This post is going to be about the stuff we can do to get all this poison out of the system.

Inspired by this email that I got sent from Jerusalem Cats yesterday:

People are begging for an Antidote for the Vaccine.

They are desperate after they realize that the Government Lied to them about the Vaccine. They are seeing all the Heart Attacks and are scared. They need a cure for the Vaccine. Anything that can be translated, printed and handed out to people.


Let’s start with all the stuff I HAVE to say, so no-one can come after me.

Baruch Hashem, I’m not a doctor, and nothing that I’m telling you constitutes medical advice in any way.

You should, of course, double-check all of this with someone who is paid by Big Pharma directly (or their proxies in the government and the Ministry of Health) to advise you on your health.

People like me – what do we know?

So, you take responsibility for your own health and actions, and I accept no liability for anything that might happen to you in connection to anything I’m writing here.


Before we go on, I just want you to understand something:

There is so much deliberate disinformation going on, that it’s impossible to know what’s really happening, or how.

I’m trying to bring you stuff that I’m finding first-hand, that jives with the insights I get in my hitbodedut. I’m trying to ‘sniff out’ the truth, but there is so much disinformation, it’s very, very hard to do that.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

I got sent the following links by reader N.

Video 1: Shows the difference between healthy, normal blood, and blood that’s apparently been poisoned and contaminated by graphene in the Moderna shot (screenshot below):


It looks pretty convincing, at first glance, but I wanted to find out who was the doctor who apparently took these samples.

Jane Ruby says they come from a ‘Dr Van Welbergen’ in the UK. I don’t know why, but that name just sounded a bit weird to me, so I tried to look him up. I got to this:

Dr Philippe van Welbergen is the Medical Director of Biomedical Clinics Ltd.

They operate ISO, European Norms and British Standards certified Clinics in Harley Street London and in Scotland. He is a Specialist Service Provider to Health Insurers in the UK, and is a Specialist Medical Practitioner to a number of oil companies to look after their rig crews and helicopter pilots. …

In their absence, one uses what is available, to build up and support an immune system, to help prevent damage of chiefly lung and heart tissue from infection. The massive dose Vitamin C protocols have been effective when applied by the Health Authorities of the worst affected countries and resulted in recoveries overtaking deaths.


That sounded even more weird to me, to I went to look up the Biomedical Clinics website, HERE.


It looks and reads like a fake website to me, and it is not AT ALL related to the areas outlined above.

So, are these shots of ‘dying blood’ fake, and is this ‘Dr Van Welbergen’ also fake?




Here’s the original video with Philip van Welbergen from June 28, 2021, from the Loving Life website.

It’s actually been scrubbed off the page already, so I had to download this from the cache.

I’m listening to him, and so far he seems to sound genuine…. so the plot thickens.

HOWEVER – there are no pictures of ‘poisoned blood’ in this video, FYI.


I also got sent a link to another Stew Peters show, this time with a former Pfizer employee called Karen Kingston.

You can see that video HERE.

Again, it all sounds very convincing and above board, at first blush.

But again…. I started to get a niggling feeling that something is not quite right with the picture, here.

It’s a few things, like the way this Karen was so quick to start fingering some new Chinese start-up called ‘SinoPeg‘, as the place conveniently manufacturing all this PEG-ylated graphene nanotech.

We know from the research going on here at the blog that Sigma Aldrich was the go-to company for PEG-ylated graphene nanotech back in 2013, and that they were bought out by Merck a couple of years ago.


I went to look at the website, and sure enough…

It’s dinging off the fake bell again.

It’s little things, like the fact that the first 6 pages of ‘news’ are announcements of SinoPeg apparently showing up at trade fairs, beginning 2019, and reprints of other sites’ copyrighted material. And then all of a sudden, in February, you get this:


This is just not how you put out press releases, even if English is not your first language.

Here’s the news pages of a real Chinese biotech company, so you can see the difference for yourself.

So, that’s dinging off the bell that all this is somehow fake news.

Why would they fake this?

To try and steer us away from the truth, and from the real people who are operating out of the shadows.

All these ‘billionaires’ and Bill Gates…. they are all just front men, puppets, for the people who are pulling the strings of organisations like DARPA.


DARPA is the real address for most of this.

And that’s terrifying, because DARPA is the US government.

So much for the ‘good part’ of Edom argument….


OK, how is all this connected to what I’m actually trying to write about, in this post?

It goes like this: this is a battle for your heart, your soul, and your mind.

What you think, what you believe, that makes your reality.

If you believe that your veins are clogged full of poisonous graphene that’s going to kill you really fast – that’s the reality you create.

Personally, I believe there is something very bad in the shots – and that it could well be that the discussion about graphene itself is only a distraction from the real problem, which could well be the DNA origami that no-one is talking about – BUT.

I also believe that everything can be turned around for the good, and that good health can be attained with the proper outlook and teshuva.

So now, let’s look at some practical things to do, regardless of what ends up being in those Covid 19 shots.


All health issues have to be addressed across the three levels of body (nefesh), mind / emotions (ruach) and soul (neshama).

