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cocktail dress
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Free choice, and fixing the sin of 'sinat chinam'

What's going on right now is a massive opportunity for the Jewish community to finally fix the sin of 'sinat chinam'. And God is inviting each of us to do a bit of that 'fixing' in our own back yard. Now that we know that 'yichus' actually…
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Akiva of Salonica, Ephraim Fishel, and 'Christian Jews'

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a post for my old blog called 'Christian Jews'. For new readers who don't know what happened to that old blog, I decided to take the whole thing down a few months ago, shortly after I found the smoking gun…
truth is stranger than fiction
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R' Yehuda Fetaya on Shabtai Tzvi - and the SHACH's son David

I can't claim the credit for this piece of research, which was sent in by another reader. It's R' Yehuda Fetaya's discussion of the excorcism he performed of Shabtai Tzvi's spirit, when it demonically possessed a Jewish man in Baghdad for 30…
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Shabtai Tzvi and the SHACH - some more strange connections

Hopefully, you had a day to let the first post 'sink in' a little, because there is a lot more information to share on this subject. Part of the problem with all this research is the sheer amount of lies we've been told about EVERYTHING, which…
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Shabtai Tzvi and the SHACH - some strange connections

I  have been musing on writing this post for well over a year. And each time.... I ducked it. Let someone else open that big can of worms... But the last few days, I have come to the conclusion I can't really 'duck' these issues anymore,…
Pigeons coming home to roost
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Coming home to roost

The sun is shining here in Jerusalem, the birds are tweeting, my neighbor is fixing up their house.... What could be wrong in the world? The honest answer is: nothing and everything. In my bit of reality right now, life is really good,…