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Roosevelt, Borah, and the Rebbe Rayatz

Every way I turn, I trip over new and surprising information.

Off the back of the new piece of information sent to me by a reader, (thanks!) that I added to the last post, but which basically said THIS:

Yosef Yitzchak Kazen (1954 – 1 December 1998),was an American Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic rabbi. He is known for creating and running Chabad.org in 1988, before the World Wide Web existed.

And this:

From a quick count on the wiki page, it looks like Chabad.org was the 16th website ever created. Just after bloomberg.com

I decided to take a look at Chabad’s other social media etc, to see when they ‘got in the game’ there, too.


I didn’t get very far.

Basically, when I went to Chabad’s Twitter feed here, started 2009, I got sidetracked by this recent tweet from January 11, 2021:


Wow, a Chabad guy opening a session on Capitol Hill for the 10th time!


That Tweet lead to this article, on Chabad.org, were I learnt the following two pieces of information:

“The Rebbe has the distinction of being the Jewish historical figure mentioned the most times by a rabbi opening Congress in prayer,” Mortman told Chabad.org. “Even more than Moses.

Feller, likewise, has the distinction of being the rabbi honored the most times with the Senate prayer, and is second on the Congressional all-time list, notes Mortman, who studied the topic for six years.


Snippet 2:

Moynihan noted how Sen. William Borah (R-Idaho) had been instrumental in securing the Sixth Rebbe’s release from the Soviet Union in 1927.

“[His intervention] on behalf of this beleaguered Chassidic family stands as a noble example of courageous moral leadership,” Moynihan told the Senate. Borah’s intervention wasn’t about the votes, he himself later acknowledged. In fact, Idaho only had 100 Jewish voters at the time, and presumably few were Chassidic. 


I found that really interesting.

Why would a strongly ‘pro-isolation’ Senator, in a State with less than 100 Jewish voters, at a time when anti-semitism was peaking in the US, go so publically to bat for an obscure Rebbe in the Soviet Union he’d presumably never heard of before?

This snippet comes from HERE:

Antisemitism in the United States reached its peak during the interwar period. 

The rise of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s, the antisemitic works of newspapers and radio speeches in the late 1930s indicated the strength of attacks on the Jewish community.

One element in American antisemitism during the 1920s was the identification of Jews with Bolshevism where the concept of Bolshevism was used pejoratively in the country. 

Immigration legislation enacted in the United States in 1921 and 1924 was interpreted widely as being at least partly anti-Jewish in intent because it strictly limited the immigration quotas of eastern European nations with large Jewish populations, nations from which approximately 3 million Jews had immigrated to the United States by 1920.


So, I went to try and learn more about ‘William Borah’.

On his geni profile, there’s a very lonnnng discussion that somehow links someone in his family with a Dutch Jewish family called Abraham Zanwil Swaab.

Then I notice that there are more than 8000 comments in that thread, with a LOT of different people complaining about a LOT of different issues with ‘William Borah’s family tree, including multiple parents that they can’t seem to ‘kill off’ however many times they try; and a whole bunch of other stuff that has the unmistakeable ‘whiff’ of a genealogical cover up.

It’s strange to see so much of this going on in a tree for someone who is apparently not Jewish, and not related to the ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ network.

Which actually makes me think that yup, he almost certainly IS connected to that Converso-Sabbatean-Frankist network, who switched religion at the drop of the hat, whilst maintaining their trading and blood ties through judicious marriages.


So then, I take a look at who ‘William Borah’ was married to, to see if I can get some more traction there.

He’s married to one Alice Roosevelt – daughter of 26th President Teddy Roosevelt.


Except, I learn that she wasn’t really married to William Borah, she just had an affair with him while she was married to someone else, that resulted her in the birth of her daughter, Paula.

It’s the small details like this, that start to tell you the moral calibre of the people you’re looking at.

Here’s a few more pertinent snippets about Borah, from his Wiki page, just file them away for now:

Borah campaigned for Herbert Hoover in 1928, something he rarely did for presidential candidates and never did again…

Borah was not personally harmed by the stock market crash of October 1929, having sold any stocks and invested in government bonds…

The Democratic landslide that accompanied Roosevelt’s election cost Borah his chairmanship of the Foreign Relations Committee, but much of his influence was independent of party.

