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Modern orthodox or ‘FRUM REFORM’?

This morning it’s blowing a gale again in Jerusalem.


In fact, it’s been really windy the last 4-5 days, on and off, in a way that feels very meaningful.

These are the winds of change.

Because more and more of us are starting to wake up, and starting to realise that things CANNOT go on the way they have been.

On so many levels.


Following on from THIS post, about how the anti-Torah Frankist-Freemasons are now turning their attention to a full-on ‘trans’ assault within the orthodox Jewish world, continuing their efforts to ‘shatter orthodoxy’ from within, I got sent another email telling me about someone called ‘Yaakov Smith’.

Here’s a little of what it said:

In 1989, I spent a few weeks in the Old City and a lot of time hanging out with residents and Aish families.
One of the most charismatic figures I met was someone named Yaakov Smith, married with six children from toddler to young teenager. They mekaved many.
At a time when Aish’s Discovery seminar was still 4 days long and very intense, he and his wife taught several classes.
Only some months after we met, they got divorced. Later, he came out as homosexual.
Anyway, long story short, today he is known as Yiscah Smith. He’s on the faculty of Pardes.

(Warning: it’s another ‘diet aid’ alert!)

Here he is today:


Man, how many times is God going to put up with ‘orthodox institutions’ spitting in the face of His Torah?

I don’t just mean individuals who think they know better than God which gender they are meant to be.

I mean the whole ‘open orthodoxy’ / modern orthodox movement as a whole, which really should be more honest, and rename itself:


Because that’s what it really is.


Let’s pop the lid on the ‘Pardes Institute of Jewish Learning’, and see what ucky creatures slither out.

First, let me draw your attention to their newly updated ‘S*xual Harassment Prevention’ code, which you can see HERE.

Here’s their working definition of s*xual harassment:

B. Key Definitions and Israeli Law

S*xual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a s*xual nature.

It includes s*xual advances, requests for s*xual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a s*xual nature, when:

o Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly in connection with a person’s ability to participate fully in their education;
o Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for academic decisions affecting the individual; or
o Such conduct interferes with an individual’s academic performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or demeaning environment.

S*xual harassment also includes sexual violence, which refers to sexual acts that are against a person’s will or where a person is incapable of giving consent.

S*xual harassment can take many forms, physical, psychological, or verbal…


Here’s another snippet:

C. The Right to Self-Define Gender

1. Individuals have the right to define their own gender, and should be treated and referred to accordingly.
2. All-gender bathrooms are available on each floor. Additionally, each individual is entitled to define their own gender for the purposes of bathrooms.
3. When participating in the mechitza minyan, individuals can sit on the side that best conforms to their gender identity as they define it.
4. Each minyan has the right to define its criteria for counting towards the minyan. The egalitarian minyan counts anyone who is Jewish according to any major denomination, irrespective of gender identity.

The mechitza minyan counts trans-men who have undergone genital surgery. Every individual is trusted to present themselves faithfully as counting with respect to gender and halakhic status.

People will refrain from asking particular members intrusive questions in order to determine halachic status.

5. On Pardes overnight trips, students will be assigned to share rooms with members of their same gender. In cases where gender identity may cause discomfort for anyone, students may request roommates in a way that is comfortable for all in the room.


It seems to me that an orthodox Jew learning at Pardes is being subjected to ‘s*xual harassment’ non-stop by this institution.

Let’s replay the definition:

S*xual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a s*xual nature.

It includes s*xual advances, requests for s*xual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a s*xual nature, when:

o Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly in connection with a person’s ability to participate fully in their education;
o Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for academic decisions affecting the individual; or
o Such conduct interferes with an individual’s academic performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or demeaning environment.


Woe betide any female student who is uncomfortable using a bathroom together with a man dressed as a woman….

Woe betide any God-fearing Jew who is trying to find out if that ‘guy’ next to him really counts towards a minyan…

Woe betide any man or woman who doesn’t want to spend a night ‘rooming’ with the opposite sex….

