covid 19 and graphene

Well, I pulled an all-nighter, and with God’s help I managed to pull most of the pertinent info about the Covid 19 shots and the graphene nanotech into one PDF.

***Updates below***

I combined information from a few of the blog posts here, and also added in some more information about how DARPA is also the organisation that seeded the research of the graphene nanotech specifically for neurological purposes, back in 2014.

I have written this document very simply, and played a very straight bat.

I’ve kept to the facts, and footnoted everything I can, so people can go and check it all themselves.

The idea is to give you, the reader, something you can pass along to ‘sceptical’ friends and family members, to at least introduce some of the things we’ve been talking about here on the blog.


Here’s the Table of Contents:



Magnetised arms?

What does the CDC say about how these vaccines work?

The things you can fit into a syringe, in 2021

The secret of the Hexagon

The DARPA connection

Where do we go from here?


So, please download this, read it, and share it around as much as possible.

It’s literally pikuach nefesh, both to prevent more people from getting more shots, and also to help those that are already ‘vaccinated’ to understand what they need to do to start to detox and purify their bodies – and even more importantly, why they need to start doing that, ASAP.


If I have koach, I will try to put together a longer version, with more information in the appendix.

Let’s see – to be honest I am totally exhausted from all this.

Lastly, here’s the information again on how to detox from the graphene in the Covid shots:

(Let me add the usual legal disclaimer that I’m not a doctor, and that nothing on my site constitutes medical advice, and you should consult with a qualified physician before pursuing any course of action.)

Ha ha! As if.


They are finding this graphene in so many things – including even rainwater, after a ‘chemtrail’ fly-by – that we truly are all in the same boat here.

Just taking the shot will undoubtedly make things many times worse.

But we all need to ‘detox’ from the graphene.

Also, don’t get an MRI scan if you had the Covid shot, or the flu shot for 2019-2020 – that also ‘excites’ the graphene and lots of people are dying or becoming seriously injured.

And may God help us to finally turn the tide around, start to inform people about what’s really going on, and to make the teshuva required to finally vanquish this evil from the world.



Here’s where you can download it:



Just when you think it can’t get any crazier…. here are two videos of people demonstrating ‘Bluetooth connectivity’ after getting their Covid graphene shots.

The first is shmirat eynayim friendly, the second one is not.

In the second one, with the elderly woman, she sends back the Bluetooth message with her phone number, and a message that she’s had two doses of Astra Zeneca…

In the first video, the guy just keeps turning on all his devices, just by being near them.

He has the Bluetooth ‘address’ of: AstraZeneca_ChAdOx1-S.

We are back to the personal ‘barcode’ idea….



With the State of Israel now chomping at the bit to add the Moderna ‘vaccine’ on top of the Pfizer for it’s poor, abused citizens, I thought you might like to know that DARPA also funded Moderna’s mRNA vaccine tech too.

And then, Moderna ‘forgot’ to mention that piece of information.

This comes from the Statnews website, from a post entitled:

Moderna failed to disclose federal funding for vaccine patent applications, advocates say

Snippets below:

An advocacy group has asked the Department of Defense to investigate what it called “an apparent failure” by Moderna (MRNA) to disclose millions of dollars in awards received from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA] in patent applications the company filed for vaccines….

One particular patent assigned to Moderna concerns methods and compositions that can be used specifically against coronaviruses, including COVID-19. The patent names a Moderna scientist and a former Moderna scientist as inventors, both of which acknowledged performing work under the DARPA awards in two academic papers, according to the report by the advocacy group…..

Love said the “letter is not about price or profits. It’s about (Moderna) not owning up to DARPA funding inventions. If the U.S. wants to pay for all of the development of Moderna’s vaccine, as Moderna now acknowledges, and throw in a few more billion now, and an option to spend billions more, it’s not unreasonable to have some transparency over who paid for their inventions.”

This is not the first time Moderna has been accused of insufficient disclosure. Earlier this month, Knowledge Ecology International and Public Citizen maintained the company failed to disclosedevelopment costs in a $955 million contract awarded by BARDA for its Covid-19 vaccine.

In all, the federal government has awarded the company approximately $2.5 billion to develop the vaccine.


Why would DARPA be so cavalier about being credited and / or receiving patent rights on this marvel for humanity, the Covid 19 shot, full of poisonous graphene nanotech and who knows what else?

Unless of course, that’s the whole point.

