It’s hard to believe that the State of Israel would somehow want to reduce its number of citizens.

I know that it’s one of the ideas I float on this blog that just seems way too ‘out there’ for most people.

But there are clues all over the place that this is actually part of what is pushing the insane drive to ‘vaccinate’ as many people as possible with experimental gene therapies with unknown side effects.

Like this, sent to me by a couple of readers, from yesterday:


Here’s a snippet – quoting a speech given by Prof. Omer Moav, who teaches economics at IDC Herzliya:

“Recent studies have shown that the average haredi family gets in terms of state funding for education, healthcare, and welfare approximately 5,000 shekels ($1,535) more per month from the government than they pay in taxes.”

“That means that there is a population which is growing which is in turn increasing the burden on taxpayers.”

“We must decide whether we want to be a developed country or a poor country with lots of kids. I’m not going to argue about it. Maybe I’ll go live somewhere else.”

“Fertility isn’t just a function of culture, values, or religion – it’s also a function of incentives. The sober assessment is that we have no choice but to understand that we cannot continue to subsidize high birthrates and fund children.”


Professor Moav’s bio is interesting reading.

Over the years, he’s been given lots of money from the Falk Institute and the Rothschilds’ funded Israel Science Foundation – including for this:

2011-2014: Israel Science Foundation, “Environment and Transparency: The rise of the State and Property Rights from Ancient Egypt and Babylon to the 20th Century” 269,000 NIS



Why would the Rothschilds’ Israel Science Foundation be so interested in property rights in Ancient Egypt and Babylon?

While you are pondering that, let’s move on.


He’s also had a lot of funding from the ‘Falk Institute‘, set up by one Maurice Falk.

Call me suspicious (it’s ok, I get called much worse by my teens on a regular basis!) – but there are certain names that just have me scurrying to check out who else these guys are related to.

And ‘Falk’ is definitely on that list.


The ‘bad’ Baal Shem of London, arch-wizard and father-in-law of Jacob Frank, was a Falk.

And it’s very interesting to me how much deliberate confusion is being sown around that family, and it’s name, wherever it pops up.

So, I went to check out ‘Maurice Falk’, and here’s what I learnt:


Maurice connects us straight into the ‘interesting people’ matrix I’ve been researching here on the blog.

Here’s a little about one of his relatives, reform rabbi J. Leonard Levy, who traces back to the ‘Da Costa’ family I’ve written about on so many occasions. Notice how much of this sounds familiar (I’ve bolded some stuff to help you figure it out.)

“J. Leonard Levy, a dynamic leader with an internationalist outlook, became Rodef Shalom’s Rabbi in 1901.

He had served congregations in Bristol, England; Sacramento, California; and Philadelphia.

Rabbi Levy should be noted for his work to strengthen interfaith communication in Pittsburgh and beyond.

During his Pittsburgh tenure, he started an international peace organization and co-edited the weekly Jewish Criterion, in addition to preaching at both Sabbath and Sunday services at Rodef Shalom.

At Rabbi Levy’s invitation, President William Howard Taft visited Rodef Shalom on Saturday, May 29, 1909. This was the first time that a sitting United States president spoke from the bimah of a Jewish congregation during regular Sabbath services.”


Interfaith, peace n’love, high level connections to presidents of the United States…

And family connections straight into the dodgy Frankist-Freemason nexus that has been pulling the strings in the world for at least the last 200 years.


Maurice himself is married to a Wertheimer with Guggenheim connections, and is the step-father of an Einstein.

But that’s not even the really interesting stuff. The really interesting stuff is this, from here:

Early in his professional life, Maurice Falk (1866-1946) worked in retail with Jacob Klee. In 1893, he and partner Henry Weiskopf established the Duquesne Reduction Company, a smelting and refining business, and other industrial concerns.

In the 1920s, the Falk Brothers merged several companies into the Federated Metals Corporation. Working with Isaac Frank and others, the brothers founded the Weirton Steel Company, which became the National Steel Corporation.

Maurice Falk was also a shareholder in other companies, including the Blaw-Knox Company.


