The fake news today is full of stories of people from Uman who ‘faked’ negative PCR tests to get back to Israel.

So, I just want to give you the real story, so you don’t believe the lies.

Firstly, before anyone could get to Uman, they needed to have no less than 3 PCR tests come out ‘negative’, even if they were ‘vaccinated’.

One 72 hours before the flight.

One just before they got on the plane.

And one at Kiev airport, straight after they landed.


I didn’t hear of a SINGLE PERSON who got a positive result from their PCR test in Ben Gurion airport or Borispol in Kiev, on the way to Uman.

In fact, when my daughter went a week before Rosh Hashana, the guys who were testing the people in Kiev airport were reassuring everyone ‘don’t worry, all the tests are going to come out negative.’

And so it was.


10,000 people got to Uman at least two weeks in advance of Rosh Hashana.

Another 20,000 only got there 1-2 days before – i.e. the Sunday or Monday before Rosh Hashana began Monday night.

Many of these pilgrims actually took another test on the Monday they got there locally, so they could get the results within 72 hours – i.e. on the Wednesday night / Thursday after chag, and fly back.

Local services were predictably overwhelmed by the surge, and so the government sent out a special ‘MDA unit’ with special, never-before-seen ‘molecular tests’ that promised to give instant results.

Then a strange thing started to happen.

People who had flights the next day, and who still hadn’t got their test results back from the local providers, were going for ‘instant’ tests with MDA – and all coming back ‘positive’ for Covid.

But then some of these people also got their test results back from local providers, and found they were ‘negative’ for Covid.


Here’s how the fake news is trying to spin these real facts, from Ynet, HERE:

The national emergency service Magen David Adom (MDA) on Thursday reported an abnormally high coronavirus infection rate among Israeli worshippers who traveled to Ukraine for the Rosh Hashanah pilgrimage.
MDA reported high demand and heavy crowding at coronavirus testing stations in Uman Wednesday night where pilgrims are offered rapid and cheap coronavirus tests.
As the positive diagnoses kept mounting, some interest groups — namely local forgers offering fake tests — began spreading disinformation among the pilgrims, with some claiming that the Health Ministry-approved testing kits were fake or that MDA was manufacturing fake results because it was committed to a certain quota of positive tests.
Some even began circulating stories about pilgrims who have initially tested positive for the virus at the MDA testing hub, but then tested negative several hours later.


We all know the PCR tests are fake.

But what’s going on with Uman is really just blowing that whole subject sky-high.

Are some people faking test results to catch their flights back to Israel?

It’s very likely.

Are others presenting real test results that they got in the Ukraine, that contradict all the State of Israel’s ‘fake positives’ from the MDA tent.

Absolutely, yes.

But here’s the thing: if Covid 19 is meant to have a 7 day incubation period. you tell me how someone who has tested negative for it 3 times can then test ‘positive’ for it just 48 hours later?


You and I know all this is a crock, of course, and that ‘Covid 19’ is actually a reaction to graphene oxide poisoning and being irradiated.

But for those people who still believe in PCR testing, please explain to me how a disease with a 7 day incubation period can show up in just 48 hours?


All of this is fake news, planned from the start.

Does this look like a ‘heavily crowded’ MDA testing centre to you?


People in Uman were suspicious of the MDA testing centre right from the start, and most people made alternate plans to get tested locally, and presumably more ‘honestly’.

(Or at least, by an Ivan who has a vested interest in letting all these Jews get back to Israel, and out of the Ukraine…)

And that has thrown a massive wrench in the State of Israel’s big ‘plan’.

My guess is that they wanted to trap a huge bunch of ‘diseased Jews’ in Uman for a long time with all these fake positive tests, cause a lot of frictions with the locals, maybe even create a pogrom, as the cherry on the top – and then use that as the excuse to torpedo Uman Rosh Hashana for the next 100 years.

But it just hasn’t gone to plan.


They are still spinning, spinning  now, to try to rescue some sort of ‘punishment effect’ against people who went to Uman:

Bennett orders harsh measures against Uman COVID violators

But you can already feel the desperation in the air. This isn’t playing out – at all – the way it was meant to.


On a separate but kind of related note, I just clicked on this video of Rabbanit Kolodetsky, Rav Chaim Kanievsky’s daughter, on the yucky YWN propaganda site:


I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding this, but I think Rebbetzin Kolodetsky is saying that her niece is currently sitting in prison?

If that’s true, that would explain at least part of the ‘leverage’ the State of Israel has been using against the Rabbanit, to keep her on board with telling everyone to get poisonous Covid shots.

