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Royals and bankers – some more connections


Well, what can I tell you?

Yesterday, for the 18 millionth time, I wrapped up all my ‘family trees’, closed down nearly all my tabs, and decided I’m having at least a week off from ‘Frankist-hunting’.

This morning, I put up a couple of updates to THIS post on the connections betweens Zionist (Freemason-Frankists…) and the IRA, of all things.

And then….

God sent me some more mind-boggling connections.


Let’s try and do this the quickest way we can.

  1. I went to look at the family tree of the pedophile Lord Mountbatten.

Long story short, he descends from one Julia Hauke, who ‘Hebrew Catholic’ Athol Bloomer pegged as coming from a Frankist family a while back.

HERE‘s the geni profile for her, and this is the comment under her profile (that is not managed by Bloomer):


Long story short, Louis Mountbatten descends from her, and also the late Prince Phillip and the current King Charles III are direct descendants of this woman – who is very likely to descend from a Frankist family that ‘converted’ to Catholicism.

Next, let’s deal with the details that Louis Mountbatten was a notorious pedophile.

The original of this story has already been scrubbed off the web, despite only being published in October 2021,  but it was ‘preserved’ on the SOTT website HERE.

You can read all the gory details, if you really want to, at the link above, but here is a snippet, that gives enough basic info:

In 2019, an FBI dossier on Mountbatten revealed that the United States had deep reservations and distaste for the royal. The file states both he and his wife Edwina were “persons of extremely low morals” and that Mountbatten was a pedophile with “a perversion for young boys.” The fallout was quick, and The London Times attempted to pass off Mountbatten’s pedophilia as merely “Lust for Young Men.”


Now, that links us back to Northern Ireland like this:

Both Mountbatten and Blunt [one of the ‘Cambridge Five’ spies]were known to each other, and Bryans alleges in the Irish magazine Now that both men were part of the same pedophile ring that procured boys from schools and children’s homes in the north of Ireland, including the named Portora School in Enniskillen and Kincora.

Several former victims of the Kincora Scandal have alleged they were trafficked to Mountbatten at his southern home in Mullaghmore, County Sligo.


If you don’t know what the Kincora Scandal is, read THIS.

(And notice the deliberate disinformation about Edward Heath mixed into all this… he was also a notorious pedophile. It seems to be a pre-requisite for a top job in politics, amongst other things….)


Now, let’s get back to Mountbatten and his Frankist wife.

I was checking out more of Athol Bloomer’s claims that one of Frank’s daughters, ‘Leah Golda’, married a crypto-Jew named Edmund Roche, who later showed up at Jacob Frank’s court in Offenbach for long periods of time.

Long story short, I found that Edmund Roche (1741-1823) in Frances Shand Kydd’s family tree, HERE – go back around 8 generations on the father’s side. In case you didn’t know, that’s the late Princess Diana’s mother, and maternal grandma of Prince William.

So then, I was trying to figure out if this could possible be true, in any measure, when I stumbled across THIS website, which basically just aggregates ‘stories’ from all over the place, some credible, and others much less so.


Here’s a snippet of one of its ‘credible’ stories, about Lord Mountbatten and his late wife.

It’s from the Jewish Telegraph Agency archive, from August 31, 1979, when Mountbatten was blown up by none other than the IRA, and it’s entitled:

Jewish Leaders Express Sorrow over Assassination of Earl Mountbatten

Here’s the snippet that caught my eye:

“Mountbatten was very popular in the Jewish community. He had on several occasions taken the salute at the annual memorial parade of Jewish ex-servicemen.

His wife, who died in 1960, was a granddaughter of Sir Ernest Cassel, a Jewish millionaire born in Germany, and a forest in her name has been planted in Israel.”

Say what?!


First, here’s a snippet about him from Wikipedia:

Cassel was born in Cologne, in…the Kingdom of Prussia, the son of Amalia (née Rosenheim) and Jacob Cassel.

His family were Ashkenazi Jews.

His father owned a small bank, but the son Ernest arrived penniless in Liverpool, England in 1869. There he found employment with a firm of grain merchants.

With an enormous capacity for hard work and a strong business sense, Cassel was soon in Paris working for a bank. Being of Prussian origin, the Franco-Prussian War forced him to move to a position in a London bank.