One of the things I’ve learned over and over again with all this, is that whenever you see a dramatic ‘rags to riches’ story, you can be 99% sure that the person it’s being told about was actually part of ‘the machine’ right from the start.

And lookey there, another name that always gets the red flag up and waving: Isaac Frank – who goes into partnership with the Falk brothers to create one of the USA’s ‘landmark’ businesses, National Steel Corporation, which weirdly keeps making profits, year after year, even during America’s Great Depression.



So, I click on ‘Isaak Frank’ and I get to THIS, excerpt below:

Frank and his brother-in-law Ephraim Wormser purchased three acres of Monongahela River waterfront in 1858 and built a glassworks. 


While they have been really good at scrubbing out all the ‘Frankist family’ links for the main guys, I find that if you keep plugging away, eventually you’ll find the name, the link, they just didn’t manage to obliterate.

So, I put in ‘Ephraim Wormser‘ to geni, and very quickly, I hit Pappenheimers, and Guggenheimers, and Rothschilds – and most importantly of all, Kevin Lawrence Hanit.

Because as I keep telling you, all these people belong to the same big (Frankist-Freemason…) family.

I’m in the middle of putting together a massive family tree, which will clarify a lot of these links once and for all, but in the meantime, let’s leave this thread and go back to Maurice Falk’s Institute.


The modern-day Falk Institute is being funded by… the State of Israel.

And more precisely, by the State of Israel’s National Insurance arm, or Bituach Leumi:


So to be clear, the economist who is publically saying we need to radically limit the number of people in Israel is being funded by…the State of Israel.

And this is not some crazy, loose-cannon type guy who is saying this – he’s as establishment as it comes.


Let me leave this here for now, because I already have a plate overflowing with leads to track down.

But the last thing to share with you today is some emails about Shabtai Tzvi I was sent by a former journalist, who is very on the ball:


Rabbi Antelman once mentioned a theory (I didn’t remember his source) that Acher (Elisha Ben Abuya) had joined the gnostic Sethian sect (this is why they called him Acher — as Hava said at Seth’s birth “Zera Acher…”.  

There is an important link in all of this to the gnostic Sufis. 
Shabbatai Tzvi was apparently buried at a Bektashi Sufi shrine in the Balkans (I saw a photo on the internet of this place once).  Oddly enough, the one of the founders of the proto-Nazi Thule SocietyRudolf von Sebottendorf (a name which oddly sounds like Sabbatian-dorf) had connections to Bektash Sufi and….Jews from Salonika.
There was an attempt a number of years ago by certain Masonic elements in the Orthodox Jewish world in Israel to get Sufis accepted as Noahides, and to generally give them a good name in the Jewish world.  I believe they are responsible for introducing sorcery into the Jewish population, meaning to teach Jews sorcery, including those wearing a kipa, in order to destroy the Jewish people through spiritual means….
Hitler himself apparently had Sabbatian-Frankist roots (see To Eliminate the Opiate, part 2) and visited America at some point early in his career, apparently to make contacts there (perhaps these were the same entities mentioned in the book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler).
Another point that bears mention:  After writing the first volume of To Eliminate the Opiate, R’ Antelman received a call by none other than Isser Harel, the man who made the Mossad one of the top intelligence agencies in the world, and the made who nabbed Eichmann.  Harel was very disturbed by Eichmann’s ability to recite “Shema Yisrael.”  Even though Eichmann claimed to know this from hearing people gassed to death, something convinced Harel that this wasn’t the reason.  Rabbi Anteman also said that he once saw an article in a magazine which said that Eichmann’s daughter had moved to Israel and was a Labor Zionist…
Another thing regarding Shabbatai Tzvi’s family.  The singer Yehoram Gaon once mentioned on the radio that he was a descendent of Shabbatai Tzvi.  Strange thing to boast about…  It says on Wikipedia that his parents come from Turkey and Bosnia.
There IS a lot more to say about this.

I clicked on the links to the Thule Society, and I will tell you what that led to in the next post, God willing.

