Prayer to avoid anger and slander against background of a snake

You want to know the real reason for this ‘upswing’ in violence the last couple of days?

***Important updates below***

Here it is, from 5:49am this morning:

Lapid and Bennett almost announced formation of gov’t

Security escalation prevented Yamina chairman and Yesh Atid chairman from asking President to swear in a government as early as next week.

And here in Israel, it’s not just ‘conspiracy theorists’ like myself who are starting to make these connections.

My kids belong to a hardcore, dati leumi ra-ra ‘State of Israel’ crowd.

Yesterday, one of them got sent a long message by a friend that basically said this:

I think Bibi is behind all this violence. Every time they are about to pick someone else for Prime Minister, the violence starts up again. And then when he’s ‘safe’ as Prime Minister, it goes away again.


I was so pleased when she told me this.


Because it means that the zeitgeist of understanding what is really going on here, and who is really behind it, is starting to go mainstream.

Geula doesn’t require everyone to open their eyes and start to understand and acknowledge the truth.

It just requires a critical mass of people – and we are fast, fast approaching it.


A lot of my kids’ friends live in Maaleh Zeitim.

That’s the Jewish neighborhood at the top right hand of the Mount of Olives cemetery, that’s usually heavily guarded by magavnikim and always at the heart of so much of the violence that goes on, in and around the Old City.

Yesterday, one of the cars driving out of Maaleh Zeitim got pelted with stones and rocks, leading to a horrible smash up – where an Arab rock-thrower basically got run over at high speed, but then bizarrely got up and walked away.

The whole story is setting off my BS-O-Meter, I’m not even sure why, but here’s the real story I want to tell you about Maaleh Zeitim.


Two days ago, the brother of one of my kid’s really good friends in Maaleh Zeitim were walking back home in a group of his friends, when some Arab teens ambushed them and started pelting them with rocks.

So, the brother and his friend started throwing rocks back, in self-defense, and then managed to get home.

A little while later, the police showed up – and arrested the friend’s brother.

The family have no idea what’s happening with him, and haven’t been able to speak with him.

BH, after everything that’s happened with the Rav, and with the murder of Ahuvya Sandek, and with the mass-murder project at Meron – we’re all praying he’s OK, and not being harmed.


Yesterday, my husband told me the Border Police stormed Al Aksa mosque, and fired stun grenades at the worshippers.

There were no rock-throwing terrorists there, no-one was doing anything except lying on the floor and prostrating themselves to Allah.

My husband is a-political, really hates all the ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff and plays a very straight bat.

Even he told me:

Why would they do that, on Yom Yerushalayim, at the end of Ramadan, except as an act of deliberate provocation to the Arabs?



Then also yesterday, my daughter told me an (unconfirmed…) story that in Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza, they ‘accidentally’ killed three small kids, and there is footage of that.

She said to me:

Everyone is going to really hate us now, and it’s going to go crazy….

Today – I can’t find that story anywhere.

Not even on ‘Israel-bashing’ websites like the BBC, which is so, so strange, to say the least.


Because – for sure – if there is footage of Israeli bombs ‘accidentally’ killing three small kids in Gaza – well, hell-ooo match to light the fuse on the tinderbox.

In fact, you couldn’t dream up a better ‘match’ to light the fuse than that story, if you were hell-bent on starting another war in the Middle East, to save your job and the NWO plans for global domination and the ‘Great Reset’, that are being co-ordinated out of Israel.

But somehow…. it didn’t happen.


This morning, I woke up (at 5am) to the worrying sounds of angry Arabs chanting something menacing over and over again a little way down the hill, close to my house.

(Which is close to the Temple Mount, close to the old ‘Green Line’, close to a lot of the ‘action’ that’s happening here in the Holy City.)

I lay in bed for five minutes kind of half-paralyzed with the fear that some group of crazy Arabs were going to come marching up the hill any minute, and start attacking Jewish homes.

Like mine.

God forbid, a trillion times over.

Then, I remembered that God is running the world, and that when a person is doing hitbodedut, that prevents harsh decrees from coming to the world.


So, I did al natilat yadayim really fast, and then started my hour of hitbodedut.

The minute I began, the menacing chanting that had been going on for half an hour just stopped, and all I could hear was the chirping of dawn birds.


Prayer is the answer.

Sincere, heart-felt prayer.

That’s how we get all this violence to go away, that’s how we stop all this madness, all this evil, from consuming the world.


What’s going on right now in Israel is so, so strange.

If you follow the headlines, you can see how everything has been deliberately constructed over the last few weeks to lead us, ‘inevitably’, into another war with the Arabs.

They have done their level best over the last few weeks to create violence, strife and division in Israel, between all communities at all levels.

Jew vs Arab

Religious vs Secular

People who go to Meron vs People who don’t believe in going to Meron

The list goes on and on and on….

