Rav Berland on the war in Ukraine

Just a quick one, with what I’ve been told the Rav said about the upcoming War in Ukraine.


  1. The Rav said that Russia’s invasion was delayed to Sunday-Monday
  2. He also said that people staying in Uman can stay, those that want to come back should book their flight by Sunday-Monday


I just got sent a third message (as of Feb 16, 2022):

The Rav now said it might turn into a world war, but this generation is protected from another Holocaust. The Tzaddik is protecting the generation.

I am not following the fake news at all, btw, so I have no idea what everyone is being told is happening, just passing on the stuff from the Rav’s hotline.


The last few days, the Rav has been singing a lot of Uman songs at the prayers with him at 8.30pm every night, outside in Ido HaNavi.

When I went with my husband two days ago, we both had the impression something was being sweetened over there in the Ukraine, so whatever we are all reading in the fake news, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if whatever the ‘war’ turns out to be, it’ll be much less of a big deal than they are making out.

Our leaders would just lurve to have a massive war in the Ukraine right now, to take everyone’s mind off the Covid-19 genocide and tyranny that is starting to implode on every front.


While I’m mentioning the Rav, two more things:

  • B’ezrat Hashem next week Monday Feb 21 (20 Adar aleph) at 7pm there will be an English Shiur from the Rav at his house for those who want to join the English Kollel of Shuvu Banim.

If you want more details about that, get on the Shuvu Banim WhatsApp group, by clicking HERE.


And lastly, the Rav’s community is totally cracking under the strain of having to pay millions of shekels in fines from the corrupt State of Israel, who have also banned the Rav from receiving any money directly.

They have asked that each person contribute 1,000 shekels (and more if they can manage it) to help pay off the huge debts, and to ensure the institutions still have the money they need to continue operating.

If you read THIS, you’ll see that when you give money to Shuvu Banim, with the intention of it being a ‘pidyon nefesh’ with the Rav, it counts as such.

I have to tell you, the last two years, I have been doing pidyonot all the time still, just donating the money via the website HERE – and it’s been working a treat, in a whole bunch of ways.

If it didn’t work, consistently, I wouldn’t be doing it all the time.

It’s as simple as that.


So, if I hear anything more about the ‘war in Ukraine’ I will tell you.

At the moment, my gut feeling is that it’s shaping up to be a ‘nothing burger’, because the Rav is constantly sweetening things behind the scenes.

But of course, that’s just my uninformed opinion, and I could well be totally wrong.




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  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Well, look what is happening! I was just thinking that Hashem must have heard my – our – prayers for the Ukraine and its Jews, for Uman, and for peace in the world in general; I guess it was not just our prayers, it was the Rav’s involvement. Fantastic!



    And today is Monday, just like the Rav said.It seems that instead of being delayed it has been annulled – at least for now, unless of course the globalists continue their push for war: apparently the military-industrial complex is in great need of a war!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Well, they certainly need a war to take the world’s minds off their Covid 19 war crimes, while they are regrouping to bring on the next ‘public health crisis’ and fine-tune the bio-nanotech in the shots…

      But prayer, tzedakah and teshuva cancel out all the harsh decrees – especially when connected up to the Tzaddik HaDor.

  2. Dean Maughvet
    Dean Maughvet says:

    It appears Hashem is prepping you to uncover something very disturbing.
    “Keep up your bright swords…”
    Your willingness to delve where others prefer not to is your greatest asset.
    Beware, though, it may lead you far from Kansas.
    Dean Maughvet

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Dean, ( and Rivka and all readers of course)

      Maybe I am misunderstanding your statement; but for those of you who do read and understand Hebrew: I watched this video from the Rav tonight:
      and I have to say I am flabbergasted by his brilliance, he is an outstanding Torah giant, his words are pure truth, pure Torah; and guess what? Here he is interpreting one of the Tehillim from the Perakhim Nivcharim ( which he asked us to say regularly) – and what is his interpretation? That King David’s target is Edom: where is he hiding? At the VATICAN; the source of all Tum’ah. And that’s absolute truth: all the evil we are living these days and have lived forever, has its source in Rome! They are the ones behind the “great …reset”, Agenda….. 21, Agenda…. 30, of course with myriads of willing and enthusiastic collaborators all over. But the Rav’s understanding is straight to the point! So yes, far away from Kansas, yet very close too: the Rav is also mentioning NY and other US cities… it’s all connected, and the Rav GETS IT! I thought he is all in his Seforim, his books, but he knows the world so well, he is totally aware of what’s going on. I was amazed by this shiur, my admiration for him has grown a thousand percent. He belongs both in this world and in the world above. Incredible. What a stature! What a Gadol!

