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And it’s not Netanyahu, Lapid, or any of the MKs you voted for.

A few weeks ago, I dug up an interesting document that showed the Milken Institute, back in 2007, was pushing the State of Israel to create what it called a ‘tissue bank’, to facilitate research into biomedicine.

You can go back and read that whole article HERE.

Why I found that so interesting is because Moshe Bar Siman-Tov – the former DG of the Health Ministry, who together with the WHO lackey Itamar Grotto played an instrumental role in creating the first COVID-1984 hysteria and lockdown back at Pesach time – is a former Milken Institute Fellow.


A couple of days ago, on a hunch, I put in ‘Yad HaNadiv’ and ‘Milken’ together as search terms in Google.

In case you don’t know what ‘Yad HaNadiv’ actually is, it’s the main (but by no means only…) name the Rothschild Foundation goes by, to try to camouflage just how many fingers it has in how many pies, here in the State of Israel.

The following comes from Yad HaNadiv’s own site, which I have screenshotted, just in case anyone ‘important’ actually reads this blog, so they can’t go back and change it:


First, a bit of history about where ‘Yad HaNadiv’ fits into the picture of creating the modern day State of Israel:

Edmond entrusted his son James de Rothschild with the task of carrying on his work through the Palestine Jewish Colonisation Association (PICA). Towards the end of the First World War, the question of a home for the Jews in Palestine was coming to the fore under the leadership of Chaim Weizmann.

James de Rothschild had by then settled in England, and he and his wife Dorothy were committed to Zionism and assisted Weizmann with his contacts in Britain. However, it was to the second Lord Rothschild, Walter, to whom the British Government turned and finally, in November 1917, addressed the famous Balfour Declaration.


To put this in plain English: The British and French branches of the Rothschild families effectively put men on the ground in Israel, and then secured political backing from the British to create a ‘Jewish State’.

There’s a whole story about why this assimilated Jewish family cared so much about this piece of real estate, and it has far more to do with oil than it does with creating a real homeland for Jews, but we’ll get to that another time.


In 1957, James de Rothschild (apparently….) formally handed over all of the massive tracts of land and real estate the Rothschilds had acquired in the Holy Land to Ben Gurion’s Labour Socialists, and then also built the present Knesset Building, shortly before he died.

Then, his widow (and cousin…) Dorothy de Rothschild picked up the gauntlet, and continued to poke more Rothschild fingers in more Israeli pies.

Again, this comes from Yad HaNadiv’s own website:

Under her leadership, Yad Hanadiv was formed and projects were undertaken that ranged from the establishment of Educational Television, the Open University, the Centre for Educational Technology, the Jerusalem Music Centre in Mishkenot Shaananim and HEMDA– the Centre for Science Education in Tel Aviv.

Dorothy was assisted by a group of distinguished Advisors, which included Lord Victor Rothschild, the Hon. Amschel Rothschild and Sir Isaiah Berlin [and Lord Jacob Rothschild]. They were later joined or replaced by other family members, Professor Emma Rothschild and Mme Béatrice Rosenberg de Rothschild, and colleagues such as James Wolfensohn – the namesake of James de Rothschild, who served with Wolfensohn’s father in the Jewish Battalion during WWI.


Again, it’s a post for another time, but Ben Gurion also served in the Jewish Battalion (aka Jewish Legion).

Another nugget of pertinent info about Dorothy comes from the Waddesden House website, HERE, which tells us:

During the First World War, when still a teenager, she acted as contact and go-between for Chaim Weizmann (a leader among British Zionists), the Zionist movement and the Rothschild family.

I wonder why they don’t teach that in Israeli schools?


In the meantime, Yad HaNadiv – the Rothschilds – also worked very closely with people like Shimon Peres, and there’s a whole nauseating story about how Dorothy called dear old Shimon up to donate the money to build Israel’s Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem, which conspiracy theorists have long pointed out appears to have some odd Freemason-occult architecture going on.

Read more about that, HERE.


The Rothschilds built Hadassah Ein Kerem and Shaarei Tzedek hospitals in Jerusalem.