If all these ‘vaccines’ get unmasked as being a literal scourge of humanity, then the fact that they were all paid for and developed by DARPA and the American military could make things a little…. difficult.

Especially for America.

We live in interesting times.


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17 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    “Also, don’t get an MRI scan if you had the COVID shot, or the flu shot for 2019-2020…”

    How about DEXA scans???

    Please help. This is not an “example” – we have appointments for these things very soon.


    • Hava
      Hava says:

      DEXA scans are for bone density.

      He is 2-va((ed, and I had the flu shot last year.

      I have been on a supplement-based prophylactic version of the Zelenko protocol all year.

      He, on the other hand, thinks Dr. Zelenko is a criminal and hates him.

      Anyway…I want to go out today & get some NAC & glutathione (the latter for him, since he hasn’t been taking extra zinc…)

      Any more questions?

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        I’m so sorry I don’t know, Hava.

        BH, get in touch with the doctors at La Quinta Columna and maybe they can give you more information.

        And of course, perhaps do some hitbodedut to see what your own soul is counselling you to do.

        B’hatzlacha, and may Hashem bring you through whatever course of action you decide to take, safely.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I don’t know, Hava.

      Here is the full text from

      At the end is an email – maybe you should contact them and ask for advice:

      “Doctors around the world are warning vaccinated individuals to avoid MRI scans, as some people have been severely affected by the electromagnetism it produces.

      The most severe cases have resulted in the death of the patients.

      In this regard, La Quinta Columna has briefly explained what this phenomenon is due to in an excerpt that Orwell City has prepared for its followers.

      Ricardo Delgado: Today we have been informed of something. Several doctors have written to La Quinta Columna, some from abroad (United Kingdom and Spanish-speaking countries), telling us that vaccinated individuals are having a myriad of problems. And when I say ‘problems’ I mean death. Or the closest thing to it. An experience very close to death, if I’m allowed to use a somewhat facetious tone, when they are being exposed… —either due to any type of check-up or previous pathology they may have— When the vaccinated (now ‘graphenated’) are exposed to magnetic resonance or CT scans with contrast.


      Well, MRI, apart from having an incredible strength in terms of the electromagnetic field measured in Gauss it generates, Now you’re going to watch it. I’m going to show you a video so you can have an idea. The MRI touches a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, it’s very likely that it excites that material called graphene oxide, which has been introduced into their bodies by various means, the most invasive being inoculation. The so-called ‘vaccine’.

      So, in that sense, you know that graphene is excited —electronically speaking— because it has an absorption band in a considerable part of the EM spectrum. And we’re going to see it today as well. When excited, it causes an increase in the toxicity of graphene oxide because it converts it into reduced graphene oxide. It increases oxidative stress, generates cytokine storms, the collapse of the immune system, and everything that you already know.

      Then, when these people do not die —from what we have been told, there have been several deaths—, they become very ill. It’s even very difficult to recover them and bring them forward.

      Dr. José Luis Sevillano: What the MRI does is align all the protons in your body. It aligns them in a magnetic field —electromagnetic, in this case—, and at a certain moment, it releases them. It aligns them and releases them. And when it releases them, of course, depending on the type of material the proton is attached to, it will send back a signal to return to its natural state. And that signal is what the device picks up.

      So it sends a signal that aligns protons, changes the energetic state of all the protons in your body, and then relaxes the signal. And when it relaxes the signal, the protons return to their natural state. But when they come back to their natural state, they have released the energy that they had received to align themselves. And, of course, that gives a fairly accurate signal because each tissue has a particular signal when it returns that.

      And, you can also do contrast resonance. And it’s the same principle. Only that, to improve the signal back, certain contrasts are added to better see the arteries, the bile ducts, and the hollow tubular organs. Contrast is allowed to be used to obtain a better view. But it’s based on the return signal that the apparatus receives when it has aligned the protons and then relaxes.

      Of course, it sends a very powerful signal. That’s why it often causes dizziness, nausea, and smell problems. In other words, resonance is very similar to irradiation. And it’s non-ionizing radiation.”

      If you want to contact directly, send them a message to: Don’t worry about the language barrier, they understand English and French.

      • Hava
        Hava says:

        Thanks so much, Rivka.

