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Shecheyiyanu – The Rav finally comes home!!!

Rav Berland coming home

This morning, at 11am Israel time, Rabbi Eliezer Berland was finally totally released from prison.

In case you missed what happened two weeks ago, his main persecutors within Breslov (who have basically just been operating as the State’s ‘Shabak’ people against the Rav and Shuvu Banim…) incriminated THEMSELVES in the murder they’d been trying to pin on the Rav.

Police raided one of the persecutor’s homes – and found a whole bunch of recordings of the Rav’s main persecutors discussing how they were going to pin the murder of Nissim Sheetrit that they themselves had enacted, on the Rav.

There is ‘justice’ even on the side of evil – that’s what Rabbenu tells us.

And so in an instant, the whole court case against the Rav turned around, and his two persecutors found themselves sitting in jail on murder charges.


Don’t expect to see this story covered ANYWHERE in the lying MSM propaganda that pretends to be news.

So then, very quickly after that, it became obvious that all the other ‘charges’ that have been brought against the Rav in the past few years stemmed from this same tainted source…

And so, today, the Rav was finally totally freed from prison – no house arrest, nothing, just totally free!!!

Baruch Hashem!!!


Here is how it looked when he got back home to the Homer HaShlishit street, in Musrara, Jerusalem:


Baruch Hashem, he was greeted like a king.

I  just got sent this picture of the Rav too, which I’m posting below as it’s good to see the face of the Tzaddik:

Rav Berland coming home


What happens next?

I don’t know.

But I DO know that just as the Rav went into prison a week before Covid and its lockdowns all kicked off here in Israel, so his being freed portends that some very good things are about to start happening, in this fight between ‘good’ and ‘bad’.


I just want to mention some of the real, unsung heroes of this story.

For two months, there was a small group of people who literally camped outside the prison in Ramla, to ‘be there’ with the Rav during his incarceration.

They were in tents when it was pouring rain…

They were there when it was really hot still, during Shabbat – literally stuck in a dusty parking lot right next to the prison walls, without cold drinks, fridges, hot food…

They were there keeping vigil for the Rav 24/7, in very difficult circumstances, and even sometimes without food and water, because it was hard to shlep bottles of water to that location by foot, and it was also hard to have any real ‘food’ in those circumstances that wouldn’t spoil.


I drove up to the prison a few times over the last few weeks, to sit in my car next to their tents, and recite a few tikkun haklalis for the Rav.

Each time I saw these followers of the Rav, mamash sacrificing every bit of comfort to just be there for him, during his time of need, I was in awe of them.

No-one is going to be patting them on the back for what they did, but their mesirut nefesh deserves a mention.

And let me also mention a few of the other people in Shuvu Banim who have also sacrificed so much for the Rav, including people who went up to their necks – really, over their heads – in debt, to keep paying down the enormous fine the corrupt court placed on the Rav.

Whilst also placing a ban on him or Shuvu Banim being able to do any obvious fundraising, to pay it.

These are people who also gave absolutely everything had, maximum mesirut nefesh, to help the Rav in his hour of need.


The Rav said that mesirut nefesh is what it was going to take, to bring geula the sweet way.

He has lived that himself, the last few decades, with all the suffering he willingly undertook as an atonement for the Jewish people.

And so many of his followers have also trod that path after him, sacrificing money, personal comfort, and ‘reputations’ to keep sticking with the Rav, and sticking to the Rav, through fire and water.

I feel so privileged to know some of them….


The more people get behind the Rav, the faster and easier this next stage of geula the sweet way is going to be.

There are a few books out there that tell the first part of the Rav’s real story, and here are the links where you can get them on Amazon:

One in a Generation, Volume 1 and Volume 2

Israel’s Most Wanted Man (more ‘newsy’, less Torah quotes, but essentially the same story as One in a Generation.)

And also, a Hebrew version of this book was also just put out, called Ehad beDoro (that I had nothing to do with….):


The first load sold out within 2 hours of being printed, but they are hopefully printing more very soon:


Geula the sweet way is happening!

And the closer you stick to the Rav, the ‘sweeter’ this next bit will be for you.

And of course, vice-versa.

But there’s still a lot to do, to get things to turn around.

There’s still at least 40% of mac-cinated people who are now emitting bluetooth codes, thanks to the GO nanorouters that were injected into their bodies by our corrupt government and militaries.

The ‘bad people’ are still holding the reins of power, for a tiny while longer.

But the end – their end – is nigh.

I can feel it in the air.

And from here on in, this wild ride we’re on is only going to get even more intense.

So hold tight.

The blanket is about get a really good shaking.


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15 replies
  1. Jeremy M
    Jeremy M says:

    Got the captcha with mental math this time (18*18=324) but still double-checked with Google xD

    This is fantastic news! I’ll have to plan a visit to Jerusalem now.


  2. Hava
    Hava says:


    I always knew this was an intra-Breslev war…and that was its weakness. It was so easy to find out that the same people were behind all the charges, and guilty of them all.

    May Geula Shlemah come quickly, amen!!!


  3. Inna
    Inna says:

    This is the first time I in my heart and in my mind wanted to actually come back to Jerusalem and to Israel. For 2 years I was so upset that for the first time in my life I had no desire to come.
    Such miracle such simha these are incredible historical news and we merited to live to witness this. No words can give justice to what happened today. May we see geula shlema and tzadik healthy and everything that was promised actualize.
    Ashreinu!!! Thank you HaShem. And thank you to the Tzadik ha dor.

  4. michal rus
    michal rus says:


    im in tears
    tears of joy, tears of teshuva, tears of gratitude, tears of clarification
    Thank you Rivka for holding me, and everyone else reading, close to the Rav, and for keeping us from yiush, and from letting the lies sit out there uncheked. thank you for the avodas hakodesh you do that we know about, and for all the “little” things we dont see.
    mamash everything matters
    thank you for all your chizzuk may you be bentched to always be mevakshe Hashem and to see His emes that you work so hard for with the geulah shelema brachamim rabim kheref ayin

    mazal tov! it feel like yomotov!!!
    thank you so much for bringing such besuros tovos to us!!!

  5. nonee
    nonee says:

    Dear Sweet Rivka,

    Thank you for this WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Hashem bless you Rivka…

    May the Rav gain back his complet health and Hashem bless him more… Amen.

    May we all soon rejoice in the coming of Mashiach…Amen v’Amen.

    today i will dance, dance in joy.



  6. Becky
    Becky says:

    Wonderful news!
    Can you please repost a link which you had recently provided which explained how Rabbi Berland is innocent (or something similar)?

  7. Ari Katz
    Ari Katz says:

    An incredible moment to see him freed and smiling. I think it is also worth mentioning that he was freed while we are currently learning Mesechta Megilah for Daf Yomi, which mainly deals with the Megillah of Purim. What an auspicious time to be released.

    Thank G-d and we are one step close to Moshiach!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      This is your last warning, and the last time I’m posting up your slanderous allusions about the Rav.

      Again – it’s all projection.

      And it’s very interesting to see what you seem to be ‘projecting out’.


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