I learn something new every day.

Today, I learnt that there is a whole online social media scene devoted to ‘Karen bashing’. In case you don’t know what a ‘Karen’ is, or why so many people (including yours truly…) want to bash her, here’s a quick lesson:



I have to say, after I read that (and gorged myself on about 1500 Karen-SocialDistancing-Snitch memes…), it was kind of vindicating to know that other people have also noticed that breed of person who seems to have nothing better to do than feel superior because they are voluntarily suffocating themselves to death by wearing a N95 facemask.

Even in their cars.

Even when they are the only person in their cars.

And the windows are all wound tightly up.

And it’s 100 degrees out there….


Strangely, even with all that ‘protection’ around them, these Karens in their cars still like to fix me with their ‘mega angry’ look, when they see me walking on the road without a facemask. Or walking next to my husband, or a friend, without ‘social distancing’.

Call me prophetic, but they don’t need to speak for me to know what they’re thinking. The words appear virtually above their heads, telegraphed telepathically by the ‘mega angry’ self-righteous look.

How selfish!!!! Breathing fresh air like that!!! And making all those 100 year old people ill, with my germs!!!


My husband keeps bumping up against the Karens on buses (some of whom are even men…), because he’s decided to protest the government tyranny by refusing to wear his mask as much as possible.

Every day, he has a fresh ‘Karen’ story from his trip into work. And before you start having a go at me or him for being so selfish!!! Making all those 100 year old people ill with our germs!!! – please take a look at the following infographic, that I spent all morning putting together.



So, tachlis dear Karen, wearing a face mask for hours not only gives 4/5 of people bad headaches, it also makes them way more susceptible to diseases like heart attacks, strokes and even cancer. Oh, and there is NO SCIENCE that shows that wearing face masks does ANYTHING to stop the transmission of COVID-19.

Sadly, Karens aren’t known for being able to digest new information that contradicts how they see the world, even when you put it in a handy infographic designed for the reading abilities of a 6 year old.

The reason for that is that Karens – more than most people – hate to be wrong.

Oh, and they also lurrrrve bossing other people around in a self-righteous way, and trying to control other people.


I’m in a funny mood today, so I’m going to keep this short.

All this COVID-19 hysteria boils down to a massive lack of emuna. Same as the ‘measles vaccination’ hysteria last year.

(For midda kneged midda watchers, COVID-19 hit those same New York area Jewish communities that were forcibly kicking out unvaccinated kids from schools, and running those families off playgrounds, out of shuls and even out of town really, really hard. I wonder why.)

Anyone who can’t back down from their ‘position’, even when they’re shown to be wrong a million times over; and especially when they’ve done things to hurt other people as a result, has to make some seriously big teshuva.

I’m starting to think this is the whole litmus test, the whole ikker of who will actually get on the geula bus, when it finally arrives.


When I wrote One in a Generation I and II, I was so shocked to realise that just having the facts and information set out clearly for people wasn’t enough to change their minds, about what had really gone on with Rav Berland.

They’d invested so much in slagging him off, and speaking lashon hara about him and his community, that most people simply couldn’t back down from their (totally wrong….) position and admit that they’d made a mistake.

Now, we’re seeing the same thing play out with the fake COVID-19 ‘pandemic’.

All those people who enabled governments all over the world to shut us in our homes for months, wreck the economy and stop people from doing basic things like breathing fresh air unimpeded, because they bought into all the hysteria and fearmongering –  you need to admit you were wrong, in order to get the madness to stop.

There are no ‘millions dead’, there are no more dead than there are every single year at this time, just at the end of the annual flu season.

Admit you were wrong, and stop enabling the #coronafascists to strip us of all of our basic human and religious rights.


The problem is, most of these ‘Karens’, who see themselves as the voluntary enforcement arm of the #coronafascists running the world, simply can’t do it. They can’t back down. They can’t admit they were wrong. It’s just not going to happen.

So, we have to make the change on our end, and to totally ignore them, when they start sputtering in indignation when they see kids playing unmasked in the park, or – gasp! – someone wondering around the supermarket without a government-mandated gag.

If you think the masks work, Karen, then why are you so concerned that my germs can affect you? And if you think the masks don’t work, Karen, then why are you so insistent on me wearing one?


Free choice is everyone’s God-given right, and I choose to breathe fresh air as much as possible.


So please, spare me the lectures and the ‘shocked’, angry indignation.

I know you got brain damaged from wearing your N95 mask day and night, but still.

Take a look at the infographic, do your own research, and ADMIT YOU WERE WRONG.


(I’m not holding my breath.)



The genius Remy came out with another video a couple of days ago, which kind of sums it up. Shmirat Eynayim friendly.



Here’s another PhD, who combed through all the scientific literature and studies on wearing facemasks and respirators (i.e. the N95 mask), to conclude that:

Whatever else is going on, the facemask wearing diktat is NOT based on science, and wearing facemasks for any length of time has been proven – beyond the shadow of a doubt – to be detrimental to health.


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12 replies
  1. An
    An says:

    Some people are considered high risk. Some people consulted their rav who instructed them to be machmir with a sufek pikuach nefesh and instructed them to wear a mask… the chances of an “at risk” person getting sick by going around town with no protection reasonably seems higher than the chances of an uncooked part of matzah mixing with liquid and someone actually transgressing eating chametz… but many people are machmir to not have gebrocts.
    Maybe someone is driving a short distance and doesn’t want to forget to put the mask back on. Maybe their not actually glaring at your condescendingly, rather their just uncomfortable due to 20% lower oxygen and 40 degree weather…

    There are many possibilities… but two certainties: we are charged by Chazal to DAN L’KAF ZECHUS and as stated very early on in this process, Rav Chaim Kanievsky said we all have to work on our anivus / humility.

