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The last couple of weeks, I’ve been translating and transcribing the Channel 13 documentary on the pedophile ring in Sanhedria and Nachlaot.

You can see the original Hebrew HERE.

Why am I doing that? Because the journalist, Chaim Rivlin, actually did a very good job of putting together the information, and going forward, I wanted to have a record of what has been publically uncovered. And the second reason, is because when this stuff gets into English, then it’s instantly accessible to way more people in the world.

And public pressure is the only way that this stuff ever ‘moves’ (in terms of hishtadlut that is not praying for God to uproot all this evil once and for all.)

It’s all about keeping up appearances, didn’t you know?

So, the more people who can access and engage with this information, the higher the chances something might start to ‘catch’, and enough momentum will start to build for the very guilty parties in our midst to start being exposed, and held to account.


What I’m bringing you today is the very last part of the documentary, which begins around the 59 minute mark, where Rivlin is interviewing the police chief who was in charge of investigating the complaints of organised, xtian-based pedophila in Sanhedria.

(You can remind yourself of the basic details here:)



As we watch the ‘cover up’ of what really happened to Moishy Kleinerman unfold in full view, I thought it would be useful to understand whose side the police are really in, and the tactics they use to give the ‘appearance’ of investigating these crimes, when of course, they have absolutely no intention of really figuring out who did it.

Because they already know ‘who did it’, and they are covering up for them.



(Note: Chaim Rivlin will be abbreviated CR and italicised, the police chief will be referred to as POLICE.)

CR: When did you first hear about this matter?

POLICE: I have to tell you, that we are not talking about some sort of organised operation here, that began with a complaint that was made at the police station.

Rather, it began via a few different sources and routes, [the details] came by way of information and material. The investigation continued for a long time. There was no cooperation from the kehilla.

[Ed. note: This is something the police always like to claim, when dealing with pedophilia, and other crimes against children, in the chareidi community.]

When for two years – and this is the process I’m talking about – for two years you check things and you see that there is absolutely no evidence, also in the material that came to us that was ‘copied’ according to the idea that there is an organised ring here.


According to the material that I have, our argument is that the children were abused, but there is no connection between the cases.

The attempt to connect the victims, [was]in order to get some sort of what we call ‘financial gain’, or something, to get donations, it doesn’t matter what.


CR: No, you really think that therapists, who get 200 nis a meeting – and she BTW said that she didn’t take money from the parents at the beginning – that this is the incentive to go through this whole thing?!

That they would put such awful ‘imaginary’ ideas like these, into the heads of children?!

[Ed. note: In 2016, the police arrested one of the therapists who had been helping some of the pedo-abused children in Sanhedria, on the charge of ‘making the story up for money’.]


POLICE: See, when you see that on the one hand, there is absolutely no evidence to connect the cases – and I underline again, that there are cases [here] of sexual abuse – [but] there is absolutely no evidence to connect them.

From the other side, the reason for connecting them is to make it possible to collect very big sums of money, which essentially motivates a very, very big financial enterprise.


CR: Dani Brom, Joanna Silberg and also Ben Harosh [all licensed therapists / psychiatrists] appeared on our show, and they all said that ‘we have the feeling that all of the stories of the Christianity and the tunnels, etc, it’s a smokescreen designed to confuse everybody, and especially the kids themselves, so that they won’t be believed.

But, it seems to us that there IS an organised ring here.

Doesn’t that sound realistic?


POLICE: We live in a legal world of evidence.

I can’t bring rumors, ideas and thoughts. I need to bring evidence to court.


CR: If we were talking about some sort of singular occurrence, something unusual, like we’re describing, where kids are taken out of their schools and kindergartens in the middle of the day, whether with inside help or without the inside help of a whole bunch of people, and where it seems they are working in a very sophisticated way…

I can’t understand why the Israeli Police wouldn’t have picked up its feet, and used all the resources that it has, in order to beat this thing.

POLICE: Yes, yes.

CR: So, why didn’t that happen?


POLICE: Where is a complaint that kids are abducted from their institutions of learning, whatever they are, and there’s a camera, or there is…

CR: (Interrupting) So, you are saying that if the kidnapping happens in a place where there are no cameras, so then you’re not going to investigate?!

POLICE: That’s irrational. I’m just giving you an example.

CR: I don’t understand the logic. I just don’t understand the logic.


POLICE: It’s not logical that there is a complaint that a child is kidnapped and the whole story is based on the kid coming home late by 1/4 hour or 20 minutes!

CR: No, that’s not the story! No, no, no.

The mother recounted she was contacted by the kindergarten, which told her that today, her child came to school 1 1/2 hour late.

And during this time, according to the driver of the minibus, he was with him in the minibus. And afterwards, the kid comes home, and says that lots of the driver’s ‘older brothers’ got into the vehicle, and that he was very scared.

And afterwards, this kid develops exactly all the phenomena and symptoms that we spoke about [in the documentary]. And he said that he was taken from his school in a methodical manner. They did terrible things to him that I can’t even begin to describe.

This doesn’t sound to me like something that wasn’t worth properly investigating.

Who was this driver? What is this minibus company? And how did this kid get to school an hour and a half late?! And we know for a fact that this happened to him.

This doesn’t sound right.

[Ed. note: The police didn’t interview any of the drivers or ‘inside helpers’ who were suspected of taking these children out to the pedo ring.]


POLICE: So, like I said, I can’t [stuttering], I can’t refer to this specific case.

