Object to tyranny

I just got sent this, about new laws about to pass in Israel, God forbid.


I already posted this link up on my old, deleted website, but here it is again, for anyone who wants to object. We have 5 hours left to do that….

Everyone (who hasn’t already seen this) had better sit down to read the below links and the attachment.  I received from a friend today and if Mordechai Sones is reporting it, I imagine it is correct.


HERE is where you can object on the Israeli government website – they have 15,000 people objecting so far, but they probably need way more to stop the speeding bullet derech hateva.

If derech hateva isn’t your thing, then please consider spending half an hour today / tomorrow doing some serious clapping and dancing on this subject, to stomp these new dictatorial laws into spiritual oblivion.

Or, read 1, or 3, or 7 Tikkun Haklalis, to try and get this sweetened. Point is, there is certainly something you can do to object to this, especially to Hashem, the Master of the World.


Or, instead, you can do this:

Whatever works best for you.


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  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    In order to do the derech hateva thing you have to have a password to the site. I really want to do it, but I don’t know how to get a password. Maybe I shouldn’t want to know.

    Of course this is a method of control. So maybe I shouldn’t do that?

  2. Hava
    Hava says:

    I tried to get a password 3 different times…and none of them worked. Maybe H’ doesn’t want me to protest openly. But as you said, Rivka, there are other ways, and I intend to use some of them.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yes, it looks like that.

      There are other, probably better, ways of ‘protesting’ – to Hashem! I think that probably has to be the focus, going forward.

  3. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    My goodness; full-on dictatorship, not even hidden anymore. Unfortunately I did not see this on time, so I cannot object that way. How about writing letters to the gov and telling them like it is? Will they even read them? Oy lanu, I think the T.K. is probably a better option – or is it a cop-out? How about both?


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