At the beginning of August, there was a huge fire near Route 1, leading in and out to Jerusalem.

It happened near Shoresh – and it got my attention, as a lot of big fires seemed to be happening around Shoresh, in the Summer, and along Route 1, winding its way up to Jerusalem.

A few days later, I was driving past there, and between all the burnt out trees, I spotted an absolutely ENORMOUS 5…G ‘massive mimo’ array, which had been carefully hidden amongst the green, but which was now conspicuously noticeable.

Hmm….I wonder if there is a link between that antenna and the fires?


I’ve learnt a lot more about these antennas, and about 5…G, over the last few months.

Here’s some of the more pertinent info, just boiled down and told straight, so it’s easier to internalise:

  1. 5…G takes an awful lot of electricity.

You know all those ‘scare stories’ about Europe and everywhere else running out of electricity, and having ‘dark winters’?

The real reason for these stories is because the 5….G networks suck a HUGE amount of electrical power.

So, as more of these masts and antennas come on line, the strain on the power grid is growing bigger and bigger.

Or to put it into other words, they can’t also run the 5…G  networks at full capacity (to take out whoever they plan on taking out) – and also have spare electricity for other things, like computers, ovens and air-conditioners.


2. 5…G radiation can be dialled up, and dialled down.

It doesn’t stay at a ‘constant’.

The government and military can change its frequency, have it pulsing and emitting more and various times of the day and night, and also change its power.

When they turn it ‘up’, we have mysterious waves of of mysterious illnesses that leave large swathes of the population feeling very unwell and weak.

The lying media then tells us we are in the grip of yet another ‘Covid pandemic’, and tells us to get more shots, to ‘protect ourselves’.


We are experiencing the effects of acute, and cumulative, radiation poisoning.


Take a look at this, from HERE, which sets out the main symptoms of ‘Microwave Sickness’, that was figured out even back in 1932:


Spot how many of these symptoms you and yours are currently experiencing, more than previously.

For example, I noticed a lot of my hair falling out the last few weeks – way more than ‘normal’.

And my daughter is also noticing the same thing.

I think this is because of the high levels of radiation we’re being subjected to, here in Jerusalem.

Since I stuck some ‘orgonite‘ all over the place, last week, my hair has stopped falling out so much, and my headaches have gone…


3. When the 5…G radiation is dialled up – that can cause fires.

The last few months, they have been building new ‘massive MIMO’ installations everywhere in Israel, and probably everywhere else in the world, too:

Going forward, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more ‘unexplained fires’ happening, also in urban areas, as these towers start generations massive amounts of radiation that (duh!) spark fires in their vicinity.

I think that’s what happened around Shoresh, back in August 2021.


Let’s just remind ourselves of what else was happening in Israel, at the beginning of August 2021, when this massive fire occurred.

This comes from the Wiki page on ‘Covid 19 in Israel’:

On 29 July 2021, a third vaccination was approved for persons aged 60 or older due to observed waning efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine to the prevalent Delta variant. The vaccine booster was later approved for all those 12 and older.

On 8 August 2021, restrictions renewed by the government came into effect to slow the spread of the Delta variant and included expanding proof of vaccine and mask-wearing requirements for some gatherings, and a shift back to more work from home, quarantines, and travel restrictions.

Hey, fancy that!!!

The fire broke out August 3rd, 2021, just as the Government was trying to ‘convince’ everyone we were in the middle of a ‘4th wave of Covid’ that required a 3rd vaccination and more masks and restrictions.

What a CO-IN-CID-ENCE!!!


Each new wave of ‘Covid 19’ – or whatever else they are cooking up – is preceded and caused by bombarding the public with higher levels of radiation, to cause the ‘symptoms’ that will then be called the new variant.

And now they are putting their Cisco Meraki 5…G units in more and more schools and colleges here in Israel…

It’s scary.


4. 5…G radiation disorients birds.

There have been so many stories of mysteriously dead birds, the last few years – and those reports have been increasing, with the roll-out of 5…G.

Watch this video from December 2021 in Spain, to understand what’s really going on (Spanish with English subtitles):


If you want the short version, which skips the explanation and just shows the birds colliding, watch this:


Recently, there’s been an awful lot of serious road crashes in Israel – and other parts of the world – too.

I can’t help wondering if the same ‘disorientation’ that these birds experienced, when they got zapped with whatever frequency they got zapped with, from the antennas there, is also affecting us humans, too.

I mean, that’s who all this 5…G technology is really being designed for: humans.


