I just got sent this:

The Rav just called someone and said that he is supposed to get out of prison this Wednesday but they want to push it off and keep him for another 2 weeks and they should do a atzeret on motzei Shabbat/a prayer rally this motzei Shabbat.

Everyone should come outside the prison and do 7 times TK and 3 Perakim Nivcharim.

Whoever can’t come there should do it from wherever they are; 7 times Tikkun Haklali; and 3 times Perskim Nivcharim this motzei Shabbat and he spoke greatly about the power of 7 times TK and PN.

And he said everyone should pray that he should get out right away this week already.



Go HERE to see the Perakim Nivcharim.

And may we hear good news.


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    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It looks like they hacked the Rav’s site again.

      Glad your comments are coming through again now – here’s the previous one, too:

      “I said 7TK and 3PN on Shabbos, hopefully coinciding with the gathering outside the prison. Meanwhile, it looks as if the English Shuvu Banim website has been hacked.”


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