there.”

      But point taken on the rachmanut.

  2. Elisheva
    Elisheva says:

    Goodness! So interesting Rivka. I always thought Sir Moses was a ‘good’ egg, seems I was much mistaken. Still the tomb and synagogue in Ramsgate is a very peaceful place but perhaps the loss of the rest of the site and the neglect of the area around it are symbolic.

  3. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Glad you got it, Rivka! Sometimes we get carried away by our research and forget other important facts on the ground. It’s OK , live and learn.

    Thanks for this post and the previous one; very important information so we can understand today’s world better.

    Shabbat Shalom and be well!


  4. Ana
    Ana says:

    Is the reference to the Kessin family a conscientious “hint” at current personalities in the Torah world that you have yet to mention or it’s a “coincidence”?

  5. Malka
    Malka says:

    As I recently wrote in my first comment on your blog the other day, these Frankists, etc. are all part of the Erev Rav and it all goes back to those Egyptians & others who shlepped along with our people at Yetziat Mitzrayim. They are all usually very wealthy & powerful and are always aligned somehow with the Notzri & Islamic power brokers. They are the thorn in the sides of the Jewish people and all ‘isms’ stem from these interlopers for almost 3500 years of treachery. The first evil (sin) was the Golden Calf episode. They were the Erev Rav and the Jews then were still very weak from their slavery and gave in quickly to the demands of these infiltrators. This has been going on for millenia.
    Thank you for the deep and detailed history of these phonies; it is so interesting and gives clarity why we have so many evil doers within our midst. But is also very frustrating and scary, in a way. That is why the Torah literally tells us that ‘from within your midst will come your worst enemies’! That’s why we need to pray/demand the coming of Moshiach to end all the corruption that has become almost unbearable for us and even the rest of the world, to endure. Amen!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It is scary… it’s the olam hafuch. And getting that turned the right way up is going to be pretty painful for a lot of people.


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