So, keep your eyes peeled.

Continue to join up the dots in your part of the world.

Continue to share any information you come across, that helps to fill out the real picture of what is really going on here.

And – most importantly of all – continue to  pray that God will save us from this terrible evil.


On that score, I just got sent this, from the Shuvu Banim WhatsApp group:

All dear people are asked to strengthen in 7 Tikkun Haklali with all their might.

Rabbi Vaknin came to the Rav and the Rav told him that he urgently needed to start to say 7 Tikkun Haklalis again, because many have stopped since his release or lowered.

And in fact * the Rav needs really great miracles because his health is not simple at all! *

So please all of us get stronger in Tikkun Haklali and selected chapters with all our might !!


I know, we’re all tired and weary.

I know, we all just want to go to sleep, and wake up again when geula is finally here, and we don’t have to deal with this stuff anymore.


That’s not the way God has arranged things.

He wants our prayers, our teshuva and our tzedeka – lots and lots of it!

The more we give God what He wants, the faster and easier this next stage will go.

So, gird your loins, dear readers, and commit to something.

One Tikkun Haklali, one small donation, one prayer said, to overcome anger, at least something.

If a billion people with their billion ‘somethings’ get behind the Rav – it’s already game over for the side of evil.

Even if just a million do that.

Or 100,000.

Or 10,000.

Or even just 1000 sincere people, who are praying with real mesirut nefesh for all this end….



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22 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    Rivka, did you know that the price of electricity is going up all over, even here? We are getting off pretty well; parts of Europe are getting a 50% increase (when, I don’t know). We’re getting “only” 5% starting in February — or so they say. That 5% is projected to make a lot of difference in our bills.

    Also, regarding symptoms of whatever the sickness of the day is, some of us have an overactive imagination and tend to get symptoms about whatever we hear about just because we read it or heard about it…never mind receiving the beams themselves!

    I would hate to think we’re giving up our precious electricity for the sake of “new technology” that has a tendency to turn on us at the flip of a switch… must be those B’nei Lavan at the other end.

    And the captcha is wrong again. 1-1 has to equal 0. But it’s not letting me…

  2. nechama
    nechama says:

    About electricity, I bought special light bulbs for my bedroom bc I don’t tolerate what they’re selling here in Israel, those spiraled thingies. My husband searches for the ones w/o mercury, which is dangerous if they break (and I add that they’re not healthy). Well the one I had in my lamp worked just fine for quite a while. But, one day last week, the water was shut bc of the workers down the street, repaving (whatever they installed under the street). Then erev Shabbat we also had no water for a while. Then motzei Shabbos we had no electricity IN THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD. When it went back on, my lamp wasn’t working. The bulb blew. I put in a new one, same type, and that popped right away and shut the elec to my room (and poor computer). So I decided to try another one, same type, and that too popped. Now, my mind gets to work quickly whenever something unusual happens. So, I decided that they have altered the electricity in our area. Maybe something 5ish was going on. And I wrote in a different comment a while back, that the elec co. was being managed by a new co. and it was supposed to make things better. As Hava wrote the elec bills are going up. Guess that’s better?? Not sure how this works: our home elec. current gets reduced in some way, siphoning off for the 5ish?? I wonder if anyone else knows.

    • nechama
      nechama says:

      I must make this Correction: the recent elec blkout was this week.
      All the lack of water episodes were the previous weeks
      And the lamp issue was this week also. It was very suspicious.
      I had bought ‘full spectrum’ bulbs from Amazon.

      The intersection of Keren Kayemet and Ussishkin underwent a total revamping, and all along Ussishkin down to Ramban, along Ramban up to KGeorge. All of KK was not repaired. It is supposed to be “improving the area”. However all the little side streets were not touched, and they need important paving. So to me it’s questionable. I need to look for those cameras et al, that you wrote about and take some pics. There’s a huge erection that looks like electricity junglegym on the end of my street.

  3. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    How much organite do you recommend per room? What about tje wearable sorts, like bracelets and necklaces? Maybe we should be putting an organite necklace on our kids, because they are more vulnerable to 5g effects?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      So, I am still researching the orgonite, and it’s one of those subjects that each person will probably need to clarify for themselves.

      I can’t tell you how this is meant to be ‘working’, physically, but I can tell you that I’m feeling so much better with these things around the house…

      If you take a look here:

      There is a lot of information to get you started on exploring the topic.