Just try complaining about how your right to pray, pee or sleep in a genuinely Torah-observant way is being compromised by Pardes’ rules, and then you’ll quickly see that if you don’t ‘submit’ to Pardes conduct, against your will, you will:

  • find your ‘ability to participate fully’ in your education curtailed;
  • your conduct will be used as a ‘basis for academic decisions affecting’ you – and for sure-
  • you’ll instantly be plunged into a ‘intimidating, hostile and demeaning environment’.

Whaddya mean, you can’t room overnight with ‘Jake’?!?!?!?

Whaddya mean, that Joseph-ine doesn’t count in a minyan?!?!?!?

What sort of barbaric, bigoted, criminal person ARE YOU, exactly?!?!?



This is FRUM REFORM in action.

And why you should care, is because this institution is boasting on its website that:

[T]he Pardes Educators Program was created with the assistance of the Avi Chai Foundation and today produces more Jewish day school teachers than any other program.

These brainwashed ‘frum reform’ teachers from Pardes could be the ones teaching your kids in all those ‘dati leumi’ schools….

No wonder so few of my daughter’s ‘dati leumi-educated’ friends still believe in God, or still hold by the morality set out in the Torah.

Sigh again.


So, who’s funding the Pardes Institute?

Let’s head over to the History page HERE, to try to figure that out.


Pardes began with the unacknowledged support of the World Zionist Organization, which provided the physical facility and overhead, with salaries coming from student tuition. This arrangement continued until 1987, when the Institute became an independent, self-sustaining entity.

So, right from the beginning the secular, Zionist, Frankist State of Israel was behind this organisation.

Quelle surprise.

Today, the Avi Chai Foundation seems to be giving Pardes a lot of money, especially to train their ‘frum reform’ teachers to indoctrinate your children with anti-Torah tumah.

You can find the ‘Avi Chai Foundation’ website HERE.

The ‘About’ page is full of the usual weasel-words about being committed to the Jewish people and the State of Israel, blahdy blah, but really…. it smacks of yet another ‘Frankist-Freemason’ cut-out, designed to ‘shatter orthodoxy from within’, by subverting the next generation of Jewish teachers.


So, what can you and me really do about all this?

Bottom line, for all the ‘fancy words’ and ‘political correctness’, most people are actually moral cowards, sheeple, who will ‘go with the flow’ because they are worried about paying their bills and covering their mortgage.

For as long as ‘the stick’ is only on one side of this equation – i.e. people worry that they will be fired, ostracised, banned from completing their studies at places like Pardes for not following the ‘trans’ propaganda, 99% of them will fall into line.

But, if more of us start to complain to our schools – more of us start to make a fuss, and to really start questioning whether ANY school that considers itself to be genuinely ‘orthodox’ should be accepting FRUM REFORM-indoctrinated teachers from places like Pardes…. then this will start to change.

And when more of us stop playing these people’s Orwellian word games – stop calling them ‘orthodox’, when they really, really aren’t, they aren’t ‘open orthodox’, or ‘modern orthodox’, they are FRUM REFORM – then that will also start to be a big game-changer.


Most people don’t question how ‘orthodox’ these institutions really are, when they see the word ‘orthodox’ in their descriptor.

Yeah, it could be ‘open orthodox’, or ‘modern orthodox’ – that’s enough to make us think these people respect the Torah and at least might be truly God-fearing.

That’s why they insist on retaining the ‘orthodox’ bit in their titles.

But once we understand we are dealing with FRUM REFORM…..everything changes.

In an instant, we understand that there are NO ‘orthodox female rabbis’ out there, just FRUM REFORM ‘Rabbas’ and ‘Rabbanits’.

And that no truly God-fearing, orthodox institution is pushing the trans agenda – but tons of FRUM REFORM institutions are doing the bidding of their Frankist-funders, to ‘shatter orthodoxy’ from within.


So, get the definitions straight in your head.

And don’t be scared to start pushing back against all these PC ‘Frum-Reformers’ who like to pretend they represent orthodox Judaism.

They don’t.

And for our children’s sake, we need to start telling them that very loudly.