Now, the reason you rarely here about the Rothschild’s Foundation, and the huge impact it’s having on every facet of Israeli life, behind the scenes, can be found on Yad HaNadiv’s own website, which states very clearly in the section on ‘Guiding Principles’:

We typically rely on other organisations to implement.

We …. are committed …. to a modest public profile.

Again, to put this into plain English, that means the Rothschild Foundation is the one pulling the strings from far back, and that they use front men and puppet people and organisations to achieve their ends.

Now, are you ready for the story to ramp into ‘very interesting’ territory, with implications for what’s going on today? Great! Let’s do it.


Also on Yad HaNadiv’s website, they have a section talking about what they are focusing on now, within Israel. Whaddya know? One of the Rothschild Foundation’s main areas of interest is ‘personalised medicine’ – same as the Milken Foundation.

Here’s what they say:

Yad Hanadiv’s strategy in the Life Sciences seeks to help Israeli researchers produce ground-breaking work in Precision Medicine research. Precision (or Personalized) Medicine – the ability to take into account individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle in the study of health and disease – is widely expected to be transformative for biomedical research and healthcare

We hope to promote Israel’s international standing in this area by improving researcher access to genomic and other molecular data on individual patients, linked to the vast resources of electronic medical records held within the Israeli medical system, while promoting a broad culture of collaboration and data sharing.

Support is focused through the Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP) – a joint initiative of Yad Hanadiv, the Klarman Family Foundation and the Israel Science Foundation, with additional support from the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education and Digital Israel.


You can read more HERE, but in the meantime, the Rothschild Foundation openly admits to giving $60 million to this Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP) (and clearly, way more is being funded via the ‘back door’, via all their puppet people and organisations, so they can retain their ‘modest profile’.)

Now, if we head over to the IPMP, we learn some more interesting things.

The IPMP is being run on the ground by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF)– one of the ‘partners’ listed on the Yad HaNadiv website.

The Israel Science Foundation was founded by the Israeli Academy for Sciences and Humanities. The academy itself was founded by Ben Gurion in 1957 – the year James de Rothschild died – and one of its main funders was Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild, from the French Rothschilds.

She was a biologist who trained at the Pasteur Institute in Paris (more about them another time…), and the Academy website says that:

During World War II, she joined the Free French Movement at its office in New York and volunteered for its armed forces. Assigned to London, she landed in Normandy during the Allied invasion, eventually reaching Paris, where she served as liaison between the French and the United States military forces.


That’s quite a high profile job for a young woman, hey! I guess being a Rothschild really does open a lot of doors.

In 1958, Batsheva starts up a fund to finance the Academy in NYC, which is transferred over to Israel in 1965. Then, in 1993 that fund is officially transferred over to the Academy (are you noticing a theme, here?)

So, the Rothschild’s funded Academy sets up the Israel Science Foundation.

And on the ISF website, we find the following information about something called the TELEM forum, which is one of the ISF’s pet projects:

The goal of the TELEM Forum was to pool various governmental budgetary resources – and catalyzing the participation of others – to undertake major joint science and technology initiatives in the national interest. Since 2005, the Ministry of Economy has taken over administrative responsibility for the Forum.

And here’s who is sitting on that Forum – literally half the Ministers of the State of Israel:

TELEM’s members are the heads of Israel’s major national research-funding organizations: President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (TELEM’s Chair), chairman of the Planning and Budgeting Committee of Israel’s Council for Higher Education, chief scientist of the Ministry of Economy, director general of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space, head of the Research and Development Division of the Ministry of Defense, and assistant head of the Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance.


And whaddya know?! What are some of the things being funded by the Rothschilds?

Over the years, TELEM has initiated a string of scientific and technological projects, representing hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars in total, including the following:

  • Nanotechnology research and infrastructure – $231.5 million

  • Advanced photonics – $56 million

  • Second-generation broadband Internet communication initiative – $38 million

  • Particle accelerator for the Nahal Soreq SARAF nuclear research center – $25 million

  • Participation in the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) – $10 million

  • Brain research – $25 million

  • Establishing equipment centers for biotechnology R&D – $10 million

  • Stem cell R&D equipment – $10 million

  • Founding a national tissue bank – $8.9 million


I read that, and a few things jumped out at me.

