I took two books with me to Uman last year.

One was ‘Babylon’s Banksters’ by Joseph Farrell, that is probably around 60% accurate, and the rest is deliberate misinformation.

In the meantime, I spent nearly all of 5781 deep in the parsha of ‘Babylon’s Banksters’ – or as I like to call them, the Sabean-Sabbatean-Freemason-Frankists in our midst.


The second book I took was a print-out of the material contained on a site called ‘Polio Forever’.

You can see that site HERE, and I highly recommend you do, because the information it contains is totally mind-boggling – and incredibly well-researched.

Because you see, we have been here, in ‘planned pandemic forced vaccination’ hell many times before, even in recent centuries.


I know that sounds remarkable, but let me bring you a screenshot of the Polio Forever front page, and then see for yourself if any of it sounds kinda familiar.


It’s quite an old website, and I’m just going to bring one snippet for now, because we have a lot of ground to cover in this post:

The secret of polio is hiding in plain sight if one but looks.

In 2000, the US Congress held hearings for the testimony of doctors on the causes of Gulf War Syndrome. It must have been a near repeat of an event 50 years earlier when Drs. Biskind and Scobey stood in front of the Senators and told them what was crippling American kids –nerve poisons!

Speaking on behalf of the GWS researchers, Dr. Howard Urnovitz happened to relate his graduate experience in the lab inducing polio in animals with chemicals or radiation.  

Radiation! Why has no one else told us that radiation causes polio?

The obvious answer is that we might dig into the record and find out that almost everything we learned about the disease is a lie and we totter now on the brink of losing the last domain which we thought was truly our own –our genes and chromosomes. 

If the establishment choice of  ‘treatment’ is an indication of how we are being targeted for control, Dr Urnovitz’s words are right on the money. “It’s not the germs –it’s the genome.”


Everything we’ve been taught about ‘health and illness’ is basically a lie.

I got into this subject in a big way when I wrote Talk to God and Fix Your Health about 10 million years ago, and also covered it extensively when I was writing my now defunct Spiritual Self-Help website.

But this TED Talk from microbiologist Bonnie Bassler will catch you up pretty fast on what the main problem is, in terms of ‘the war on germs and viruses’.

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly.)


Here’s a snippet:

“..You have an amazing interaction with [bacterial] critters…

[There are] ten times more bacterial cells than human cells in or on a human being… you have a hundred times more bacterial genes playing a role in you or on you for..life… 

I think of you as 99 percent bacterial…

These are incredibly important. They keep us alive. They cover us in an invisible body armor that keeps environmental insults out. They digest our food. They make vitamins. They actually educate your immune system on how to keep bad microbes out.”


Yes, all those bacteria that Western medicine has been committing itself to totally destroying, are actually part and parcel of each human being, and play a vitally important role in keeping us healthy.

So…. if it’s not the bacteria and the germs that actually killing us and making us seriously sick….. what is it?


The Polio Forever website has some interesting ideas about that.

But what I want to focus in on, in this post is radiation.

Because just as radiation was behind the so-called ‘polio epidemic’ in the 1950s, as our militaries and government effectively nuked just about anything they could, in secret, so radiation is also behind this so-called ‘Covid 19 pandemic’.


Here’s a couple of CO-IN-CID-ENCES for you:

  1. Polio cases in the US spiked through the roof as the US military ramped up it’s nuke testing program in the early 1950s.
  2. ‘Covid 19’ cases across the world apparently spiked through the roof just as the 5G network was being rolled out.

Do you believe in coincidences?

Because at this point, I really don’t.


Over on the OrwellCity.com website, they’ve been bringing a lot of verifiable SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH into the radiation aspect of all these mislabelled ‘Covid 19’ illnesses.

Here’s a few of the latest posts, then I’ll sum it up for you as neatly as I can at the bottom, in plain English (click the picture to go through to the post):



We have said that graphene has a multiplying effect and places non-ionizing telephone waves almost at Cherenkov radiation, close to ionizing waves. 