Borah’s fifteen-year fight for the recognition of the USSR ended in 1933 when Roosevelt opened diplomatic relations.


It seems, Borah had prior knowledge of the 1929 ‘crash’ – just as we see the billionaire oligarchs of today, who sold off so much stock in all the right places, just before ‘Covid 19’ began.

And it’s particularly interesting that Borah was fighting for the Bolshevik USSR to be ‘recognised’ by the USA, which happened under FDR, in 1933.


Here’s where the story gets particularly interesting.

At this stage, it’s no secret that a bunch of non-Jewish Freemason, and a bunch of formerly-Jewish Freemason-Frankists effectively launched the Federal Reserve, that prints all of the US’s dollar bills – and that is privately owned.

This brings us back to the idea we were looking at HERE, that the USA is a corporation, not a country, and that it’s ‘President’ is just an employee, looking after the owners’ interests (as opposed to those of the US citizens.)

THIS blog has a lot of information about the subject, but also look up ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’.

You can download a free PDF of that book HERE, from archive.org.

And here’s part of what you’ll learn:

The Creature from Jekyll Island tells how a few bankers were able to create the Federal Reserve Bank, which is NOT Federal, has no Reserves, and is NOT a Bank.

It is a way to regulate the money supply of the United States.

They have given themselves the ability to control inflation and deflation, and raise more taxes (behind the scene) than Income Tax raises.


The Federal Reserve Act was pushed through in 1913, under President Woodrow Wilson.

And then, it was amended in 1933 – when is when the Frankist-Freemason-Illuminati ‘eye’ first appeared on the US dollar bills, under President Franklin D Roosevelt.


Frankist-Freemason Paul Warburg is often cited as one of the ‘main men’ who figured out the Federal Reserve Scam, and then mustered the forces to push it through Congress.

How do I know he was a ‘Frankist-Freemason’?

Well, let’s return to the family trees I’ve been putting together, on and off, for the last two years, where we first made the links with the Gunzburg Banking family of Russia (who may, or may not be the direct relatives of the Chabad Rebbes.)

Sit down for this next bit.


First, here’s a picture of the ‘Gunzburg Family Tree’.

I know it’s very hard to see anything, but let me explain, underneath, what you are actually looking at.


The tree begins with 5 ‘Gunzburg’ siblings:


Their direct descendants include:

  • David Tebele Schiff zum Grunenschild – who shared a house with the Rothschilds back in the Frankfort ghetto.
  • Rabbi David Tevel Schiff, UK Chief Rabbi at the time of Jacob Frank.
  • Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler – UK Chief Rabbi and grandson of Jacob Frank, who we wrote about HERE and HERE.
  • Jacob Hirsch Henry Schiff – the NYC banker who financed the Bolshevik Revolution to the tune of $20 million, according to his own grandson.

Jacob Schiff’s daughter married FELIX WARBURG, and Felix’s brother was:

PAUL WARBURG, Frankist-Freemason founder of the FED.



She has a son, ‘Chanoch Heinach’, who I have been trying to track down for months, but who is still eluding me.

I have a strong suspicion that this branch of the family descends to this guy, Rabbi Chanoch Henach Schick, ABD of Shklov:


Why is this person being covered up, and ‘curated’ by disinformation agent extraordinaire Kevin Lawrence Hanit?

FIRST: R’ Pinchas (Rozanes) Schick is known in Chabad’s own teachings to be within the inner circle of the Alter Rebbe (from HERE):


SECOND: His mother is Mindel RIVLIN, who is the sister of BENJAMIN RIVLIN and ELIYAHU RIVLIN (son of Shlomo Zalman RIVLIN) – a very likely candidate for the real Vilna Gaon.

Even in the ‘fake family trees’ the Vilna Gaon is still closely related to these Rivlins.


THIRD: Pinchas (Rozanes) Schick seems to be married to…. an unnamed daughter of the Alter Rebbe:


My guess is that Pinchas Schick was probably married to Frieda Schneuri, as her family tree and descendants makes very little sense.

And while we’re at it, I just came back to the profile of ‘Baruch Schick of Shklov’, famous talmid of the Vilna Gaon, descendant of that same Gunzburg family we keep coming back to, and a guy who is known for a) really being into science and b) being a leading member of the early haskalah.

I have the feeling he could be the ‘R’ Baruch’ who is shrouded in mystery, as the Alter Rebbe’s father.


