The last few months, I’ve been writing a great deal about ‘the problem’.

So many problems, in fact!

From GO nanotech, to 5…G antennas, to Erev Rav fake rabbis, to tyrannical politicians and their evil controllers in the shadows.

It’s hard stuff.

It’s heavy stuff.

Sadly, it’s also necessary, because if I didn’t pin all this stuff down, it would be even harder for many of us to wake from our Disney-fied stupor to deal with a reality that is pretty painful – but open to change.

As soon as we engage with ‘the real problem’, we can start to find solutions to it.

And that is what this post is going to be about.


Now, I’m not promising that anything I’m putting here is the definitive ‘solution’.

And I’m also making the necessary, formulaic declaration that none of this constitutes medical advice, and each person is responsible 100% for how they use and apply this information, and any outcome that may occur from it.

But what I am trying to do is to bring some things that sound useful together, and then to encourage us all to start to do the experiment, to see what is really going to work, here, to solve the problem of electro-magnetic nanotech that is off building it’s synthetic ‘scaffolding’ throughout the human body.

So, let’s start with defining the problem very clearly, so we know what our base line is, and we can start to figure out how to solve it – only with God’s help.


I will split this post into 2 parts.

Part 1 is focussing on solving the problem of the graphene oxide nanotech in the Covid shots, and in our food, water, and air.

And Part 2 will focus on solving the problem of damaging 5…G radiation. (Written like this, because anything written ‘straight’ is instantly censored and ‘whited out’ on my blog.)

Let us begin.


Here is the problem, stated as simply as I can put it:

All of us are ingesting and inhaling graphene oxide nanotech, all the time.

Then, there are those of us who willingly or otherwise have been jabbed with ‘Covid 19’ shots containing huge amounts of graphene oxide nanotubes.

These GO nanotubes have an electromagnetic resonance, and ‘self-organise’ themselves into a growing network of nanotubes, AKA a ‘biofilm’ within our body, which can clog our blood, take over our organs – and generally make us feel really unwell, if it doesn’t just straight kill us.


Watch this again, to see how this graphene oxide ‘biofilm’ can grow in the body, once ingested / inhaled / injected:


So, here’s the thing:

How can we break up these GO nano ‘biofilms’ in our bodies?

First, go HERE and read this article (as there is no point in re-typing stuff that others have already covered really well.)

It’s called ‘How can we protect ourselves from 5G and nanotechnology.’

The guy who is being interviewed, Tony Pantalleresco, is an herbalist from Canada who has been dealing with detoxing nanotech for a decade.

This interview is from May 2019, but Pantalleresco is describing how this GO nanotech works, exactly as I’m showing you in all these videos, and exactly how the scientific papers describe it.

He really knows his stuff.


So, go read that first.

Here are a few of the most important snippets, for the lazy and busy ones, who can’t click a link.

This comes from HERE:

Removing Nanotechnology from the Body

Many of us might want to rush out and take immediate steps to clean the nano junk out of our bodies, but there can be risks unless the process is handled properly and systematically.

The initial recommendations can be done by anyone at any time. Anyone who is concerned should start with these three steps.

  1. Reduce your new exposure to nanotechnology by making changes in the food that is eaten, the kind of water that is drunk, the types of cosmetics and skincare products that are used, and the pharmaceuticals and supplements that are taken.
  1. Build up your body’s natural defenses and detoxification pathways by taking a few select mineral supplements.
  1. Protect yourself by reducing exposure to WiFi and other frequency sources, which activate nanotechnology in the body and weaken the immune system.

The last part of the process must be done before any attempt is made to detoxify the existing load of nanotechnology. 

  1. Deprogram the existing nanotechnology that is in the body. If deprogramming is not done before detoxification, then the nanotechnology will not come out and can actually become more strongly embedded. 


Why do you need to ‘deprogram’ the GO nanotech, before trying to cleanse it out of the system?

Because it’s bio-electric, and when it ‘swarms together’ in the body, it has some ‘artificial intelligence’. Ido Bachelet told us that, back in 2013.

Until you neutralise it’s ability to ‘communicate’ with other nanotubes, it’ll just keep rebuilding it’s biofilm, or ‘scaffolding’ in your body. 

So first things first, we have to deal with it’s ‘electro-magnetic’ properties, to try and take that out of action.