      And so strangely he mentions Geneva too, which is so connected to Rome (via the UN), and where I grew up. I feel like he was speaking to me directly!

        • Daisy
          Daisy says:

          Thanks for this, Rivka. And you know what flash of realization I just got? Now I know the difference between the Rav and the Rebbe of Chabad: the Rav understands that all “civilization”, including Rome, the UN, the Knesset, the police, “the system” with other words, is the enemy, and fights it spiritually with all his might with the help of David Hamelech; while Chabad – and that includes the Rebbe, the Rayatz, and whoever from their lineage – collaborated and continues to collaborate with it, to cooperate with it, to accept funds from it, to whitewash its crimes, actually in several cases even committing the crimes themselves, as you have shown us Rivka. Totally different perspective. Chabad tried and tries to transform the system from within when it is doing it sincerely, if at all, while the Rav is fighting it and wants to completely win the war against Edom and Amalek. So who is closer to the concept of Mashiach? What does Rambam say? What is the role of Mashiach? Who will bring Mashiach: those who cooperate with the system and in the best of cases try to convert it to good, or those who see that the system is irrendentible, beyond repair, evil to the very core, and has to be destroyed completely?

      • Glenn
        Glenn says:

        Can you share any more info about what the Rav said about America? Is there anyway to get an English translation of the shiur?

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I haven’t heard that he’s said much about America, recently. I try to read the collection of his shiurim from the week on Shabbat, if I find stuff in there, I’ll try to post it up, if it’s relevant.

  3. Dean Maughvet
    Dean Maughvet says:

    Hello Daisy,
    Not my intention to be cryptic.
    Just to point out that Rivka is both perfectly placed (and credentialled) to expose whatever needs exposing in the Breslov camp, including whatever dirt might be clinging to the Rav himself, from this generation or from those prior.
    And to Rivka — to point out that it smacks of not a little disingenuousness to suggest that there’s good and bad mixed in everything and everyone (as you regularly do) in order to dismiss criticisms of those around Rav Berland, and then to attack other streams/families/lodge memberships as being the bearers of all evil, without offering the same possibility that good and evil may be inextricably intertwined there, too.
    Don’t get me wrong. I bear no sympathy for the Erev Rav scum leaders of the medina, for the media, for Reform and Conservative Jewry, for the Frankists in our midst, for leftist Jew-haters attempting to undermine the Torah, for Chabad or for any other group or stream in particular, including Breslov.
    Scum is as scum does.
    And an intellectually honest person would call out that scum in ALL instances, without excuses, regardless the consequences.
    Even when it’s close to home.
    As a wise man once said: when there’s dirt right in front of your nose, the tendency is to start digging in others’ backyards.
    Stay true, brave Jew.
    And let the chips fall where they may.
    Dean Maughvet

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      You know, if maybe you would use a real name, instead of ‘Din Mavet’ – the ‘Angel of Death’ – I would perhaps take your comments more seriously. As it is, I’ve been picking up the same ‘twang’ from your emails as I got from the other government-sponsored gangstalkers that comment on this site. I looked into the Rav, and the accusations, for two years, before I wrote my books about him and what was going on.

      With the same amount of scrutiny my readers can see I’m approaching these other topics, because child abuse, and abuse generally, totally sickens me. As does religious hypocrisy.

      If I felt for a moment the Rav was guilty of anything he’s been charged with, I would be firmly in the ‘anti’ camp. As it is, my research took me to the exact opposite conclusion – which is why gangstalkers like yourself are now in a bind, about what sort of ‘dirt’ to continue throwing, both at the Rav, and at me, to try to discredit the findings.

      The people who were causing the problems in the Rav’s community belong to the extended Schneerson family. It’s been a typical trick of these people to ‘parachute’ in their people, to try to corrupt all that is holy and good in our Jewish community. It’s a trick the Shabak has also used, on innumerable occasions, to try to infiltrate ‘hill top youth’ communities too, to gather dirt on them, and discredit them anyway they can – which I’m sure you’re aware of, as you probably work for the Shabak as a professional disinformation artist, who conveniently ‘popped up’ on a whole bunch of blogs just after the murder of Ahuvya Sandek.

      But, we are getting wise to the tactics now.

      As you say, ‘scum is as scum does’.

      And as you say, an intellectually honest person has to call that scum out in ALL instances — so, this is your last comment on my blog.

