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John McAfee and Miami

The last time I saw a building ‘go down’ like that Miami Condo collapsed, it was 9/11. ***Updates Below*** How much water has passed under the bridge since then… When I was watching 9/11 happen live, and the Twin Towers collapsed, one after another, like everyone else on the planet, I believed that’s because the […]


Revisiting ‘Science’

So much of the education we all recieved was deliberately misleading. I stuck a cautious toe into this subject a couple of years’ ago, when I wrote this post, below, and started to delineate some of the stuff that no-one ever taught us in school. On purpose. UFOs, Nazis, and Rebbe Nachman’s Dreidel ==== Here’s […]


Surfside: More questions

I updated the last post with more info, but I just found something else, so I’m pulling it out into a separate post. ***New updates below*** Let’s start with the ‘UPDATES’, below, then I’ll add in a couple of new pieces of information that are even more puzzling to me. ==== [Update 2, from the […]


Journalism 101

A crash course in teasing out the truth. I’ve been deliberately staying away from this topic for months. But now that the ‘Peace Plan’ is upon us, I seem to be getting a strong push from shemayim to set out some of the facts about what appears to be going on with the current occupant […]