Respect the other

That’s the real test that’s going on right now, whatever side of this ‘vaxx’ debate you stand on.

I wanted to write this for a few days, as I’ve been reading more and more ‘scary stories’ coming out of alternative sources about the potential for these mRNA gene therapy pretend-vaccines to create ‘super bugs’ that no immune system can stand up to.

In other words, that people who are ‘vaccinated’ will become the most powerful source of illness and disease in the world, God forbid.

I have no idea if that’s true.

Is it possible?

In theory, yes.

But, if I’ve learnt one thing over the last few years, it’s that we can’t see round corners, as much as we try.

And we actually don’t really know what’s going on, because so much of the information required to ‘know’ is being hidden from us, on every level.


So what’s the real test that’s going on here?

Clearly, it’s not to ‘know’ everything, and to make the ‘right decision’ about whether to take the experimental gene therapy with unknown side effects that so many people decided to take, thanks to media lies and misinformation, and pressure from the government, workplaces and socially.

Personally, that just didn’t sound appealing, but I can certainly understand those people who had so much anxiety, they felt they just had to do it, to have some peace from themselves.

And I can understand those people who already bought into flu vaccines taking the ‘Covid’ shot, because no-one tole them it’s actually something totally different, and not just a ‘traditional’ vaccine, reconfigured for Covid.

I can understand people who decided to take the shot because they were pressured by family, or fearing that they wouldn’t be able to work anymore, if they didn’t.

And I hope, that at least some of those people can understand my very real concerns and objections to being forced to take this experimental ‘gene’ therapy with undisclosed ingredients and side effects.


Because, THAT is the real test that is going on here.

Hashem has now engineered a world where the truth is so hidden, so covered over by lies, on so many different levels, that an honest person has to put their hand up and admit:

I really have no idea what is actually going on.

Maybe, as more truth comes out about what is really going on, the pendulum going to swing, and then all of a sudden the ‘vaccinated’ will be treated like dangerous pariahs, and that’s part of why there has been this massive push to vaccinate all of Israel?

If something like that happens, and the shoe is on the other foot, is the ‘anti-vax’ crowd suddenly going to demand that ‘vaccinated’ people are kept away from society, locked up and prevented from having human rights?

You see, how easily all this could turn around?


So the test right now is simply to treat ‘the other’ the way we ourselves would like to be treated.

Whatever side of the equation we happen to be on.

And even assuming that we are 100% ‘right’ and the other guy is 100% ‘wrong’.

Even so, to empathise with that other person’s humanity, their soul, and to not totally denigrate and rubbish them for not thinking the way we do about things.

That is the main test right now, to have empathy:

empathy ĕm′pə-thē

  • n.
    The ability to identify with or understand another’s situation or feelings


You remember that horrible woman that slapped my daughter in the face, for not wearing a mask?

I was hating her guts, until I tried very hard in my hitbodedut to try to put myself in her shoes, and to understand that she was probably totally petrified and overwhelmingly anxious.

That doesn’t excuse her behavior.

But, it did mean that I could stop hating her, and I could forgive her for being a MSM-believing retard.

(And all that didn’t come so easy, btw.)

But I know it’s the test right now.


To keep doing the birur, to keep searching for truth, to keep trying to hold by it – but not to passul others who for whatever reasons, just can’t stick to ‘truth’ in their own lives.

With one caveat:

As long as that other person isn’t try to force ME to do things that are against my own best interest.

Because as soon as someone else is trying to control me with their fears, their propaganda, their bullying, their coercion – they are on the wrong side of the argument, spiritually, whatever else they are standing for.


Free choice is sacrosanct.

It’s the whole reason God make the world.


You believe in masks, in gene-therapy-pretend-vaccines, in the medical establishment – good for you!

But I have a God-given right to NOT.

And you have to respect that.

And vice-versa.

You don’t believe in masks, in gene-therapy-pretend-vaccines, in the medical establishment – good for you!

But others have a right to YES, believe in all that.

And we have to respect that.


Over half my extended family is cheerfully and enthusiastically ‘vaccinated’ already.

I worry about that, I really do.

But I’m not about to start pressuring them, even if I could, or ostracising them, or writing them bullying WhatsApp messages about what damage they are doing to the world with their choices.

I still love them.

I still want the best for them.

I still understand that given who they are, and where they are holding, they felt that getting ‘the shot’ was the best option for them.

I don’t agree – but I totally respect their decision.

And now, we will just drop the subject, and we’ll wait to see whose version of ‘the truth’ turns out to be more accurate.


Maybe, I’m wrong, who knows?

Maybe they are.

We will all have to deal with the consequences of our choices, whatever they turn out to be.

But in the meantime, I’m going to do my best to keep my love for others who have chosen a different past, and my respect for their basic humanity, going.

Because that is what I would want them to do for me, if it turns out I’m the one who made a mistake.

And that is how we can all pass this test.



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11 replies
  1. Glenn
    Glenn says:


    Bravo! I wanted to stand up and clap after reading this. They want to divide us any which they can, we must be compassionate and not give in!

    Thank You!

  2. Hava
    Hava says:

    I’m sorry that I’m putting this comment in the wrong place, but I can’t find the right article right now. You have been saying that Shabtai Zvi (ysv”z) wasn’t the first of his kind.

    The starting point you’d be looking for, if you were going back through time instead of to the present, would be Nimrod. R’ Alon Anava says that Nimrod was the first Freemason here:

    Hope this helps.

  3. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:


    I am glad you wrote about this topic. Yes, you are right, we are all entitled to our opinions. However there is one situation that I find extremely troubling – and I know some people who read this blog can relate to it:

    Take a couple: the man decides to get vaccinated, the woman doesn’t want to because she is concerned about what it could do to her, her children, her ability to get pregnant, etc. The man brings home the mRNA in his body, transfers it to his reluctant wife: is that OK? Doesn’t she have the right to her own body integrity, her ability to bring more children to the world? This is a serious question that needs to quickly be addressed before families get destroyed by this abusive social mandate.

