Almost exactly a year ago, Rabbi Berland was brutally arrested by Israeli police at his dawn minyan.

His crime?

Doing pidyon nefesh – ‘redemptions of the soul’.

Something that has been an accepted part of authentic Judaism for centuries.


When that happened back at the beginning of February, it set up a massive test for the orthodox Jewish world.

If a person could argue that maybe there was something to the allegations the first time around – because the media and the government and the evil people in Meah Shearim who’d concocted them did a fabulous job of fooling a lot of people – this time around, that definitely wasn’t the case.

Where’s the ‘crime’, in people voluntarily giving money to a rabbi, a tzaddik, who they believe can help them to sweeten the terrible suffering they were experiencing?

This time around, the situation was set up to enable as many people in the orthodox world as possible to ‘see through’ all the lies about what was going on with the Rav, and to start to take a stand for real justice, and to call out the police and the State of Israel and the media for their rampant anti-Jewish, anti-semitic actions and stance.

Guess what?

The orthodox world failed the test.


Not only did it fail to condemn the anti-semitism of the police, State of Israel and media, it then compounded the error by handing down a ‘judgment’ in Beit Din against the Rav and his community – which was made in total contravention of even the basic halachot of how a Beit Din is meant to function.

There was only one witness.

And the Rav wasn’t able to testify on his own behalf.

And there were a whole bunch of other ‘irregularities’ too.

But that didn’t stop a whole bunch of people with prior biases against the Rav, and and against Shuvu Banim, and also against Breslov itself, from pointing to this ‘judgment’ and proudly proclaiming that ‘daas Torah has spoken!!!!’

Now, you’ve got a rabbinic seal of approval, to join in with the anti-semitic, anti-Jewish ‘Rav bashing’ crowd, headed up by the horrible police!!!

And a lot of people really went to town on the Rav then, and his Shuvu Banim community.


Kids were kicked out of their schools.

Members of the Shuvu Banim community were ostracised and shamed.

And the Rav – the poor Rav – he was stuck in maximum security prisons in awful conditions, while the State of Israel has continued to torture him, deny him basic food and medical needs – and I heard an unconfirmed rumor that they have even forcibly given him the ‘vaccine’, lo alenu.


During all this time, where was the ‘orthodox leadership’?

Where were the ‘orthodox politicians’?

Where were the protests against all this awful corruption and anti-semitism?

Where was the heartfelt teshuva, that maybe the orthodox community had got things wrong about the Rav and  Shuvu Banim, and that really, the were just the canary in the coalmine, warning the rest of us about what was lurking behind the scenes?


That corrupt ‘Beit Din’ was held in Bnei Brak.

That same Bnei Brak has been in the news the last couple of days, because the brutal, anti-semitic Israeli police have been ‘cracking down’ on supposed ‘coronavirus violations’:


Just as they ‘cracked down’ a year ago on supposed ‘financial irregularities’, with the Rav and his community.

You can see the video of the Rav being violently arrested – and his followers being violently beaten up by the Israeli police HERE, on the ‘Yeshiva World News’ website.

It’s so similar to the videos now coming out of Bnei Brak – and Montreal, and Stamford Hill, where one orthodox community after another is now being violently ‘policed’ for the sin of continuing to live a Jewish life.

All this is so clearly midda kneged midda.


Let’s just take a look at some of the comments that were made online when the Rav was arrested again, last February.

This from the horrible propaganda tool, the Jpost:

First of all: you’re guilty of clueless behavior if you turn to religious hoaxers for medical (or otherwise professional) advice. Second: just cram his behind in a slammer until he croaks there. Useless, little humanoid.


Remember the idea that you accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of?

This sentence is really standing out to me now, in the light of everything that’s gone on over the last year, with ‘Covid 19’:

You’re guilty of clueless behavior if you turn to religious hoaxers for medical advice.

Remember that flurry of ‘rabbis’ (again, many based in Bnei Brak) who suddenly appeared to pressure the haredi world into becoming human guinea pigs for a totally untested, experimental ‘vaccine’? And how many poor souls believed them, and did it unquestioningly?

Midda kneged midda.


I was going to bring some of the comments from the ‘Yeshiva World News’ website, too, about the Rav and his community, but they are so disgusting, I won’t.

Yes, that same ‘Yeshiva World News’ website that I wrote this post about, last year:


Right now, there is more ‘anti chareidi’ incitement going on across the media in Israel.

