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On ‘Chief Rabbis’ and spin


You know, I really think that 5783 is going to be the year of ‘thinking for ourselves’.

Maybe that doesn’t sound so impressive, but it’s actually the basic ‘plank’ required for a person’s soul to really wake up in this world, and for a person to connect back to their True Source – Hashem! – and to connect back to their real, authentic purpose for actually being in the world in the first place.

And 5783 is shaping up to be that year when more and more of us start to ‘think for ourselves’, Baruch Hashem.


Why do I say that?

I say it, because I’m noticing that the old stories the establishment and media like to tell, the old, knackered ‘propaganda pieces’ they keep wheeling out, just with updated names and dates, are starting to be challenged and questioned.

It’s not good enough to just keep on ‘assuming’ things anymore.

We are in a world of lies, where we have to do our very best to verify what is true, and what isn’t, and to throw all our assumptions and ‘brain washing’ out the window, to see what we’re really looking at, with our own two eyes, and really feeling in our hearts, and really not happy about, in our souls.

Both in the public and private arenas.


So, I was thinking about what would be in 200 years time, when someone like me would be sitting here writing about ‘Jewish History’ in 2022.

They would probably think that the late Lord-Rabbi-Dr (LDR) Jonathan Sacks was the putative moshiach of our times, or something, from all the fawning mentions he gets in the press, and all the non-stop propaganda pushing his books of ‘deep thinking’.

And they’d look at videos of the Ashkenazi Israeli ‘Chief Rabbi’ sucking up to Pope Francis in Kazakhstan last week, as covered on the Vatican News site HERE.

(The video and pictures show ‘Chief Rabbi David Lau’ sitting right next to the Pope, as more ‘interfaith’ drivel that is totally against what truly God-fearing Jews stand for is spewed out for the masses.)

And they’d see Chabad ‘Chief Rabbi’ Moshe Asman get medals of honor from Zelensky’s regime in Ukraine for ‘services rendered’…. And they’d see Chabad ‘Chief Rabbi’ Berel Lazer palling around with Putin, and sitting in on all sorts of meetings that you have to wonder why he’s really there….

And they’d see R Ephraim Mirvis, another Irish-born British ‘Chief Rabbi’ sucking up to eugenics-pushing ‘climate change’ King Charles III, best buddy and nephew of known pedophiles (and that’s just the stuff we know about…), and they would think:

These ‘Chief Rabbis’ is where the real power base is, in the Jewish world.


And you know what?

They’d be right.

There is nothing new under the sun.


Stupid us, we think our puppet politicians are the ones who are representing our interests, internationally, and making all the deals with the foreign powers ‘on behalf of the Jewish people’.

Stupid, stupid us.

The main reason – I won’t say only reason – that these politicians want power is not to serve us, the people, but to be the first in line for all the bribes,  kick-backs, stock options, ‘multi-million business exits’ and secret accounts in Panama that the heads of State and ministers get ‘padded’ by the real powers behind the throne.

They get rich for going along with ‘the program’, and foistering it on we, the people, and they get ‘scandalised’ out of office – or killed – for not going along with ‘the program’.

That’s how this works.

And that’s how it works across the whole world, not just in Banana Republics or African dictatorships.


Anyway, to briefly return to our ‘chief rabbis’.

These people all belong to the same small gene pool, the same group of powerful individuals who have been ‘power-broking’ for centuries, wrapped in a Torah scroll.

When I look back at the ‘Chief Rabbis’ of Jewish history now, I know I’m looking at the past’s equivalent of LRD Sacks – with all their books and approbations and PR, that no real, authentic tzaddik could ever match in a million years, because you’d need to be part of the ruling machine, to get that level of coverage and leverage.

And I understand that the ‘Samson Wertheimers’, and all these ‘Chief Rabbi Pollaks’ and ‘Chief Rabbi Katzenellenbogens’ of Poland are just like Moshe Azman and Berel Lazar today.

I.e., political power-brokers between states, wrapped in a Torah scroll, and representing no-one except the very narrow interests of the small group of externally Jewish elites who have been doing this for centuries, already.


All this came to mind when I read the comment that Leah left on THIS post.

Here’s what she said, and here’s what I replied:

Prince Charles proposed marriage to Lord Mountbatten granddaughter before Diana and Camilla, actually both Mountbatten and Queen Elizabeth wanted Charles to marry her.