  4. Dean Maughvet
    Dean Maughvet says:

    You got it all wrong, lady — including the translation of my name.
    So be it.
    Shabak, no.
    Gangstalker, no.
    Disinformation artist, no.
    Not even a Russian bot.
    Have it your way.
    I never dissed your Rav.
    I was very clear to point at those around him.
    And one more thing. You haven’t the faintest what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the Shabak.
    You’ll likely read that as a threat.
    It’s not.
    It’s a comment on your ignorance.
    And your presumptuous.
    Good luck.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Now that I’ve checked out your blog, (and calmed down a bit, and done some more hitbodedut about this) I’ll agree that you are not Shabak, and that I got the translation of your fake name wrong in the moment, and it should be ‘decree of death’ and not ‘Angel of Death’, as written.

      But here’s the thing: now that I’ve read through your substack articles, it’s just not ‘intellectually honest’ of you to suggest that you are not having a go at Rav Berland, even though you (perhaps?) lack the self-awareness to acknowledge that.

      I’ve gone back through your comments on this blog – each time the Rav is mentioned in a positive way here, you come out swinging.

      And your substack articles firmly put you in that ‘holier-than-thou’ camp of Meir Kahane followers, who have a go at everyone else’s ‘personality cult’ around their ‘dead rebbe’ while totally ignoring their own.

      Lastly, this blog is not about calling out every piece of negative information about every rebbe or rav in the world, God forbid.

      Each time I have to write something negative about another Jew, I go through a lot of soul-searching first, to check I’m at least trying to do the right thing. Even with the detractors of the Rav, evil people that they are, I have made every effort to avoid unnecessary evil speech while still getting the point across about what is really going on here.

      It’s a very narrow bridge, and I try to keep in mind at all times, that there has to be a very toelet purpose to raking the muck in public.

      Otherwise, I could be sitting here writing reams and reams about ‘rabbis’ who shot up buses full of Arab civilians and went to prison for it; and ‘rabbis’ who were working for the FBI and having extramarital affairs with non-Jews…. But what’s the point of doing that?

  5. Dean Maughvet
    Dean Maughvet says:

    With your last comment you have exposed and completely discredited yourself.
    I would only ask that you leave it in place, unchanged, for the sake of posterity.
    You’re clearly not the measured, meticulous researcher you take yourself to be.

    • Chaim
      Chaim says:

      Dean, perhaps we can skip the compliment exchange and go straight to the part where you enlighten us where the “dirt” in the Breslov/Rav Berland camp is?

      I’m sure many people here would be delighted to see your arguments shot down, one by one.

  6. Daisy
    Daisy says:


    Sorry, but I am very distraught by the way you speak of Rav Meir Kahane’s followers: hello, here I am! I can tell you that I cried bitter tears on the Motzaei Shabbat I found out Rav Meir Kahane, HY”D, had been gunned down by a plant in NY. I still remember it like it was yesterday: I called a local attorney here immediately after Shabbat: a nice, educated, regular Jew, and he also was very, very disturbed by the assassination.

    And I also remember marching with his son Rav Binyamin Kahane, HY”D in NYC. What a Tzaddik! He and his wife were also gunned down by a Shabak plant sniper, no doubt. How can you speak badly of these Jews who had such Mesirut Nefesh?

    You should know that Rav Berland and Rav Kahane HY”D have some very similar character features, at least the way I see it: their willingness to face the enemy with great courage even at the risk of being killed: one with armed self-defense, and the other one with only prayers and spiritual leadership when that path is under attack by the PTB. But they are both necessary: a Jew has every right to defend himself, his family, his community, and even his whole people, just like we need to turn to Hashem with all our might. Just ask David Hamelech!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Daisy, there are a few issues here, let’s try to unpick them together, in a mutually-respectful way.

      1) The personal stuff – there’s a ‘tone’ to ‘Dean Maughvet’s’ comments that is extremely unpleasant, snide and arrogant. I read his comment and I felt ‘under attack’ immediately, and so I fired back.

      At the end of the day, none of us are angels, and everyone, including me, has bad middot to deal with, that come out in these forums perhaps more than in other places.

      2) Separate to all that, is that if you read ‘Dean Maughvet’s’ initial comment carefully, you will see that he is accusing me of ‘ignoring the dirt’ in Rav Berland’s camp, while focussing on everyone else.

      This is not the first time he’s accused me of doing that in the comments here, and it totally ignores the fact that I spent 2-3 years researching ‘the dirt’ extensively in Rav Berland’s camp, before I became a follower of the Rav. The ‘One in a Generation’ books reflects that research, and clearly, ‘Dean Maughvet’ hasn’t bothered to read them – while still accusing me of ignoring ‘the dirt’.