It’s a tried-and-true formula that we saw play out in World War II:

  1. Accuse the religious Jews of ‘spreading diseases’ by living in close-knit communities (or ‘ghettos’) while still committing the ‘sin’ of having large families.
  2. Demonise the religious Jews with a concerted propaganda campaign that states they are harming ‘greater society’ by their continued adherence to ‘superstitious practices’ like continuing to pray with a minyan, and continuing to get married, and continuing to breathe fresh air as much as possible.
  3. Use State institutions like the police to start to beat up religious Jews, and treat them like ‘sub human beings’ who don’t have the same rights as everyone else.
  4. Plant agent provacateurs in the religious Jewish community who set buses and trams on fire, so that you can run more stories about ‘violent, out-of-control charedim’, to excuse the ever-escalating police violence against their communities.
  5. You can see where this heading, God forbid…

Unless we all start to make some serious teshuva, now.


Here’s the thing:

Ultimately, the Rav and the people connected to the Rav, even in a small capacity, will somehow get through all this madness in one piece.

How can I state that so clearly?


To be ‘connected to the Rav’ at this point, means that at least on some level, you’ve already seen through all the lies, and the fakers and the evil that is now creating this miserable ‘Covid-19’ world for us all.

You already know that all these news sites, even the so-called ‘religious’ ones, are bought and paid for by evil anti-semites with an agenda to uproot yiddishkeit and Torah.

You already know that so many of our ‘rabbis’ and leaders are totally corrupt.

You already know that most of what we’re told is ‘true’ by out politicians and community figures and academics and doctors is just a self-serving, manipulative lie.

If you already know all this, you aren’t running for a ‘vaccine’, and you aren’t buying into the fear porn, and you have some store of emuna, deep down, that all this will turn around for the best very soon.


And that’s just for starters.

If you’re connecting to the Rav and following his advice to pray certain things, recite certain segulot, read certain things, get up for chatzot – you also have the merit of all those prayers and your emunat tzaddikim to stand for you, too, going forward.

The more a person connects to the Rav, the easier this whole difficult process becomes.


And on the other side of the fence?

Well, I honestly fear for a lot of people in the orthodox Jewish world right now.

I fear for all those people who wrote that Shuvu Banim are ‘animals’ who deserve to get ‘run over by the police’, God forbid.

I fear for all those people who waved that fake daas Torah around as their heter to start slagging the Rav off, publically, and who screamed what a shonda Shuvu Banim people are.

They are giving the whole Jewish community a bad name!!! They are making us look a laughing stock in the eyes of the secular people!!! 


There’s one particular yucky commentator on the YWN website (who may well be a paid shill for the side of evil) who calls himself ‘Gadol HaDor’.

The comments he has made about the Rav and his community in the past can’t even be repeated. But I thought you’d be interested in what he posted under the video of those poor chareidim in Montreal, being violently attacked by the police there:

What is there about NO, they don’t understand. Even the local community federation apparently begged them to obey the public health guidelines and to STAY HOME but to no avail. In the video, they look like a bunch of rats escaping a sinking ship while empowering the local anti-semites. Well done.

When he was publically equating Shuvu Banim to ‘vermin’, did you agree with him?

And now he’s equating other chareidi Jews to vermin, do you still agree with him?

And when anti-semites the world over follow his lead, and start equating all and any Jews to ‘vermin’ – are you still going to agree with him, then?


The Torah world has so much teshuva it needs to make.

And the clock is ticking down.

The Rav is still imprisoned, in terrible conditions of forced isolation and criminal neglect.

They are mamash trying to kill him.

There is no case against him. Even the police reached an agreement to release him last month – but it was quashed ‘from the top’.

Armilus knows who the Rav really is, and knows that when he gets out, this whole ‘Covid-19’ nightmare will start to unravel.

But in the meantime, the same tactics they used to crush the Rav and Shuvu Banim are now being rolled out to Bnei Brak, Stamford Hill, Jerusalem, Montreal and beyond.

If the Jewish community doesn’t make some serious teshuva, very soon, the midda kneged midda will only continue.

And don’t think that it’s only frum Jews who should be concerned.

This will continue to spiral out and out and out – and whatever ‘punishment’ people were calling down on the heads of the Rav and Shuvu Banim, is what God will serve up to them – unless they make some serious teshuva.


That’s already happening, btw.

The people who put their faith in ‘doctors’, and in the people who told them that doing a pidyon nefesh was superstitious nonsense, were undoubtedly the first in line to get stabbed in the arm with the ‘vaccine’.