Here’s 3 of Tony’s suggestions, together with the videos and instructions on how to do it.

Again, I am just being a conduit of info here, and I’m really asking you, dear readers, to bring your own abilities and seichel and experience to the table here, to help brainstorm how we can start to get this nano-cack out of everyone’s bodies.

We need to work together, to figure this out properly, so take all this as a starting point.

More quotes from Tony, then let’s begin:

“The biggest thing you have to do is to deactivate it.

If you don’t deactivate it and you hit it with any direct force, it will change its morphology – it will create its own defense mechanism and become something completely different than what it is. It will still maintain its directive, but it will be impervious to your assault….

We recommend soaking the feet and legs in a nano bucket or the entire body in a bath tub with a nano triangle to disengage the programming of nanotechnology. This will cause the nano to let go so the body can flush it out.”


  1. Instructions on how to make an electrified ‘nano-bucket’


If you prefer written instructions, please go HERE instead.

You will need:

(To make the bucket)

 5 gallon bucket
Double-sided electrical tape
10, 12, 14 gauge wire (10 gauge is thicker and can allow more electrons to flow through it)
5 amp power adaptor

(To put into the bucket, once made)

4 gallons of vinegar
2 gallons of distilled water
1/4 cup of sea salts
1 teaspoon of oil

Legs and feet should be soaked for between 20 mins to one hour.


2. How to make an anti-nano triangle, for the bath.


Now, I’m not technical.

And it makes me nervous, to combine water and electricity in any way.

But if someone out there is confident enough to actually go ahead and make these things, please do the experiment and let us know!

Here’s why this could be a very important way of ‘detoxing’ from the Covid shot nanotech, going forward.

(Snippet from the same Health Impact News site, HERE.)


How do These Devices Deprogram Nano?

Tony Pantalleresco explains:

They create a DC electric pulse. We use a DC power supply to create a field in the bucket or bathtub. Some power supplies have a cut-off mechanism where they turn on and off. This creates a mini electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The EMP overloads the programing of the nano materials and wipes it clean for a while.

The idea is when the field hits the programing it disengages it, then without the programming the nano materials just become inert nano substances such as nano-metal which can then more easily be flushed out of the body.

The gentle pulsing of the field first disengages the programing, which is designed to build, construct, and network.


The second thing you are doing is to make nano substances collide.

Nano particles are 1 nano-second apart – they don’t touch each other. They know where to go and how to flow. They know what part of the equation they fit into, and they fall in place. As they assemble up they do not interfere with one another. The moment you make them touch each other they take themselves out.

You have substances that are 3 times harder than diamond and a hundred times stronger than steel that have a charge. When they touch each other it is like a major explosion in the nano world. When two collide it has adverse effects on the network that they are in. It is like a line of dominos. You hit one and a hundred of them will fall. 


When I read these 4 paragraphs above, that’s when I understood that Tony really knows what he is talking about.

Another thing he recommends to get the nanotech out of the body, once it’s been ‘de-electro-magnetised’ is something called Sodium Thiosulfate.

Oral doses of Sodium Thiosulphate can be taken for detox. When taking Sodium Thiosulphate, you have to reload with some type of fermented dairy or probiotic bacteria and minerals.

Sodium Thiosulfate does not discriminate. Everything comes out. You will see nano wires, chips, bots, debrief.

Here’s the video that explains how to do that:


Basically, you take 1 tsp of Sodium Thiosulfate in a cup of warm water, together with ascorbic acid, for 7-10 days – or until the ‘detox’ has happened enough for you to start feeling better. Whatever comes first.

It’s meant to taste totally disgusting, but if you go HERE, you’ll find an article with a whole bunch of info about how Sodium Thiosulfate detoxes the body from heavy metals and biofilms, like nothing else.

I don’t know where to get it in Israel, so if any readers can help to research this part of the story, that would be great.


Now, while we are on the subject of how to ‘neutralise’ the electro-magnetic aspects of the nanotech bio-films, I want to throw another possible alternative – which doesn’t require a degree in electric engineering – out there.

And that’s a bentonite clay detox, and / or bath.

THIS article about how to do a ‘magnetic clay detox’ is actually very useful, and has a lot of scientifically-based information, to explain how it’s working.


