Find out what’s really in the Covid 19 shots – and why your government is hiding this information from you.

    news diet
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    The News Diet

    Yesterday morning, I was reading Ynet when my eyes went 'funny' again. That happens occasionally, when it I get supersuper stressed out, internally.I was reading a headline about 'spiking Covid cases' in Israel - or rather, spiking fake…
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    Reasons to be cheerful

    It's hard to spot, but there are some real reasons to be cheerful starting to emerge from the mist. To explain what they are, we first have to 'go back' upon ourselves, and explain why things will have to get worse, before they get better.What…
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    Active Denial - first the good news

    Nope, this isn't a post about 'actively denying' what's going on all around us. This is a post about what we can learn from what really happened that day on 9/11 - and how some profoundly good news is hiding out, amongst all the shocking information…
    behind the wheel
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    Back behind the wheel

    Monday morning, I headed up North for a short holiday with my family. ***Update below***We try to go for two nights up North as a family every year, and I told my kids and husband two weeks ago yalla! The mask-wearing crazies are gearing…
    Give it up to God
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    Giving it up to God

    I realised something this morning. I realised that if I don't find a way to really work on my emuna, and to bitul (nullify) myself to God, and His plan, then the 'bad guys' are going to win, whatever happens next. Yesterday, my husband…
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    Rav Berland needs our help

    In case you didn't realise it yet, the only reason the authorities are persecuting Rav Berland is because they know how 'valuable' he is, spiritually. They have literally been trying to kill him in prison for months, but it just hasn't worked…