You remember that I tripped across an expat Chilean journalist in the Ukraine who was actually telling the truth about what was happening there?


He’s alive.

He was picked up by the SBU, but apparently the huge amount of interest in his case helped him to be released unharmed.

Thanks to readers for sharing the update – look at the comments to see a short video he made.

Strange to say how relieved I feel that he’s still alive.

Also, another warning to me to not jump to conclusions so fast, given the huge amount of disinformation swirling around.

BH, we should only hear more good news, closer to home.


Not that fluffy, ‘Disney’ version, where Zelenskyy is a worthy successor to Moshe Rabbenu, and where all of the millions of neo-Nazis in Ukraine are just brave ‘freedom fighters’.

No, the real truth about the violence, murder and torture that has been going on for years in the Ukraine, with Zelensky just the latest ‘puppet leader’ of the country – deliberately installed as a kind-of Jewish dictator, to forestall any suggestion that Ukraine is actually being run by Nazis, mamash.

Here’s the post that Lira pinned to the top of his Twitter Feed, last month:


He last updated his social media on April 15th – almost a week ago.

He’s based in Kharkov, where the main fighting has now moved, so I didn’t know if just the internet was out – or something worse.

Now, it seems that Zelensky’s SBU secret police found his hiding place, kidnapped him, tortured him – and killed him.

The below from HERE.


As a journalist myself, this kind of thing hits very hard.

War is not a joke. Mamash.


Here’s Scott Ritter’s take on this:


It’s the last day of Pesach today, our festival of freedom.

I can’t tell you how much I’m hoping for the real ‘freedom from evil’ to manifest in the world more strongly, very soon.

But that process starts with us.

With each one of us.

Who finally makes a decision in our dalet amot to stop living in the world of lies, to stop ‘going along’ with things that we know to be bad and evil, deep down, and to be brave, and to start standing up for what we know – deep down – to be true and good.

There is strength in numbers.

And even a very small person can achieve some very great things, when they connect themselves to God.


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  1. molly
    molly says:

    HaShem dawned on me the connection between Trusts (governmental contracts) the word Trust in Hebrew (Bitachon) and the word Bitcoin, which is basically putting our trust in Artificial Intelligence and its ability to compute infinitely more complicated mathematical equations. When really we should be putting our trust in HaShem’s Intelligence and His ability to sustain the world with mystical mathematics and geometry. What are the implications of this? I don’t know! I’m spitballing here to see if any lightbulbs go off for you. I’ll send you screenshots of powerpoint slides that explain further what I’m saying here. The American govt isn’t what we think it is. It’s a series of dark contracts we get ourselves wrapped up in. And the dark side loves its contracts.

    • האיש
      האיש says:



      • Dossy Blumenthal
        Dossy Blumenthal says:

        Hi Rivka,
        I also wanted to add that I am a big fan of your work.
        Kol HaKavod…I have quoted you a few times and especially appreciated your coverage of the Meron tragedy.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Thank you, Dossy, I didn’t know that.

          Back when I started my research into the Frankists, I landed on your site, and the discussion and research that you’d pulled together on the subject already.

          It helped me a lot to start getting my ducks in a row.


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