Midda kneged midda.

But everything can still be turned around for the good, and sweetened, in the blink of an eye.

All it takes is some humility, some genuine introspection, and a willingness to admit that we were wrong, we were fooled, we were duped.

That’s it.

May Hashem help us all to do what’s required, to get geula the sweet way, without more terrible suffering.



You can see footage HERE that shows that at least some of these ‘violent’ demonstrators in Bnei Brak are not locals, and probably not even religious Jews.

I really think whoever set the bus on fire in Bnei Brak are paid agent provacateurs – the same idea behind Antifa – who are being drafted in to perpetrate violent acts that the State of Israel can then blame on the ‘chareidim’, and use to justify increasing force and violence against the frum community.

Heads up!

Don’t let them ‘divide and conquer’ us again!



So, here’s some more stuff that’s starting to bring out how this corrupt, anti-Jewish government is operating to paint religious Jews as ‘violent extremists’ that need to be ‘cracked down’.

First with that bus burning in Bnei Brak: residents tried to get a fire engine to come and extinguish the blaze for 30 minutes – but the Fire Department refused to come, saying that they were scared they’d be ‘attacked’.

This is just such obvious BS, it’s hard to know how anyone can even believe it.

I know the ‘crazies’ in frum neighborhoods.

They push over bins and set them alight – a lot, even.

BUT they don’t do stuff that could seriously hurt or kill other people, like setting a bus alight with someone in it.

This is a government-sponsored blood libel.


And CO-IN-CI-DEN-TAL-LY, just as this ‘bus burning’ was taking place in Bnei Brak, my daughter tells me that another ‘bus burning’ apparently happened in Bat Ayin – the yishuv that the murdered Ahuvya Sandek came from.

Conveniently, there are no images of what happened – and who did it – from the many cameras set up all over the Bat Ayin yishuv.

And I know a lot of people in Bat Ayin, and it’s just not something the people there would do. Half the yishuv rely on the buses to get in and out to Jerusalem, and don’t have cars. Why would they choose to attack a bus?

On the very same day that this other ‘bus burning’ occurred in Bnei Brak?

People, the evil government is trying to play us off against each other again – don’t fall for it!

They want us to see ‘the other’ as ‘violent extremists’, so they can justify their excessive use of force and discrimination.

Don’t fall for it!!!

We need to band together, more than at any other time, and to understand that the people burning buses etc ARE NOT COMING FROM WITHIN THESE COMMUNITIES.

They are agent provacateurs, who work for the State of Israel.


And lastly, one of my readers just sent me this link, which appears to be a new detention centre being built right in the middle of Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park:


I had my Hebrew speaking daughter check this out, before posting it here.

The ‘official story’ is that this is being built in connection with the new tram system being built in Tel Aviv.

This is why I don’t buy the ‘official story’:

  1. They’ve been in the process of building the tram in Tel Aviv for approaching three years already. Why build that structure now?
  2. There are plenty of empty office spaces in Tel Aviv right now. Why go to the trouble of expense of building a totally new building complex like this?
  3. Usually, building sites in Israel just use caravans, which they then dismantle and move to the next building site. Why build something ‘permanent’ like this?
  4. Why build it on one of Tel Aviv’s very rare ‘green spaces’ – right in the middle of Park HaYarkon?
  5. Who on earth is meant to be living in something like that? And if you tell me ‘construction workers’ – construction workers live in caravans and / or the buildings they are building.

I’ve never seen a structure like that being built for any other construction site in Israel, and I’ve seen a lot of building going on here, all over the country, the last 15 years.


We have to stop believing the government’s lies, and stop telling ourselves the State of Israel is on our side.

It’s totally corrupt.

It’s not a ‘Jewish’ State, it’s an anti-Jewish Sabbatean-Frankist State with a very evil agenda to destroy Torah Judaism.

And with each day that passes, that’s becoming more and more obvious.



Apparently detention camps for ‘Covid rebels’ is not just an Israeli idea.

No less a place than Germany is also drawing up plans to repurpose their refugee camps into Covid detention centres:

GERMANY’S worst Covid rule breakers will be held in detention centres under new proposals being drawn up by a number of state governments.

Birds of a feather flock together….

Whatever they are building in Park HaYarkon, it’s almost certainly NOT got anything to do with the tram.


