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Blocking the path to Meron

All week, I've been wondering how you're meant to register for L'ag B'omer in Meron. ***UPDATES*** This morning, I finally got sent a link on how to do that - and everything is totally booked up already. You can have 5 billion people…
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Simple Emuna

Last week I went to Shimon HaTzaddik. Just for 20 minutes, before I headed off to the evening prayers of the Rav, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, that happen 8:30pm every night, outside on Ido HaNavi Street. I got in, sat down - and immediately heard…
To be continued
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The staff of bread

Last week when I went to get my challah from the bakery, there was an interesting conversation going on around rising prices of bread. The nice French baker was explaining to a woman who was complaining about the price of the challah going…

A visit to 'Pardes'

Off the back of the last post, I thought I'd take a closer look at the Pardes Institute. ***UPDATES*** First, you can see the previous post here: Modern Orthodox or 'Frum-Reform'? Then, this is part of the exchange I started to have…
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Modern orthodox or 'FRUM REFORM'?

This morning it's blowing a gale again in Jerusalem. ***UPDATES*** In fact, it's been really windy the last 4-5 days, on and off, in a way that feels very meaningful. These are the winds of change. Because more and more of us are starting…

'Trans' child propaganda gets to Israel

Well, it's never dull. Yesterday, I got an email from a lady in Israel called Alix Aharon, who runs The Gender Mapping Project site, asking me if I knew that the book 'I am Jazz' had been translated into Hebrew. What's 'I am Jazz?' I…