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Whitewashing Yoshki 2 - Ariel Cohen Alloro

Let's take a closer look at Ariel Cohen Alloro. He's an externally orthodox Jew for Jesus, who claims that: a) R Yitzhak Ginsburgh is his rabbi. b) R' Yitzhak Ginsburgh knows about his plan to 'redeem' Yoshki with $2 million, and is supporting…
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Netanyahu and Breslov

I got sent a link to a news site showing that the bris of Netanyahu's grandson took place in the Breslov Meah Shearim shul today. You can see it for yourself, HERE. This is off the back of the whole discussion we had HERE, about how Netanyahu's…
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Whitewashing Yoshki

This is going to be a long post. But it seems we can't really dodge the issue of who Jesus actually was, how he got so popular, who his followers really were, and the modus operandi the xtians used to subvert Torah and the Jewish community. Before…

The Turkey Trans

Rebbe Nachman told a parable about a royal prince who one day woke up and believed he was a turkey. As usual, Rabbenu was way ahead of his time, and gave us solid advice on how to handle a phenomena that is one of the biggest scourges for our…
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The painful process of change

Even though the world is half 'back to normal', at least for now, it's still not an easy place to be. You can see it in large and small ways, like, for example, the way people are driving on the streets. Israel has never been a 'polite' society…

German Ministry of Health: 1 in 5000 have serious health issues after the vax

One of my readers just sent me this, and I think it's important enough to merit a post. ***UPDATE*** They issued a correction: (thanks to Adelle for letting me know): Korrektur: Die Melderate für schwerwiegende Reaktionen beträgt laut…