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Pray for Amiram Ben Uliel

UPDATE: The appeal was rejected.

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Keep praying for Amiram ben Nurit… he really needs the prayers more than ever now. And also, let’s be clear that one way or another, God is going to deal with this appropriately, very soon. Evil can’t continue to rule forever.


I just got this about Amiram Ben Uliel, whose appeal is being decided tomorrow morning at 8am.

It’s from Honenu, and I’m just cutting and pasting:

Tomorrow: Supreme Court decision on Ben Uliel appeal


Since the July 2015 arson attack on the Dawabshe family’s house in Kfar Duma, Honenu has assisted many Jews accused of involvement with the crime. For a selection of posts describing Honenu Attorneys’ representation of defendants and GSS interrogees, click here. To familiarize our readers with the case, Honenu has gathered – click here – various articles and short videos on the subject.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 16:06 The Supreme Court has announced that tomorrow (Thursday) at 8:00, they will hand down a decision on the appeal by Amiram Ben Uliel regarding his conviction in the Kfar Duma case.

The ruling will determine whether or not a confession extracted by means of torture is admissible in the State of Israel. Attorneys Avigdor Feldman and Yehoshua Reznik are representing Ben Uliel.


Leading up to the ruling, Attorney Avigdor Feldman said, “For the first time, the Supreme Court has been required to address the question of what the legal status is of a confession that was given after the defendant was interrogated under torture.

The General Security Service did not deny that after 17 days of interrogation, during which the defendant maintained his right to silence, severe physical means were applied to the defendant, with the approval of the Attorney General.

The [Central] District Court ruled that the confession given three days after the torture is admissible. I hope that tomorrow the Supreme Court will rule that applying physical means in order to break the spirit of a defendant – and at a stage where he is prevented from meeting with an attorney – invalidates every prima facie confession that was given following torture. Israel does not want to be the first democratic state to allow torture during interrogation and to approve the results of the torture.

The conviction of Ben Uliel is based only on the confession extracted from him after a night of torture,” stated Attorney Feldman.

Honenu: “The injustice done to Amiram has lasted almost seven years. We all hope that tomorrow it will come to an end, and thereby the court will erase this terrible ethical stain.”


Please pray that Amiram ben Nurit should finally get out of prison – solitary confinement for more than six years!!! – and be returned to his family, to start his healing process.

Personally, if the State of Israel refuses to release him tomorrow, then I am pretty much done defending the State of Israel internationally, as a ‘democracy’, at this point. Any country that convicts it’s own citizens on the basis of confessions extracted by physical torture is a violent dictatorship, not a democracy.

The Palestinians have been claiming that for years… and honestly, it’s getting harder and harder to not agree with them.

So BH, if only to avoid a total PR disaster, the Supreme Court will do the right thing tomorrow, and release Ben Uliel unconditionally.

I’m really praying to hear good news.



This is the text of Honenu’s response to today’s disgraceful ruling:

Supreme Court rejects Ben Uliel appeal

Thursday, September 1, 2022, 8:19 Honenu responded to the decision by the Supreme Court to reject the appeal by Amiram Ben Uliel and to validate his confession that was extracted shortly after he was tortured under interrogation:

“‘In the place of judgment there is wickedness’ (Ecc. 3:16). Apparently, in the State of Israel, a miracle has to happen for justice to come to light. No miracle occurred today.

“We had hoped to find an attentive ear for human rights, justice, and integrity with the Supreme Court. However, to our surprise, we found disconnected justices who are working mainly to support a particular agenda. Everyone who reads the ruling will notice that it is rife with agenda and hate.

The Supreme Court Justices have forgotten what law and evidence are. The struggle for justice for Amiram is not over. We, together with those who understand what a despicable injustice this is, will make every effort to bring justice to light, sooner or later.”


I want to try something ‘spiritual’, to try and help Amiram get out of prison, and get him his ‘miracle’.

I think I probably need around 20k shekels to make that happen.

If you want to partner in the endeavor, get in touch over email or via the contact form.

If 20 people will pledge 1,000 nis each, we could get the show on the road, already.

(Or really, just another 19 people, as I’m willing to pay 1,000 nis myself for Amiram.)

Please be in touch if you can help.


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6 replies
  1. stella
    stella says:

    Thank you for this update.

    Where i am it will be 12 midnight,8 am, in Israel.

    Will definitely keep him in my prayer to Hashem for his release.

    May Ha Shem hear all the prayers, and may Amiram be free to go back to his family.


  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Amen! I saw this right now – 8:13 AM Israel time – I had actually seen the Honenu announcement earlier, but had not paid attention to the exact time. So thank you so much for this reminder, Rivka.

    Just before that, I watched again the Atzeret in Hevron – wow, what a Tefillah with the Rav in my favorite place in Eretz Yisrael – Mearat Hamachpelah, Petach Gan Eden, in the spot – the seventh step – I prayed at so many times! And Honenu is from Hevron ( Zangi is its founder). So, B”H, Amiram ben Uliel, also from the region, should be OK: with all the power of Tefillah from Hevron with the Rav, how can it go wrong, especially if we all join in? BeEzrat Hashem!

  3. Nonee
    Nonee says:

    Those who decided Amiram’s fate,

    May the true Judge in Shamiyan judge them, and soon..


    Will keep on praying for Amiram..



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