Thanks to this, we have discovered that when we use the Geiger counters … in vaccinated people, in those who already have asphyxia problems, and in vaccinated people who present a symptom similar to the real COVID symptomatology, in them, the radiation device is triggered.

In other words, these people —if this is really acute irradiation syndromegive off some radiation. 




[R]egardless of the calibration [of the Geiger counters being used]—which is like when we point to the sight of a shotgun—, the device shouldn’t register anything. No matter what. The needle shouldn’t move. And yet there have been high measurements.

Even at higher and higher scales because the lower ones are saturated, as we have seen.




It’s a nanoprocessor. I say again that it is in plain view for those who want to see the micrographs of the electron microscope study made by Kalcker. It’s clearly seen, in the magnification, a small, perfect, quadrangular, precise-edged, metallic corpuscle, which is the same as any nanoprocessor in nanotechnology-responsive devices.

That nanoprocessor is driven from a 4G Plus or 5G antenna….

[A]ll that compact information is handled by a nanoprocessor —in a device—, which will be just inside our cells.

By having Morgellons in the polyethylene glycol, they’re self-reproducing. That’s to say, it’s self-replicating. But because it’s in graphene… Graphene is a catalyst [that] makes that cell resonate with the 5G antenna and the microwaves of human thought….

There’s a nanoprocessor driven by a 5G antenna that goes directly to the workings of our brain.




Another rare behavior… is in animals. Specifically in birds. Especially in birds that don’t do much grounding and don’t perform bioelectrical discharges very often. Grounding would somehow prevent the absorption of the radiation dose itself.

This video has been recorded reflecting the strange behavior in pigeons. Notice that the pigeons are inert like they are stunned…

This also happened to people who were vaccinated. Especially, in the beginning. These freezing phenomena were where people stayed like these birds. Indeed, something is affecting all of us….


Here’s a couple of videos of people mamash freezing in place (not shmirat eynayim friendly).




Here’s the takeaway information, for this post:

  • Most and maybe all of the serious illnesses that the corrupt medical establishment likes to tell us are caused by bacteria and viruses are actually being caused by chemicals, toxins and radiation.
  • The ‘polio outbreak’ in the 1950s was a direct result of the huge amounts of radiation being pumped into the atmosphere by the world’s different militaries and government, as part of their nuclear testing program. (It’s very possible the nuclear testing program was itself a front for something else, but let’s take this a step at a time.)
  • Today, what is making sick is NOT the ‘Covid 19 virus’ – which has never been isolated in a lab, and therefore no vaccine, or ‘spike protein’ can be made from it.
  • What is making people sick is the poisonous chemicals and toxins in the environment, food, and of course, in these medicines and ‘Covid 19’ shots, with a particular emphasis on graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide.


This snippet on the toxicity of graphene oxide, from Particle and Fibre Toxicology Journal, 2016, says it all:

[S]everal typical mechanisms underlying GFN toxicity have been revealed, for instance, physical destruction, oxidative stress, DNA damage, inflammatory response, apoptosis, autophagy, and necrosis.


  • We are also being irradiated with non-ionising AND ionising radiation via the 5G antennas installed CO-INC-ID-ENT-ALLY all across the world, just as ‘Covid 19’ kicked off.
  • The graphene oxide and the other nanotech in the Covid 19 shots are ‘amplifying’ the signal from the 5G, and also turning many people who were ‘vaccinated’ into emitters of radiation themselves.
  • This explains how ‘unvaccinated’ people are getting sick when they are around ‘vaccinated’ people. It’s not because the ‘vaccinated’ are shedding spike proteins. It’s because they are emitting toxic radiation.


Shlomo HaMelech said there is nothing new under the sun.

Once you start to realise that these people just keep trying to pull the same trick, the same stunt, over and over again… Well, it gets way easier to figure out what is really going on here.