And that includes potential blood poisoning from things like reduced graphene oxide.


  1. Anything that is going to help get toxins and impurities out of your body and your system is going to be helpful, regardless of what’s going on with the shots.
  • See this, for some suggested supplements, including Zinc and NAC:

Feel free to explore your own anti-oxidants – and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • You can also just start munching your way through a bunch of fresh parsley or coriander every day, which will also do great things to help clean up the blood.

Coriander helps to clean the body from the cell up. The leaf is used to facilitate the safe excretion of heavy metals and other environmental toxins such as lead, arsenic and mercury.

  • Drink lots of mineral water every day – at least two very big cups.
  • Do something that will make you sweat – because sweat is also another very useful way the body rids itself of toxins. Go for a walk, dance, do some HIIT workout for 15 minutes at home, swim, garden – whatever you can manage.
  • Consider buying some Shungite, and also more plants, to help guard against EMF energy in your home.

[S]hungite has a unique structure consisting of fullerenes, which is a crystalline modification of carbon. Fullerenes are considered as one of the most powerful antioxidants that protects cells of a human body from the damaging effects of free radicals.


Shungite is the one stone that can ward off 5G.

I have a massive piece of it by my desk, and also wear a shungite bracelet when I’m on the PC.

Watch this:

(Shmirat eynayim friendly.)


Shungite is the one mineral that naturally contains fullerenes.

Those fullerenes absorb 5G radiation…

If you remember this diagram from HERE, that ball of graphene, below, is also called a fullerene.

You see how this works?

The 5G is redirected to the natural fullerenes in the Shungite, as opposed to the man-made, graphene ones that may or may not be in the Covid 19 shots.





And that includes, as much as possible, alternative news sites like Natural News and Stew Peters and Infowars.

Even if it’s true – what are you going to do about it, anyway?

And if it’s false – why get yourself all depressed and upset for nothing?

God will send you the information you need to have, at the time you need to have it.

And in the meantime, you need to be conserving your mental energy and living as much as possible in the ‘bubble’ of your own life, where actually, most things are fine most of the time.

  • Work on identifying and overcoming your bad middot.

Anger, fear, depression, denial – all these things are natural, we all have them, especially when we get stressed.

But they are also very powerful ‘blood poisoners’, at the mental level.

Let’s add some more into the list:

  • Jealousy
  • Hatred
  • Vengeance
  • Spite
  • Arrogance
  • Cowardice
  • Perfectionism
  • Impatience
  • Criticising others
  • Judging others harshly

All of these bad middot, and many others, literally have a chemical and energetic impact on the body.

Experiencing bad middot stresses the body out, and weakens it.

So, stop doing that to yourself.

You need all the energy you can get right now, and sitting there fulminating about Bill Gates, or that ‘Karen’ who told you to mask up again, is just zapping your strength and stamina.


How do we do this, tachlis?


For an hour a day.

Because Rabbenu says that for an hour a day, a person should feel his pain, and examine his problems, and not run away from the truth of who he is.

But then, for the other 23 hours a day, he should be happy.

If you can’t do an hour, then at least start with at least 5 minutes.



  1. Say the Tikkun Haklali, between 1-7 times a day.

I have a good friend who keeps reminding me that saying the Tikkun Haklali is the only thing that really gets her through the day.

Whenever she doesn’t do it, she starts to feel overwhelmed and miserable, pretty fast.

I also notice that, but more with the hitbodedut. If I leave my hour until later in the day, I usually have a pretty yucky day.

2. Say the Pirchey Nivarchim at least once a week, preferably on Shabbat.

While the Tikkun Haklali fixes a lack of emuna, the Pirchey Nivarchim fixes issues we are having due to past gilgalim.

Go HERE to download a copy.

3. Make teshuva about believing the lying news, and lying politicians, and relying on doctors instead of believing in Hashem.

Because if you hadn’t believed all the lies, things would be looking so very different right now…

4. Make teshuva for anyone you hurt, or any negative thing you did, to yourself or others, because you believed all the lies.

And of course, the first place to start with that is believing the lies about the Rav, Rabbi Berland.

5. Consider doing a pidyon nefesh.

Click that link for more information and details, but remember that it’s money for blood.

The more ‘messed up’ you think your blood is, the more of a spiritual effort you are going to have to make, to clean it back up again.


There are for sure a lot of things to add to this list – and I encourage readers to put their own ideas in the comments section, for what’s working for them.

But whatever you do, pick something from each category of body, mind and soul to work on, to really get all this ‘poison’ out of the blood.

The real poison is our lack of emuna, and our own bad middot.

The body is just reflecting the soul.

The more we pray, make teshuva for being so arrogant, and stop being a cow to other people….

The better we are going to feel, regardless of what is really in those Covid shots.

And maybe, just maybe, that’s the whole lesson God is trying to teach us here.


PS: I forgot to tell you some good news: the Rav got out of hospital yesterday.

It only gets better from here, BH.

I hope.


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  1. Tikvah Ruth
    Tikvah Ruth says:

    What an absolute tribute to these Drs!
    Just how influential is the beit din with medical decisions Nechama and Rivka?


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