Meet the Gunzburgs

Following on from the last post, here is some of what I’ve been learning about the Gunzburgs of Russia.

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If the site goes down, just check back in a day or two once it’s cleaned back up, even if I have to take everything back to zero and start again. Just getting the information out there in the first place is tipping the balance, spiritually


Nearly every ‘gap’ in the Jewish genealogy that’s been looming large for me the last two years appears to be neatly filled by a Gunzburg, or someone associated with them. Let’s take a look at what more we can learn about this most interesting of families.

The story goes way, way back, but let’s start HERE, for now, with the REMA and his (suspected Karaite) father-in-law Shalom Shachne, Chief Rabbi of Lublin:

The REMA’s daughter marries one ‘Eliezer Gunsburg’ (1555-1613), and they have a lot of children.

Their great grand-child is one ‘Asher Gintzburg of Vilna’ (1640-1687):


Jump forward a few more generations, and you’ll notice that the Gunzburgs are marrying in to the family of Jacob Peretz Klatzki, head of the Vilna Community.

Asher Guntzburg (1715-1791) marries Yuta Klatzki, and their daughter, Malka married Issacher Dov Ber Klatzki – the brother of the Vilna Gaon.

In the meantime, Asher Gunzburg’s grandson is one ‘Naftali Gunzburg’.


That ‘Naftali Gunzburg’ (1778-1797) is the father of on ‘Gabriel Gunzburg’

In turn, he is the father of Baron Joseph Von Gunzburg.


Here’s a snippet introducing this branch of the (Russian) Gunzburg family.

(Taken from: Money lenders of the Imperial Palace)

In the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries, there was probably no one in Russia who had not heard of the Barons Ginzburg. 

They were among the richest people in the Russian Empire. Among other things, they were successfully engaged in railway construction, were well-known patrons of art and no less famous gold miners.

And not only in Russia — family and business relations connected talented representatives of this family with Ukraine and Hungary, Germany and France; and one of them even became related to Baron Rothschild.


Joseph Guntzburg was also known as ‘Evzel’.

If you go HERE, you’ll learn exactly which Rothschild and which of his Gunzburg grand-daughters married each other, snippet below:

Evzel’s other children were also extremely beautiful and successful. Matilda was particularly charming. Fuld, the nephew of Emperor Napoleon III’s finance minister, noticed this and married her surprisingly soon after he first saw her.

All subsequent generations of Ginsburgs were attractive and quick-witted. The daughter of Fuld and Mathilde Ginzburg married a young man from the family of the most famous banker of that time, Rothschild — Eduard.


In fact, it was this Rothschild:

Édouard Alphonse James de Rothschild (24 February 1868 – 30 June 1949), also known as Baron Édouard de Rothschild was an aristocrat, French financier and a member of the prominent Rothschild banking family of France.

His uncle is Edmond de Rothschild, the guy who bought up most of Eretz Yisrael and who is now buried with his wife in a park in the middle of Zichron Yaakov.

And his son is the infamous Guy de Rothschild, who was one of the co-chairs of Rothschilds Inc, together with his British cousin Evelyn de Rothschild. According to people like David Icke, Guy de Rothschild was one of the leading ‘programmers’ in the MK Ultra program.


MK Ultra is for sure a thing.

Child-trafficking and trauma-based ‘mind control’ is sadly also definitely a thing, and was known to be practised by all those ‘reverse kabbalah’ families that you and I know as the Frankist-Freemasons.

I don’t know for sure if Guy de Rothschild was the ‘top guy’ in this program, as is claimed in many dark corners of the web, or if he was as connected to it as he’s reputed to be, but I’m bringing it here in the category of ‘at least possible’.

And his mum, Germaine Alice Halphen, was the great-granddaughter of Ezvel Gunzburg.


But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Baron Joseph (Ezvel) Gunzburg was married to a woman called Rosa Rasia Dynin.

She is a descendant of the Meir Panim, R’ Meir Eisenstadt, via his son Michael Eisenstadt of Kletzk. The Meir Panim was a secret Sabbatean whose brother, Mordechai Mokiach, actually proclaimed himself as the successor to Shabtai Tzvi.