PS: When I was browsing the Pardes faculty page HERE, I came across this entry:

The ‘Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance‘ – JOFA – is also very connected to FRUM REFORM’s flagship ‘yeshiva’ for frum reform-smicha of women, YESHIVAT MAHARAT (that we talked about in the last post.)

And Koren books is happily publishing all this FRUM REFORM propaganda, from FRUM REFORM ‘rabbanits’, while still pretending they are an orthodox imprint.

You see how this works?

Ad matai, Tatty?



I got an interesting email from Chananya Weissman on the topic of  his experience with ‘ortho fems’, much of which I’m sharing below, with permission.


Right before covid craziness took over the world, in the very beginning of 2020 was the most recent Daf Yomi siyum.

There was a big buzz in the “Jewish media” about women finishing the cycle in record numbers. All the coverage of this was favorable, naturally, with nary a question about why this was happening, for what reasons, who was behind this trend, and if this was a positive development with no conceivable downside.
I did a little digging and quickly found this was being driven by feminist entities that were on the very fringes of Orthodoxy even if we were to be generous.
I wrote an article exposing this and raising concerns about the women’s Daf Yomi movement, which I posted on my blog at the Slimes of Israel. The Jewish Press published a slightly edited version.
[Ed. note: I probably would…. ortho fems are still probably the most nutso of all the interesting people I’ve crossed swords with here on the blog, not least because they are so self-righteous, hypocritical, arrogant and quick to stoop to dirty tactics to shut you up.]

I don’t think I ever wrote something that went so viral, so quickly.

The Times of Israel article was shared thousands of times, far more than anything I ever posted there. There were long threads all over Facebook. The Jewish Press devoted a whole section in the letters to the editor just to responses to this article, after someone urged people to bombard them with angry letters.
Not surprisingly, almost all the reactions were overwhelmingly negative, filled with the usual personal attacks, vulgarity, straw men, emotional reactions, and attempts to cancel me.
Some people contacted me privately and thanked me stating what they were thinking, but the public reaction was a torch-bearing mob.

Most of these seemed to come from “modern Orthodox” women in Beit Shemesh and Efrat, as well as completely irreligious people and even non-Jews, who suddenly were all in favor of Gemara study.


One “rabbi” from Efrat wrote a long Facebook post against me, filled with specious arguments and personal attacks, that drew a lot of attention and was also printed in the Jewish Press….

The Slimes of Israel eventually banned me from posting on their blogs after I criticized one of their darlings, Benny Lau. I didn’t even name him, just noted that he was a token rabbi at the feminist Daf Yomi siyum. That was simply too much for the Slimes of Israel, who do not tolerate any less than respectful remarks against any rabbi, of course…
[Ed. note: Benny Lau – and his father, Meir Lau  – descend from the notorious SHOR family I keep mentioning on this blog. Quelle surprise.]
I’ve continued to hammer the feminists and their ilk ever since, and encourage everyone to wake up and get in the game.
This garbage is a real threat to the Jewish people, and even people who aren’t personally affected (or don’t think they are) need to speak out and make it clear this trash is not kosher, period.
Here are the links:
Ad kan, from R’ Weissman.

Ladies, it’s really up to us to stand up to the ortho fems, because they can’t just smear us with the same ‘sexist’ tactics they generally use with everyone else.

I’m not a man. I’m not a self-hating woman. I’m also very educated, and articulate, and not just chained to my kitchen sink washing dishes and having babies.
And I still think that all this ‘ortho fem’ stuff is totally poisonous, and just out to ‘shatter orthodoxy’ from within.
The Women of the Wall are wielding their Torah scroll, like a battering ram at the Kotel, and all these ‘PC’, abortion-pushing, trans gender embracing ‘rabbas’ are wielding their ‘smicha’ in the classroom and online, to try and batter down our traditions and our children’s morality.

But with God’s help, we will overcome.


