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A couple of years’ ago, I tripped over the idea of ‘mud fossils’ on Youtube, and I spent a fortnight watching everything I could about them.

The basic idea is very simple, and also makes sense in terms of the chemistry – but it’s incredibly challenging to really internalise.

In a nutshell, so much of what we relate to as ‘earth’ and ‘rocks’ and ‘stones’ in the world was once alive.

After the great flood, all the living creatures on the earth – including the giants that the Torah talks about in a number of different places – became ‘fossilised’ and petrified by the flood waters.

If you watch this video below, (shmirat eynayim friendly) it will give you a basic introduction to the idea.


Now, I consider myself mostly open-minded.

I am prepared to look at the evidence, and to evaluate it as ‘fairly’ as I can.

But even though there was a lot of objective, scientific evidence to suggest that much of the mud fossil premise is correct – it was still way too mind-blowing to really deal with, two years back.

So now, what’s changed?

Why am I broaching this subject now, here on the blog (and probably making my husband cringe that I’m blowing my cred…)?


One of the commentators on the Tomer Devorah blog left a link to this short clip, apparently from a movie done in 2007. They didn’t leave details of what the movie is called, but this short 2 minute cartoon clip was uploaded to Youtube in 2016, so it definitely predated the current COVID-19 plandemic by at least 3 years.

You can see it here:


This clip lays out the following scenario:

  1. There’s a fake ‘plandemic’ across the globe.
  2. The authorities use is as the excuse to start injecting people with a ‘virus’ that alters the structure of the body’s cells, and start to turn the living tissue into biometals.
  3. They pick one country – in the cartoon Japan – to run the experiment on.
  4. When the ‘virus’ reaches the brain – people become mindless, remote-controllable, ‘metallized’ androids.

Ha ha!

Such science fiction, isn’t it?

Except I watched this cartoon, then instantly remembered all the ‘mud fossil’ stuff about how living tissue can become petrified (very easily, and very quickly) to become metal and stone, with the right circumstances and technology.


The ancient Greeks and the ancient Egyptians had a type of technology to ‘petrify’ people and turn them to stone.

It’s mentioned in legends and fairy tales – apparently – like the famous Head of Medusa:

In Greek mythologyMedusa also called Gorgo, was one of the three monstrous Gorgons, generally described as winged human females with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Those who gazed into her eyes would turn to stone.

Ha ha!

All this is just a fairy tale, right?



As we’re doing full weird in this post, let me also toss this out there:

Starbucks Melusine


A couple of months ago, I got stuck behind a Starbucks coffee van, and I got the idea in my head to go and look up who that strange Starbucks ‘mythical woman’ – with kinda weird serpentine hair and unhuman hands – actually was.

It wasn’t Medusa.

It was something that I actually found even more disturbing.

The Starbucks lady is based on another ‘mythical figure’ called Melusine.

This from Wiki:

Melusine or Melusina is a figure of European folklore and mythology, a female spirit of fresh water in a sacred spring or river. She is usually depicted as a woman who is a serpent or fish from the waist down (much like a mermaid). She is also sometimes illustrated with wings, two tails, or both.

Her legends are especially connected with the northern and western areas of FranceLuxembourg, and the Low Countries.

The House of Luxembourg (which ruled the Holy Roman Empire from AD 1308 to AD 1437 as well as Bohemia and Hungary), the House of Anjou and their descendants the House of Plantagenet (kings of England) and the French House of Lusignan (kings of Cyprus from AD 1205–1472, and for shorter periods over Armenia and Jerusalem) are said in folk tales and medieval literature to be descended from Melusine.


If you’re interested, go read up that Wikipedia account of ‘Melusine’, the half-snake ancestor of European royalty.

When I starting poking around all this ‘transgender’ stuff last week, the idea of Melusine – that beautiful woman on top, who is actually a snake below the waist – flashed into my head.

I’m not drawing any conclusions, I’m just putting this stuff out there as ‘interesting’.

