A reader sent me this video, from last week.


It’s Daniel Amram’s video from over a week ago – a few days BEFORE the gag order was implemented in Israel, so not subject to it.

It’s in English, and Amram goes through in detail his meeting with R’ Yoel Roth, plus a bunch of other details about events leading up to Moishy Kleinerman’s disappearance, including false passports and a whole Shabbos that Moishy apparently spent in Meron with the R’ Roth group, which was the last day that anyone saw him.

Kleinerman’s family reached out to R’ Roth the week after he went missing…


I am simply amazed these details have not made it into the press, until Amram shares them here.

Listen, come to your own conclusions, and remember that Moishy Kleinerman DID NOT HAVE A PHONE.

He was calling his parents to check in from friends’ phones.

Something is being covered up here.

More than that, we can’t say.


But the truth will out.


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