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Friend of bankers, coercer of governments

In hitbodedut a couple of days ago, I got the idea I should take a closer look at the 4th Rebbe of Chabad. So, I've started to do that, with a lot of help from C., the person who put all the information together on how the Rebbe Rayatz was…
sound waves

Follow the science - soundwaves and graphene oxide

Yesterday, I did something stupid. I 'binge-watched' a couple of hours of footage from the recent Travis Scott concert, where at least 8 young people died of cardiac arrest during the concert, another 11 apparently went into cardiac arrest,…

Watching and waiting

There is a strange 'quiet' here in Jerusalem at the moment. People are still going about their (pretend) normal lives, still shopping, still working, still doing most of the things (pretend) normal people do. But underneath, you can feel that…
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Meir Lansky and Eliya Hawila

"Eliya" Hawila has a very interesting family tree. If you don't know who that is - and you want to know - go read THIS. And also, go read the comments, where you'll see the YWN caught red-handed by readers re-writing the story, to deflect blame…
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Connections in high places

The Rebbe Rayatz, and a bunch of 'open miracles'. Yesterday evening, I got an email from a good friend of mine, who likes to research things properly, before coming to a conclusion. That is the way it should be for all of us, of course,…

Crypto-Jews and Royal Families

How's that for a title? ***Updates*** I'm  half-way through the memoirs of the Rebbe Rayatz, the sixth Rebbe of Lubavitch, and it's turning up more interesting info. In a previous post that's now scrubbed, we learned from those memoirs…