He prospered and was soon putting together his own financial deals. His areas of interest were in mining, infrastructure and heavy industry.Turkey was an early area of business ventures, but he soon had large interests in Sweden, the United States, South America, South Africa, and Egypt.


Yup, another ‘lucky Frankist’, who arrives penniless, starts selling some cornflakes, and before you know it, he’s marrying royalty and earning millions and millions.

Are you starting to see the pattern?

And notice the Turkey link, amongst other places.

Moving on.


So, I went to look up Sir Ernest Cassel’s family tree, HERE.


As usual, they’ve cut him off from the bigger picture.

But there are enough details there for us to locate him and his family, roughly, in the bigger Frankist family tree.

Notice the GOLDSCHMIDT tie-up, and also, the link to the WETZLARS, and also the link to the POPPERS.

These are all Frankist families, with very close ties to Jacob Frank, Moses Dobrushka, and Frank’s father-in-law, the black magician and founder of the Order of the Golden Dawn, Dr Falk.


I’m doing this ‘fast style’ today, but if you go HERE, you’ll see how the WETZLARS link us straight into other Frankist-Sabbatean families we’ve been talking about here, including the Gunzburgs, Ottingens, Ammersweilers and Wertheims – all court Jews with strong (and hidden…) links to Shabtai Tzvi / the SHACH.


And on the other side of the tree, we have a bunch of names closely related to the family that became known as the ROTHSCHILDS, including Schnappers, Weils, Bacharachs and Oppenheims.

And dafka, this is the family that ‘Sir Ernst Cassel’ descends from, with his own descendants marrying the pedophile Lord Mountbatten, who is doing a lot of his disgusting stuff in Northern Ireland….

Before the IRA apparently blow him up.


And there’s more.

I remembered seeing ‘Wetzlar’ over on the family tree of the notorious Frankist-Sabbatean prophet Jonathan Eybshutz, too.

HERE is a screenshot, of how ‘Wetzlars’ were intermarrying with ‘Zunz’ – the notorious family of Sabbateans that Eybshutz’s mother, Sheindel Zunz, descends from.


R’ Entelmann had a lot to say about this family, including that Sheindel Zunz had her son Jonathan baptised on the same day he was circumcised….

So, I’m scrolling around, just trying to figure out more of the links between the (pedophile…) Royal families and the (pedophile…) Frankists, when I notice THIS:


This is the family tree for Jonathan Eybshutz, who is out of the screen shot, on the left.

It shows that his sister Hendel married ‘R Joseph Hendel’s of Holleschau’.

Back in THIS post, we learned that Eybshutz was palling around with false prophet Yehuda Leib Prossnitz, the son of one ‘Jacob of Holleschau’, who then went on to father none other than JACOB FRANK.


And here the guy is, in Eybshutz’s own family tree.

Except Frankist genealogy is always deliberately inverted, switching from the wife to the husband, and also often moving forward or back a generation, to keep us all thoroughly confused.

So, we see this:


Which is telling us that the Sabbatean prophet Yehuda Leib Prossnitz, teacher and close companion of Jonathan Eybshutz, appears to be closely related to ‘R’ Leib Eskeles of Ostrog.’

Again, I’m doing this quick style, because to really pin this down 100% will take me a good few hours, but I know these family trees well enough to know how they fit together, disinformation notwithstanding.

So, if we go back and take a look at ‘R Leib Eskeles of Ostrog’, we discover some very interesting things.

His grandfather is Yehuda Leib Eskeles, son of Rabbi Gabriel Eskeles of Krakow (1655-1718).


In terms of the ancestors, they descend from the same branch of the Maharal of Prague’s family tree as the Chabad family apparently do.

Which means we are dealing with the same line of descent from those ‘Exilarchs’ and ‘Kahanas’ that we outlined HERE.

Meanwhile, ‘Yehuda Leib Eskeles’ marries Keila Katz.

Her dad is Rabbi Naftali Hirsch HaKohen Katz, author of the ‘Smichat HaChamim’ – and a notorious Sabbatean, who was run out of Frankfurt when some of the suspected ‘magic rituals’ he was performing set his house, and then the whole of the Jewish ghetto on fire.