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13 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Dafka, I think that’s what’s going to make this whole thing fail…

      I’ll try to write more tomorrow, but there’s a passage in Rabbenu’s writings where he explains why he had to go to Lemberg to ingest ‘medicines’. He crushed all the avoda zora in the medicine, once it entered his body. BH, something similar is going on here.

      • Inna
        Inna says:

        Can not wait to hear more about this! But… do not you think that we are too optimistic with our expectations regarding the timeframe? There has to be damage done according to many predictions ( i know that they are not necessary have to come true if they are negative) before the fall
        Of the evil side?

  1. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Oh my G-d…

    Please check out specially the UPDATES at the bottom of this post from yesterday – the same day I actually wrote a post about the Rav’s horrible detention (they go hand in hand: what “they” are doing to the Rav they are apparently doing to ALL AM YISRAEL, the ones falling for the Vax). SEE WHAT THAT VAX DOES TOO!!!!! You won’t believe it!

    And a commentator on my blog had complained a while ago that I was not focusing on CONCENTRATION CAMPS BEING BUILT IN ISRAEL. Well, I knew nothing about them then. But now it is clear that yes, they ARE doing that: this is the first instance. Where else?

    And Oy Lanu about what is happening in Bat Ayin: you know what that means, don’t you? It is known that a lot of Breslavers live in Bat Ayin, lots of Pnimiut there (lots of marijuana too from what I was told!); lots of TRUE JEWS – you can see it from the pure face of poor Ahuviah ZT”L who was brutally murdered by those monsters masquerading as policemen. It’s basically the same as cracking down on the Rav – same crowd, same Jews, same people.

    TIME TO DROWN ALL ISRAELITE BABIES, IT SEEMS. Pharaoh, where are you hiding? DATAN AND AVIRAM, whom have you been reincarnated into: Bibi, are you one of them?

    • Ana
      Ana says:

      If the government in Israel was really building any sort of “detention / concertation camps”, why would they do it in the middle of a big, public park and not somewhere in a more hidden / remote place? Even remote places are not logistically so far away in such a small country…

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        It’s a good question. Thank you for asking it.


        Just wanted to make it clear that I really am grateful for this question, with no sarcasm. I’m now researching other detention facilities in Israel that I never knew about – partially listed in the other reply. Thanks, Ana.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Do you mean more like this:

          “When completed, the four prisons in the area are meant to be able to hold more than 16,000 inmates, making them, together, the largest detention facility for immigrants in the West.”


          Here are some more detention camps in Israel that I never knew even existed:

          “Camp 1391 is situated in a Tegart fort on route 574 between kibbutz Barkai and kibbutz Ma’anit in northern Israel and less than an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv…. It was run by Unit 504. The existence of the prison was unknown to the public before 2003, and most information about it remains classified.”


          And this, with lots of pictures and some very interesting additional info, first discovered by Barry Chamish (who was right about far more than most of us realised, at the time.)

          “[A] huge American military base is nearing completion in Israel. Reportedly, it has holding facilities for as many as 18,000 protesters.

          “After visiting it yesterday, I’d say way more. This base is massive. I counted ten enormous US Army issue prefab warehouses and more were going up.”

          • Yosef from the Galil
            Yosef from the Galil says:

            In the desert, eh? Maybe that is where Hashem will protect those who don’t bow to Ba’al. The government will round us all up, put us in the camp, which will become our ark while the world collapses around us.

          • Ana
            Ana says:

            Thanks for posting more information about that. The whole idea of detention centers, etc., doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility, but it doesn’t make sense that everyone is getting excited about a few pre-fab buildings in the middle of a huge public park in the middle of the country.

            Several years back when the illegal African influx was getting big, there was a large detention facility being used then, no?

            Also, it doesn’t seem so outlandish that US military bases could be multi-purposed…

  2. Aron
    Aron says:

    The purpose of the “official story” is NOT to convince people to accept the “agenda”. The purpose of the “official story” is to convince YOU that the majority of OTHER PEOPLE indeed HAVE accepted the “agenda”.

    You are being programmed to believe that most of the world is going along with this and you’re part of an embattled minority. The truth is exactly the opposite. Most people, in their heart of hearts, are not really interested, and are just too basic to do anything besides go about their business. Everyone is walking around in the mass-media fog of war, thinking that everyone else buys it except him.

    The media depends on how hard it is for humans to think in percentages. When the media and government create an atmosphere of threat and uncertainty, that puts people in a low-tone “survival” consciousness. The media spoon-feeds you select “stories” and you notice everything that makes you scared or angry. Your mind wants to hyperfocus its attention on these bits of artificial information because it assumes they are neccesary for survival. The media weaves a pattern of events and you don’t take into account the billions of events that DON’T fit the pattern.

