I got a message today that the State of Israel is threatening to put the Rav back in prison, unless his massive ‘fine’ is paid up.

The court forbid anyone at Shuvu Banim for ‘fundraising’ for the Rav, so raising the money has been pretty hard – and we’re coming down to the wire now.

If it’s not paid by October 28th, 2021, the court wants to send the Rav out of house arrest, and back to prison, mamash.

That would be really bad, as whatever happens to the Rav kinda has a habit of happening to the rest of us.

And house arrest – however comfortable – is plenty bad enough.


They need to raise a very large sum, fast – but can’t really talk about it publically.

So – here’s your chance to really do the mitzvah of pidyon shuvuyim, for Rav Berland, the Tzaddik HaDor, at a crucial point in history, where we all need all the spiritual ‘brownie points’ we can get.

The next payment I think is meant to be tomorrow…. so time is of the essence.

Go HERE to donate – and just give whatever you can.

Even a little, times a lot of people, makes all the difference.

And every penny we give to this stuff comes back to us multiplied, and adorned with many other brachot.


Remember, Shuvu Banim is forbidden from fundraising for the Rav by the corrupt court, so they can’t publically explain what is going on.

That’s why the ‘fundraising appeal’ sounds so bland and a bit strange, on their site.

But it’s hugely important.

And a lot is really on the line.

Most of all, for us.


Go HERE to donate,

and to keep Rav Berland – and ourselves – out of more ‘prison’ and lockdowns.



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      • Dean Maughvet
        Dean Maughvet says:

        No point at all.
        Forgive the confusion.
        Just pointing out a spelling error.
        It might seem mundane, off-topic, idiosyncratic, hyper-critical, even ridiculous, I know.
        But it’s not.
        I love your posts and follow you almost daily.
        One too many “publically”s just got under my skin.
        I caved.
        With admiration for what you do,
        Dean Maughvet
        [Now outed publicly as a spelling and grammar obsessive.] : – )

          • Dean Maughvet
            Dean Maughvet says:

            No need for the snark, young lady.
            Your criticism and name calling of your children on the blog is l’shem shamayim?
            It certainly detracts from your message.
            As do spelling errors.
            I tried to do it quietly.
            You made a big noise.
            No matter.
            But do consider the children, Madame For the Sake of Heaven.
            Dean Maughvet

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            I wasn’t being snarky!

            Sorry it came across like that.

            I use the sarcasm as a defense against the odd psycho commentators that occasionally trip into here. Until I know who and what I’m dealing with, I’m very on guard, especially when it comes to posts about the Rav, as over the years I’ve had so very many yucky experiences.

            Once I understood you were being genuine, I wasn’t being snarky, and I apologise that it seemed that way.

            Really, honestly, truly, I was taught to spell publically like that in school, in the UK. So maybe it’s a US / UK spelling thing, I don’t know.

  1. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Hi Rivka,

    I did donate before Shabbat for the Rav. But guess what: this past Erev Shabbat I stumbled upon a brochure called Mamma Rachel, from Mosdos Kever Rachel, which reminds us that the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu is tonight, Motzaei Shabbat, Cheshvan 11.
    On Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan I was thinking of Kever Rachel, and I was very sorry that I would be missing her Yahrzeit by not being in Israel, so I devoured that publication. I also remembered that Rav Yaakov Ades davened publicly for Rav Berland at Kever Rachel with great Kavanah a while ago. And the Rav of the Mosdot is a certain Rav Moshe Menachem Kluger whom I once met at Kever Rachel.

    They are collecting money for Mosdot Rachel Imeinu in that brochure, so I thought of donating too, since it is such a great segulah to donate to them on Rachel Imeinu’s Yarhzeit, for our prayers to be heard on High- according to their brochure.

    Not wanting to be a “freier”, and since I wanted to make sure that those are good people, I decided to research those connections: what do you know, it so happens that Rav Moshe Menachem Kluger is one of the Rabbonim who spoke up for Rav Berland, there is even an article about him on the Shuvu Banum website. Not only that, I am also an old friend of Evelyn Hayes, the woman who purchased a house at Kever Rachel and who did so much for Kever Rachel, and her daughter happened to spend the summer where we are, we got to know the family better, we became quite close, and they are wonderful people.

    So all in all I felt that donating to Mosdos Kever Rachel on Her Yahrzeit can only do good, so I dedicated my donation to the Rav and for the Rav’s release and health ( among others).

    Rachel Imeinu is a great conduit for our tefillot on her Yahrzeit.
    So may I suggest that everybody donate a small sum to that cause with the Rav’s release and health in mind? Who knows, maybe it will help! I took a chance, and I feel really good about it. Just a suggestion…

    Lucky you if you can go to the Kever today! Please remember me in your prayers if you go, would you please? And whoever else goes there, please do so too ( Blumah Bat Leah).

    Thank you in advance.


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