Here’s a cleaned-up version of that story:

“In the latter year a fire broke out in his house, destroying the whole Jewish quarter of Frankfurt.

After [Katz] had been maliciously charged with preventing the extinguishing of the fire because he wanted to test his amulets – in the use of which he was expert – he was imprisoned and compelled to resign his post.

He went to Prague, staying in the house of David *Oppenheim, where he met Nehemiah *Ḥayon and even gave approbation to his book Oz le-Elohim (also called Meheimnuta de-Kalla; Berlin, 1713). 

Nehemiah Hayon was another notorious Sabbatean prophet, but seems to have been on the ‘losing side’ of the war of succession within the Sabbatean camp.


I can’t tell you how much dodgy stuff there is around his family tree…

And I’m still unpicking it.

Let’s just finish up with the Eskeles family.


As well as apparently having the false messiah Yehuda Leib Prossnitz (Eskeles)… as a son, R Gabriel Eskeles of Cracow apparently had another son named R’ Yissachar Berish Bernhard Eskeles.

Here’s what it says about him on the Loeb Tree site HERE:

Av beit din of: Kremsier at the age of 18 (1710-1719), Prossnitz, and Mainz (starting 1717).

Succeeded his father, Rabbi Gabriel ESKELES, as av beit din Nikolsburg and as Moravian Landesrabbiner, and in 1725 also his father-in-law Samson WERTHEIM as Hungarian Ober- und Landesrabbiner.

Bernard Gabriel ESKELES first married Chava Rebekka WERTHEIMER (b. 1691, b. 31 Aug. 1749 Vienna).

Bernard settled in 1719 in Vienna as court purveyor, supplying arms and other commodities. Using his influence in the court, he prevented the expulsion of Jews from Moravia in 1741.

He established the ESKELES Foundation for Torah which taught Torah to children and provided dowries for brides. The foundation continued to operate in Brno (Bruenn) until the 1930s.

Bernard remarried Hanna WERTHEIMER.


Hannah Wertheimer comes from exactly the same family of Wertheims / Oppenheims / Bacharachs etc, we outlined above, as the family tree of Ernst Cassel, grand-dad of Louis Mountbatten’s Frankist wife.

And remember, that the false messiah ‘Jacob Frank’ could really be this Eskeles’ brother.

Which would explain how Jacob Frank had so much easy access to the Austrian court, and other royal courts.

I underlined ‘Prossnitz’ and ‘Brunn’ in the snippets above, as Jacob Frank and his family are closely connected to both these places – places where the Eskeles clan were operating at exactly the same time.


That will do for today.

There are more links with the Illuminati lodges, the Asiatic Brethren of Moses Dobrushka, and of course, with pedophile Royal families and satanic practices.

But that will have to wait for another occasion now.


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  1. ר
    ר says:

    Since you’re investigating Royals (even Dutch/German Prince Bernhard), this might be of little interest for you:

    Today (20/9) was yearly Prinsjesdag (Little Prince Day) in Holland.
    On this day some sort of state of the union is read by the King/Queen.

    It went a little bit off script this year..
    There were ‘historic’ shouting, booing and inverted Dutch flags.
    Especially the so-called balcony scene was embarrassing.

    ~ Link below contains two video clips.


    * Fortunately there were no clashes between ‘fans’ of the Royals and the demonstrators.
    And also;
    * I am grateful that my (Globalist, EU, USA controlled-) government tolerated these voices…

  2. Leah Golan
    Leah Golan says:

    Quite interestng…Prince Charles proposed marriage to Lord Mountbatten granddaughter before Diana and Camilla, actually both Mountbatten and Queen Elizabeth wanted Charles to marry her. But the granddaughter named Amanda Knatchbull refused. She was a social worker in children services and child protection.
    Charles happens to have amongst many charities, like for orphanages….and for underpriviledged from ages 11 to 30……if you get my drift….
    Seems also that all the royals …all,,are related to eachother….
    Elisabeth and Philip, Charles Diana and Camilla, all of them to this Mountbatten, and all came from lineage of offspring of Henry 8 and Anne Bolyn….this is all from an hour search on the net… not that its such a trustful resource….but the dots keep surfacing…


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