But there’s a FOURTH reason for why this branch is so covered up, and that has to do with one of Chanoch Schick’s daughters, who married ISAK JUDA (LOBL) JOSS.


Their daughter Elke married the notorious Frankist-Freemason, MOSES DOBRUSKA:

Moses Dobruška or Moses Dobruschka, alias Junius Frey (12 July 1753, Brno, Moravia – 5 April 1794) was a writer, poet and revolutionary. His mother was the first cousin of Jacob Frank, who claimed to be the Jewish messiah and founded the Frankist sect.

On 17 December 1775 he converted from Judaism to the Catholic faith and took the name of Franz Thomas Schönfeld.

 On 25 July 1778 he was elevated to nobility in Vienna, becoming Franz Thomas Edler von Schönfeld.

Together with Ephraim Joseph Hirschfeld [de], who did not convert, he became one of the main activists of the masonic lodge of the “Knights of St. John the Evangelists for Asia in Europe,” active in Germany and Austria between 1783 and 1790, which was the first German-speaking masonic order to accept Jews.[

In 1792, in the wake of the French Revolution, he traveled via Strasbourg to Paris and became a Jacobin, changing his name, once again, to Junius Frey….

He was arrested for treason and espionage and executed by guillotine on 5 April 1794 in connection with the case against his brother-in-law François Chabot.


Stay with me here.

That’s still only the first 2 siblings.



Descendants on this branch include;

    • Mindel Rivlin m the R CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK, mentioned above
    • BENJAMIN MESKELV RIVLIN (the ‘Gabia Kesef’) – who stays in Baron Yehoshua Zeitlin’s home, together with Baruch Schick, and who got fingered as the ‘secret Frankist tzaddik’ who stays within the Jewish community.
    • ELIYAHU RIVLIN – a good candidate for the real Vilna Gaon
    • R’ AVRAHAM RAGOLER – conflicting listed as either the Vilna Gaon’s brother, or son.


Other descendants of ‘Aaron Shtadlan of Vilna’ include:

  • Malka Klatsky, who marries the Vilna Gaon’s brother, ISSACHAR DOV BER KLATSKY
  • R’ BINYAMIN VOLF KLATZI (GUNZBURG) – another leading Chabad chossid, who marries his cousin, Rivelle, child of the the Vilna Gaon’s brother Issachar, above.
  • And GABRIEL JACOB GUNZBURG – ancestor of the ‘Barons Gunzburg’ Russian banking dynasty.

One of Gabriel’s grandchildren, THEOFILLA RIVKA TOVA ROSENBERG marries SIGMUND WARBURG – the uncle of PAUL WARBURG who sets up the FED.




This is the branch that gives rise to the infamous JACOB LOEB BENJAMIN FRANKEL, aka false messiah JACOB FRANK.

I wrote more about him and his family relations HERE, HERE and HERE.

But, I’m still in the middle of unpicking it all, so I’m sure there will be things to add, and things to update.

In short, he ties us up with the ‘bad’ Baal Shem of London, who was his father-in-law and also a demon conjuring ‘practical kabbalah’ expert, who had close relations with a number of the European nobility.

He was also involved in a number of black magic-practising ‘secret societies’, that morphed into what we now know as the Masons, amongst many others.


If you go HERE, you’ll start to learn much more about the ‘black magic / secret society sorcery’ side of the bad Baal Shem of London, Falk.


Rabbi de Falk, also known as Cain Chenuel Falk, was a noted cabalist and magician living in London around this time, the late 1700s. His “son,” Johann Friedrich Falk was born in Hamburg and is mentioned in the classic Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia by Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie. One Masonic historian believes they were the same person….

In actuality, he was hardly “obscure.” In fact, he was one of the most influential occultists of the time and was called in a book that was written about him, The Baal-Shem of London.


Again, this is Jacob Frank’s father-in-law.

This is UK Chief Rabbi David Tevel Schiff’s ‘good friend’.

And he’s in the same family tree as the Vilna Gaon, the Alter Rebbe’s family, Moses Dobrushka, who played a leading role in the French Revolution, the Schiff banking dynasty who financed the Russian Revolution, the Gunzburg bankers of Russia, the Warburgs who set up the FED in the US, a whole bunch of ‘Chief Rabbis’ – and that’s just for starters.

