Idra rabba 45 martyrs
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On the back foot

Things are starting to fall apart, for the government and the MSM that serve them. Rebbe Nachman talks about how the Tzaddik is a 'bone in the throat' of the sitra achra, that then causes it to 'throw up' all the good it swallowed from the…
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More questions about Meron

There are so many things that are not adding up about what just happened in Meron. ***More updates below***We all know that another massive 'whitewash' is about to occur, where the police and the government will 'investigate themselves'…
Israeli flag
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Accident or murder in Meron?

Ten minutes ago, I got back from Meron. ***Update: Video of police blocking the exit in Meron, below***Or at least, I got back from trying to be in Meron. We left at 1.30am, and the plan was to get there for around 4.00 ish so we could…
Shadow of a man on the ancient walls of Jerusalem
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One time a priest, another time an angel

Rebbe Nachman's works contain so many hints to what is transpiring all around us. ***Important updates below***This morning in hitbodedut, I suddenly thought about his teaching about the 'gallach' and the 'malach'.(I will try to find…
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This is a hard post to write, and it's probably going to be a hard post to read. For the last few weeks - way before the news broke about the fake-chareidi-xtian-missionary brazening it out in French Hill - I've been researching the topic of…
up in the air
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Up in the air

Today, I went for a walk around downtown Jerusalem for the first time in really a year. I thought it was going to be so nice.... so amazing... so uplifting.... so fun.I haven't been for a walk like that around Jerusalem, without worrying…