Toxins frequently carry a positive charge. Clay particles counteract this by carrying a negative charge, specifically when combined with water. Similar to how the opposite ends of a magnet are attracted to each other, so are the toxins and the clay. In this way, the clay molecules pull the toxins out from your skin.


The GO nanotech carries a very pronounced positive charge, which is why I think the bentonite clay really might be a more gentle way of getting the stuff ‘neutralised’, electronically, so it can be easily flushed out of the system.

While I was pondering all this, Vivien just posted a link to this, in the comments on the last post:

Vaxxed Soldier Does Magnetic Clay Detox… Then Fibrous Moving Creatures That Glow Under Black Light Emerge Out Of His Skin!!

Those ‘fibrous moving creatures’ are just the GO nanotubes, that have assembled themselves into an ‘artificially intelligent’ structure within the body.

But it’s kind of proving the thesis here, isn’t it?


So, let’s just sum up where we’ve got to, so far.

  1. The GO nanotech in the body self-assembles into a kind of bio-film, that is electr0-magnetically charged, and possesses a type of artificial intelligence.
  2. This nanotech biofilm has to be ‘neutralised’, electro-magnetically, to get the nanotech to revert to inert matter that can then by easily flushed out of the body.
  3. You can ‘neutralise’ the nanotech by soaking in a nano-bucket, or putting a nano-triangle in your bath.
  4. If you are scared of potentially electrocuting yourself – join the club! So then, try doing a bentonite clay bath detox instead.
  5.  Once the nanotech has been neutralised, the fastest, easiest and cheapest way of flushing it out of the body is with Sodium Thiosulfate.


Let me throw one more idea out there, for now.

And that is that when I was going through the comments on Covid shot side effects, I noticed a few stating that their symptoms were greatly helped with homeopathy.

These are people who went to the doctors for help, and literally got no help at all with even very serious side effects from the Covid shots.

But homeopathy apparently helped.

I’m not vouching for it, I’m just sharing the information for what seems to be working for others, to give as many options as possible to people to start defusing this stuff.

The rodefshalom website has a link to this site, which seems to have experience detoxing people from Covid shots in Israel:

Quick Homeopathic Assistance Israel

On their testimonials page, I found this first-hand statement about how their treatment helped a 53 year old woman overcome Covid shot-induced tinnitus:

(Shirat eynayim friendly, in Hebrew.)


Go HERE, for more information, and to get in touch with them.


If you have some ideas about what is working, what could work, to detox from the GO nanotech, please share them.

I know many in the alternative health community are of the view that you can’t detox from these ‘DNA-changing’ shots, but I personally don’t believe that.

Rebbe Nachman taught very clearly that if you believe something can be broken, then believe it can also be fixed!

I believe that if we work together, we can find the solutions, spiritual and more ‘material’, to solving this Covid 19 nanotech shots issue – without minimising its seriousness, or going into denial about the problem.

There are too many good people who have been injected, either under false pretences, or because of outright coercion, for there not to be a solution to this problem.

And with God’s help, we are inching closer and closer to finding it.


I’ll pick this subject up again, in Part 2.

In the meantime, go HERE for more information and videos from Tony Pantallerescu.


You might also like this article, which has other suggestions for detoxing from the graphene oxide nanotech:


9 replies
  1. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:


    Thanks a lot for this concise synopsis; a lot of stuff to digest!

    First of all, a question: why do you call the nanotubes a biofilm? How is it a BIOfilm? Biofilms are usually bacteria and their products, live stuff, if I recall.

    Second: I happen to know a very special woman whose sister is a homeopath, and she knows a lot about homeopathy. I met her this summer, and she actually gave me some homeopathic water to help when exposed to vaxxed people – I had forgotten about it, good thing you mentioned homeopathy!!

    She is the one and only person I met this summer whom I gave my own copy of the Perakhim Nivcharim to, because I felt that she could “get it”. She was quite happy about it. I also gave her a link to your blog, BTW, if I recall.

    If you want I can contact her, and ask her to be in touch with you. Maybe she can share links to sources that can help out with homeopathy – and much more. She understands 5…G very well, and we were sharing lots of information this summer. She was here for Rosh Hashanah. Her name is Batsheva / AKA Roberta.