Sadly, the ‘Freemason-Frankist’ network is all too real, and we really need to get that clear in our heads, already.



This branch leads us to:

  • Descendants of the KNESSET YEHEZKEL
  • BENJAMIN EISENSTADT KLUTZKER – “One of The Alter Rebbe’s greatest chassidim. Was mekarev the great chossid R’ Zalman Zezmer (R’ Hilel M’Paritch’s teacher) to The Alter Rebbe and chassidus Chabad.” (See THIS).
  • R’ BARUCH SCHICK OF SHKLOV (mentioned above, as a possible father of the Alter Rebbe)
  • TUMARKINS – another famous ‘Chabad’ family who had quite a few members involved in the Bolshevik Revolution.


Paul and Max Warburg were also intimately involved in Hitler’s rise to power, in connection with their control of IG Farben.

German bankers in the Aufsichsrat (Supervisory Board) ofFarben in the late 1920s included Hamburg banker Max Warburg, whose brother, Paul Warburg, was the founder of the US Federal Reserve.

It is no coincidence that Paul Warburg also served on the board of directors of American I. G., a wholly owned subsidiary of Farben in the United States.

In addition to Max Warburg and Hermann Schmitz, the leadership team for the creation of the Farben Empire, an early Vorstand, included Karl Bosch, Fritz ter Meer, Kurt Oppenheim, and George von Schnitzler. 

All but Max Warburg were charged as “war criminals” after World War II.


Without IG Farben, there would have been no ‘Hitler’, and no ‘World War II’ and no Holocaust.


This information comes from ‘Wall Street and Hitler’s Rise to Power’, by historian Antony Sutton.

You can read the whole thing online for free, HERE.


Last bit of info, for today, and then I’ll wrap this up.

Paul Warburg – the guy who founded the FED, and who helped Hitler build his war machine, together with his Frankist-Freemason relatives and the wider network – had a daughter:

Her name was Felicia, and she married a lot of different people, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt Junior – the president FDR’s son.

Now, you tell me, how does all this stack up together?

FDR was a Frankist-Freemason puppet who put an illuminati eye on the dollar, restructured the FED in 1933, and married his first-born son to Paul Warburg’s daughter, while Warburg was busy financing and supporting Hitler over in Germany, who had clearly started he was going to exterminate the Jews.

Remember: Freemason-Frankists hate real Torah, observant Jews, and will do anything they can to kill them and try to destroy the Torah and its values, as had already happened back in Russia, during the Schiff-financed Bolshevik Revolution.

And yet, somehow, this same FDR, with his same Hitler-supporting Frankist-Freemason buddies, arranged for the Rebbe Rayatz to be whisked out of Warsaw by the Nazis themselves, and delivered safely to America.


Snippet from HERE:


Here is one obvious explanation for this:

The Chabad Rebbes were close family to all the evil Frankist-Freemasons I keep writing about on this blog.

Despite all the cover-ups, that much is indisputable.

But the question for you and me now is, what does all this really mean, about the Chabad movement?

What does it mean, about who Chabad really are, and what they really stand for?

I can’t answer that question – at least, not conclusively.

But each of us has to at least engage with it, as this painful process of birur accelerates.

Because the truth is out there now, about all these Frankist-Freemason monsters, and the anti-God ‘New World Order’ they’ve been trying to create for at least the last couple of centuries.

And if we don’t identify and clearly ‘split off’ from the ‘Frankist-Freemasons’ who are still controlling the Jewish world, in a million different ways – we could end up being tarnished with the same brush, God forbid, when retribution for everything they’ve done, including ‘Covid 19’, finally catches up to them.



There is another Warburg who also fits into this picture.

Gabriel Jacob Gunzburg’s grand-daughter, Theofilla Rivka Tova Warburg (married to Paul and Max Warburg’s uncle Sigmund) had a very interesting grandson.

His name was: Siegmund George Warburg.

This comes from the Wikipedia page about him:

In the period immediately before the Second World War he worked under cover for the Z Organisation, a highly secret offshoot of MI6/SIS, and reported impressively from Switzerland on his regular meetings with Hjalmar Schacht, then the president of the Nazi GermanReichsbank and thus the most powerful German banker.

He was forced to flee the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler and moved to the United Kingdom in 1934 where he co-founded S. G. Warburg & Co. in 1946 with Henry Grunfeld….

