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Meron: Accident or Murder?

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    The wedding invitation

    An hour ago, I got the following email ping into my inbox: Dear Reuven and Rivka,I hope that you guys are all well.  [Daughter's name] got engaged back on June 4th.  I’m really, really truly sorry but I just saw that our previous…
    Advice for coping
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    Advice for coping

    From the outside, things look pretty tough at the moment. The people with their eyes open are sitting here holding their breath, waiting to see what 'the next stage' of this destructive 'chaos' process that's going to lead to geula entails.And…
    Revisiting Science
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    Revisiting 'Science'

    So much of the education we all recieved was deliberately misleading. I stuck a cautious toe into this subject a couple of years' ago, when I wrote this post, below, and started to delineate some of the stuff that no-one ever taught us in school.On…
    order from chaos
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    Order from chaos

    Over shabbat, I read an amazing book. It's called 'Human Tuning: Sound Healing With Tuning Forks', by John Beaulieu. First, watch this, which shows how an oscillating Chladni Plate works, to turn 'sound' into form: ====Basically,…
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    Survivors' tales, and possible motives for murder

    I'm finding more strange 'survivor' stories that don't really make sense. ***Updates Below***In this post, I just want to collate more of those details, before they disappear down the memory hole, and then sum up where we've got to so far,…
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    Surfside: Reality Check

    I was going to leave Surfside alone for a bit, and tell you about the bonfire I did yesterday. I am very blessed to be renting a house with a garden, and in that garden, I've built a fire pit. And in that fire pit, I love to burn bits of wood.And…