        – I went and bought some NAC today to add to my hishtadlut. Found out that it may also boost my mood and solve a few problems I wasn’t expecting!
        – I looked for some glutathione for him, since his hishtadlut isn’t the same as mine. Couldn’t find that.
        – H is getting another shot on shlishi. I found out after returning from the errand at the top.
        – I wrote to LQC and asked them my questions. I’m sure they’re busy; haven’t heard back from them yet.
        – So far, I’m too nervous to hear any inner counsel today.
        – I downloaded your PDF. Thank you.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Hang on, Hava.

          BH the clouds will part soon. Ein Od Milvado – there is only God, and everything can be turned around for the best, with teshuva, tefilla and tzedaka.

          The body is an amazing, self-healing mechanism. And there is no despair in the world.

          • Daisy Stern
            Daisy Stern says:

            You’ve got my blessings too. Sorry I have not been more helpful, it’s been very difficult here, just staying sane and healthy is a huge effort. I never asked not to be in EY, it just happened – I guess Hashem knows what’s best for everyone; somebody told me it is Divine punishment; not an easy thought though, however true it might be. So please forgive me for not being more helpful. But I am hanging in there, one minute at a time; so do the same!

            And thank you Rivka for doing all this; you have no idea how helpful it is; just the fact that you are going through all these steps to get us this information is amazing – unbelievable.

            I used to do quite a bit of the same, as you know. Now I am totally drained, the energy of Eretz Yisrael is missing here, missing so much!!!

            So all of you there, with your difficult challenges, consider yourselves very, very lucky. At least you are being plugged into the socket of Divine energy!

  2. nechama
    nechama says:

    “They’re” rolling out MODurna across Israel. Wonder if this contains a component that blends with the Pfz ingreedeents?
    About the “V’Nahapochu”, I was wondering if Hashem would do the “controlling” instead of the inder net, and what it might look like?

    Rabbi Winston shlit”a did explain that the frim who were already in E Y after M arrived and because of their spear itual level, that they would be able to fly. Sounds strange, but the elevation of the neshoma would put them on a level higher than the Jooz who stayed behind in chu’l. I’m sure its from the Zohar and Kabbala, and wonder also if this is related in some way.
    I Found what Reb Bar-Leib wrote (MARCH 19, 2005, Six Million For Machzit HaShekel and the Rivers from Eden):
    “There is a tradition that, at the time of the arrival of Moshiach,
wonderful things will happen for Jews everywhere. On the actual day 
that they arrive from the Diaspora . . . the walls of Yerushalayim 
will be replaced. It will also be the day of the re-building of the 
Temple, which will be built from exquisite stones and gems. Once the 
dead are resurrected, they will become transformed and will have very 
lofty natures. However, the same type of transformation will occur for 
the . . . Jews who remained alive [in Eretz Yisroel], and their bodies
 will be like that of Adam HaRishon before his sin, and like Moshe
Rabbeinu’s. They will become so spiritual that they will be able to 
fly like eagles, which will astound the redeemed exiles. Upon
witnessing this, the “Diaspora Jews” will become upset, and they will 
complain to Moshiach . . . . ((Tuv HaAretz: Praise Of Those Who Dwell In
Israel At The Time Of Moshiach)
    [see also Kesuvos 110b/111].” But Rabbi Winston shlit”a did write this but I cannot find it now.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Moderna was also funded by DARPA:

      “DARPA – Advancing mRNA therapies and vaccines for biodefense
      In October 2013, DARPA awarded Moderna up to approximately $25 million to research and develop potential mRNA medicines as a part of DARPA’s Autonomous Diagnostics to Enable Prevention and Therapeutics, or ADEPT, program, which is focused on assisting with the development of technologies to rapidly identify and respond to threats posed by natural and engineered diseases and toxins. This award followed an initial award from DARPA given in March 2013. The DARPA awards have been deployed primarily in support of our vaccine and antibody programs to protect against Chikungunya infection.”

      Whatever shot you get, you seem to be getting way more than you bargained for.

  3. Chana
    Chana says:

    For anyone living in Jerusalem or close by who prefers to buy the vitamins in store, you can find N-acetylcysteine (NAC) at the store הפינה הטבעית at Yafo 101.

  4. Ruth Simchi
    Ruth Simchi says:

    Awesome amazing life saving work! Please know that you are doing fantastic things in the world of truth.
    Can you repost the links of the 2 videos of bluetooth connectivity please? I don’t see where to click.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Not specifically, but the more people are testing their own medications, the more they are finding they seem to be ‘magnetic’, i.e. very possibly containing the graphene.


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