Firstly, there’s a huge amount of money going into nanotechnology – but we very rarely hear about nanotechnology these days. It seems to have ‘gone off radar’, as so much science does, when it’s being developed for nefarious purposes the powers-that-be don’t want the public to be aware of.

But ‘nanomedicine’ and COVID-19 seem to very closely linked, and I will try to come back to this topic in a future post.

It’s also VERY interesting that they spent $25 million on a ‘particle accelerator’ for Nahal Sorek – what has nuclear research got to do with public health? I’m in the middle of untangling that part of the story, too, and that will be a corking post when it’s ready.

But the other thing that jumped out at me was that Telem has pumped $8.9 million into founding a tissue bank – and that’s exactly what the Milken Institute was calling for, behind closed doors, and that’s also directly linked to all this swabbing going on, again linked to COVID-1984.


It’s so hard to get real info about the Milken Institute these days, as so much of it has been scrubbed.

But thankfully, they didn’t get everything. For example, I found this annual report from 2011 for the Milken Institute, which I’m including some screenshots from below:

Notice how ‘Koret-Milken Institute Fellows’ are being placed in key places within the Israeli government, ‘bringing fresh energy and talent to the heart of Israeli decision-making’.

I.E., the Milken Institute and its backers and donors are the ones running the show here.

The Milken Institute holds a number of massive global summits every year, including the ‘FasterCures’ event, and the ‘Partnering for Cures’ event, which links biomed research to big business investors.

And here’s some of the major funders of the Milken Institute – notice that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is top of pile:


What is obvious, is that the Milken Institute is to global health what Davos is to global finance – and if that sounds sinister, it’s meant to.

Look at all the big names showing up at their events in 2011, and then look at who is funding them.

Top of the list is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Institute also thanks its ‘anonymous’ donors – chief of whom, I’m now willing to bet, is the Rothschilds.

This all feeds back to banking and big business, and sadly, crooked Jews are bang in the middle of everything.


Back in May 2019, the Jpost ran THIS STORY, excitedly talking about the massive grants the IPMP had started giving out for ‘personalised medicine’ to researchers in Israel:

“The research projects are meant to lead to a deeper understanding of human diseases and advance the implementation of new healthcare approaches. Teams are made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including physicians, basic researchers, theoreticians, experimentalists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, big-data specialists, engineers, statisticians, epidemiologists and others….

The research projects will have access to the unique databases of Israeli healthcare institutions, while protecting patient privacy.

Israel has an enormous relative advantage in this field due to the vast scope and high reliability of these databases.”


What a massive CO-IN-CID-ENCE that COVID-1984 then showed up less than 8 months later, in Israel, giving a massive ‘boost’ to all these projects and researchers who CO-IN-CID-ENT-ALLY had just received billionaire oligarch funding to start doing a deep dive into ‘personalized medicine.’


The last thing to tell you, at least in this post, is that all these billionaire oligarchs, and their various ‘foundations’ are the real government of Israel.

That’s not my words, that’s what the foundation themselves believe, as you can see in this PDF, from the Shalom Hartman Institute, a little of which I’ve excerpted below:

“Once a fortnight, 23 local representatives of foundations (including Koret, Wexner and Yad HaNadiv) and Federations (including New York and San Francisco) gather at the Shalom Hartman’s Institute…”

Meetings like these are where the real decisions about Israel are being taken, this is where the real ‘power brokers’ are deciding things. And who we vote for in the elections is largely irrelevant.


In 2013, the EU commissioned a report into the biggest ‘philanthropic’ givers in Israel.

You can see that report HERE, and it’s quite eye-opening, for a number of reasons.

For example, the report lets the cat out the bag that The Ford Foundation has been pouring tens of millions of dollars into the New Israel Fund.

Charles Bronfman was using his Keren Karav Foundation to move huge amounts of money into Israel.

