Today, I had another long email from a commentator about Rav Berland.


Long story short, they are feeling very confused, because people they know are telling them ‘the opposite’ of what they are reading on my website, and in the One in a Generation Books about the Rav.

I spent half an hour explaining a few things to them, like this:

The same people who were ‘against’ the Rav, and excommunicating him and Shuvu Banim, are the same people who pushed this ‘Covid shot’ onto Am Yisrael.
They are the same people who do the State of Israel’s dirty business, all the time, in different areas.
Join the dots yourself, understand who has really been making these accusations, and remember the that Tzaddik is just a mirror….
Whatever people are accusing him of, is what is reflecting from themselves, in some way.

Then, I remembered they put out a video, with English subtitles, that explained a lot of the real story:

(Last I heard, two of the people named in this video as being the Rav’s main persecutors are now sitting in prison on murder charges – the same murder they tried to pin on the Rav….)

Here’s a few of the ‘stumbling blocks’ these people placed before the blind:

1) They forged a lot of videos and audios, that had the Rav saying things he never said.

And looky here – the same modus operandi is being used to convince us all that Rav Chaim Kanievsky issued multiple psakim that all pregnant women, small children, and everyone else in the orthodox community should get the dangerous Covid shots, that last I heard have killed at least 150,000 people in the USA alone.
This video, entitled Rav Chaim Kanievsky Says Children 5 and Up Should Get Vaccinated comes from the website HERE:

Watching this, I think I finally figured out how they are getting R’ Chaim to make the statements they want.

Yanky points to a WRITTEN question on the piece of paper that he places in front of Rav Chaim, that he already knows how the Rav will respond to.
This is NOT the same as the VERBAL question Yanky is then heard asking him.
You can see at the end, when the paper disappears Yanky has to yell in R’ Chaim’s ear very loudly, three times, asking for a ‘bracha’.

R’ Chaim is totally deaf. He is responding to the WRITTEN questions, not the VERBAL ones.


2) They made up a lot of ‘fake personas’ on Fakebook, all telling fake stories about the Rav.

Which was genius, because as this small group of men sat there pretending to be women, and writing outrageous lies about the Rav, thousands of people were conned into believing that they were ‘friends’ with someone who really had a first-hand story to tell.
I was reminded about that, when someone sent me this email, just now:

All the exact same people on my social media feed who were pushing the vaccine and I suspect are paid to do so are also pushing the Chaim walder story.

What’s annoying is how clearly (for me at least) these every day olim are being paid to manipulate us and people lap it up!

3) They bribed people to go against the Rav, and if that didn’t work, they then used threats of violence against them, their families and their organisations.

And it’s always the same people, doing the State of Israel’s dirty work, via their ‘family connections’ in the orthodox Jewish world.

Here’s a montage, to show you what I’m talking about, focusing in on one of the State’s main ‘paid Rav Berland-bashers’, Shmuel Eliyahu:


I found this clip on Chananya Weissman’s Rumble channel, HERE.

Chananya does a great job of picking apart all the hypocrisy and ‘false Torah’ going on here, from a man that publically blackened Walder’s name BEFORE he even convened a ‘Beit Din’ and heard Walder’s side of the story.


Here’s some more statements, and headlines, made by Shmuel Eliyahu, over the last few years:








Hopefully, you could spot the carrots and the sticks being used, here.

Interestingly, Shmuel Eliyahu was a very close friend of a ‘big rabbi in Tsfat’ who WAS found guilty of doing terrible things to women who came to see him.

But when I searched for statements from that period of time, about this person, from this ‘big defender’ of women’s rights in the orthodox world – nothing is coming up.

It could just be my browser, so feel free to send me some links to those comments, if I’m somehow just missing them.

I’m not holding my breath, tho.


The point is:

It’s always the same people, the same ‘names’, doing the State of Israel’s bidding, all the time.

When I was researching One in a Generation, I had a big list of the ‘rabbis’ that were apparently making public statements about the Rav, that were simply based on lies.

And most of these lies were not hard to bottom out, with even 2% effort and application, trying to find the truth.


Let’s give one example:

Nachman Shalom initially claimed he ‘climbed a lamp-post’ by the Rav’s flat in Beitar Illit to spy on him – and from this initial claim, flowed all his other stories.

I took my husband, we went to that flat in Beitar, and I scouted around it for the nearest lamp-posts.

I immediately saw that:

  1. There was no lamp-post either at the front or the back of the building that was close enough to enable Nachman Shalom to see into the specific flat where the Rav was staying.
  2. These lamp-posts are massive, and ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CLIMB (unless you are a professional acrobat).

I even took a video of my husband trying to climb it, a few times.

