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Two week’s back, one of the teenagers who live in my house took their three legged dog for a walk in the glen close to us, overlooking Har Habayit.

They also took their Ninjitsu practise sword, and did some martial arts ‘training’.

While he was there, an older woman who was doing some Tai Chai struck up a conversation with him, and long story short, told him he didn’t know the first thing about martial arts.

She was particularly upset when he said that he was training so he’d know how to react, if an Arab terrorist tried to kill him.

I live in Israel, in Jerusalem, very close to the ‘Green Line’.

I like my neighborhood a lot, and it’s really very peaceful – but there are still a whole bunch of people who won’t step foot here, because they think it might be ‘dangerous’.

And given the amount of terror attacks that have occurred in Jerusalem even in recent years, I don’t think what he said was unreasonable.

But Mrs Peace n’ Love didn’t agree.


She chewed his ear off for being a violent coward who had no idea about ‘Buddha’s deeper truths’, and the young man returned to the house pretty confused by the whole encounter.

Aren’t you meant to defend yourself, if someone is trying to kill you? he asked me.

Totally, yes you are! Jews don’t go in for all that ‘turn the other cheek’ malarky.

He felt better – but also a little scared to go back to the glen, to walk his dog or practice Ninjitsu.


Yesterday, I went to walk the dog in that small glen – and encountered Mrs Peace n’ Love sitting hunched on her chair, ready to pounce on her next victim.

Where’s the young man? She asked me, in a very posh British accent, when she spied his three-legged dog at the end of my leash.

He’s home, I answered.

How are you related? She replied, and internally, I sighed. Because I already knew where all this was headed.


Mrs Peace n’Love tried a few different avenues, to try to uncover my weak spot, my achilles heel, and it looked to me like she’d almost given up, until she pulled her Ace of Spades out of her proverbial sleeve:

Are you vaccinated? She asked me, with a cunning look on her face.


And before I could even mention that I actually had Covid months ago, and I still can’t taste or smell anything much, she was off and away, gleefully accusing me of being a ‘Covid Murderer’.


Lucky me, I live in a bubble of people who try hard to live life with emuna, and with a very healthy dislike of the mass media.

So this was the first time I had some old bat accusing me of being a ‘Covid Murderer’ because I was choosing not to take some experimental-gene-therapy-pretending-to-be-a-vaccine-that-even-Pfizer-says-doesn’t-stop-transmission.

Now that Mrs Peace n’Love thought she had me on the ropes, she went in for the kill:

So, you think it’s ok to go around spreading your Covid germs, and killing people, just because you don’t want to take a vaccine, do you?

I looked her straight in the eye and told her:

God decides who dies, when, from what. No-one else.

Of course, mentioning God sent Mrs Peace n’Love totally off the edge.


I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say that we were speaking in loud voices for at least the next 10 minutes.

Mrs Peace n’Love claims to be some sort of medical PhD who works for Hadassah hospital.

I guess I believe her – but then, it makes it even more mind-boggling that she then claimed that ‘no-one ever died’ from things like the rhinovirus, or from a million one other diseases, that are all being happily transmitted between human beings all over the planet, all the time.

Are you honestly telling me that you never ‘infected’ someone else with the flu, or with a cold? I asked her incredulously, when she was trying to argue that Covid-19 was in a totally different box from influenza.

If you infected someone with flu or with a cold, you are potentially just as much a ‘murderer’ as you are accusing me of being….

She really didn’t like that.

According to her, she’s NEVER infected anyone with flu.

And no-one ever dies from exposure to the Rhinovirus (i.e. the common cold), so even if she did infect someone with that – big whoop.

(But of course, they do – go take a look at THIS research paper, amongst many others.)


Go and learn some real science, she snapped at me, with maximum disdain, before telling me exactly what she thought of ‘Covid Murderers’ like me.

There’s a Buddhist saying about people like you, she told me glaring, that if you see Buddha coming on the road, you say ‘kill him!’

I agreed, that this saying fit me perfectly.

Can I tell you what I think about you now? I asked, when she was done.

First she said no… but then, she realised that would show weakness, so she changed her mind.

All of this is just projection. The whole world is just a mirror. You preach a lot of peace, but really, you spew out a lot of violence.

She proceeded to prove me wrong by cussing me out for a full minute, with every swear word she had. (She has a lot.)


I’ll bring you the research paper about the Rhinovirus killing people, I called over my shoulder as I walked away.

I have it here now, printed off next to my computer, for the next time I see Mrs Peace n’Love in the wooded glen.


When I got home, I pondered about Mrs Peace n’Love.

I thought about how lonely she must be, that she spends so much time perched on a stool in a wooded glen, just waiting to pick pointless fights with total strangers.

Poor woman.

She’s suffering tremendously.

I hope God will open her heart, and help her to leave her fake path of ‘peace n’love’ for some real acceptance, emuna and inner peace.

But if He doesn’t – well.

It’s going to take more than knowing Tai Chai to help her.


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  1. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    “Militant Buddhist Karen” was not an archetype I was expecting to encounter this morning (or indeed, ever, really).

    “Compassion for all living things” is the thought that comes vividly to mind. One of you has it.


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