The Charles and Lyn Shusterman Foundation:

“[H]as also donated extensively to the gay and lesbian community in Israel, including Jerusalem Open House, which organises the annual gay pride parade in the city.”

Others on the list include:

The Russell Berrie Foundation – which “donates millions of dollars to Israel each year, one of its biggest contributions being the $26 million donated to the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute.” – There’s that nanotech / biomedicine link to billionaire oligarchs again. Oh, and it also funds the Shalom Hartman Institute.

The notorious Marc Rich – who funneled $150 million to the State of Israel.


And of course, the Rothschilds are there, too.

Here’s what the report says about them:

Donating tens of millions of dollars to Israeli projects every year, Yad Hanadiv, is the largest foundation in Israel. The funds originate from the interest generated by the fund, which is estimated to total $50 billion to $100 billion. Yad Hanadiv is identified primarily with large nationwide projects, such as the construction of the Knesset and Supreme Court buildings in Jerusalem, the establishment of Israel Educational Television and other education initiatives.

There is also a French branch, led by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild (Rothschild Caesarea Foundation). This is the branch that funded the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation, which donates tens of millions of shekels annually to Israeli institutions of higher education. It alsocreated the Caesarea Development Corporation, which supports the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation.

If you look at this article from 2002, you’ll find that Benjamin de Rothschild’s investment fund in Israel created a $60 million dollar fund called BioDiscovery 2, to invest in Israeli biotech.



There’s also a very interesting mention of the “Gustave Leven – Sacta Rashi Foundation”, which has apparently given $700 million to the State of Israel, including the funding of the Dimona Nuclear Reactor.

I never even heard of this guy before I read this report, which seems strange, given his high level of funding to the State of Israel, and in such sensitive areas, too. Gabi Ashkenazi – yes, that Gabi Ashkenazi – is currently the foundation’s chairman.


Let’s stop there for now.

I know all this can be overwhelming, but what I’m trying to prove to you is that our ‘government’ is just a bunch of puppets, regardless of who we are voting for at the ballot box. These foundations, and the billionaire oligarchs that set their objectives and goals, are the real government of the State of Israel.

And top of the list of the people who are running the show here – secretly, from behind the scenes, via all their middlemen – is the Rothschilds.

And all this is connected to COVID-1984, to the ‘war’ against the chareidim and orthodox Judaism being waged by the State, and to other things, too, like the ‘peace process’ with the UAE, the bombing of the Lebanese Port, and the brand new announcement that all this ‘peace’ is setting Israel up to be at the heart of a new regional energy initiative.

Plus ca change.




I started poking around a bit at the Russell Berrie funded Nanotech Institute at the Haifa Technion.

Interestingly, there’s a LOT of dead links on that site now, especially when it comes to talking about the Israeli Nanotech companies involved, and other partners.

But, there is still this short, creepy video (shmirat eynayim friendly) that is basically setting out the stall, for how the powers-that-be are planning to turn Israel from ‘start-up nation’ to ‘quantum nation’.

And the current lockdown we’re in is all part of this plan. It’s got nothing to do with ‘flattening the curve’, but has everything to do with advancing the ‘quantum nation’ agenda. Caveat Emptor.



I went back to the Technion’s website and managed to find two partners listed for their (now postponed…) Nanotech conference, 2020.

One of them is the International Electrotechnical Commission, based in Geneva, Switzerland – it’s parent organisation is the ISO, another of those ‘New World Order’ type organisations that began in 1946, to standardise the world for big business purposes.

The ISO was talking about the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ back in 2018, and you can see what they were saying HERE.

This link takes you to a page describing some of the IEC / ISO’s plans for biometric data, a little of which I’m bringing below:

Standardization of generic biometric technologies pertaining to human beings to support interoperability and data interchange among applications and systems. Generic human biometric standards include: common file frameworks; biometric application programming interfaces; biometric data interchange formats; related biometric profiles; application of evaluation criteria to biometric technologies; methodologies for performance testing and reporting and cross jurisdictional and societal aspects. Excluded is the work in ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17 to apply biometric technologies to cards and personal identification.

