Watch this.

It was recorded about Israel’s ‘war game’ against a ‘new, vaccine-resistant variant of Covid’ called ‘Omega’, held on November 11, 2021.

Guess what?

The war game ‘simulated’ that this ‘Omega variant’ was particularly dangerous for children….

Fancy that!

Just watch this two minute clip with Bennett describing what’s going on (in English – mild nausea alert), and then keep telling me this whole thing isn’t totally scripted.


The guy can’t even keep a straight face.

BH, the lies are starting to be so obvious, even hard-core ‘pro-vaxxers’ are starting to figure out something is not right here.

I was talking to someone yesterday whose dad is proudly triple jabbed, and really believes in Covid…

But even he is starting to question why the government is trying to ‘force jab’ people who don’t want it.

And you know that when the doubts reach this part of the constituency, it can’t be too much longer before the whole thing collapses in on itself.


There is no yeoush in the world!!!

Hang on, dear readers.

The ‘evil malchut’ is very close to collapsing.

So don’t lose hope, and don’t despair that this continues on forever.

It doesn’t.

And the end may be way nearer than any of us think.



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  1. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    Could the powers that be have a whole arsenal of potential crises to manufacture up their sleeves? If covid was a bioweapon, and the narrative collapses, a more potent form of covid could chas v’shalom be released. But aside from that, there are the possibilities of famine, economic collapse, war, severe climate change, cyber terrorism, an EMP weapon… I think many feel helpless and like we can’t keep going any more, especially on Israel, Australia, Lithuania and Austria where governments have gone mad. The question is whether we are at the end of yhis madness, and I think not. Eretz Yisroel is under the strong kelipa of Medinat Yisroel, with all its tumah. As bad as it is now, it was much worse during the holocaust, and Moschiach didn’t come then, so who knows if he’ll come now. There were safe places to be while the holocaust raged in Europe. Personally I also think there are safe places to be today to wait out this storm or at least have a normal life. Can Moschiach be close when so many places in the world go on relatively normally? Much of the world lives like 2019, while a handful of governments have gone insane and drunk on power.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Even here in Israel, it’s possibly to live pretty ‘normally’, give or take, even if you aren’t jabbed.

      I read somewhere that in the last war before Moshiach, the people who were going to make it, whatever that means, would ‘make it’ irrespective of geography – which I always found strange.

      But now I see how much this war is totally personal, and totally internal, it makes perfect sense.

      Wherever we live, we need to just keep holding on to God and His true tzaddikim, and following their advice.

      It’s very heavy right now, no doubt.

      That’s why I’m trying to dance and clap half an hour a day to deal with it and not go bonkers.

      It really works.

      • Hava
        Hava says:

        …and if we haven’t started singing, clapping and dancing, now is a good time to start, right? We have to pray Full Hallel with Brachot every single day of Hanukkah!

        (I’m still working on my arrangement of it in the privacy of my apartment. 😉 )

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Especially on Chanukah!!!!

        And Rivka, you always mention Azamra: well, guess what: tonight I discovered the AZAMRA website by stumbling on a video of Rabbi Avraham ben Yaakov Greenbaum, its founder. He reminds me of Rav Berland, his vibe is very similar; and it turns out he is a Nachman rav, so I checked out his website, Azamra. It’s worth checking out if you never visited it:

        (that’s just one post of course)

        Chanukah Sameach to all!

      • Rachel Eisenberg
        Rachel Eisenberg says:

        Rivka, what makes you so sure it won’t go on indefinitely? As soon as they’re caught in one lie, they manufacture another crisis to distract from the previous one. I honestly don’t see a light at the end of this tunnel. I sang and danced and clapped hallel this morning and felt better for all of 30 seconds and then I had to go back to work. I just can’t take this heaviness anymore. I need a little chizuk.

    • Miriam
      Miriam says:

      I think it is so much worse than the holocaust ever got. The truth was clear to those who were rounded up in the ghetto or sent to the camps. If people counted on their good neighbors in the beginning, they learned quickly who had their back and the truth was exposed. Once in the camps and faced with the horrible reality of intentional death, there was complete truth revealed. I doubt many entered the gas chambers still hoping for some soap and water, although some probably held onto their hope and denied reality until the end.

      We, the ones who are trying to unravel the truth, are in such a surreal existence of knowing what we know in our house and then walking outside and seeing a world going on around us as if everything is normal. I personally am not dealing so well with the extreme differences in life perception and I need to recover after every outing and meeting every jabbed person who is living in an alternate universe.

      I think death is a kinder end than what the evil have planned for the part of humanity who survives the jabs and turns into a controllable, robotic and semi human thing. Even in Egypt, our slave nation still could think for themselves although there was some level of mind control there too. Now, our future slave nation will be stripped of any individual ability to think or make choices.

      I think it’s coming quickly and so is moshaich because there is a line which, if crossed, goes too far and Hashem won’t allow that. I think Hashem will redeem us before we lose our brains and abilities. I think we’ll all suddenly realize what is going on, be crazy afraid and turn to Hashem when we see no one else can help us and then the redemption will be here. It’s got to happen to everyone at once in a big way so we can all cry out in unison. I daven that it should happen in the blink of an eye, before more damage can be done and more lives lost.