    Interested? Let me know, OK?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The rGO in the Covid shots – and that we are breathing in and eating in EVERYTHING, even ‘organic’ stuff – is forming a synthetic biofilm.

      Here’s the definition of ‘biofilm’ from Wiki:

      “A biofilm comprises any syntrophic consortium of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other and often also to a surface. These adherent cells become embedded within a slimy extracellular matrix that is composed of extracellular polymeric substances (EPSs). The cells within the biofilm produce the EPS components, which are typically a polymeric conglomeration of extracellular polysaccharides, proteins, lipids and DNA.”

      Also, take a look at this, that I just found trying to answer your question, a presentation on how to create and use synthetic biofilms from 2014- given at Israel’s Technion.

      Of course!

      Very happy to be in touch with the homeopath, Daisy. Please go ahead and make the shidduch.

      Question for you: If there are no ‘spike proteins’ of ‘covid 19’ in this stuff – increasingly looking likely – then what did the homeopath say we need protecting from? Is it just the nanotech itself, or the radiation it can potentially give off? Or something else?

  2. Rachel in NY
    Rachel in NY says:

    HI, Rivka… I am wondering if the clay baths would be helpful in the treatment of long covid as well? I have had respiratory issues for 19 months since this thing first appeared. I was sick before they were testing for it, back in March 2020, and still fighting the phlegm. I am very nervous about trying that thing with the electricity and the water, as you are, but I am very willing to try the clay bath if I can figure out exactly how much of the powder I would need to put in the tub. I actually have some bentonite clay powder on hand from a different ailment.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Probably, as all this stuff like ‘long Covid’ is probably just some form of rGO / radiation poisoning.

      What is ‘long Covid’ meant to be, exactly?

      • Rachel in NY
        Rachel in NY says:

        I am wondering the same thing actually. I don’t understand it and I’m living through it. After my initial illness in March 2020, I seemed to “get better” but not completely. I tested for antibodies after 2 months and had none. Then I started with a congested cough that just wouldn’t go away. After 8 months I thought I broke a rib coughing so I got an xray and a ct scan. All it showed was some mysterious chronic airway inflammation. So what caused it? The doctors didn’t know and didn’t care. I was given prednisone and a z-pack which only helped for 2 weeks and then it came back. It was when my grown son suggested Advair, an asthma medication, that I got it to “manageable levels.” Ivermectin helped somewhat and I am on many other supplements, whatever I see recommended out there. But I’m still not 100% and I used to exercise regularly and can no longer do that. I have tried food grade hydrogen peroxide nebulization and it helped a little. But I am looking for a solution. I have been BH healthy my whole life, maybe 20 lbs overweight but certainly not obese. Can’t explain this long-haul syndrome but I just want it gone.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          How could you have ‘had Covid’ with no antibodies after just 2 months?

          Question: did they recently put up any 5…G antennas near you, in the last 18 months, that coincided with your illness?

          And also, did you get the Covid shot?

          (You can email me privately, if that’s better for you.)

          • Rachel in NY
            Rachel in NY says:

            I would NEVER get their bogus shot. I live in Staten Island, NY, I haven’t “seen” any 5G towers but I assume there must be some around NYC. As to the antibody test, I truly believe the results were false. The illness I had in March 2020 started with a mysterious migraine and feverish feeling that sent me to bed in the middle of a Sunday. Two days later I had the worst cough of my life. What else could it have been? I no longer trust these lab tests for anything, they make up results to support a narrative.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Look at this ‘definition’ from

          “Long COVID doesn’t really have a meaning: it’s used to cover a whole soup of stuff,” says Summers. All sorts of individuals have adopted this term, from patients who were hospitalized owing to severe COVID-19 to those who had milder or even asymptomatic infections, with or without a positive SARS-CoV-2 test. The symptoms reported, meanwhile, affect nearly every organ system.

          ‘Post-acute’ COVID-19 — the umbrella term embraced by the NIH to capture prolonged health abnormalities in people who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 — covers a broad space as well. It includes not just long COVID, but also the effects of potentially overlapping sequelae like post-intensive care syndrome (PICS), a condition associated with treatment in an intensive care unit.”

          Waiting for your response about whether you had the Covid jab, and then we’ll feel it out a bit more, about what could be going on.


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