    Your thoughts, you and readers?….

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Right now, we don’t really know for sure what’s going on with the mRNA stuff, and how it may or may not transfer across to others.

      I still believe the Rav – and the other true tzaddikim – are sweetening all this behind the scenes, somehow.

      There’s a difference between being coerced yourself into doing something, and deliberately coercing others – that last category, they will have to face the music, however loud it blares out, ultimately.

      but for the others in the ‘grey’ zone – there is always hope, and each person will be given many chances to ‘choose right’ in whatever way God intends that, until the birur is complete.

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      Many thanks to Rivka for bringing up this important point. I can now break my silence (just here; I’m not about to post it on my blog or anywhere else) about my situation, which is exactly described by Daisy in the comment above; except that we are elderly, past childbearing a long time ago.

      But not frail, thank G-d.

      We are also married over 30 years. Even if a big rav would advise us to get divorced, I don’t think I could or would go through with it. He definitely wouldn’t. He got the shots for my sake, for crying out loud! He was supposed to wait with me, but he couldn’t wait. Fortunately, he hasn’t sustained major damage and is still alive.

      And because of my medical history, we agreed that I shouldn’t get them.

      In February 2020 (during Shevat on the Jewish calendar) I had a dream, before waking up, that I was keeping a log in my yoman (diary, appointment calendar or journal – it looked more like the appointment calendar) of all my grandchildren, and I was recording the one had just been born.

      I have never had a child until this day, never mind grandchildren. Neither has my husband; I’m his second wife, and his only child from before is adopted.

      I believe that my dream is for after the geula, if it comes true at all, ever. It definitely could not happen now, because of the situation, both personal and worldwide.

      be”H, may it be fulfilled, regardless of the vaxim. HQB”H is omnipotent; and all depends on His will whether it gets done or not.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Who knows what a massive tikkun you and your husband are doing, that will affect us all.

        It’s a big person indeed, who can do something like this, and put the ‘other’ before themselves with such mesirut nefesh.

        And especially in our marriages.

        Kol HaKavod

  4. michal rus
    michal rus says:

    more than all the many things we could be doing, our avodas hakodesh is to love, and to do azamra and to just hold on to Hashem and compassionately be mechazek each other

  5. Ana
    Ana says:

    This is a recurring theme coming out of many different places, that this whole ordeal is to overcome hating others and to avoid strife.

    Still, it’s easier said from “your” side – the message people are receiving is that someone who isn’t vaccinating, isn’t distancing, isn’t wearing masks (all at the same time) are literally leading to the death of untold numbers of pregnant ladies, old people, and eventually everyone!

    So when the messages of fear people are internalizing are that the “other” is literally trying to kill you, how can someone on “that side” take the advice to empathize? You might feel bad (in some way) for the crazed lunatic murderer, but you’ll still do you best to neutralize him, no?

    Maybe not so different – if the whole point of this geula process is “Ein Od Milvado” (which includes teshuva, etc), then isn’t the “other” who is fearing the virus, fearing the government, getting vaccinated, making masks and distancing into idols and “distancing” from Ein Od Milvado ultimately preventing or at least delaying the geula and ultimate kavod Shamayim in the world? Can we really be libertarian about this and just ignore “them” as long as they don’t bother “us”?

    OR perhaps we need to take it a step further and literally dan l’kaf zecut and bring out the good points in each person – even those on the “other side” (whichever side). To see their neshama, polish it like a jewel in the crown of Hakadosh Baruch Hu and through those proactive actions bring the geula closer… with cooperation from the “other” or not. It’s up to “us” (whoever on each side recognizes the preciousness of every Jewish neshama and the glory and oneness of Hashem). Even the “other” who is (probably / of course) so “wrong” about their conclusions is a holy piece of Hashem, even if we don’t see their actions or attitudes reflecting that.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Empathy means we treat others the way we ourselves would want to be treated.

      If I have zero emuna – then whatever side of whatever debate I’m on, I’m going to want to ‘neutralize’ the enemy.

      If I have some emuna, at least, that God is running the world, then even if I’m faced with a Nazi, mamash, or a terrorist, I will ultimately know that Hashem is standing behind them – Ein Od Milvado.

      Rav Berland explains in many, many places that all these apparitions of evil are truly created by our own sins. If we make the real teshuva required – including having empathy for others, and trying to work on our emuna that Ein Od Milvado, and trying to fix our own bad middot – He will take care of ‘the problem’ His end.

      It’s way easier said than done.

      I fall down this hole a million times a day, and start hating people… but then I know that’s not really the answer. The answer is to take it back to God, recognise His role in this whole situation, and then ask Him what He wants from ME. How does He want ME to react to what is going on?

      And that answer will be unique for each person.

      Whoever isn’t doing that – on any side of any debate – is not reacting ‘appropriately’, spiritually, to the challenge God is putting in front of them. And there are consequences.

      So, to (try to…) answer your point:

      If someone ‘on the other side’ sees me as an unvaccinated ‘terrorist’ and disease spreader, they for sure have a lot of work to do on their emuna that Ein Od Milvado. Empathy is a given for everyone, to still abide by Torah rules, the Noachide rules – these are basic givens for all of humanity.

      And people will ultimately be judged by Hashem on whether they could still act like a human being, in the midst of the madness, given their particular flaws and limitations. Rav Dessler talks about this, the point of ‘free choice’ in Michtav Me’Eliyahu.

      The test is being precisely calibrated for all of us, from Hashem.

      I hope more of us – including me – will pass it.


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