One of my kids just came back home after a three week absence, and was filling me on some stuff with her friends.

Because of Biden stuffing up the roads in and around Jerusalem, while he spends a few hours ogling young Jewish teens high-jumping in their undies, my kid got stuck yesterday because Route 1 into Jerusalem was closed.

So, she made a detour to one of the yishuvim close by, to visit a friend of hers who was caught up in a terrible car accident around a month ago.


Long story short, the brakes on the car failed, and the driver, while 27 years old, had just passed her test so she panicked and accidentally stamped on the gas pedal instead, and then lost control of the car.

The car first hit a traffic light (which was a miracle, because it slowed it down significantly), bounced off, and smashed into two very large boulders at high speed.

The driver was lightly injured, but my daughter’s friend in the passenger seat basically had the front of the car and windscreen smashed into her.


I remember when it happened, because half of Israel started praying that she would make it, and doing hafrashat challah in her zchut, and my daughter and her friends recited Tikkun Haklalis non-stop.

That first week, it was very uncertain whether she would make it, as she’d sustained severe internal damage to a number of bones and organs, plus her face had been all cut up by the glass from the windscreen.

(Yes, she was wearing a seatbelt… but even a seatbelt can’t stop the windscreen from caving in on you when you hit a boulder at high speed.)


So yesterday, my daughter decided to go and visit her friend at home.

While she’s still on high-level drugs for the pain, the friend is already walking around (!) Her face has totally cleared up from the cuts without any creams and with no scars (!) And she told my daughter that she also has no trauma, despite going through a very serious accident that came close to killing her, God forbid, or leaving her permanently disabled.

My daughter was totally stunned.

The friend told her, that she could literally feel that her miraculous recovery was because of all the prayers, all the Tikkun Haklalis, all the effort to do hafrashat challah.

She told my daughter, she can somehow ‘feel’ those prayers healing her.


We live in such a difficult world at the moment.

Sometimes I just want to run away, because literally so much of modern life is toxic and nausea-inducing, and plain ‘evil’.

And then…. God reminds me that all this is just an illusion.

That really, all this can turn around in the blink of an eye, and that there is no despair in the world.

We just need to remember that prayer works.

That giving charity and paying pidyonot work.

That making teshuva works.

It really works!


Hearing my daughter’s experiences gave me such a boost today, I wanted to sit down and share it with you.

The forces of evil want us to believe that this world is all there is, and that they have ‘this world’ totally stitched up and under control.

But really…

Ein Od Milvado.

And God can, has and will turns thing around for the best just like that.

As soon as enough of us remember this, and start praying from the heart.


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