Also, complaints like this that came from the parents, if they existed – and there were some – at the end, A) the kid didn’t tell us this; and B) It’s impossible to get to any official information where it says this.

[Ed. note: Because the police refused to question any of the drivers or ‘inside helpers’, to start verifying whether this actually happened.]

CR: (Interrupts) But the nursery teacher said the kid came 1 1/2 hours late!!

POLICE: (Evasively) I don’t know, I’m not familiar with this, I’m not familiar.

CR: That’s not enough?

POLICE: No, I’m not familiar with this incident. I never heard about this incident.

[Ed. note: Remember, this is the police chief in charge of investigating the Sanhedria case for 2-3 years. Yet, he’s apparently ‘not familiar’ with a key piece of evidence that could have led to many different lines of enquiry and some very concrete ‘proof’ of what was really going on…]


CR: We collected 108 names of children.

This sounds to me like something that should have shaken the very foundations.

POLICE: The police doesn’t have any vested interests in not investigating this.

Agree with me. Ultimately, we are looking at the abuse of children [here].


CR: If that’s true, then you don’t believe them [the kids].

Instead, if that’s true, from the beginning you said that this is just regular pedophilia.

It’s chareidim, who want to try and pin this story on to non-Jews, on someone else. Yes, ‘tunnels’, and all that stuff. I heard these ‘theories’ from the police.

And then, you know, we don’t believe them. So, we’re really also not going to seriously investigate [their claims].


POLICE: The amount of time and resources that we’ve sunk into this investigation in total, is very large.

I would be, I wouldn’t say ‘happy’, exactly, but if I would have had a line of investigation that would have lead me to this ‘cult’ that you’re claiming, or to this group, whatever it’s objective is, I think that I would have put in much less resources into stopping these people, to investigate them and bring them to justice.

[Ed. note: This is an example of that phenomenon where these people ‘tell the truth’, despite themselves.]


CR: If 20 kids out of 108 tell you that they were videoed, shouldn’t this have pointed you in the direction of something called the ‘Dark Net’?

POLICE: Again, it’s possible to start many different lines of investigation…

CR: (Interrupts) But this is very simple!

POLICE: There was a mish-mash of complaints here…

CR: Did you check? Did you check on the ‘Dark Net’?

POLICE: (Evasively) We checked a lot of things. I’m not going to go over all the things we did with you.

CR: But you didn’t check on the Dark Net. You didn’t undertake a ‘cyber investigation’.

POLICE: (Getting angry) What do you mean, ‘Dark Net’?

CR: Cyber [i.e. internet]. A cyber investigation.

POLICE: If something was put up, and if I would have known that there is a line of enquiry, we would have [pause…] continued it.

[Now pointedly changing the subject…]


POLICE: Now, to return to the multiple complaints.

There were 100 names, or 2-300 names.

[Ed. note – here we see the real scope of the complaints was between 2-300 children]

This was a complaint that was alleged to us a few times. At the end, when you are giving specific details about this, a bill of indictment, evidence, an investigation, it’s not conducted upon 100 people. It’s conducted one by one, on the person who was hurt, the victim, and the suspect who hurt them. If there’s one suspect, or many suspects, it doesn’t matter.

CR: But these are small children who couldn’t say who was a suspect!!

And they were also psychologically manipulated, so that it would be impossible for them to give the name of a suspect. So, this requires a different way of thinking!


POLICE: So, we thought differently here! That’s what I’m trying to say! We thought differently here.

But ultimately, with the tools of the police, with ‘thinking out of the box’, we did a lot of things, much more than in the investigations that you call ‘regular investigations’.


The interview with the Police Chief ends.

You can see that the journalist Chaim Rivlin looks very uncomfortable and distressed throughout the interview, because even a moron can see that the police are lying through their teeth.

No-one was ever arrested, or apparently even questioned in connection to the pedophile ring in Sanhedria (apart from the therapists who were raising the alarm…)

Not the minibus drivers, not the caretakers and classroom helpers who were suspected of taking the kids out of school, not the large gang of ‘externally chareidi’ pedophiles, who appear to be acting as the go-betweens, ferrying these kids out to the xtian churches in the Old City, where they are then taken for ritual abuse sessions down in the basement of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre….

It’s hard to imagine what the police actually investigated for two years.

Also, none of the police investigators watched even so much as a frame of the recorded therapy sessions with the children, where they were telling their stories in their own words.


At the end of the documentary, Rivlin explains that the 100s of ritually-abused chareidi kids have absolutely no official framework helping them.

The Jerusalem City Hall isn’t interested, the social services aren’t interested. They have been left totally ‘hefker’.

45 of these families left Israel and went back to the States.

Many more of the families left Jerusalem.


But here’s the thing to understand, and that the journalists themselves stress:

This pedophile ring is still operating today.

Rivlin himself has a long list of suspects that he’s been given by vigilant parents, who are trying to figure things out themselves, to protect their kids, while the police continue to tell them they are imagining everything.

And apparently, it has now extended its operations beyond Jerusalem.


Remember  this, next time you hear a police spokesman blaming chareidim abuse victims for ‘not co-operating’ with them.

They just pull the same stunt again and again and again.

They did that in Nachlaot, ten years ago. They did it in Sanhedria six years ago. They are doing it again today, in Beit Vegan.

And in the meantime, the demonic pedophiles in our midst continue to get away with their awful crimes against children.

Until enough of us take this seriously, and say ‘ad kan’ – but no further.


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