Did Rabbi Menashe Amon just reveal the head of the Lamed Vavnikim?

With all the moving, it’s been almost impossible to pause for breath to try to get a bead on what is really going on, with all this Coronavirus stuff.

But yesterday, I had the first bit of headspace in a long time to start digging into things in a little more depth, and below I’m sharing my impressions of what I’m coming across.


First stop was that I actually watched this awesome video that brought the words of the kabbalist Rabbi Menashe Amon, about the link between slandering Rabbi Berland, and epidemics and plagues erupting in Israel – and also in Jewish homes abroad where slander and lashon hara is a big problem.

If you haven’t seen the video yourself, here it is below (they are working on English subtitles, I don’t know if they are up yet.)


Here’s a few things that struck me about this video:

  • If you check at around the 1:30 min mark, you will see a video clip of Rabbi Menashe Amon performing an exorcism on a young man. This clip was so shocking, it was actually run on secular Israeli TV by none other than Amnon Levy, who then interviewed Rabbi Amon about what was actually going on.

There is absolutely no way you can fake someone’s body moving in that totally bizarre, supernatural way, in front of a whole bunch of people, plus being recorded.

That clip all by itself establishes that Rabbi Amon is a real kabbalist and someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

Halevai, that we should ever see something even a 100th of a percent as authentically ‘other worldly’ from all these YouTube rabbis that everyone likes to quote all the time, or refer to as ‘tzaddikim’.

But I digress.


It’s no chiddush that Rav Amon clearly links the spread of the Coronavirus with slandering Rabbi Berland, and speaking badly of him.

But what really made me sit up and take notice was when Rav Amon said this:

Dear Jews, there is a great injustice happening here, that people don’t know about. We can’t see it, off in the distance, because we don’t have the spiritual eyes required to understand. There is a Rav, and there is a Tzaddik, there are the Lamed Vav Tzaddikim… (the 36 righteous tzaddikim in whose merit the world continues to exist), and there is the leader of the Lamed Vav Tzaddikim.

Do you know, what a holy Jew Rabbi Eliezer Berland actually is? This is kodesh kodeshim (holy of holies).


This is basically a public admission that Rabbi Berland is the current leader of the Lamed Vav Tzaddikim.

And seeing that stated so obviously, by someone who can perform exorcisms and is clearly a genuinely expert kabbalist in his own right, totally blew my socks off.

But there was something else that Rav Amon said that also really spoke to me.


As you know if you follow this blog, I spent the last 2-3 years writing a whole bunch of things on behalf of Rabbi Berland. Currently, There are 8 books (plus a haggadah) including the biography One in a Generation, plus books containing the Rav’s translated prayers, conversations, advice, miracles and words of wisdom on the Parsha of the week.

It’s been a lot of work, and after all that, the books are selling in minuscule amounts.

What kept me going was the feeling that while in olam hazeh, none of my efforts really got anywhere, in my hitbodedut I kept getting the message that all this stuff was far more important than it looked.

It was a reassuring thought, but until I watched that video from Rav Amon, I wasn’t 100% convinced. Maybe, 82% convinced, which meant that there has still been some wiggle room for the yetzer hara to try and induce the idea that I’ve been wasting large chunks of my life the last few years, God forbid.

But then, when Rav Amon started explaining the real spiritual level of Rabbi Berland, and stating so baldly the huge punishment awaiting those people who slander him, I started to realise what a tremendous zchar I’ve actually had – even if not a single book ever sells.


Rav Amon also explained that having the privilege of giving Rav Berland money, charity, a pidyon, any sort of donation or help at all, is something that we simply can’t understand here in the upside-down world.

Rav Amon explained that giving Tzaddikim like the Rav money is a huge merit, a spiritual present, and that the more money we give, the greater the zchar we actually have in olam haba – even if down here, we don’t always have something tangible to show for it.


Taken together, all this stuff just started making me feel like Hashem really loves me, that He’s given me the tremendous privilege of working on projects on behalf of the Rav, the last few years.

And also, at least in my world, I’ve been seeing such tremendous blessings show up recently, albeit still mixed in with some massive challenges, especially on the emotional front.

For example, I know that this amazing house I’m currently renting is a total miracle, and in the merit of the Rav. I have no other way of explaining it.

And I’m also seeing things start to open up in some other areas, too.

As the bad guys start to fall, the good guys – or at least, the people doing their best to help and respect the good guys – will start to rise.

And that process is going to accelerate from here on in.


The last thing to say is that it’s not too late to make teshuva, and to stake your place out firmly on the side of good.

Go pay some money towards helping the Rav defray his spiraling legal and medical costs.

Buy some books and distribute them.

Print off some of his prayers, especially the prayer to be saved from the Coronavirus, and send them around. They’re available in 37 languages now, so there’s something for everyone.

And definitely, definitely make some serious teshuva for any lashon hara you may have engaged in about the Rav, either actively or passively.

Because industrial doses of Vitamin C aren’t going to help to stave off disaster if you find yourself on the wrong side of this equation, when the boom finally comes down.

And we’re edging closer to that happening all the time.



They just put out the full video of Rav Menashe Amon’s words about Rabbi Berland, with English subtitles. You can see it here – and please feel free to send it around.

The more people who being to understand what’s really going on here, the better it will be for all of us.


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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Rivka, your work is so, so important!! You have clarified the truth for people, who can then clarify the truth for more people. I can not stress how fortunate I feel to read your work, Baruch HaShem. It’s scary to think how easily I could have fallen into thinking falsehood, G-d Forbid! May the Truth be revealed to the entire world soon!


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