But all the lies are being blown out of the water one after another.
So hang on, dear readers!
That world of truth is being revealed more and more clearly with every second that passes.
So don’t give up now. The ‘breakthrough’ is within touching distance.
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10 replies
  1. Rachel Erman
    Rachel Erman says:

    But this “insane drive to vaccinate” is the main reason why Israel is finally “getting out of prison”, which you yourself wrote is good. You have to admit, the numbers of people getting COVID are drastically down.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      What I have to admit is that the government manipulated numbers of people ‘with Covid’ are down, to make it seem as though the vaccine worked.

      If you go here, to the Worldometer website, you’ll see that more people are still dying ‘from Covid’ in Israel, daily, than during the first 6 months of the (pretend…) pandemic before they mandated masks and ‘vaccinations’.

      You are a smart woman, Rachel. Why are you falling for all these lies?

      • Rachel Erman
        Rachel Erman says:

        Thanks for the compliment, but you really got me interested. Could you please tell me more about this site where you can check all the numbers? I’ve just read in the news that the number of active patients with COVID in Israel is lower than at the end of May last year, after a massive lockdown. But maybe it is all false…

  2. Hava
    Hava says:

    ladada, ladada…
    says 4 comments, but only two here…just like Daisy says.

    Rachel, the testers probably dialed down the PCR amplification cycles from 40 to the right number (seems from the Covid Blog that it’s 20) . It’s very manipulable, as you probably know, and the WHO lowered the number of cycles to be used in late February.


  3. Hava
    Hava says:

    BTW, Rivka and readers, I’ve been taking C-19 numbers from 1) IL Ministry of Health; 2) Johns Hopkins Covid Center; 3) Worldometers and 4) Statista since October 2020. I took them every day until about 3 weeks ago, when I started taking them weekly (I just couldn’t stand it anymore.).

    I’ve also been monitoring three cities’ ratings I’m interested in on the IL MOH site (Hebrew): Yerushalayim, Ma’ale Adumim, and Beitar Ilit. Tonight I noticed something very, very interesting among these three cities, which are rated by some calculation of: actively sick; actively sick per 10K people; percentage of population that is single-vaccinated; and percentage of double-vaccinated.

    Here are the three cities as of tonight:

    Yerushalayim RATING: GREEN 1.8 | sick 379 | sick per 10K 3.9 | 1st shot 45.72% | 2nd shot 40.66%

    Ma’ale Adumim RATING: GREEN 3.8 | sick 23 | sick per 10K 6.1 | 1st shot 63.9% | 2nd shot 60.4%

    Beitar Ilit RATING: GREEN 0.2 | sick no measurement | sick per 10K less than 15 | 1st shot 21.36% | 2nd shot 17.43%

    Do you notice the pattern??? It seems the less percentage of vaccinated, the LOWER the number of sick people and the better the rating!!! The lower the number, the better. Even though I didn’t list the cities in order that way. Beitar Ilit comes out the best of the three, despite being very sick in the beginning. Ma’ale Adumim has the highest percentage vaccinated and comes out the worst of the three (none of them are particularly bad, mind you).

    Now I wonder what would happen if we did that with all the cities. Should I try it and get back to you?

    • Rachel Erman
      Rachel Erman says:

      It’s is indeed interesting, but I think the main thing is that ALL the numbers dropped drastically since the vaccination; it seems to me that the minor variations you mention are not all that important.

  4. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Hi Rivka and all,

    Finally I have a little time to even read your posts! I was very intrigued by your Thule society mention, as I spent a lot of time in 2010 researching them in this long post /mini-book. If you can get through it all I hope you will find interesting information about the Thule society, not to mention other serious enemies of Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael:


    In addition, Moshe sent me links to an absolutely fascinating series, which I don’t necessarily believe completely, but still, the evidence there is quite overwhelming – and this, coming from a person raised in Switzerland who loves that country for all its wonderful qualities.

    If you have time to watch the whole saga it is well worth it. Look for videos titled “s..w..i..s.//s beast” by S. Hross. A lot of explanations to a lot of questions re: the evil ones. Where this all fits in I have no idea, but it certainly deserves attention. Some truth, but how much really???


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