The Meir Panim didn’t believe him – because he was a follower of another false messiah called Leib Prossnitz, who was teaching at the Meir Panim’s yeshiva in Eisenstadt – and one of his students was Jonathan Eybshutz.

What a small world!


And here’s another major Sabbatian in the Gunzburg family tree, that we learned a lot about:

Yes, it’s the Eshel Avraham himself, Rabbi Avraham Broda / Rovigo.

More on all these links to known Sabbatians in a a moment.


As well as making a ton of money in the liquor trade, and provisioning the Russian army, Joseph Gunzburg also acted as a shtadlan, or go-between for the Jewish community and the Russian Government.

He started a bank, went into gold mining, and leant the Russian Government 10 million rubles to help them finance their war against the Turks.

Which the Russian government defaulted on, plunging Gunzburg into bankruptcy. But he bounced back – a couple of times – and just kept diversifying his business. You can read more about his business empire, and how he became one of the richest Jews in Russia, HERE, and got honorary citizenship for himself and his family, too.


This is another good, balanced article on the Barons Gunzburg, in Russian, but Google translate:

The Kiev Rothschilds


Evzel’s son Horace married the banker’s daughter Anna Rosenberg. This marriage connected the Ginzburg families with several major financial dynasties…. Anna’s sisters were married to such famous bankers as Ashkenazi from Odessa, representatives of the top European businesses Warburg, Hirsch, and Herzfeld. 

Evsel and Horace Ginzburg even advised the Grand Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt on financial matters. Apparently, their advice was quite effective. Grand Duke Ludwig III appointed Horace as his Consul Plenipotentiary in St. Petersburg, but in addition, he granted him and his father the title of baron. In 1879, Tsar Alexander II, the son-in-law of the Duke of Hesse, allowed the Ginzburgs to use this title posteriorly…. 

We emphasize that the Ginzburg bankers, like the Ginzburg tax collectors, proved to be conscientious and diligent financiers who acted with considerable benefit for the clientele… 


But what I really want to focus on is what they say he did for the Jewish community.

Snippet from HERE:

[I]n 1859, thanks to Evzel Gavriilovich, a law appeared on granting Jewish merchants of the 1st guild and foreign subjects the right to live and trade outside the line of permanent settlement of Jews.

And in 1865, Ginzburg Sr. contributed to the creation of laws “On measures to facilitate the transition of Jews from the agricultural class to others” and “On allowing Jewish mechanics, distillers, brewers and craftsmen in general to live everywhere in the empire.”

At the same time, Ginzburg created a special fund under the Ministry of State Property to award the best Jewish farmers.


In 1863, Evzel founded the “Society for the Dissemination of Enlightenment among the Jews of Russia“, which, among other things, issued subsidies for the publication of Jewish newspapers and magazines – both in Russian and in Hebrew.

Ginzburg maintained this society exclusively at his own expense. He provided financial assistance to both scholars engaged in research on Jewish history and authors of popular science books in Hebrew. He also laid the foundation for the collection of rare books and manuscripts, known around the world as the “Collection of Barons Ginzburg”.

Evzel Gavriilovich also obtained the highest permission for the construction of a Choral Synagogue in St. Petersburg, and for a long time remained the leader of the capital’s Jewish community. After his death in 1878, his son Horace became such a leader.


Evzel’s son, Horace, carried on where is dad left off, and was particularly prominent in demanding that the Russian Government put an end to the anti-Jewish pogroms, that were increasing in frequency and violence:

Horace Osipovich also responded immediately to every report of increasingly frequent Jewish pogroms.

He provided assistance to victims, hired lawyers to defend Jews from false accusations of ritual murder, and beat the doorsteps of palace offices, demanding that everything be done to prevent new pogroms.

It was he who led the Jewish delegation to the reception of the new Emperor Alexander III, demanding to prevent new pogroms.

As you know, then the tsar attributed the organization of pogroms to revolutionaries who sought to discredit him in this way, and promised to stop the riots. However, he did not fail to mention “Jewish economic exploitation” as one of the reasons for the pogroms, not particularly hiding his policy of introducing new restrictions for Jews.


This is turning into a monster post, and I’m not even half-way through, yet.

Let’s sum up this bit, and then I’ll try to pick up the pace.

