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doing it for the children
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Doing it for the children

Last week, one of my kids forwarded on another investigation into pedophiles in Jerusalem. It's a Channel 13 expose that was run two weeks ago now, about a 'rebbe' pedophile who was working in a children's kindergarten somewhere in Jerusalem,…
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Young Israel's Reform Roots

In the run up to Meron this year, I got asked about the funny illuminate symbol being used  by the 'National Center for Holy Places'. ***UPDATES BELOW*** You can read the whole exchange on Chananya Weissman's site, HERE. But here is…
Snake in the grass
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Who is funding 'Rationalist Judaism'?

Ever since my blog got infested by 'Nathan of Gaza', and other regular commentators on the 'Rationalist Judaism' site, I've been taking more of an interest in what's really going on over there. First, you can see the 'Rationalist Judaism' blog…
union jack
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Back to Blighty

Until this week, I haven't been able to see my parents for 4 years. There was a family batmitzvah in London planned for the month 'Covid' really kicked off, back in 2020, and all travel got shut down. We were all waiting to meet up again at…
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Monkey Pox 'pandemic' - all planned back in March 2021

I've been getting a few emails about 'Monkey Pox'. Even the lamest fiction writer couldn't write a script as bad as this, and anyone would believe it. I'm really hoping it's so ridiculous, that even hardcore 'Covid 19 believers' will start…

Time for a Kit-Kat

There used to be an advert on British TV when I was growing up that said: Have a break. Have a Kit-Kat. I'm taking half that advice, and I've decided to take a break from the blog until after Shavuot, because I'm honestly exhausted from all…