I have so much to share with you, but it’s not really managing to ‘come out’, at the moment.

Like so many of us, I’m also feeling a little stuck, a little lost, a little like I’m so sick and tired of all this, and when does it stop already?

In the meantime….

In case you are still doubting that real people are being hurt and even killed by these Covid shots, let me introduce you to Mark Steyn, a famous journalist in the UK, who remarkably, is apparently at least sometimes still covering real news.


This video isn’t shmiray eynayim friendly, (it’s full of dumpy women with the traditional British cleavage….)

(Man, I don’t miss that place.)

So that’s one good excuse for not watching it.

But, if you want to listen, you’ll hear lots of first-hand stories like the ones I shared with you from my brother’s circle in London, where some of those ‘vaxxed’ people are now extremely ill – and none of the doctors want to hear about it, or help them.

Nobody wants to talk about what happened to them after they took these ‘safe and effective’ Covid shots.


Start listening around the 33 minute mark, for a couple of minutes, to get the ‘flavor’ of what is really going on with the NHS, in the UK.

Again, this is just reflecting what I’m hearing from my own relatives there.

Clearly, the shots are NOT ‘safe and effective’, and clearly, no-one is really acknowledging what is actually going on.

There is a media black-out, including social media, on people sharing their own stories of how the Covid shots are actually affecting them – and killing people.


Over in the US, the CDC is ‘reassigning’ excess deaths from the Covid shots to different categories – or disappearing them.

The Ethical Skeptic on Twitter has a whole chain that pulls out the data, and shows you what is really going on. This is just one example.


And here is how the mainstream media is treating this issue:

(From HERE):


Yeah, it’s ‘SADS’!!!!

This new phenomenon that CO-IN-CID-ENTLY began just as they were shooting up everyone with experimental Covid shots…

But of course, it’s nothing to do with the shots!!!


And THIS is how the BBC is bringing you their ‘independent, unbiased’ take on the Covid shots:


Man, I’m feeling so tired of all this.

But Moshiach comes slowly, on a donkey, and that process maybe even takes another 200 years.

There is not going to be any ‘quick end’ to this, no lightning strike, and then all the ‘bad’ just disappears by itself.

Geula happens one person at a time, one soul at a time, as we choose to leave the ‘world of lies’ and to step into the ‘world of truth’ – even when that’s very painful for us.

When enough of us are in that ‘world of truth’, Moshiach will show up to complete the process.

And admitting that we can’t trust our governments; that the medical establishment, media, academia and state institutions (whichever state we happen to live in…) are totally and utterly corrupted is a huge part of that process.




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    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Wow. And that’s still a big underestimate, as it’s not connecting ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ to the shots (amongst many other things…)


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