His most famous achievement was the establishment of the EuroBond market.

He firmly believed that financial integration of Europe was an essential and natural step in the development of the European economy.

He was a firm supporter of European Integration and involved in organizations dedicated to this goal, like the Action Committee for a United States of Europe, the United Kingdom Council of the European Movement, the European Foundation or the Bilderberg group.


I remember reading somewhere that Robert Maxwell was also part of this ‘Z’ secret intelligence group of mostly ‘Jewish’ spooks, run by MI6.

Point is… all roads seem to lead back to the Gunzburgs.

And we still haven’t really covered the ‘State of Israel’ angle to all this…



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6 replies
  1. Nechama
    Nechama says:

    The surviving Jewish World is rather small, and getting smaller and smaller. I’d say that we shall reduce ourselves down to the same number of neshomos that Moses rescued and brought out of Mitzrayim (w/o the stragler erev ravniks who are and will be culled from the pop.). According to jstor.org Moses took a consensus = 603,550 males over 20.
    “Ex. 12:37 says “600,000 men on foot, beside children” went out from Egypt. That extrapolates to around two million people making the exodus (extrapolated from Numbers 1:46) .” So if we subtract apprx. 2 Mil from Israel’s population, they may be those who greet Mashiach and live on for the rest of the Geulah! [there are Jewish neshomos among the palestinian/arabs, and among the non-Jews]. Hashem will sort this all out.

  2. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    The metaverse is the ultimate frontier between man and machine. Internet 1.0 was read only, where you could only read what centralised sources input for your consumption. Internet 2.0 (what we have now) is decentralised so you have read and write capabilities; you can write the internet by becoming a producer of content. Internet 3.0 is the metaverse. It’s the internet of things, where the human and their surroundings (your car, home appliances and etc.) can become part of the internet. People can connect their stuff, and via entering the metaverse, themselves to the internet. Everything in the metaverse will feel completely real when people are in it. Honestly you could even buy enough parcels of land (each parcel of land is sold as an NFT or non-fungible token purchased with the MANA token which is an ERC Ethereum based token), and build your own reality to do whatever. Like simulating the coming of Moschiach and a messichist world, where we live like Moschiach came as we wait it out, to see what it ‘will be like’. It would feel totally real with a “Beit Hamikdash”- all the bells and whistles. You could simulate a meeting with anyone. You could even simulate yechidus with a rebbe for example. I don’t believe people are aware of the shall we say *possibilities* virtual land in the metaverse (or anything in the metaverse for that matter) presents.

    MANA is based in the Silicon Valley and was started by Argentinians Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Eliora, thank you for opening our eyes to all this… I’m flabbergasted.

      Btw, Ari Meilich and Ordano sound like another pair of ‘cut-outs’ for the spooks, who in turn are ‘cut-outs’ for the psychos who run our planet from behind the scenes.

      This is Meilich’s second job – and already, it’s the ‘next big thing’, ala Fakebook and Elon Musk.

      They must think we are so stupid, to keep buying the same script over and over again.

      • Eliora
        Eliora says:

        I never even thought of that, Meilich being a cut out. But I know Meilich is involved in CRV, which was mentioned in the first WEF report on crypto (there are 2 WEF reports on crypto and which tokens they expect to be part of the future). He’s been involved in a number of projects as you said. Look up Sam Bankman-Fried too; in the crypto space we say that everything he touches turns to gold. If Bankman-Fried is behind a project, it’s going to take off. His exchange is called FTX.

        This my opinion of where the centralised, controlled crypto and carbon issues are going: There are crypto which are based upon carbon (effectively carbon credits). MCO2, CRBN, CARBON and KLIMA are a few, but there are more. Look them up on Coin Market Cap. In the future there will probably be a central bank digital currency, tied to carbon and natural resources for backing. People will use a CBDC (central bank digital currency) to buy stuff, and it will be tied to their “carbon allowance” which is also digital, crypto based. People will have to buy a carbon token like say MCO2 tied to their CBDC account, in order to make some or all purchases. Buying beef will take more carbon credits than chicken; chicken more than lentils. You get the idea. If you use all your carbon credits you will need to buy more from a token issuer. So you’ll need money (which will be digital) and carbon credits to make some or all purchases. The people selling the carbon credits are going to make a lot of money, because everyone will have to buy those scam credits minted out of thin air from the issuer, in order to buy stuff due to future ‘carbon allowance’ plans. The ultimate scam.

