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Fake News Update

There's a lot of 'fake news' going around at the moment. ***More updates below***Quelle surprise.But I just wanted to bring two strands of it to your attention, as going forward it will help you to do the birur about what is really…
Israeli flag
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More background on the Star of David

Well, the more I look into the 'star of David', the more it seems that it's really not kosher. My investigative journalist contact sent me something they wrote a while back on the subject, which I'm reproducing below, with their permission.At…
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Does this look familiar?

I was looking at the Wikipedia article about the 'Thule Society', when my mouse had a 'moment' and decided to click on a different link. ***This post is being censored. I've just changed the tags so hopefully it will show up. Let me know.***To…
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What riots?

Apparently, there have been riots in Jerusalem. I say 'apparently', because even though I live a 5 minute walk away from the Old City, in a mixed community with a lot of Arabs, I haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary at all.And…
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More pieces of the puzzle

It's hard to believe that the State of Israel would somehow want to reduce its number of citizens. I know that it's one of the ideas I float on this blog that just seems way too 'out there' for most people.But there are clues all over the…
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Peace n' love

Two week's back, one of the teenagers who live in my house took their three legged dog for a walk in the glen close to us, overlooking Har Habayit. They also took their Ninjitsu practise sword, and did some martial arts 'training'.While…