But the granddaughter named Amanda Knatchbull refused. She was a social worker in children services and child protection.
Charles happens to have amongst many charities, like for orphanages….and for under-priviledged from ages 11 to 30……if you get my drift….
Seems also that all the royals …all..are related to each other….

Elisabeth and Philip, Charles Diana and Camilla, all of them to this Mountbatten, and all came from lineage of offspring of Henry 8 and Anne Bolyn….this is all from an hour search on the net… not that its such a trustful resource….but the dots keep surfacing…


My reply:

The Anne Boleyn connection is very interesting – I hadn’t come across that before.

Henry VIII wrote to the rabbis of Venice, to get their ‘psak’ on levitical marriage, to try and get him out of the ‘libum’ marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

(These laws actually don’t apply to non-Jews, but it seems European royalty actually believe-d then – and still believe now! – that they are from the ‘House of David’ and actually are the ‘new covenant’ between God and His chosen people. God forbid a billion times.)

So anyway, those Venetian rabbis ‘morph’, within one generation, to become part of the group of ‘interesting people’ in Poland that nearly all of the Sabbateans subsequently descend from, 100 years later.

I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Take a look at this:


And then, take a look at the geni profile for one of the named rabbis of Venice above:



Click on these links, take a look, think for yourself.

It also seems that these ‘interesting people’ in Poland descended from a ‘Joseph Colon’ – who has the same surname as Cristobal Colon, better known as ‘Christopher Columbus’.


Cristobal Colon’s mother was a da Costa – that’s a name that comes up in our secret Jewish history again and again and again.

The da Costas intermarried with the ‘Carvalhal’ family of marranos.


A hundred years later, in 1643, a marrano Jew from Amsterdam named Fernandez Carvajal was bankrolling Oliver Cromwell’s ‘New Model Army’.

Snippet from HERE:

Antonio Fernandez Carvajal (c. 1590 – November 10, 1659)—in Portuguese: António Fernandes Carvalhal—was a Portuguese-Jewish merchant, who became the first endenizened English Jew.

Carvajal and Simon de Caceres, together with other prominent members of the Sephardic community, revealed themselves as Jews by signing a petition to Oliver Cromwell asking for the right to practise their religion and bury their dead.

It was to Carvajal that Cromwell gave the assurance of the right of Jews to remain in England and who appointed Carvajal as the principal agent of the English Jews.


This guy is close mishpocha of Cristobal Colon / Christopher Columbus.

Cristobal Colon is close mishpocha of ‘Rabbi-Doctor’ Eliya Halfan of Venice, who gives Henry VIII the psak to marry Anne Boleyn.

Halfan’s descendants then show up in Poland as the direct ancestors of a bunch of leading Sabbateans and Frankists.

Meanwhile, apparently, our self-circumcising ‘Royal Family’ who have repeatedly intermarried with a bunch of known Frankists all apparently descendING from this same Anne Bolyen….

Just another amazing CO-INC-IDEN-CE!!!


We still didn’t get around to telling the real story here.

In a nutshell, those same anti-Torah ‘Erev Rav’ who were worshipping idols, enslaving people and committing murder and fornication at the time of the First Temple – all the while pretending to be ‘big frummers’ – have never left us.

They have tried, repeatedly, to kill off Torah Judaism, and to replace it with some demon-worshipping ‘Reform’ hybrid, that enables them to exactly what they want, religiously, while still calling themselves ‘Jews’ and the ‘Chosen People’.

They are the same people whose family members started the Sadducean movement; started the ‘xtian’ movement; started Islam – and probably a bunch of other ‘spin offs’ that we don’t even know about, right down to today’s ‘Reform’ and ‘Conservative’ and ‘Modern Orthodox’ movements.

They are the same people who were behind Sabbateanism, and Frankism.

And then Communism and Zionism.


And here’s the kicker:

The leaders of this ‘pseudo-Jewish’ anti-authentic Torah Judaism movement are actually the royal families of Europe.

They seem to actually descend from these idol-worshipping Erev Rav, who worship demonic entities but believe they are still the ‘chosen people’.

And they are the ones who have been waging an ongoing war against the real Jews, albeit from behind the scenes.