And yet, everything is being continually sweetened.

As fast as they create the ‘tinderbox’, the ‘explosive situation’, the ‘excuse for escalating things even higher’ – it somehow fades as fast as it appears.


What’s going on here right now is totally abnormal, and clearly touching the realms of openly supernatural.

We’ll see what today brings, but right now in Jerusalem, there are no sirens – of police cars nor rockets – and all I can hear are birds chirping outside my window.

For sure, they aren’t done yet, and there will be more ‘deliberate provocations’.

But I don’t think they are going to be able to light the fuse this time around, no matter how hard they try.

And with each renewed attempt to stir things up, more people are seeing through the facade, and understanding that the people who are running the show here are really bad.

We only need a critical mass to open our eyes and understand that.

And once it happens – the evil will meltdown all by itself.


PS: I’m still working on what happened in Meron, and I think I’ve found footage of the ‘mysterious barrier’ that blocked the left-hand exit out of Area 41.

It was hidden in plain view, as so many things are.

BH, I will do that post a little later on today, World War III notwithstanding.


Prayer to avoid anger and slander against background of a snake



One of my readers, Ana, just sent me this via email, which I’m reproducing below:

Regarding the JPOST article you referenced in your most recent post (WATCH: Attempted lynching of Israeli driver during Jerusalem riots – The Jerusalem Post (, what’s with the photos?

They did a re-enactment?

The scene in the photos in no way depicts anything that happened in the video – not to mention that the Jew already has a bandage on his head and the blood looks very suspicious… and the article said that the two Jews were transported to the hospital.

They were transported after the photo op with the policeman or they went back later in the day to reenact it? Also notice the slick police interview embedded in that article.


I have images blocked on most sites, including Jpost, so I didn’t see the fishy pictures.

Here’s what they show:

The driver of the car fighting with Arabs next to his car – with his head apparently already bandaged.

There’s also a ‘police hero’ shot of a cop ‘saving his life’ by taking out his gun and waving it around.


Go take a look yourselves, and see what it is you are really looking at, instead of just believing the ‘story’.


So then, I asked my kid to check in with her friends in Maaleh Zeit – the community where all this is meant to have happened in Jerusalem – to see if anyone knows who the driver actually is.

Guess what?

No-one in Maaleh Zeit knows him.

But they think he’s a soldier serving in a regiment that’s somehow connected to the Rabbanut.


I know that road pretty well, and unless you are going to visit someone in Maaleh Zeit, you just don’t drive down that bit. There is nowhere else to go except DEEP into Arab Jerusalem.

I know this, because two years I tried to figure out if it was a shortcut to anywhere and I got myself trapped up a mountain in the middle of a bunch of Arabs, where I had to reverse around corners, up hills, while half the street came out to watch.

NOT a fun experience.


Other weird things that immediately struck me about that ‘lynch’:

Why were the frigging car doors unlocked?

I have a super basic 8 year old car – and it’s locks all the doors automatically when you start driving with central locking.

Even if you don’t have central locking (big if…) – you are being pelted by stones in an Arab neighborhood, you feel ‘trapped’ on the street, and NO-ONE in the car thinks to lock the doors?



Also, how come not one of those many Arabs who got ‘run over’ at high speed can be seen anywhere in the area, or at least trying to limp away in slow motion?

Who gets mowed down by a car like that, and then just gets up and runs off?

And not just one, a few of them.


And then, the driver of the car – with his forehead bandages that have no blood on them, and with his totally unbruised, unblemished face – even though there is apparently blood all over the front of his shirt – then goes back to his wrecked car for a photo shoot, holding massive bits of building tile that were apparently thrown at him?

People, are we really this dumb, to keep on falling for this stuff?

It’s giving the term ‘bad actor’ a whole new dimension.


Lastly, let me remind you of this story, where two cops were caught dressing up as chareidim in Jerusalem a couple of weeks ago, titled:

Undercover cops dressed as chareidim attacked by Arabs in Jerusalem’.


And now, tell me again:

WHO is lighting the fire in Jerusalem, and WHO is deliberately stirring the pot?

Here’s a clue, from 5:49am this morning:

Lapid and Bennett almost announced formation of gov’t

Security escalation prevented Yamina chairman and Yesh Atid chairman from asking President to swear in a government as early as next week.

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21 replies
  1. AnotherYid
    AnotherYid says:

    It didn’t start at the end of Ramadan, it started at the beginning when the police put barriers around sha’ar sh’chem for the first time ever. Then comes along these glatt mamzerim “Lahava” Gopstein and Ben Chazir to push a step further by making a protest next to sha’ar sh’chem. Then comes their shich ja’ara push (timed very well). Then comes their ‘Flag’ parade which their friends the police do nothing to stop. You’re probably right, those “Lahava” pigs are in bed with the Grand Wizard of Likud to stir up a little action for their political purposes. When the police overran Bnei Brak a few months ago an anonymous source within the police said it was done at the request of the Grand Wizard for political purposes (you can find the article on Kikar HaShabbos).
    Hope you get back to investigating the Meron stuff, you have some strong points there,

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I took some of the strong language out of this comment, as I don’t want to give anyone any excuses for trying to close the blog down.