Guess what: lamp-posts are DESIGNED like that, on purpose.

Just like that, I already knew that Nachman Shalom was lying through his teeth, about what he claimed he ‘saw’.


Right from the start of this Corona ‘plandemic’, I was attuned to the media’s lies, because I’d been trying to clarify how they pulled off what they did, against Rav Berland, for three years, already.

Right from the start, I was calling out all the BS around what was going on, and all the stories and lies that just didn’t add up.

That’s why I had an open house for the last two years, where everyone was welcome, where no-one had to wear a mask, social distance or vaccinate, and where people could still hug each other and interact normally.

Baruch Hashem.

It’s all in the Rav’s zchut.

So now, I invite you to go back to all those assumptions you made years back, that the media never lies; that the police and judiciary are interested in ‘justice’; that only secular people are corrupt and evil; and that ‘big rabbis in Bnei Brak’, or ‘big rabbis with great yichus‘ are above suspicion of wrongdoing to see what was really going on.

Do the birur.

Ask God to show you the truth.

Because when you finally figure it out on the ‘Rav Berland’ side of the equation, these people will never be able to fool you again.


Note on the comments:

If you’re planning on using a fake name and / or email to comment on this post, save us both the hassle and don’t bother – I will just delete them.




The following comes from R’ Chananya Weissman, via the Habayitah website HERE:

Rabbi Zev Leff on the Walder situation:

Rabbi Tau on the Walder situation (Hebrew):

We have halachos for how to deal with rumors and accusations, and anyone who wishes to be considered a frum Jew must adhere to these halachos, period.

I will pay 5000 shekels to the first person who can show me where in the Chafetz Chaim or Shemiras Halashon it teaches the following:

1. We can — let alone must — conclude definitively that the accusations against Chaim Walder (all of which remain anonymous at this time) are true.

2. We should publicly condemn him in the most vicious of terms.

3. We should deprive his widow and orphans of parnassa.


I suspect that the vast majority of people who are doing these things have never learned Chafetz Chaim and Shemiras Halashon.  In light of that, they should probably exercise some caution before shooting from the hip.  

I will also advise them that if they are wrong, they are jeopardizing their share in the world to come.  Is it a smart gamble?


According to actual halacha, we are only allowed to be suspicious about Walder. We are not allowed to draw ANY conclusions based on the information provided. Those who don’t like the halacha are not morally superior or more compassionate. They are people who don’t keep halacha. 

I have a theory, and it’s only a theory, that the mafia who run our country wanted Walder to leverage his status to push the shots on children.  He drew a red line there despite kowtowing to the agenda in the past, and the mafia eliminated him.  Or perhaps he ran afoul of them some other way.  What we are being told is just a cover story. 

Again, this is only a theory, but it’s no less credible than the story that dozens of anonymous claims were filed against him, the only person whose name was mentioned is conveniently dead without having left over any testimony, and no police reports were ever filed.  The supposed victims had the strength to talk to a leftist reporter and Eliyahu in a kangaroo court, but no one else.  I’m not saying Walder did these things or didn’t do them — I have no idea, and neither do you — but this story doesn’t pass the smell test.


I am emphasizing two points:

1. We should not rush to judgment.

2. We should not trust the media and the kangaroo court that trampled on halacha.

Anyone who says we must automatically draw conclusions based on anonymous accusations must agree to the following.  If someone makes anonymous accusations against them or someone close to them — because they can’t bear the pain of revealing themselves — the self-righteous mob will accept the accusations as entirely true, no questions asked, and treat them exactly the same way.  And any potential accusers with an ax to grind or some other incentive know this in advance.  That’s the deal.


BTW, I agree with R’ Weissman’s theory, about why Chaim Walder suddenly got so ‘targeted’, regardless of the truth of the allegations against him.

Nothing is what it seems today.

And the cost of being on ‘the wrong side’ of the argument, both morally and spiritually, is increasing all the time.


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18 replies
  1. Elisheva
    Elisheva says:

    Amazing figure from Prof Avi Bell.
    Fewer than 10% of Israelis have faith in the justice system. Perhaps people are waking up.

  2. Rachel in NY
    Rachel in NY says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this piece. Something has been “bothering me” since the beginning about this Walder story. People I’m connected to have all been jumping on the throw-out-his-books bandwagon, and I just couldn’t get on board. They assume guilt. His suicide really disturbed me. Are you saying that the whole thing was made up? Just like the stories about the Rav? It makes so much sense then, that I couldn’t get on the righteous indignation about Walder train. Something just didn’t pass the smell test.