There was no ‘polio epidemic’.

That was just a massive cover-up for all the nuclear testing (and probably a bunch of other dangerous ‘experiments’ the military and our governments were performing on an unsuspecting populace back in the 1950s.)

There is no ‘Covid 19 pandemic’.

That is just a cover up for all the graphene oxide nanotech etc in the Covid 19 shots and general environment, plus the 5G radiation we are all being subjected to.

(Again, plus a few other ‘side experiments’ that we still haven’t managed to figure out the details of yet. But we will! With God’s help, we definitely will.)


Was there really a ‘Spanish Flu’ epidemic, and a ‘smallpox epidemic’ and all the rest of it?

At this point, I really don’t know.

I can tell you that I’m going to have to do a lot of careful research before coming to any conclusions.

But it seems to me that these ‘controllers’ are really just one trick ponies, trying the same ‘depopulation technique’ again and again, just with different pretend diseases as the ‘fear trigger’ and different stuff being injected into people to try to kill and maim them.


Lots to think about here, I know.

Let me leave you with this, before Rosh Hashana, as a possible way to beat these people at their own game, sent to me by my friend S,:


Personally, I prefer to stay totally off their grid.

But if you can’t do that, this could be a good thing to try!

The wheels are very nearly coming off this whole Covid 19 bus, I can feel it in the air.

So hang on, dear readers.

Rosh Hashana is a new start, and hopefully a totally new era.

And the days of this evil ruling the world are numbered – in very small digits.



My kids told me a few days ago that Israel’s PM (Psychotic-Mentalist-in-chief) Naftali Bennett gave a speech where he said that:

The people most at risk of the so-called ‘Delta’ were the double-vaccinated.

That there are a lot of double-vaccinated young people who are seriously ill right now.

And that – *paradoxically* – those people who weren’t at all vaccinated were less at risk than those who were, because ‘they’ve probably been sitting in a closed room’ or something, for a year and a half.

Yeah, right.


(BTW – Naftali Bennett called me personally before Shabbat, to tell me to go and get vaccinated… They must be getting incredibly desperate, here in Israel.)

I couldn’t find a video of our dear leader’s surprisingly honest comments anywhere….

But now I just stumbled across it on La Quinta Columna’s Telegram channel HERE, with Spanish voiceover.

Here’s some screenshots, for posterity.

“The most vulnerable population at the moment, in a paradoxical manner, are the ones who recieved two vaccine doses, but not the third dose. Why?”

“Because they walk around feeling like they are protected because they recieved both doses. They do not understand that the second vaccine has faded…”

“….against the ‘Delta’, and must quickly get vaccinated with the third vaccine dose.”

“…there are many young people (vaccinated) who are seriously ill, including hospitalisations.”

“These ages are the most vulnerable. Because someone who didn’t get vaccinated is aware of it for a year and a half. He is probably sitting a closed room, or something.”


So, if you don’t buy ‘alternative’ theories for what’s really going on with the Covid 19 shots, who do you explain this?

That the more ‘vaccinated’ you get, the sicker you seem to become.

The theory that these shots are full of poisonous graphene oxide that then amplifies damaging 5G radiation fits the ‘fact’ that vaccinated people are now getting sicker than non-vaccinated.

But I’d really like to hear from those on the other side of this discussion, to see how they explain this within their current ‘Covid 19 shots are protecting us from Covid’ paradigm.

Drop me an email, and let me know.


