On the ropes boxing gloves

It looks to me like the government here is starting to panic.

With all this talk of ‘double masking’, and extending lockdowns forever (that btw, the police are hardly enforcing anywhere on the roads, even in Jerusalem….), and all this fake information to convince us that ‘everyone’ got the vaccine here….

I’m getting the impression that the wheels are finally starting to come off the bus.


It’s small things, like noticing that way fewer people outside are ‘masking up’ the way they used to.

Way fewer people are ‘policing’ other people now.

And I can also see from the fake coverage of the vaccine numbers, that all the ‘low hanging fruit’ has rushed out to vaccinate, but everyone else is holding back. (That’s still a horribly high number – around 2.8 million people who had at least one dose, but it’s definitely tailed off, in terms of numbers of new people being jabbed.)


The panic about ‘Covid 19’ has diminished radically.

I think probably because of the false panacea that is the ‘vaccine’, but it’s having the effect (ironically…) of damping down the hysteria, even as the medical situation looks to be worsening because of all the ‘vaccine’s’ side effects.


That’s a real problem for the government.

They govern by fear, they rule by fear, they have been using fear to destroy the economy and ‘lock us down’ and tie us up in greater levels of coronafascist insanity.

When the fear starts to fade – so does their power to manipulate.

Behind the scenes, I am hearing that something positive may soon be happening that really will change the whole picture, radically.

As soon as I can confirm that, I will.


And I’ve also just tripped over a whole bunch of additional information about the ‘Sabbatean Frankist’ network, in real time, and how it basically took over America – A LONG TIME AGO – as well as the education system.

I’m working through it all, and once I’ve got it into some sort of format, I’ll try to share it with you.

Each one of these ‘exposes’ is chopping off another tentacle, bringing more truth up to the surface, and shifting things along towards the world of truth.

But man, they require so much brain power that sometimes I just have to do it really slowly, so I don’t get totally overwhelmed.


Hang on, dear readers!

The sap is rising.

Things are about to start blooming and blossoming again.

But first – we have to get the rest of this difficult winter out of the way.

So bed down, keep praying, and don’t lose hope.

I have a feeling that evil is finally on the ropes.


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  1. Reuven
    Reuven says:

    Rivka, do you think this might be ‘fearmongering’:
    “Something dangerous could happen here on Sunday at midnight” Edelstein said. “The State of Israel will become an uncontrollable coronavirus incubator.” !!!!!! Wooooo !!!!!

    (I don’t know if he also added “Wooooo !!!!” in a scary voice, but its quite possible he did…)



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