Take a look for yourself, see what you think.

A lot of the ‘story’ just isn’t making sense.

People don’t sit in prison in Israel for owing money, as far as I know.

But I’m happy to be corrected, if that isn’t the case.



If you go HERE, you can see a ‘Tweet’ that Rabbanit Kolodetzky sent out urging everyone to get ‘vaccinated’ (because don’t you know, all the rabbanits in Bnei Brak are off tweeting their messages to Am Yisrael….) that was retweeted by Bennett a couple of weeks’ back.

I have to admit to finding it disturbing.



So, I went back to The Chesed Fund campaign for the Kolodetzkys’ niece, and first I showed my husband the video (his Hebrew is better than mine). He told me that ‘she’s in prison’ is an expression, and not literal.

So this isn’t the mitzvah of ‘pidyon shuvuim’, as R’ Yitzhak Kolodetzky explicitly says in the promo video, (and as the editors also suggest, by sticking a big picture of a prison on the screen….).

Instead, it’s the ‘mitzvah’ of helping his family to pay off their massive debts.

Now, you might think that’s also a great mitzvah and if you do, kol hakavod. Your middot are definitely better than mine.

But after sitting here seeing that yucky ‘Rav Chaim told me that everyone should go get vaccinated!!!!’ video above, I find myself less inclined to believe that these deceptive statements are as innocently made as perhaps I was hoping.


Here’s a screenshot of how much money the Kolodetzkys are hoping to raise, for their family member to be able to pay off their debts:


It’s the huge amount of $1.2 million dollars.

And they’ve already managed to squeeze $750,000 out of more than 5,000 kind-hearted Jews for this ‘mitzvah’.


So after this, I went to see if there were any other OVERT ‘family fundraisers’ the Kolodetskys have recently been busy with.

I found THIS, from May 2020, when R’ Yitzhak Kolodetsky’s brother Yaakov apparently died from Covid 19:


The sum being raised from this was more modest, just $200k – but I’m still feeling not a little queasy about all this.

It’s one thing to use Reb Chaim’s image, and to put words into his mouth, if you just want to score yourself and your family members (and your rabbi chums and their charidees) some quick cash from kind-hearted Jews, who have been ‘primed’ to regard Reb Chaim’s image as something akin to, well, a graven idol that can bestow all good on its worshippers.

(Let’s not mince words.)

BUT – if you are then going to turn around and use that same set-up to convince hundreds of thousands of those same kind-hearted Jews to poison themselves, and their families, and their kids, with ‘Covid 19 shots’ that are full of toxic graphene oxide nanotech (amongst many other things….).


That is definitely crossing the line.


And while you’re at it, also please take a look at this video below, also from the yucky YWN site:

Just watch it, and really notice what is going on here, especially with Rav Chaim Kanievsky’s hand.

Hashem should mamash have mercy on Rav Chaim Kanievsky, the elder abuse he’s being subjected to is totally appalling.

When are more of us going to start protesting this?

And to start standing up for what’s right?

And to start challenging all these charidee productions, and the YWN site that feeds off of them, and of course, the yucky people enabling all this to happen in Rav Chaim’s own household?

That is the question.


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4 replies
  1. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Oy Rivka,

    Poor Rav Kanievsky; it’s disgusting how these birds of prey are feeding on a Tzaddik to create so much evil.

    And look what else is going on in the world; evil has no end.
    When, when, when will Hashem destroy all evil as promised???? Didn’t our Tefillah mention this on Rosh Hashanah? The whole world is suffering so much from these monsters:

    And then this sweet female professor silenced in Canada:

    Nothing new under the sun:

    Hashem Yerachem. Please Hashem, we need YOUR help to destroy all evil.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I think the evil disappears from the world when WE disappear the evil in our dalet amot.

      Anyone who is paying money over to these charidee organisations who are abusing Rav Chaim like this is perpetuating the evil.

      Anyone who is continuing to ‘respect’ YWN instead of treating it as a source of pure tumah and state-sponsored anti-Torah propaganda is perpetuating the evil.

      And so on and so forth…. What this means is that actually each of us is empowered to ‘disappear the evil’ in the world right now – at least in our dalet amot.

      When enough of us understand this, and take the responsibility, the evil WILL disappear. And I think that day is much nearer than it seems.

      So hang on, Daisy!

  2. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    Rabbi Mendel Kessin has said repeatedly and clearly that evil will confess before Hashem destroys it entirely. May the whole world know soon. Shabbat Shalom.


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