And also, within our own communities, with the help of their agents and family members that they appoint as our ‘Chief Rabbis’, and political leaders.


I know this sounds incredible, but that is the conclusion I am coming to.

I’m not expecting you to automatically agree with me, but I am inviting you to THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Just go back to THIS article, and scroll down.

Towards the end, we hit a a ‘genealogy tree’ for the British royal family that overlaps in so many ways with that same tree that the Sadducee-Karaite ‘Kahana’ descendent Allen Goldenthal set out, for his ‘Sadducee-Karaite’ ancestors.

And then, go back to the ‘genealogy tree’ HERE for the ‘Exilarchs of the David Dynasty’ we talked about in THIS POST, who just intermarried with these same ‘Sadducee-Karaite-Kahanas’ – and also a bunch of European royalty.

If you compare and contrast, you will see that we are talking about EXACTLY THE SAME PEOPLE.



Above is the ‘Rabbinic’ branch of this family, via the Maharal of Prague, that lead us to a whole bunch of False Messiahs – including Jacob Frank and Chabad.

I have another post to write soon, that shows how this intersects with the Kahana-Kohens that gave us Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH, and his Sabbatean relatives including the Meir Panim, R Meir of Eisenstadt – R Meir was another ‘Kahana-Kohen’ descendent, his brother Mordechai was another ‘false messiah’, and his student, Yehuda Leib (Eskeles) of Prossnitz was yet another false messiah, the teacher of Jonathan Eybshutz and the father of Jacob Frank.


But this same exact family gave us the ‘Reformers’, the Communists, the Zionists and nearly every single Chassidic Rebbe, too.

And, they’ve given us all our ‘Prime Ministers’ of Israel, our ‘Presidents’ of Israel – and our Chief Rabbis.

The Laus are direct descendants of the same ‘Shor’ family of Frank’s lieutenant, Elisha Shor, whose descendants apparently include the British Royal Family.

(See HERE, for where we laid out those connections.)

Jonathan Sacks’ mother was a Frumkin, related to Israel Dov Frumkin (amongst many other people you’ve heard of).

Here’s a snippet from Wikipedia:

[Frumkin] was born into a Chabad family in Dubrovno, in the Russian Empire. Frumkin’s step-grandfather was Aaron ha-Levi ben Moses of Staroselye, a close disciple of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi.

He emigrated to Jerusalem, Damascus Eyalet on 19 December 1859, at the age of nine… His sister Guishe Frumkin-Navon married Yosef Navon Bey, who built the Jaffa–Jerusalem railway….Israel Dov Frumkin’s great-grandson—is Carmi Gilon, who was head of the Shabak (Israeli security service).


It’s a small world!

LDR Sacks is also directly related to Chaim of Volozhin – who gave us Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin, amongst other claims to fame – and a bunch of ‘Brodas’ and Salanters, and very probably, Sacks is also directly related to the Vilna Gaon, who gave us President Ruby Rivlin and Benjamin Netanyahu, amongst others.

I’m still unpicking it, but I’m getter closer and closer to pinning this down irrefutably, with God’s help.


Point is, our leaders, our ‘Chief Rabbis’, our politicians, our influencers – they all come from this same warped gene pool that has been causing us issues for millenia.

And that warped gene pool is working for the ‘royal families’ of the world, both the bits we know about and the bits we don’t, who genuinely believe they have Jewish blood, and that they are the ‘real Jews’ who replaced us and become God’s ‘chosen people’.

And that’s why they have been waging all-out war against the Jews, from time immemorial, and placing their agents – the ‘Chief Rabbis’ – over us, to tax us to death, confuse us, and weaken and undermine the community anyway they can.

All the time dressed in the clothes of piety and ‘religious-ness’.


Very last thing, for now.

I learnt from the ‘Hebrew Catholic’ descendant of some of these Sabbatean-Frankists, Athol Bloomer, that in Catholic theology, they talk about someone called the ‘Great Monarch’:

Snippet from HERE:

…Messiah Ephraim… is called in Jewish tradition the Messiah Anointed for War.

His description in the Jewish tradition is similar to that of the promised Great Monarch Henry (some prophecies call him Charles) in the Catholic prophetic tradition….

Like Messiah ben Joseph he will suffer much and like Messiah ben David he is a Conqueror. He is spiritually guided and assisted by the Ultimate Messiah and his Mother (see Sefer Zerubbabel).

