The MSM is apparently telling everyone that ‘Russia is stalled’.

***UPDATES: New Video of Ukranian neo-Nazis indoctrinating their children***

That seems to be fake news.

There’s a guy called Gonzalo Lira who is an American living in Ukraine’s second biggest city of Kharkov.

He’s been ‘live streaming’ footage and news from Kharkov during the war, the last few days.

Watch this, where he explains that Russia is actually winning the war, and that he believes that all the ‘fake news’ about Russia being ‘stalled’ etc is just propaganda to set up a ‘false flag’ involving a chemical attack in Ukraine.

He covers a lot of ground, very clearly.

Watch here:



I’m near the center of the city, and over the last seven days it has been clear that the Russians are getting closer and closer.

I see them getting closer and I hear the bombs getting closer. I know for a fact that surrounding towns have been captured, either from news reports, or from people who live in these towns and have told me personally.

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine, and the third most important target, the first being Kyiv and the second being the main Ukraine army in the east (some 60,000 man strong).

I know that they are about to completely capture Mariupol and I know that the Zelenski regime is not able to re-supply the various armies, so I understand what is happening: the Russians are winning. GL


Remember, everything is being sweetened by our teshuva and prayers, and Rav Berland, and the passing of tzaddikim of R’Chaim Kanievsky.

I’m trying to get to the Rav four days a week, to join in with the prayers there, and I can feel how much is being sweetened, with all the niggunim being sung about Uman at the Rav; and all the clapping and dancing to sweeten the judgments.

Usually, the prayers at the Rav start quiet and subdued – reflecting the real ‘heaviness’ in the world – but by the end, there is so much singing and dancing and clapping.

There is such a good, hopeful ruach there.

Take heart, dear reader!

Everything is really being sweetened, behind the scenes, and nothing is going ‘to plan’ for the evil people – not with ‘Covid 19’, not with the mac-cinations, not with the war in Ukraine…

It’s all being ‘turned around’ for them, which is why it’s so very hard to know exactly what’s going on right now.


Anyway, this guy gives Zelensky’s government a week or two, max.

And then, he thinks the whole war will be over by the end of April, once Mariupol falls – unless there’s a ‘false flag’ to give NATO and the USA a green light to get into the war in Ukraine.

And that’s when things will start to get even more interesting.



A reader just sent me a link that lead to this:


Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Here is one of the videos it brings, showing the extent of Ukrainian neo-Nazi indoctrination of their children:


Again, we have to ask:

How many of the 25,000 non-Jewish Ukrainians brought into Israel by the Frankist-Freemason puppets we call ‘our government’ are affiliated with these Azov Battalion neo-Nazis?

What background checks were made?

When are these people going back to their motherland?


BH, more people are starting to wake up all this – it’s heartening to see so many dyed-in-the-wool ‘patriots’ in the USA calling out the BS, and refusing to respond to corrupt media calls to ‘nuke Russia’.

One more must-watch video from David Sorensen’s site above:


Like most real journalists in the world right now, Sorensen is being heavily censored. If you feel like donating to his cause, he is certainly putting together some first-rate honest journalism at the moment.


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  1. האיש
    האיש says:

    House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said Friday that Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff won’t be a member of the House Intelligence committee that he leads if the GOP takes control of the chamber – saying he “lied” about Hunter Biden’s emails and other critical matters.

    “No, he doesn’t warn us about Ukraine or Afghanistan or what’s happening around the world,” McCarthy said about the California Democrat. “He tells you about politics, but the worst part of it is you cannot trust what he tells you, that he lies to us.

    When a laptop containing sensitive information and evidence of questionable business dealings was recovered by a computer repair shop in Delaware, Hunter Biden quickly became the center of a polarizing media tug-of-war. The son of President Joe Biden had reportedly dropped off a laptop containing some very incriminating content — material that had the potential to change the direction of a presidential election. The New York Post broke the story in October of 2020.

    The Russian military claims it has uncovered a plot by Ukrainian hardline nationalist groups to target the diplomatic facilities of the US and other Western nations in the Ukrainian city of Lvov. The alleged discovery was announced by Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov during a media briefing on Saturday.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin articulated the aims of this campaign in his 24 February address to his nation. He said that the initial intent is to stop Kiev’s genocidal onslaught on the newly recognized Donbass Republics, after it provoked a third round of civil war hostilities with Washington’s backing. The Russian leader also claimed that NATO clandestinely established military infrastructure in the former Soviet Republic for the purpose of carrying out a surprise attack against his country sometime in the future. This would presumably come after the U.S. neutralized Russia’s nuclear second-strike capabilities.

    ‘I think we’re done here’

    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made it clear during Friday’s briefing that she was not interested in fielding questions about President Joe Biden’s embattled son Hunter.

    The supposed bombing took place just as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to US Congress for a no fly zone, fueling the chorus for direct military confrontation with Russia and apparently inspiring President Joseph Biden to brand Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, as a “war criminal.”

    A closer look reveals that local residents in Mariupol had warned three days before the March 16 incident that the theater would be the site of a false flag attack launched by the openly neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which controlled the building and the territory around it.

  2. nechama
    nechama says:

    The purpose of this ‘military action’ by Putin is (primarily) to break up the (money going to the) DS and secure (eliminate the deadly stuff in) the b-labs; beginning in Ukraine; next is Taiwan by China (that has 10 labs), after that possibly is Iran (also has labs). This is so far. This is a MILITARY (b-lab) CLEANUP process. They want to prevent another and even more dangerous plandemic (as BG announced/threatened recently). A financial crash/reset is in the works also. So one should prepare for this. Hopefully it will be intercepted.
    They’re losing in Ukr so now theyre bringing back “covid” = “Coronavirus outbreak: Nearly 13,000 new cases diagnosed within 24 hours.” (wow that’s fast testing) I hope this doesn’t mean a Pesach lockdown??

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No, not sure that is true. There are many, many Ukrainians outside of Donbass who totally hate the corrupt, violent dictatorship that passes for the Ukrainian government.

      If every day life in Ukraine gets better under the Russians, most people there would be very happy to be ‘occupied’.

  3. Glenn
    Glenn says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. There is so much war coverage going on right now, who knows what to think except for what The Tzaddik Hador Rav Berland Berland sh’lita (sp?) says? He is just about the only one I know I can hang onto regarding this war. Is there any updates- has the Rav said anything new lately?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I wanted to translate some snippets from his recent shiurim, but just haven’t managed to get around to it yet.

      Long story short, there are rumors that the madness continues until Pesach, then hopefully…. we will hear good news.

  4. Yakov Butterfield
    Yakov Butterfield says:

    The lies and propaganda from the Deep State are really getting bad and the only thing we can do in Israel is turn off the Main Stream Media and pray. Russia’s goal is not occupation but liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis and their supporters, the New World Order and the Globalist. If they wanted to occupy cities they would already be doing that 2 weeks ago with Carpet Bombing Cities like the US did to Germany during World War ll. They are taking out the Ukrainian Army and not the Cities.


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