      I keep reconvincing myself after every unbelievable article or post that Hashem knows what he’s doing and of course, has full control. I have to trust him and continue to be happy while the world is falling apart at the seams. Sometimes, I just disconnect from everything I’m reading and pretend I’m one of the happy go lucky ones who are walking around as if the world is the same place its always been. That lasts a few minutes until I realize I’d rather know and have no peace than be blinded. It’s so much harder for us and Hashem has chosen that to be our challenge. To be faced with a scary future (and today) and still retain emunah and betachon, is an amazing thing which I aim for daily. I am hoping the special light of chanukah will be enough to counteract the darkness and turn the tide. I really hope Hashem has that be his plan too.

      I don’t think there are any safe normal places left. Everyone has to deal with themselves no matter where they are. If someone is jabbed, they aren’t safe anywhere. If they aren’t, they’ll be hunted down soon and not left alone. I think it’s safest spiritually and hopefully physically in the Holy Land and you couldn’t pay me to be anywhere else because it is like front row seats at the sold out moshiach concert. No matter how safe someone feels somewhere else, there will only be regret afterwards that they were not in EY if they could have been. It is not like the Holocaust which only was dangerous if you were in the Nazi’s reach and one had hope to run away or hide out. Our current holocaust can reach anywhere and anyone. If GO is in the air and inside us already even if we didn’t take the jab, then we are not safe anywhere. Now, we can easily see that it is all in Hashem’s hands and we can’t run too far.

      • Tikvah
        Tikvah says:

        I agree with every word you said Miriam. Alas, I’m not in Eretz Israel unfortunately. Only by a big miracle from G-d will this become possible for me and many others. Nowhere is safe, except perhaps to running to the hills and hide when complete evil takes over and they start hunting us. How does one even try to start explaining this to family members and our children of different age groups? I wish that a huge cataclysmic event happens to escalate things as this is torture, the different headlines each day. Now in the UK they’re going to give boosters every 3 months! My mind just cannot fathom how so much corruption we are living in, and being fully aware of their schemes, and trying to live a “normal life”. It’s like a horror movie.
        I just keep repeating ein od milvado like a mantra now, that’s all we can do. And prepare, spiritually and if possible, stocking up.
        Please Hashem have mercy on your people and send Moshiach soon!!

        • Daisy
          Daisy says:

          Amen to you, and also thank you Miriam for your beautiful and soulful write-up.

          The way I see it, until now Hashem has ALWAYS been on our side, even with the slightest things in our lives: so why would He abandon us now? Remember the verses after Aleinu: isn’t this a promise from Hashem?

          …..אַל תִּירָא מִפַּחַד פִּתְאֹם וּמִשֹּׁאַת רְשָׁעִים כִּי תָבֹא”
          “…..עד זקנה אני הוא”

          So don’t lose your Emunah under any circumstances! Hashem is so close, always with us, if we only remember to ask Him….. and thank Him too, of course, מובן מאליו, for every little incident that comes out just fine!

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        If we’re with Hashem – if we really make every place we are, ‘Hashem’s place’ – that is the safest place to ride this out.

        EG, I live in Israel, but I’m still even eating out in restaurants – inside – without being asked at all to show any green pass.

        There are so many people here, jabbed and otherwise, who are just not complying with all the crazy diktats – but quietly.

        It seems to me each person’s experience of ‘Covid 19 reality’ is being tailored exactly to them, and what they need to work on and deal with, spiritually.

        So, long story short… I’m in Israel, and in Jerusalem, because the Rav has been saying for years that Jerusalem is the only place to live.

        That’s based on a statement in the Gemara (I think…)

        That doesn’t mean Jews who are living anywhere and everywhere else don’t have any hope.

        This is totally, 100%, personal, and comes down to our personal relationship with Hashem.

        More than that, I can’t say.

        • Miriam
          Miriam says:

          I think you are very right about the Covid 19 reality being different for different unjabbed people living in the same country. I see my job is to be patient and happy despite the craziness in my area. It is a big emunah and simcha test for me. I see other people who are carefree and I think they are doing a better thing than me and focusing on the present and not overly worrying about the future. All my worry really is about the possible future. I’m not being persecuted now but I’m holding onto the fear that it could happen soon. I have freedom now but I’m fearing it could be taken away soon. I realize the fear is based not in actuality but in a media hyped proposed future. This shows that even an alternate media hyped future can do damage to our emunah and well being! It doesn’t matter that I’m being warned by well meaning people who just want to help me prepare for the worst. It’s still eating away at my emunah and making me apprehensive about what may come. I need to focus on now a bit more. My life is beautiful and amazing now. Hashem is causing amazing things to happen which is leading to an awesome geulah. The unpleasantness of survival prepping and food storing might have to be taken seriously but the mindset has to be grounded in a current reality just in order to remain sane.

          I feel in a different area I might not feel the fear of the future much at all. I would love to live in Yerushalim. My fear based warnings are all saying to leave the cities and run away where the authorities won’t reach you so quickly but I just want the best front row moshiach concert seats in Yerushalim!


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