Did you catch that last bit? The IEC / ISO is the global ‘hub’ that’s going to enable the bankers and the Bill Gates to apply biometric technologies to cards and personal ID.

This technology is there, it’s connected to nanotech, and they are just waiting to roll it out globally. So much of what people dismiss as ‘conspiracy theory’ is actually in plain view, with planning committees, budgets and fancy videos.


The second partner is even more interesting. It’s the Nano Energy Lab of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

Hey, who knew that Saudia Arabia and Israel were co-operating so closely – even ahead of the ‘fake peace’ treaty being planned?!

If you go to the page below, you’ll see that the sensor being used to ‘detect hazardous materials’ in the creepy cartoon is already here, and is now being ‘refocused’ on detecting SARS-CoV-2.

And KAUST is working on way more nanotech-related things connected to COVID-1984, too.

I’m really starting to think most of the scientists and doctors and medical researchers out there are totally in on this COVID-1984 scam, and are just viewing it as a great opportunity to finally implement all the scary, unethical biotech they’ve been working on for decades.



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6 replies
  1. Lala
    Lala says:

    The state often collaborates with low profile private organizations. The Jerusalem municipality (which is controlled by a religious party) has been giving out money for food together with a Christian organization. I bet many things that are being done or were being done in Jerusalem were also funded by low profile private organizations money.

  2. Candy
    Candy says:

    Rivka – I read your blog all the time. It’s very eye opening. But to n Mh e- this goes by seem so bad? Advancement of science. I agree – cards, new world order- all sinister stuff. But what wrong with quantum and nanotechnology? And being at the forefront of it? Also – what’s your take on people that actually are getting sick? I B.C. after symptoms vary. Some nothing to full blown hospital care. What’s your theory in it – is there a post about it?

    • Yaakov B
      Yaakov B says:

      Medically speaking (about 50+ years experience) [1] the PCR test is known to be highly inaccurate for detecting the active presence of any particular single type of live virus. Such use is guaranteed to give a high percentage of false positives even under ideal lab conditions. When done in massive quantities with time pressure the false positives will be even more.
      [2] The WHO gave instructions, & Israel is abiding by those instructions, to register practically every illness & every death as if covid19 even when there is zero clinical or laboratory evidence to this.
      [3] When taking the sum total of morbidity & of mortality in last 2 years from flu, bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia, fungal pneumonia & other lung diseases, compare to this years combined covid19 plus those – the numbers are about the same! Just that this year almost none are listed as anything other than covid19.
      Miracle? suddenly there are no other lung diseases? no more mortal heart attacks or strokes? no deaths by cancer?

  3. Teshua
    Teshua says:

    George Carlin once said, ” you don’t need a conspiracy when interests converge”. Thats what we have with Covid. Its not limited to Israel. This thing is global. Anthony Fauci was the head of a major CDC viral lab that outsourced research to the Wuhan lab which in turn acted on behalf if the CCP military in ‘accidentally’ releasing it, internationally. Recently a epidimiologist whistleblower who had to flee the CCP was on a major US tv news show talking about it and confirmed the origins and true intent of those involved. Shes due to release an entire report on everything she witnessed at the site. If confirmed, this could implicate China in an actual act of Bio-warfare meant mainly to cripple the global economy in order for struggling China to get a ‘leg up’ while also making concurrent military maneuvers against its neighbors Russia and China and militarizing those man-made islands in the S. China Sea. All smokescreen for a globalist-led re-structuring of political players like the US, UK, the EU and their economic partners. Israel is just one more ‘player’ trying to participate in the newly-forming global restructure by selling itself as an indispensable element of scientific innovation that would provide the needed bio-tech necessary to entrench and further subjugate its citizens. This tech would undoubtedly be ‘sold’ to many other players that would allow even more consolidation of powers and essentially turning the entire civilized world into a giant global fiefdom. Get it now?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Sometimes it takes a little while for the comments to go up. AI has some advantages over me, still, like not having to do the washing up.


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