The last couple of weeks, I noticed there was some weird propaganda going on ‘against’ going to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

HERE‘s just one recent example from the State of Israel propaganda site ‘Yeshiva World News’:


This was front page ‘news’ on the YWN propaganda site, so I went looking around some of the other English-language (propaganda-pretend-‘news’) sites – and I quickly discovered no other sites were running the story.

Which is when I understood is was carefully tailored propaganda, to put people off from going to Uman.

I saw a couple more fake news stories later on that week, including Nir Birkat and the Chabad ‘Chief Rabbi’ of Ukraine standing in front of a bombed-out building that was clearly not in Uman, telling people what a ‘dangerous war zone’ Uman was.



If anything, Uman is getting safer and safer each day as the tide seems to be turning in Zelensky’s favor (whatever that really means….) – but even when it wasn’t, when I was there three weeks ago it was TOTALLY QUIET.

The food wasn’t as great as it’s been the last few years in Uman, and the toilet paper was back to Soviet grey stuff, but otherwise – it was very peaceful, and the scariest part of the trip (as always…) was the Ukrainian passport control.


On Shabbat, I was reading Shivivei Or with some of the Rav’s recent comments, and last Monday night, he was also commenting on the ‘propaganda’ appearing against going to Uman, this time in Israeli media.

I decided to translate it and share it here, because it will give a lot of chizzuk to those who are going, and maybe it will show others that aren’t – again! – that what you think of as being ‘news’ is actually just brain-washing propaganda, that has very little truth in it.



So, there seems to be a serious machloket (disagreement), a very big machkloket, perhaps the same as happened between Shammai and Hillel, I don’t know, between Kol Hai and Kol BeRama, who are saying that it’s assur (forbidden) to travel to Uman.

[Ed. note: Kol Hai and Kol BeRama are two popular radio stations in Israel serving the Chareidi public.]

They are making announcements now across the whole of the media, that no one should dare to go to Uman, and that this is ‘pikuah nefesh’, [because] no one will return from there alive.


But the Ukrainians said that everything is OK.

The Ukrainians, a few hours ago, announced that there is absolutely no war in Uman, and there are no rockets, nothing… there’s hardly even a single siren going off a day.

[Ed. note: The Ukrainians have the sirens blaring across very large swathes of the country, even when the rockets are falling tens of miles away, these are not ‘Uman specific’ sirens.]

And the roads are not dangerous, and the roads are open.


The whole war is in the East, and we’re in the West.

This is a distance of 1,000 kilometers from where the war is taking place.

[Ed. note: Compare and contrast with the rockets on Sderot, which is just 80 km from Jerusalem and less to Tel Aviv.]


And now, they’ve also pushed all the Russians out, and the Ukrainians are saying there is nothing to be afraid of, it’s possible to come.

So, we don’t know who to follow, in order to posek the halacha.

Should we do it according to Kol BeRama, or like the Ukrainians?…

We are going to decide the halacha like the Ukrainians.


‘Ukrainians’ comes from the Hebrew word krina (radiation).

This is ‘keren or’  (a beam of light). ‘Ukraine’ is a Hebrew word.

The Rebbe (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov) says to come to Sofia [Gan Sofia, a large public park in Uman].

The Rebbe says to everyone to come to Uman, the Rebbe says to make a big gathering.


We heard that some people have already cancelled their tickets.

Now, we are asking everyone to get their tickets back.


So, we don’t know who to decide the halacha like.

Each person should decide whether it should be according to Kol BeRama or….

Simply, they are scared that all the synagogues will empty out, because when we were in Johannesburg, a whole synagogue emptied out. We were in Johannesburg twice for 9 months, and the first time over Rosh Hashana.

And it emptied out. A whole synagogue stood empty. They barely had a minyan.

So, it seems that they are scared that all the synagogues will be empty, because eventually, everyone is going to go to Uman.

There won’t be any choice.

Rav Natan says that even Moshiach is going to travel to Uman.

Amen! Amen! Amen!


Ad kan.

The Rav said a bunch of other stuff elsewhere, about how Lapid and the Israeli government are behind all these scare stories, because they are trying to close down Uman the same way they closed down Meron this year.

It’s not stam.

Many of the retards commenting on the bottom of all these scare stories don’t understand the spiritual significance of going to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

(Can I just pause, and sincerely apologise to retards for associating them with people who comment on the YWN propaganda site.)