I have the feeling that even stuff like slave-trading crypto Jews who actually started off the Protestant Reformation is only going to end up ranking a weak 4-5 on the ‘weird but true’ scale, by the end of this whole process of moving into the world of truth, ahead of Moshiach.

Until we’ve figured more of this out, let me say this: take a pass on those vaccines.

There are just too many weird coincidences going on here for us to totally ignore the signals Hashem is clearly sending, that something with this whole COVID-19 ‘story’ is really, really, wrong.



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9 replies
  1. Chaim
    Chaim says:

    Many folklore/mythical creatures are actually brought from our tradition.

    The Midrash says there was a certain bird called Orshina in the Ark of Noach who didn’t want to eat. Noach asked it “why are you not asking for food like the other animals?”. The bird replied “You already seem overwhelmed with all your work, I didn’t want to add to your burden”. Noach then blessed the bird to live eternally, so that when it would “die”, it would rise from its ashes.

    (as everyone probably guessed, this is the what the Greeks called “Phoenix”).

    The dogs the Egyptians used to enslave the Jewish people are what they referred to as Anubis and I believe there’s a Midrash that also speaks of a horse with one horn that could fly.

    More “recently”, we had reports of many Tzaddikim who witnessed Sirens/Mermaids in the sea, like the Pri Chadash and a few others.

  2. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Very interesting, Rivka! Thanks. It reminds me of all the shell stones – fossils – I found within the rocks of Hevron. Beautiful – ON TOP OF MOUNTAINS! Makes you realize how the Mabul was all over the earth. And your theory is pretty cool. May Hashem preserve us all from this fate.

    Speaking of NOT TAKING THE VACCINE, I highly recommend that your readers check my last two posts, which very much refer to this topic and expose the whole story:

    and BTW the following post relates pretty interestingly to your post here, in case you and your readers are interested. I think the info here is also important to know, but of another nature – has to do with different components of the “non-vaccine”:

  3. Milka
    Milka says:

    Why have I never learned or heard of mud fossils?!??? My schools taught us from the most up to date textbooks. When I looked up this topic online some fossils looked very real and others looked like they could have been statues. They can tell the difference?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Mud fossils is totally mind-blowing…. A lot of it makes sense intuitively, and there is also a lot of crud mixed in with the truth, so tread carefully.

  4. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    Fascinating stuff. I too started learning just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, which featured so prominently in Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Set aside one’s prejudice, and it is clearly a giant petrified tree stump.

    So-called “rock-cut cities” like Petra? They were not carved out of stone! They were encased in mud which turned into stone, which people later excavated, and are certainly pre-Mabul!

    There are many, many examples of similar, rexamining all we are taught about history, both recent and ancient, found on just a few Youtube channels I follow. One of the best is “JonLevi”.

    If you really want to concern your husband, tell him the world is exactly like Maaseh Breishis describes. The universe is not billions of years old and there no vastness of empty space. There are waters above, held back by the rakia, just like it says in the Torah and as explained by our meforshim.

    If it weren’t for our enduring mesora, we too would be completely under the sway of extremely evil forces.

  5. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    Related to the mudfossil video above, also check out Stellium7’s wonderful multi-part series “Unveiling a Titan,” in particular, among other interesting videos.

    The Talmud speaks of the earth before the flood as being flat, that is, without much in the way geography. No mountains. No seasons. Ideal weather. Only need to sow once in 40 years. IIRC also gigantic flora and fauna. The geography we see today is both petrified/fossilized organic matter as well as encrusted detritus (like Petra and many other examples worldwide) from the destroyed civilization, which was extremely advanced, even as it was very wicked.

    According to JonLevi and many others, this is not our first or even second “reset” (the term being bandied about by those who rebel against Hashem). When you take a close look at old structures, even just 100-200 years old (as we are told in the history books), the explanations given as to their origins fall apart. This is admittedly speculative, but given how much “they” lie about absolutely everything, when they don’t outright hide it, I believe it.


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