    The psychic attack is perfect and complete because it is two-pronged: it simultaneously targets the “dor haflaga” types (“blue team”) who think they need to rely on a “tower” for survival, and the “dor hamabul” types (“red team”) who think that same “tower” is the biggest THREAT to their survival. This is the ongoing left-wing/right-wing program.

    Blue team sees on TV that x number of people died. The TV says it over and over to reinforce the primal fear survival program. X is a big number.. hundreds of thousands, millions.. it overwhelms the mind. There’s a lot of people who are just too stupid to ever consider the denominator.. how many people DIDN’T die, or even get sick? He can’t think in the percentage, because the denominator is billions.. it’s too many zeros. The result is less than 1%. But a scared monkey can’t do basic algebra because that isn’t useful in a life-or-death situation.

    Red team is going to see through the sleight of hand. “They” know that and “they” are riling you up with provocations. “They” obviously want you to lose all the faith you had in “their” system. Why is that? Because “they” want to change things, and “they” stay in control when both “left” AND “right” want everything to change too. Just because the 2 sides of the population want things to change in opposing directions isn’t meakev, adraba: the drama makes the spectacle feel real. “They” can give you exactly what you want because your desires are produced by your attentive participation in “their” game. “They” plan to SYNTHESIZE the extremes of “blue team” and “red team” into a coherent pathway that yields the maximum spiritual catharsis and therefore submission from both parties. These are basics of Greek drama and its bondage of images. Basic avodah zarah techniques.

    Doesn’t this all seem a little too messy and absurd? Do you really think “they” expect most people are going to take “them” seriously? Who do you think is feeding you the “inside scoop” about the “agenda”? Who do you think scatters all that information all over the internet? “They” know their audience because “they” study us all endlessly. I go on youtube for a torah shiur and the first suggestion is garbage fake “kabbalah” and the second is something about “vaccines and the new world order”.. I’m SUPPOSED to see that, care about it, click on it and GIVE AWAY my attention for it. (And I’m supposed to KNOW that I’m being watched and assessed and peppered with tailor-made “suggestions”. I’m supposed to notice everything).

    “They” don’t need microchips or bioweapons or any of this sci-fi drama. “They” need OUR ATTENTION.
    Without our attention, they die.

    Why else put out stories about, what, a “concentration camp” in the middle of yarkon park? It’s a bit laughable, no? A little over the top, don’t you think?

    Don’t forget to think in percentages.. how many minyanim were NOT broken up by police last week? How many Jews were NOT “violently attacked”?

    This whole fiasco is just being felt much worse in Israel than in other places. You’re dealing with a bunch of low-level globalist politicians who get to run wild in their little desert fiefdom and they believe their own lies because they’re Jews and they’ve kind of lost sight of the larger occult control-grid they’re enslaved to. They like playing “king of the ghetto” and they hold a personal grudge against anyone they can’t control so that includes any group of mamash religious Jews so they identify the ringleader and make an example out of him.

    They derive their power from pulling this lie over on the world that an atheist country can use the Bible to claim real estate. The contradiction is becoming obvious because A) they’ve run out of Arabs to kill and B) the Jewish population is inclining towards yiddishkeit. The past year has dug down to the core of the Zionist project and its limitations. Does anyone in Israel really think this is about “health and safety” anymore? Israel has been teetering on the edge of civil war since the 80s. Lebanon also had to choose whether to face East or West and it spent 30 years of blood trying to figure it out. Israel didn’t go down that road because it was distracted by cheap credit, trash pop culture and the “Arab threat”. But everyone knows Zionism died when Rabbi Kahane was pushed out of the democratic political process and then assassinated. Israel isn’t about what the Jews who live there want. That was a convenient lie that only worked when everyone was a viennese agnostic like herzl.

    Worst case scenario.. I’d 100% rather be herded into some sort of “red zone”, detention center or death camp than have to jump thru hoops to live in this joke of a society. I will never wear a mask or take a vaccine. I consume zero media or secular knowledge. The worst thing anyone in this world can do to me is send me to heaven faster. Mesiras nefesh kiddush Hashem is mekaper all sins so the worst anyone can do is favor me a one way ticket to the highest Gan Eden. This is life, it’s always been this way, there’s no guarantees except Hashem! What are you all scared of?

    “What can man do to me?” – King David


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