  3. devorah
    devorah says:

    Well, I continued reading and obviously you feel that he is innocent. Oy vey RIvka, don’t let your hatred for R. Eliyahu cause you to make such dreadful errors.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      What puzzles me, is how you write your comments like you *know* what really happened.

      None of us *know* the truth of the allegations against Chaim Walder.

      What all of us DO know, categorically, is that Shmuel Eliyahu totally contravened the laws of lashon hara, and materially contributed to a situation where Chaim Walder took his life.

      If you want to take a strong view on something, please first do your research, and don’t just assume that all the stuff showing up in your Facebook feed or the Daily Mail is true.

  4. Yossi
    Yossi says:

    Erev Rav Eliyahu. I’m going to use that from now on. Perfect.
    In addition to the headlines you posted, Erev Rav Eliyahu was also on national radio claiming to have in his possession numerous photographs of Rav Berland being inappropriate with the women who were accusing him. We know there were no such women and no such photographs.

  5. devorah
    devorah says:

    Actually Rivka I do know the truth. 100% I know the truth. Don’t ask me for names because I can’t give them. He destroyed someone’s marriage, he destroyed childrens’ lives…. and you are defending him. That is geneivat da’at.

    But how about you and your readers listen to Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowits, and I’m sorry if it’s on a site you may not like
    Just listen from the 5 min mark for a couple of minutes if you don’t have time.
    You and any other blogger who is slandering R. Eliyahu over this should be ashamed.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Please, revisit what R’ Weissman wrote about the laws of lashon hara, posted above.


      So, I just listened from the 5 minute mark – all I heard is more slander and lashon hara.

      “Walder is a narcissist….Walder is a sociopath….Who knows how many victims there are….”

      How is this factual information?

      Where is the EVIDENCE, where are the facts?

      This is just R Berkowits opinion, based on hearsay – because last I heard, R Berkowits didn’t sit on a Beit Din that was evaluating the testimony and hearing BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY.

      As we are required to do, according to halacha, before coming to any conclusions.

      If this is they type of information you are basing your 100% ‘knowing’ on, I feel really sorry for you.

      • Leah
        Leah says:

        Rick’s as usual- spoken eloquently with wisdom and most importantly common sense and proof! So lacking today- please keep it up. Someone who is strong and writes the truth and doesn’t follow the herd who is so easily manipulated

  6. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    Thank you for delving into such a sensitive topic. This past Shabbos I was telling my family how upset I feel over the entire Chaim Walder parsha. Chaim Walder had kind eyes- I always had the feeling that he’s a good person from his photo and especially his stories. I have the strong gut feeling he’s innocent. Something about the government chief rabbi from Tzfas doesn’t sit right with me. Especially the bizarre way he was so quick to condemn Walder, and call for his books to be removed from homes. It’s almost as if they want his writings out of Jewish homes for some reason or he knew too much about powerful erev rav machers? Only Hashem knows. But this whole thing bothers me to the core.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I don’t know if he was a good person or not.

      We are in a position that we can’t know these details.

      What I DO know, is that Shmuel Eliyahu’s actions contravened some major halachas, and directly contributed to Chaim Walder killing himself.

      That is beyond question.

  7. Nonee
    Nonee says:

    Regarding that – erev rav eliyahu, I was shocked when he said that Chaim Walder, (may his soul be in peace, Amen), would ‘ Chaim Walder isn’t going to Heaven’

    Like he knows who will go where?

    And as for what Devorah at 2.42 a.m wrote: ‘I do know the truth. 100% I know the truth. Don’t ask me for names because I can’t give them’, i say to her, then stop writing as how the heck you know 100% of anything.
    NO ONE can ever know 100% of anything. You sound a bit like that erev rav eliyahu..

    As far as I am concerned, all those who spoke and lashon hara’d( ?) Chaim Walder are the ones who murdered him.
    I am saddened as i think what his family must be going through right now.

    Devorah, think before you speak, in this case write.

    Hashem help and bless the Walder family as they go through these bitter days.
    As though its not enough that the world is getting more evil in many ways.

    Hashem is watching all of us… He alone knows ALL things and the thoughts of each human.

  8. Hoshea
    Hoshea says:

    Shalom Rivka

    Thank you for this posting. Your keen eye to quickly spot the magic trick that took place in front of Rav Chaim was brilliant. It’s like any magic trick. Once you know how a magician does a trick, it’s relatively easy to spot it, but until then, the magician has the upper hand. And we can enjoy the trick. However, there’s a big difference going to a magic show and watching the “news.” Going to the magic show, we know it’s a magic show and we know we’re going to be deceived, and we enjoy it. It’s part of the fun and the challenge. But when we watch the news, we have our guards down and don’t think we’re entering a magic show. Kudos to you!


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