      3) There is good and bad mixed up everywhere, we can all agree on that. That’s why people like ‘Dean Maughvet’ need to take a sharp look at what is going on in their own camp – filled with good, holy people, and yet also containing psychos who believe all the problems in Eretz Yisrael can be solved with violence and guns.

      How different would things be now in Eretz Yisrael, if we’d made the real teshuva required of us 30 years ago, and returned to Hashem to ‘solve’ our problems, instead of looking to more violence, more force, more guns, more ‘the might and strength of my own arm’ to deal with our problems here?

      Most of us do our best, try our best, and we make mistakes. Mistakes have been made everywhere, and there is still a ‘guns instead of God’ philosophy in certain parts of the Meir Kahane camp that I personally find very disturbing – and that the people who are part of that movement need to address honestly.

      So to sum up: there is good and bad everywhere, there was certainly ‘bad’ located at high levels in Rav Berland’s community, that were causing all the problems, and who were also behind the persecution of the Rav, when he tried to close them down.

      No-one is hiding that or dodging that information – dafka, I spent 2-3 years trying to bring that to light.

      At the same time, it’s hypocritical for people like ‘Dean Maughvet’ to accuse me of dodging ‘the dirt’ around the Rav, whilst pretending his own community is totally whiter-than-white, and deleting any comments on his substack site from people who don’t agree with him and his views 100%.

      I’m not making any comment on individuals in the Kach movement – what do I know, to make those statements? What do I know, about who is really good and who is really bad, or what teshuva people made, or what their mindset really was, or how much they were really part of the problem, or part of the solution?

      There is good and bad everywhere.

      And all of us need to take a look in our own souls first, and start the clean up job there.

  7. Dean Maughvet
    Dean Maughvet says:

    Shame, Rivka. Your presumptuousness only detracts from your credibility.
    Two comments deleted on my Substack. Guilty as charged.
    Both from Xians.
    One who wrote a lengthy appeal to misguided Jews to return to Yoshke, offering twisted ‘proofs’ from the Chumash to convince.
    The other from someone who cursed a close friend whom I was eulogizing on the blog.
    Neither fit to remain in the comments section, in my opinion.
    As for Rabbi Kahane and his community, I never claimed the community to be “whiter-than-white”. That’s just polemics, it’s cheap, beneath your dignity, and doesn’t add anything to your credibility.
    The issue of Kahane could be settled decisively, though, Daisy, if Rivka would simply ask Rav Berland at her next available opportunity how we should understand Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTZ”L, HY”D, and print his response in full on her blog.
    That would solve a lot of issues all round.
    If she’s willing, of course.
    Because the MSM caricature of the Rav and his people that she’s offered above is also beneath her.
    Let’s see if she takes me up on it.
    Dean Maughvet

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      So, if I came over to your blog and made snide comments, anonymously, about your community and rabbi, you’d be totally fine with that?

      BTW, the Rav is not seeing women.

      And also BTW – and this bit may shock you – I actually don’t care what the Rav thinks about Rav Kahane. I think for myself, and I make up my own mind about things, and that means trying my best to birur whatever God puts in my path, to the best of my ability, and avoiding areas of controversy I don’t need to be involved in.

      The only reason I brought R Kahane up was to make the point to you that you were being a self-righteous hypocrite, who was trying to bait me about my Rav on my own blog. And not for the first time.

      If you can admit that – and perhaps even apologise – we can move on.

  8. nonee
    nonee says:

    Shalom, this is for Dean Maughvet,
    i am Noahide, whatever that means. (I just really follow Hashem, and try to learn from some good Jewish sites about Hashem),. Ok , what i want to say to you Dean is, I think you are being used by the notorious- yetza hara-, to get Rivka, on her own blog, to get angry or whatever.
    You are being used to provoke her.
    Rivka, is doing a lot of good things for her people, that is the Jewish people, to wake them up to truth, as she uncovers the ugliness of those posing to be frum, when they in reality the – erev rav.

    Hope you can see through the game of the yetza hara.

    IOne suggestion, if you think you are right in some things, go and start a blog of your own, and use it for what you think is the right thing.
    World is already gone mad, many are trying to hold on to sanity, by holding on to Hashem. Me included.
    May truth and justice prevail.


  9. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    Nonee, thanks for that.

    I am not accepting any more comments on this post, and BH we can move on now.

    There’s a lot of yetzers all over the place at the moment, including of course my own.


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