      • Eliora
        Eliora says:

        Thanks for the info! It seems to me that it’s possible to use natural Brazilian black tourmaline stones for EMF blocking, because this appears to be the main ingredient in organite. I plan to get 1-2lb of these stones for around the house, along with taking spirulina and copper supplements to protect from 5G. Previously I was living where there is no 5G, and not even good internet in most places… but since coming to the US I’m really concerned about the health effects of 5G.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          No, there is a lot more to the ‘orgone’ stuff than that.

          The resin basically draws in the ‘stagnant’ or negative energy, then those ions of chaotic energy are ‘bounced around’ the metal fragments in the resin, kinda like a tumble-rinse, and then the energy is ‘drawn up’ via a semi precious stone of some sort, or a few of them, and / or a metal spiral until it’s released back into the environment as ‘clean’ energy.

          There’s something spiritual, not so scientific going on with all this, so I’m not pretending to have it all figured out. But so far, that’s what I’m understanding.

          I had a lot of stones around before the orgonite stuff came, and I did find the Shungite helpful.

          But this seems to be operating in a different way, and also because there is human intention, and human soul power in the mix, as it’s ‘created’ by a person, so that also changes the picture.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The first one is beautiful – but kind of makes the point that none of these starlings are colliding with each other and then dropping dead out of the sky, like happened in the clip from Spain.

      The second one is bizarre – and actually made me feel pretty nauseous, seeing HRH at a ‘fashion show’ ? Note to other readers: second one is not at all shmirat eynayim friendly.

      And also, watching it I couldn’t help think again of those 10 First American kids who ‘disappeared’ back in the 1950s after a picnic with HRH and her husband…. And who have never been seen again since.

      • Hava
        Hava says:

        I also wonder whether it is a form of defense. The first video at one point had a large bird hovering over the huge group. It dived in and was caught up in the dance, and it looked like it didn’t catch any of them.

        Is it possible we might take a lesson from that, in regard to how we deal with the PT(SN)B? We are more than they. If we were unified, we could surround them and render them powerless, like that large bird.

  4. nechama
    nechama says:

    Each summer the Starlings when they come to Eretz Yisrael, and nest in the Kotel, they also fly around my area, up in the sky, and around my home, swooping down to say hello while I’m on the patio, and whizzing by between the houses. As a bird and cat lover, I wave to the Starlings and wait for them to fly by. They spend almost all of their lives in the air, and even mate while in flight.
    One year, several ago, we had one try to nest in one of the AC unit boxes; i heard the noise. I think the female layed an egg and was trying to get the male to come in to see it. But that didn’t work, the male must be a bit bigger and couldn’t get in, not sure what happened to the egg. She eventually left. Every day I feed the Doves. A few years ago, two Doves were hanging around and even mating. So I put basket up behind an AC unit, balanced on some of the piping. Sure enough she found it and he started bringing up the twigs for her to do nest building. Soon two eggs were there, and i watched as the fledglings grew. The mother sits at night and the father during the day. I watched the changing of the guard. So special they are. When they were getting ready to fly off, they sit on the rim of the basket for a day or so. Next I looked and the older one was gone, leaving the younger one hanging on. The parent birds were not far off, on another tree, coaxing the babies to fly over. There is a huge Pine Tree outside one porch, and one day I saw the twins sitting on a branch, waiting for a parent to come feed them. Both parents take turns finding food and then they regurgatate it into each of the fledglings, until they are old enough to find their own food. I love to watch the different types of bird outside my home. Once I saw a woodpecker. I don’t know the names of these birds so I make up my own. There are ‘yellow tushies’. This is when its their season for mating. I have a blackbird with a yellow beak that comes to take baths in the water that I leave out for them. Then a dark brown-black bird that sings beautifully, and also comes to bathe. I’ve also seen a tiny irridescent blue hummingbird-type. This one flits about among all the branches. Another bird that lands on my railing, is larger than the Doves, a pale grey, with white, black and a turquoise coloring. They make loud chaking type noises, and the mate is usually nearby. They seem very devoted to each other. But nothing compares to the love-bird Doves, that sit together, preen each other and raise a family. The only bird I don’t take to are the huge crows. They eat other baby bird eggs. I saw one fly to my porch, grab the egg in its beak and fly off. I was flabbergasted at the site. After that the parent birds didn’t return to the nest. I guess I wrote enough about the birds.

  5. Mordechai
    Mordechai says:

    I have seen a video at the beginning of pandemic that leaves can interfere with 5G and hamper its effectiveness I wonder wether they are intentionaly burning down trees in the vicinity of the masts


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