Pondering the moon

The more I look into NASA, the more it seems to me the whole thing is just one big, fake, production.

NASA and DARPA are connected.

NASA and DARPA are both connected to ‘Operation Paperclip’, and all those Nazi scientists who got whitewashed while the ink on the cease fire agreement was still drying at the end of World War II, and brought over to the US and other Western countries to continue where the war had left off.

We will take a much closer look at both NASA and DARPA shortly, as they in turn are connected to this Covid 19 plandemic, and all the other craziness we are currently living through.

But let’s start that process off gently.


First, the shmirat eynayim announcement.

There are a few shots of female astronauts and a couple of female teenagers in the video, below.

Towards the end, there is also a minute of swearing (the f word) – which is unfortunate.

But this is an otherwise excellent introduction to just some of the issues that have been picked up with NASA’s space program, over the years.

I played it at 1.5 speed, and it worked fine and let me watch in just over 20 minutes.



Take a look, make up your own minds as to what you think is going on here.

Because we are going to start widening this research project out now, to start seeing just who started NASA, when, and why?

And who started DARPA?

And is there a connection between all these things and the Freemasons?

And most importantly of all, how could all this be directly affecting us today?


These are big questions.

And the answers are going to be very interesting.

And this process starts with trying to open the door just a fraction, to let in the possibility that much of what we taught and told as children was a lie.

That’s just a possibility, nothing more.

So take a look, and see what you think.

With an open mind.




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4 replies
  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    Kol HaKavod. Where did you find that video? Amazing. The Torah tells us this world is a world of SHEKER. And they made a movie of it :-)) This is why I so do not like anything that ‘plays with my mind’, be it philosophy, movies, SciFi, pandemics, fiction, space aliens, immitation food, magic triks, people, whatever and so on. Nu, so, where do we go from here Rivka? Waiting eagerly for the next unraveling.

  2. Tikvah Ruth
    Tikvah Ruth says:

    Kol hakavod Rivka! I’ve been delving deeply into this, and the more one researches, the more we find out just how much we’ve been lied to about everything from infancy. I came across this great documentary which I’ll post the link to, goes onto part 7 on YouTube.



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