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12 replies
  1. vivian corey
    vivian corey says:

    Hi Rifka thank you so much for all you do.According to mamy doctors,they say the reason the💉get sick is because of ADE Antibody Dependant Enhancement where essentially the immune system gets hacked into producing more “spike proteins”that kill your immune system so any virus becomes a major illness.What Im trying to figure out is how the drs that are telling the truth are saying that there os evidence of the spike proteins building up in for instance the ovaries,the heart muscle etc.Would that be disinformation?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It comes down to this: if it’s never been isolated in a lab – anywhere! – then how can anyone make a ‘spike protein’ from it, that is meant to replicate it? Just doesn’t add up. I think probably there are two possibilities for drs saying what they are saying from the ‘good’ side:

      1) They believe the rubbish ‘information’ put out about these products and are taking them at face value – i.e. mistaken but definitely not malicious or trying to disinform the public. This could also happen if they are still operating in the bacteria / viruses = cause of disease model, which is most doctors, even the best ones.

      2) They are ‘controlled opposition’, and are saying what they are saying as part of an organised campaign of disinformation – not necessarily organised by them, just they are deceptive cogs in a much bigger machine.

      PS, we’re all making educated guesses here, including me. Getting things wrong, occasionally, is going to part and parcel of this process, and doesn’t make someone ‘disinformation’. Disinformation is a calculated attempt to keep steering people away from the ultimate truth… And some of these people who are doing it are VERY good at it.

      • Jonathan
        Jonathan says:

        Hi Rivka,

        It seems that they make a generalized spike protein without any known marker since the “virus” itself hasn’t been isolated. But spike protein vaccines to combat the common cold have been tried and tested for over 20 years in labs across the world. They were deemed too dangerous for public human usage. It is these types of vaccines that kept on killing the lab animals over a period of time which is perhaps how they now have unleashed them on an unsuspecting public.

      • Daisy Stern
        Daisy Stern says:

        Sorry to contradict you, Rivka, but I listened to some very knowledgeable vax researchers; one of them was Yeadon, but frankly I forgot who said that: it turns out that YES, the virus WAS isolated; it is just very difficult to do this, it was done a couple of times by specialized labs.

        If I recall I heard that in a conference by LifeSite, where several top-notch researchers appeared – and they are not controlled opposition, they are sincere and real.

        I believe there is more than one noxious agent in the jabs – and graphene oxide is an important one, but so is the spike protein, which lodges in the ovaries, etc. They’ve got tons of tricks up their sleeves!

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Don’t apologise for disagreeing Daisy, you’re doing it in a very respectful way, and it’s important to keep doing the birur, and to keep considering all the information, to see what ‘fits’ best.

          Thanks to you – and others – for engaging with the question.

  2. HR
    HR says:

    Just want to say a Yasher Koach to you for ALL that you do – and of course – how you do it! Appreciate the humor and sarcasm that you include in your posts!!! B’ezras Hashem it’s going to be a year of Bracha after Bracha after Bracha for Klal Yisroel. We’ve heard the Shofar blown the entire year – and with the help of Hashem we’ll experience tremendous highs this year! Shana Tova to you and all Am Yisroel!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The ringworm ‘scandal’ is early 1950s on – i.e. exactly the same time. Shimon Peres and our own cadre of ‘Frankist-Freemasons’ here in Israel made a deal with the Operation Paperclip nazis that were imported wholesale to the US, and effectively became the backbone of the deep state there, including the CIA, and what spooled out into ARPA / DARPA / NASA / NSA and Naval Intelligence – in fact, I think that last one is probably the key to all this that is always overlooked.

      But remember, that the creators of the US were Freemasons right from the get go, and that all these ‘Frankist-Freemasons’ are effectively just working with each other, behind the scenes, in pretty much every country. Those who don’t go along with the agenda are got out of the way or compromised, so there is always a PM / President plus all his bureaucratic, political and military cronies who are ultimately ‘on board’ with the Freemasons’ / NWO
      s program.

  3. M
    M says:

    When people were saying that polio was caused by lead arsenic and DDT that was a additional cover story for the radiation? Were the radiation experiments connected to Project Fishbowl where they were trying to blow a hole in the firmament?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:


      There have been so many lies told about so many things, the one thing I can tell you for sure is that we haven’t been told ‘the truth’ about most everything, at this point.


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