      I understand the sentiment, but we have to keep our comments as ‘glatt kosher’ as possible, and avoid any language that could be used to discredit the ideas and the information being shared here.

      And the points you made above are generally very useful, for expanding the big picture. Thanks.

    • Daisy Stern
      Daisy Stern says:

      I am sorry, I don’t think your comments are accurate: I have known Benzi Gupstein for years ( we are not friends, but I have seen him in action for over 20 years), and I don’t believe he would be capable of such an evil deed. He is an honest idealist who cares more than anything about the Land and saving Jews – what are his present ulterior motives , has he changed? I don’t know, maybe.

      As for Ben G..r, I would easily believe it, as he is a known “Shebang” agent, or at least was one. I have also known him for the same time – from a distance, to be clear. Read Barry Chamish about him.

      Just clarifying.

  2. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    How does the Rabbi know that there were no terrorists in there, and there were no rocks? That is counter to all of the photos, live streaming video, and personal accounts.

      • Yosef from the Galil
        Yosef from the Galil says:

        From people I know who were at the kotel down below seeing the rocks being thrown and hearing the stun grenades above. I received several video clips from friends and family who were there. It was also on the live kotel webcams, of which there are several. You could clearly see people trying to throw rocks down below.

        The question is, which came first? From this article, it would seem that you suggest that Israel started it yesterday.

        However, there have already been a few kotel crowd-clearing rock throwing incidents in the last few weeks. There are photos of piles of rocks inside al aksa. So, perhaps the police were there to prevent another barrage?

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I don’t think it was started yesterday, they’ve been trying to create ‘tension’ in Jerusalem for weeks and weeks.

          • Yosef from the Galil
            Yosef from the Galil says:

            Ah, that wasn’t clear to me from the article.
            Yes, I agree. All of the parties involved need a war right now. Fatah cancelled the elections (and blamed Israel) because their polling showed that Hamas was going to win by a landslide. Now, both arab factions need to chest thump against the “occupation” to assert their dominance.
            Add to that, Bibi needs an excuse to stay in power, if there is even a legal way for him to do that.
            I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actually all planning it together behind the scenes.

      • AnotherYid
        AnotherYid says:

        Yosef is correct, why shouldn’t we expect the Arabs to have and throw rocks. No reason to believe that they weren’t. But that’s not the point, the point IS, who instigated them (like always) for their machinations.

    • ray
      ray says:

      Yosef, even if there were stone throwing arabs who ran into Al-Aksa, it doesn’t mean that you send into one of the most holy (and sensitive) sites in the world – when its filled with ‘bystander’ worshipers – an Israeli army firing squad, firing stun grenades in all directions with no apparent benefit whatsoever other than to cause mayhem.

      Rather, you simply close the door and stand there, and wait for them to get bored and come out. Anything else is, well… ‘overkill’ (meaning deliberate and unnecessary incitement).

      • Yosef from the Galil
        Yosef from the Galil says:

        It wasn’t only rocks. We know they have stockpiled deadly weapons in there. They also were using fireworks against each other and our soldiers.

  3. Adelle
    Adelle says:

    last night a woman I know got a message from her cleaner who lives in east jerusalem. he said police raided his son’s high school and beat up the kids. he didn’t give more details or context than that but she said she’ll report back when she knows more.

  4. Dan
    Dan says:

    Hi Rivka, this blog is amazing. Really happy I found it because of Meron.

    One fundamental that is coming through in this article is that politicians are really fighting each other for power when my understanding of the “reality” is that every detail is 100% scripted.

    There is zero difference between Bibi, bennet, Lapid and whoever else makes it into the 120MKs including the haredi parties.

    Does that resonate?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Totally! And not just in Israel, all over the world.

      Wherever we happen to live, the ‘politicians’ are in the pockets of the evil people who are really pulling the strings. Just they keep the illusion of duality going, to ‘divide and conquer’ and make sure they are controlling both sides of the argument, both sides of the conflicts. So they can never lose…

  5. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    Riots on har habayit are not uncommon, nor is law enforcement’s response to it. However, there does seem to be a difference this time.
    All over the country there have been Hamas demonstrations and rallies. I saw some firsthand. We’ve had Pally-flag waving marches through my town before, but never Hamas flags and their hate-filled slogans and shouting.
    Until now.
    The average “Israeli” arabs have been emboldened like I have not seen in my nine years here.


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