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16 replies
  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    Roe vs. Wade was overturned. “Leftists are hysterical about millions of babies that will GET TO LIVE”!
    Israel Health Minister “Israel’s abortion rules to be eased”. i guess this is in protest for Roe v. Wade :-)).
    He may never have children, because men can’t get pregnant, even if “they self identify as a woman”.
    East Jerusalem truck driver just hit the death-jackpot: His humongous truck tried passing a car, missed, then bounced ontop of 2 other cars leaving many dead and 23 ORPHANS! What else could happen on Israel’s 74th Birthday??

    • nechama
      nechama says:

      Just found out that the draft roe v. Wade “opinion” might have been leaked/stolen. SCOTUS is compromised. Even if reversed, it leaves the abortion laws at the state level. Big mess.

      • JR
        JR says:

        It’s not a big mess. It’s called federalism. State has the right to run their affairs independentally of the central gov’t in D.C.

        • nechama
          nechama says:

          The mess is not the state’s jurisdiction in this matter, it’s the orchestrated responses of the dems and baby killers. There’s more to this.

  2. האיש
    האיש says:

    That’s what the Medrash (Tanchuma 8:1) says on this possuk: רַ מ ‡ָ
    ¿ ּהו‡ ¿לƒי ¿ ׂ˘רָ ‡≈ ל, ‡ַ ף עַ ל פּƒ י ׁ ∆˘ ּƒ˙מ ¿ ˆ¿ ‡ּו ‡וֹ˙ ּ ָ ה ¿מ≈ל‡ָ ה ּכָ ל ּטוב
    is Hashem – לָ ה∆ ם הַ ָּ˜„וֹ ׁ˘ ָּב ּרוך
    telling the Am Yisroel, “Although you’ll find the land full of all good things,
    רו ּמֹ‡ ּ ֹ˙‡ ¿ל – you shouldn’t say, עַ ט ּנƒ ‡ֹול ¿ב≈˘ ׁ ≈ נ’ -We’ll dwell in the land and it’s
    not necessary for us to do any planting.’ No, don’t say that. עו ּטָּ נ ˘ ¿ ׁ ∆ ם˘ ׁ ≈ כ‡ ¿ּל ‡ ָּ ∆
    ¿ ¡ה ּיו נו ¿ ֹ ט ƒעים ,you for planted, Canaanim the, others like Just ‡ – ƒ ֲ ח≈ רים לָ כ∆ ם
    ּכָ ך
    ם∆ יכ≈בנ ¿לƒ – so you should plant for your children too.


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Fine words from an anonymous commentator that none of us know anything about.

      (Except that you like to attack other people online, anonymously, which suggests you have a fair bit of work left to do on your middot, still.)

  3. JR
    JR says:

    You’re making a mistake. Neither Y. Smith nor Pardes identify as Orthodox. The Independant (UK paper) refered to Smith as “ex-Orthodox” and Smith’s own definition of “Authentic Jewish Learning” has nothing about committment to tradition or halacha, the שלשה עשר עיקרים or even God for that matter.
    If you read Pardes’ mission statement, you won’t find anything Orthodox there.
    Neither Pardes nor Smith make any pretense of identifying as Orthodox- whether modern or “open”.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s interesting when this ‘ex-orthodoxy’ occurred. This comes from Pardes history page:

      “The institute, which he gave the name Pardes—suggestive of the mystery, multifacetedness, and fruitfulness of Torah—opened its doors in the fall of 1972 with a student body of 25.

      Among the original teachers were Adin Steinsaltz, David Hartman, and Eliezer Schweid, with teaching assistants who included Menahem Froman and Dov Berkovits. (Click here for a full description of the original faculty). Swirsky directed the Institute in 1972 and 1973 and Berkovits from then until 1977 (See video below). Rabbi Levi Lauer directed Pardes from 1977 to 1994 and Rabbi Danny Landes assumed the position in 1995.”

      Last I heard, Adin Steinsaltz was ‘orthodox’.

      Here’s a snippet about David Hartmann, another founding faculty member from Wikipedia:

      “David Hartman…attended Yeshiva Chaim Berlin and the Lubavitch Yeshiva, after which he spent time learning in Lakewood Yeshiva. In 1953, having studied under Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, he received his rabbinical ordination from Yeshiva University in New York.”