But the evil people running the State of Israel understand just how important it is, spiritually, and that’s why they are going full-out to shut it down again, for the third year in a row.

What does that tell us?


Elsewhere, the Rav also commented that it’s the government itself that is behind all these ‘terror attacks’ in Israel.

Biden flew in, and the ‘terrorist on’ button got pressed again, as they try to manipulate the public into acting, or believing, or voting a certain way again.

But strangely, it’s really not working the way it used to.


We are in a very strange period of time.

Externally, more and more things are apparently ‘back to normal’.

No  more masks….lockdowns….forced GO nanotech ‘Covid’ shots….

Even the ‘war’ in Ukraine is petering out, and the State of Israel’s ongoing attempts to ignite more wars in the Middle East, and with Iran, just aren’t landing the punches.

At the same time.

My neshama can feel that underneath all this ‘normal’, there are big things moving around, huge battles being fought, enormous changes materialising on the horizon, that will BH transform our world into something unrecognisably good.

But of course, there’s also the potential still, for that transformation to go the other way, God forbid.


Every Rosh Hashana there is what to pray for.

But any way you look at it, this Rosh Hashana is going to be huge.

And the kibbutz in Uman is going to tip the balance, one way or another, even more than usual.


One last word on where to get tickets:

Most of the options direct from Israel are now sold out.

But a couple of days ago, the Rav said to start organising groups of 20+ people to fly out via Jordan, and that it’s also half the price of flying out via Jordan.

Then, try to head into Uman via Bucharest, Budapest, or via train from Warsaw (that last one is a 20 hour trip, but apparently it’s a train with sleeping compartments, four bunks to each compartment).


Most of all: Don’t be scared.

This world brainwashes us into thinking that staying in our comfort zone is the highest good.

But staying in our comfort zone is actually just guaranteed to slowly suffocate the soul.

People are risking coming to the ‘war zone’ that is Israel just to sit on the beach for a few days, and none of the cretins on YWN are accusing them of worshipping idols, or lacking basic intelligence.

(Remember, the whole world is just a mirror. Read those comments and understand you are looking at a classic case of ‘projection’.)


And may this Rosh Hashana, the New Year that is going to usher in 5783, motzae shvit, the year when Moshiach hopefully comes, sweeten everything for all of us.

Even the anti-Breslov cretins in Five Towns.


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6 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I think the ‘test’ with Uman, if we can call it that, for people who don’t get it, is to still treat people who do get it with respect, and with some humility that each person has their own path in the world.

      I have no problem with people disagreeing about the idea, but when they start calling people ‘idol worshippers’, or wishing ‘death’ on them for going to Uman, or basically writing arrogant comments like they know everything about everything, and that if their tiny brain hasn’t grasped ‘Uman’ then that means there can’t be anything too it….

      That upsets me.

      It’s kind of like the ‘Covid’ debate. Choose whichever side you want, based on your own ideas and research, but still respect other people’s right to have a different opinion, even if you think they are totally wrong.

      And for sure, don’t try and force ‘your way’ on to everyone else, because that’s the height of arrogance (not to mention quasi-fascist…)

  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    In a recent Q&A shiur, Rabbi Yitchak Breitowitz was asked about visiting Uman. He said he originally believed it was narishkeit (I don’t think that’s the word he used), but said after looking into it, reluctantly admitted that he changed his mind and believed there was something to the phenomenon. I don’t think that’s over- or understating what he said. It was an interesting response.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I had an interesting exchange with him about vaccines and Western medicine, generally, a few months before ‘Covid 19’ began. I came away less than impressed with the quality of the analysis and the arguments put forth.

      • Michal
        Michal says:

        I heard from someone on my WA’s group that she listened to a recent shiur of his. It appears that he has changed his tune on the clot shot. He basically believes that taking the shot should not be forced but it is a individual choice made between the person and his /her doctor or rabbi.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          It’s a good start, but the problem is you are meant to really do your homework BEFORE you start pressuring people to take medical interventions.

          Otherwise, what? Was he relying on ‘ruach hakodesh’ that this new, untried tech was going to be totally ‘safe and effective’?

          The bare minimum is to issue an apology. That he’s saying it’s a personal decision now is not a chiddush – it should ALWAYS have been a person decision, and not something mandated by rabbonim who couldn’t be bothered to really check into the subject properly, AND who don’t have ruach hakodesh to understand what is really going on, without putting in a lot of hard work to verify information and facts.


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