Rav Kanievsky just doesn’t sound like that, or speak like that….

I got the following message in my inbox:

I was curious if you have any recent documented response from Rav Arush regarding Rabbi Berland? And your thoughts on the audio going around from Rav Chaim Kanievsky??? What is one supposed to make of all this?

So then, I went to check out the actual audio from Rav Chaim Kanievsky, and of course, I knew where I’d find it: Yeshiva World News.

And so, I listened to it. And within half of a nanosecond I realised that the audio is a fake, for two reasons:

  1. Rav Kanievsky doesn’t sound like that.

I’ve heard recordings of him on a number of different occasions, and while there are some passing similarities – enough to perhaps fool someone who is very unfamiliar with his intonations and tone – this sounds like a really bad imitation.

2. Rav Kanievsky would never say what this person is saying – even if he believed it.

It’s just so, so convenient that this audio has apparently captured a full sentence of lashon hara about Rav Berland, saying exactly what the people who are ‘anti’ Rav Berland would just love for the Gadol HaDor to be saying about him.

Doesn’t this all strike you as just a little bit too perfectly scripted?

When people ask Rav Kanievsky complex questions or shailot, he usually responds with just one word.

And then, the questioner asks another few questions to clarify the intent, and again Rav Kanievsky responds with just one word, maximum two.

And here we have him, so conveniently, serving up a whole perfect soundbyte sentence, that if true is tachlis lashon hara, about a man that Rav Kanievsky’s own wife used to babysit for when they were neighbors in Bnei Brak, and who Rav Kanievsky’s own father said about him:

“You should know, he is an expert in the entire Torah, a holy man and a Tzaddik.”

And the Steipler Gaon was also someone who weighed his words very carefully.


If you aren’t doing hitbodedut regularly, you have about 00000.1% chance of figuring anything out, about any subject, at this point in time.

If you are doing hitbodedut regularly, you still have 00000.1% chance of figuring things out on your own, but God will have mercy on you, and enlighten you with a flash of inspiration anyway, that helps to do the birur between bad and good.

The people who want an excuse to speak badly about Tzaddikim will continue to gullibly lap-up any of the awful ‘anti’ stuff being manufactured by the media, and will feel themselves to be self-righteous ‘big Tzaddikim’ for bringing this ‘information’ to other people’s attention – totally contrary to all the laws of lashon hara, which have not been suspended just because we happen to be discussing Rabbi Berland.

And the people who are trying to have a drop more yirat shemayim, and who are trying (and often failing….) to work on their arrogance, and their yetzers will probably continue to feel very confused by everything, but will keep their mouths shut.

Especially in public.

And in the meantime, let’s all just sit here and wait for this latest recording to be proved a fake, just like all the other stuff that conveniently surfaces in the media just as Rav Berland is in police custory, while the secular authorities try to build another case against him out of thin air and slanderous innuendo.

It’s all proceeding exactly the same way as last time….



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5 replies
  1. True Tzadikkim
    True Tzadikkim says:


    I cannot believe that people really do this!
    One of the bloggers posted the non sense, while some repeated it to me last night…my answer was, DO YOU STILL REPEAT BIMBO NEWS?

    So the bimbo news….will it cause CROWNING IN A WRONG WAY (yes, that is corona virus, lashon hara is so much destruction, it damage our DNA)
    to the person?

    Strong Statement From Rav Kanievsky Shlit”a

    [The blogger added to this lashon hara rehash:]

    Why Did it Take So Long?


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      TT – I deleted the stuff the blogger repeated, as I don’t want any lashon hara about the Rav on my blog, even for education purposes, FYI. Behind the scenes, that blogger has been ‘anti’ Rabbi Berland for years and years and years…. I think she is still holding out for ‘someone else’ to come back from the dead and play a leading role in the geula process, and that’s clouding her judgment.

      And I don’t think she’s the only one with that problem.

      • True Tzadikkim
        True Tzadikkim says:

        I am sorry for posting the trash with it…good ridance. I did not think clearly after reading it, just being in shock…may ALL JEWS DO TSCHUVA SHLEMA now they still can. Also goiym with a good heart. Uff….not easy time, i saw in dream fields of dead bodies….while the SERAF READ FROM KLAF…that they here between us. Everyone connected to tuma of any kind more then to Torah will die. We must warn. But do they hear?

  2. Inna
    Inna says:

    Rivka, my Respect for you for this answer only increased!
    Btw, just had a thought this morning- no rabbi can be a mashiah if he does not have opposition and is tortured on every level. These are the prophecies from the holy books. So who can fit the bill? Definitely not The dead rabbi who was so popular and non controversial.

  3. Devora
    Devora says:

    Thank you Rivka for all you do to bring Emet to the world….May you be blessed continually for all of your chesed!!!!! I am very grateful to be connected now to the Rav Ha Mekubal Menashe Ammon who is here on his facebook site doing tikkun klali…It is so incredibly powerful to do it together with him. Many you and all of Am Yisrael be blessed and may we greet Moshiach together soon! https://www.facebook.com/rabenuamon/videos/220008732358455/


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