      Sounds pretty ‘orthodox’ to me..

      Here’s the wiki snippet on Menachem Froman:

      “Rabbi Menachem Froman (also spelled Menahem and Fruman; Hebrew: מנחם פרומן‎; 1 June 1945 – 4 March 2013)[1] was an Israeli Orthodox rabbi, and a peacemaker and negotiator with close ties to Palestinian religious leaders. A founding member of Gush Emunim, he served as the chief rabbi of Tekoa in the West Bank.”

      You know what, you’ve inspired me to do a follow up post. thanks.

      • JR
        JR says:

        Some of the faculty may be Orthodox, but the institution isn’t.

        I find it a bit of a strain to consider Hartman in the years after Lakewood & YU, Orthodox.
        Hartman is on the record that he was willing to marry a כהן to a גיורת. The flexibility he sought in halacha went beyond finding leniencies that are already part of legitimate halachic process. We’re not talking about a mistaken approach to halacha in which leniencies are applied inappropriately. We’re talking about discarding halacha on philosophic grounds, not on mistaken halachic grounds.
        Off the record, I’ve heard that Hartman told a couple that they could ignore a certain הלכה (which modesty prevents me from specifying) based on their “feelings”. So no, Hartman wasn’t Orthodox.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          If you go here:


          You will find a list of Pardes original faculty, that shows every single one, as far as I can see, had smicha from an orthodox institution.

          (Of course, that’s assuming we count Yeshiva University as an ‘orthodox institution’, which is increasingly stretching things, from my perspective.)

          BH, I’ll write up a full post on Pardes, and who and what is behind it – together with more of these ‘modern orthodox’ frum-reform Trojan horse institutions, that have been poisoning our communities and education systems – and children’s minds – for years, already.

          • JR
            JR says:

            That (perhaps outdated) document is from 50 years ago, and doesn’t identify the institution’s affiliation. So it’s not a document that proves anything definitive today.

            “that shows every single one, as far as I can see, had smicha from an orthodox institution.”
            I don’t know how you could make such a claim, when the document offers no evidence of that for Eliezer Schweid. A minute of research shows he was raised in the milieu of Labor Zionism. Nowhere does is say that Rosenak got smicha from RIETS, or anywhere else. Toeg, Strikovsky & Yagod are also not listed as having smicha. Indeed the majority of the faculty do not have “rabbi” in their title. Your claim is demonstratedly false.

            This institution makes no claims to be Orthodox and its faculty is not necessarily Orthodox. I see no evidence that Pardes is part of the Orthodox world, nor that their intended audience are necessarily committed members of the Orthodox community. As such, claims that they are a “Trojan horse institution” has no basis in fact.

            It’s not surprising that you’ve smeared the גדולים at YU as you’ve done with the ש”ך, the ט”ז, the מגלה עמוקות & Rav Chaim Kanievsky. You don’t like גדולי ישראל, do you?

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            You are correct that I wrote that before double-checking.

            BH, I let people like you continue to comment precisely to catch any errors that come up, so we can move forward on the basis of fact.

            When you have secular, Frankist-funding organisations falling over themselves to give prizes to ‘orthodox’ individuals – like Meshi-Zahav, for example, or Elimelech Firer – then yes, I am asking what these individuals are doing, that the anti-Torah, pro-LGBT etc State of Israel likes them so much.

            And if you are saying that’s it’s ok that institutions like Yeshiva University have kollels paid for by Jeffrey Epstein’s best friend Les Wexner… then I question your moral judgment.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      OK, then I’m sorry I over-reacted.

      I have to deal with a lot of poisonous comments, and commentators on my blog, and when people are attacking me personally, I do my best to let it go, as much as possible, as I know that each time I get bizayon, deserved or otherwise, it cleans off my many aveirot.

      But when it’s directed at other people, I am more careful about accepting any comments that could be construed as ‘dissing’.


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