    Probably you’re right about the masks… but is ridiculing people who went to their rav and are following his advice to be machmir in the regard going to bring the geula closer? If you went to your rav, I doubt that’s what he’d advise you to be publishing…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      If they went to their Rav, and their Rav told THEM to wear their mask – good for them. I’m not criticising anyone who chooses to wear a mask. What I AM criticising is people telling ME to wear a mask, when I’ve done the research and the facts show wearing a mask is highly detrimental to my health.

      Stopping this dangerous fantasy that masks are somehow protecting anyone’s health in its tracks seems to me to be totally pikuach nefesh. Because as the SCIENCE shows, being forced to wear masks for any length of time is very dangerous to health.

      BTW, anonymous, is your real name Karen?

      • Daisy Stern
        Daisy Stern says:

        Sorry, Rivka but this was a nasty answer to An who stated something in a fair, non-judgmental way; I think you are going a little bit too far. And by the way, there is research, – which I read towards the beginning of the crisis – that wearing a mask while coughing does reduce the amount of virus particles being shed, doesn’t completely eliminate them however; it was quite a graphic research I remember well. I have not followed all the literature about masks since then, and I like Dr. Russell Blaylock, have frequently quoted him, but he is not the only authority around; many studies were done, did you read all of them, are you absolutely sure? In a crowded space such as a supermarket; just cover your mouth, you can always breathe through your nose, it’s the same oxygen, please feel free to inhale all the germs around you! I think a little bit of consideration for elderly people who also have to do their shopping every so often would be the proper thing to do – since you are so concerned about pikuach nefesh, it is for everyone as well I would assume. If an elderly person with a poor immune system gets infected it’s certainly more troublesome for them than for a young healthy woman like you.: we are not talking hours on end, only minutes here and there – and by the way I remember being in the operating room with a surgical mask on for long times while assisting surgery, opening up patients’s abdominal cavities, etc., you name it, and sewing them back up after the surgery was completed. I spent years wearing surgical masks: no side-effects whatsoever I was aware of, except during pregnancy. First hand experience from a physician.

        And by the way my name is Daisy, not Karen. I do appreciate most of your work, and you as a person, but this is not objective on your part, I am afraid. Although I will be the first one to tell people to take off their masks when they wear them for nothing – I do agree with you regarding the negative health effects of wearing masks for prolonged periods of time, particularly N 95, and specially in the heat. Still, certain situations, such as being around older people, require different behaviors- it doesn’t have to be 100 year old’s by the way, and it’s not very nice to make fun of old people – maybe by the time you are 70-80 you will understand better. Don’t tempt your fate with this, you know all about midda keneged midda. Just saying, With love, Daisy

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Daisy.

          After years and years of dealing with psychos online, I’ve got pretty good at picking up the undertone.

          This is probably a good opportunity to also point out that this blog holds by the BESHT’s principle that the whole world is just a mirror.

          Typically, whatever we are accusing other people of is just a reflection of our own character.

          As you can see, I have a lot of work to do on my own middot, still.

          And so do a lot of other people.

    • Inna
      Inna says:

      Such a great question ,AN
      I will i could reply right here, but i thought about it and decided that nobody is able to handle answers the way Rivka does. I do not want to start a war on Rivkas blog, but would love to see her reply, please.
      As for me, as a baalat tshuva, from Russia originally, no one will decide the matters of my life and health. It is me only, My body, my Neshama, my choice, my kids also.

      As i was typing this, Rivka replied already!

  2. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    The t-shirt is /especially/ true in a world where the major function of all public media is to try to make everyone afraid, all the time.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I found another good image of a woman in a facemask calling the police to snitch on someone ‘who isn’t openly living in fear of COVID-19’ – but that wasn’t shmirat eynayim friendly.

  3. devorah
    devorah says:

    In the video ”Plandemic” which has been removed from just about everywhere on the net, Dr Mikovits and other doctors say face masks are not necessary and don’t protect you anyway as most people are wearing the wrong ones. If you can find a site up that is actually screening Plandemic [25 min video] it’s worth watching. Everytime someone puts it up, it gets taken away by bots.

  4. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    On another note, Rivka, what do you make of this? I am very surprised, I thought the Rabbonim overall were very supportive of the Rav.



    Did some people in the Shuvu Banim community actually say that what he was accused of is OK? That is not what I heard: I understood that they denied it even happened. Look who the witnesses where at the Batei Din! I don’t even know if they interviewed the supposed victims of the Rav themselves.

    Maybe that is where YOU come in? Should you,or maybe your husband ( do they allow women to testify in the Beth Din themselves? I am not sure) go and present your information to the Batei Din to set the record straight? Obviously they did not hear another version, relying on these two unreliable witnesses for their psak.

    And where is Rav Kanievsky in all of this? I though he is very supportive of the Rav.

    And what should WE do? I hope we can overlook our Karen/ Shmaren differences and deal with this head-on. The more badmouthing continues from high religious places, the more the courts and the prison system employees will feel justified in abusing the Rav.

    Thanks, and Shabbat Shalom


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There were a number of serious irregularities with the way this psak was arrived at. If I get permission, I’ll write more about it in future. The Rav’s path is to not answer back, so I need to double-check first what God really wants from me, here.

      But yes, it’s the same two witnesses that pop up in this whole sordid story – both men – and no-one else.

      What does that tell you?


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