        I have been in the crypto space for years. And it is clear to anyone in this space where things are headed, whether we get there or people stand up against this remains to be seen.

        Bitcoin, decentralised coins (like Digibyte and Monero amongst others) as well as genuine DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisation tokens) are a whole entirely other class of digital assets, and should not be confused with something centralised and possibly inflationary like MANA, MCO2 and 90% of the centralised crypro out there. I like those for a safe financial haven. But DYOR.

        I think there is no escaping the inevitability of CBDCs, carbon coins and a future based in part on digital wealth. Mainly because the sheeple will beg their overlords for a new currency once the ones we have now collapse and/or they p the “climate emergency” rhetoric. But maybe this is alluded to in the Talmud when it says that the pruta will cease from the pocket before Moschiach comes? Because money will be digital.’

  3. nechama
    nechama says:

    Digital is virtual, crypto is not real. One can lose everything they’ve put into them. Only the “controllers” will gain.
    CBDC can be shut off for any reason, like being judged as unvaxed, or being the wrong color (white), or censored speech, or just ‘because’. It can destroy a person. Another control mechanism. Israel now has their first Digital BANK. Watch for cash and cr cards to be outlawed.

    • Eliora
      Eliora says:

      Nechama,thank you for this response! I would like to explain something a little more. You wrote:

      “Digital is virtual, crypto is not real. One can lose everything they’ve put into them. Only the “controllers” will gain.
      CBDC can be shut off for any reason, like being judged as unvaxed, or being the wrong color (white), or censored speech, or just ‘because’. It can destroy a person. Another control mechanism. Israel now has their first Digital BANK. Watch for cash and cr cards to be outlawed.”

      Yes, you cannot hold a digital asset (otherwise called crypto) such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Monero in your hand, so I agree it doesn’t physically exist. But it does exist, and no one can ever erase its existence fro the blockchain. Decentralised digital assets on their respective decentralized blockchains will always remain on the blockchain, and no one can ever change that. The blockchain can never be altered; while some crypto currencies are anonymous (Monero being the classic), their entire history is visible on the blockchain, meaning no one can ever alter the history of a transaction. There are decentralised crypto, the classics being Bitcoin and Monero; no one can ever undo a on the blockchain transaction. Such financial transactions occur when one wallet address sends the digital asset to another wallet address. The Bitcoin itself never actually leaves the blockchain; it’s just that it moves from one wallet address to another wallet address. I hope this makes sense.

      If you have digital assets which are decentralised, and the keys are stored on your hard wallet (like a Trezer or Ledger these being the classic hardware wallets), no human or computer program can take them away from you. Not the coder, not the government. You own those assets and no entity can ever expropriate them. This is exactly why the government doesn’t want you in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibyte, Stellar, Monero and a handful of others! But they don’t mid you in DOGE lol! The government can take your your centralised crypto, your crypto held on Coinbase or another exchange, your stocks, your gold, your real estate… but they cannot remove your crypto from the blockchain when you have your private wallet key and store on your hardware wallet. And as long as you have that private key, you can access your crypto on the blockchain from any other clean hardware wallet (meaning either new or wiped so that it’s not tied to another preexisting hardware wallet. Does this all make sense? You can smash your wallet, then input that key onto another wallet and get your crypto. Just store it on your wallet and keep your private key.

      CBDCs are to cytpto what treif meat is to kosher: it might appear similar at first, but they are completely different. CBDCs are centralised, permission based (decentralised cryptos are permissionless) and thus cannot change ownership without the approval of the issuing and controlling central authority. You cannot send a CBDC to anyone unless the authority which issues and controls that CBDC approves that transaction.

      But you can send Bitcoin and those crypto currencies like it to any respective wallet you want, because the other computers in network confirm the transaction, thus it is permissionless (by the way, the reason for networks confirming the transactions is to prevent double spending. There is NO other reason for preventing transactions for being confirmed).

      I think because people do not understand the difference, ultimately they will be sucked into the CBDC system and not protect at least a portion of their wealth in time via real assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin and etc. It’s never a good idea to go all in on one asset. But I do believe in the future, regardless of the Bitcoin price, people will wish they used it or another digital currency like it to move part of their money out of the beast system.


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