I hold that the Messiah Ephraim is Prince Henry Charles Albert David [Harry]of Wales and his older brother Messiah Manesseh is Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales.

Many Catholics of the past considered the Great Monarch as the Messenger (or angel) referred in Chapter 10 of the Apocalyse.



The Great Monarch who is called Henry, Charles and David will be the great Emperor who defeats with his brother the Armilus (third antichrist) and ushers in the era of peace.

This Great Monarch will be the ruler of Germany and all Europe while his brother called Arthur and Philip will rule America and be active in Spain.

Some allude to the Great Monarch reigning for 15 years and others that he would die at 40 years of age (about 2025).

He will then be succeeded as Great Monarch by his brother who will reign a further 11 years (about 2036)as Great Monarch who will die fighting the forerunner of the final Antichrist (Gog).


Look at the timing of all this.

Look who we just got on the throne, the ‘Climate Change King’, as the Queen apparently died in a very weird way, where she was fine and investing Liz Truss one day, and the next day, ‘dying at home’ in such a controlled way that no hospital visits were required, yet everyone just ‘knew’ she was about to pass away peacefully, in her sleep….

We’ve had a lot of relatives pass away the last few years.

None of them have EVER passed away like that.

Usually when someone is close to dying, they are in a hospital or hospice, OR they pass away unexpectedly at home.


When I first read this stuff three years ago, I thought it was preposterous, made-up baloney.


Now, that I’ve seen how our own treacherous Sadducee-Karaite-Kahana-Reform-Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemason Erev Rav families intersect with these royal families again and again and again, down hundreds of years of history….

I am not so quick to discount it.


The ‘antichrist’ of these people is the authentic Jewish Moshiach.

It’s not going to be one of their pretend-puppet ‘fake moshiachs’, that gets all the PR and the headlines, and the prizes from Presidents, and honors from heads of state, as we see him rubbing shoulders with Popes, Presidents and ‘Climate Change Kings’.

He is going to be a guy who is continually hounded and persecuted by the State; continually vilified and mocked in the establishment-controlled press; and continually in danger, as they try to ‘eradicate him’, and his positive influence on the Jewish people, anyway they can.

Let that sink in properly.

Then open your eyes, and really see what’s in front of them.


Now, go back and read this properly:


6 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It sounds VERY hard to believe… but so many of the puzzle pieces are starting to line up like that.

      Don’t forget that in the so-called ‘Dark Ages’ when xtianity was replacing pagan worship (really, in name only…) many royal families were looking to marry someone ‘from the line of David’ so they could claim that they were God’s appointed sovereigns on their thrones, and the continuation of ‘holy royalty’.

      This is a fact, not fiction.

      Then, we have Charlemagne’s daughter who married Bustainai – the Davidic exilarch / Kahana head figure, and who had two sons who may, or may not be Jewish.

      Charlemagne was the Holy Roman Emperor of the 9th century and a VERY powwerful king of his time. And his daughter is married to a leading Sadducee-Karaite with inherited messianic ambitions who has at least two sons that apparently stay in the Jewish community.

      This is one example from over 1,000 years ago, but look at the Khazar kings who also married a Karaite princess around the same time, then changed their name to ‘Al-Kohen Khazari’… and then look at Lord Mountbatten, married to an unmistakeable Frankist Jew, then look at the ancestors of the Queen Mother, who are again unmistakeable Frankist Jews linked to Elisha Shor’s family….

      These are a handful of examples, but when you see the same pattern repeating over and over and over again, you pay attention.

      There is nothing new under the sun.

      The Erev Rav who left Egypt included the top magicians and royal advisors to Pharoah, and their goal was to subvert the Jewish people’s belief in Hashem, and in the True Tzaddik Moshe Rabbenu, and mislead them into worshipping ‘golden calves’ – false messiahs, false monarchs, false ideas, gashmius and money over spirituality….

      There is nothing new under the sun.

      They have done a fantastic job, and continue to do that fantastic job today.

  1. doo wop rebbe
    doo wop rebbe says:

    king charles has spoken with fondness of his family holdings in transylvania 200 years ago when the family was minor royalty there. from sinai to dracula country to buckingham palace and who knows how many other stops in 3500years boggles the mind


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