  • The Barons Guntzburg came from Vitebsk; they maintained an orthodox lifestyle behind closed doors while also attending non-Jewish balls and rubbing shoulders with royalty;
  • They made a ton of  money in the alcohol trade, and as tax collectors for the crown, and then started a bank, and then when into railway building and gold mining.
  • They intermarried with the Rothschilds and Warburg banking families (amongst many others).
  • They were also connected to known Sabbatians the R’ Meir of Eisenstadt, and the Eshel Avraham.
  • They were very concerned about pogroms, and seem to have been doing exactly the same thing, vis a vis the government and Jews as we are told the 4th Rebbe of Chabad did, for his co-religionists, including pushing the idea of creating ‘Jewish colonies’ and promoting Jewish agricultural collectives.
  • They were the leaders of the Jewish community in St Petersburg.
  • They ended up spending most of their time in Paris, France.


Now, I would love to tell you how – and if – the Guntzburg family overlap with the Schneerson family.

There are for sure a great deal of similarities, from having honorary nationality and titles and wealth; owning a lot of land in the same geographical locations, promoting agriculture and farming amongst the Jews; having direct access to people very high up in the Russian government and trying to improve the lot of the Jews; and keeping their beards when most people around them were shaving them off.

(To name but a few.)

In terms of the family tree, the Guntzburgs and the Schneersons are related to the same people, and occupy the same sort of ‘space’, if I can call it that.

There is tremendous overlap between what we are told the Rebbe Rashab, Chabad Number 4, was doing in Russia, and what the Barons Gunzburg were doing in Russia at exactly the same time, as I covered in THIS post.

Here’s the problem:

It’s very hard to get behind the screen that’s been erected around this family’s history.


Here’s the little bit I found about Yosef (Ezvel) Guntzburg’s parents on Russian Wikipedia:

In January 1812, Gabriel Ginzburg and his wife Leia-Sarah (Leah), nee — Rashkis, had a son, Iosifevzel (Yossel). In addition to their son, they had two more daughters: Eleonora (Elka, Yelka, Elena), who married Chaim-Joshua-Geschel Rosenberg from Zhytomyr and Beile (Bella), who married Zev-Wolf-Yitzhak Merpert.


On French Wikipedia, I learn a few more, different, details:

Gabriel-Jacob Günzburg (1793, Vilna – 2 may 1853, Simferopol), is a Lithuanian financier and philanthropist Lithuanian.

Günzburg settled in Kamenetz-Podolsk after his marriage, and he lived for a certain time Saint-Petersburg. Its affairs were shared between many cities.

He was also responsible for representing the interests of Rothschild in Russia.

He applied his philanthropy in four cities, Vilna, Vitebsk, Kamenetz-Podolsk and Simferopol, in the latter, he built a hospital.

On the proposal of the Russian minister of finance, the tsar Nicolas I of Russia gives Günzburg the title of “honorary citizen hereditary Russia ” the October 22, 1848.


So, we start to see that Gabriel-Jacob Gunzburg was actually the agent for the Rothschilds in Russia, just as Jacob Schiff was to become the principal agent for the Rothschilds in the US, a 100 years later.

This starts to explain a bit more, why the history of the Gunzburg family has been so hidden in the mists.

I will try to unpick more of the people behind Gabriel-Jacob Gunzburg in a future post, BH.


What I can already tell you is that the family is directly linked to Vilna, particularly the terrible machloket that erupted between Vilna’s Chief Rabbi, ‘Shmuel ben Avigdor’, and the kahal, that continued for 30 years, while the Vilna Gaon was there.

You can read more about that part of real Jewish history HERE, which is a partial translation of the Vilna community ‘pinchas’ on JewishGen.


Pride of place among the public leaders and rabbis of Vilna is reserved for Rabbi Yehuda Ben Eliezer Safra Vedayana (YSUD).

He made his fortune in trade, donated much money to the community and built a synagogue which bore his name (the Old Kloyz)…

In the argument between Rabbi Yonatan Eivshitz and Rabbi Ya’akov Amdan, Rabbi Yehuda Safra Vedayana supported Rabbi Yonatan and convinced the Vilna scholars and the Council to take his part.

During his time, Vilna had 12 Dayanim. After the death of Rabbi Yehoshua Heshel in 1749 Rabbi Yehuda forced the Kahal to appoint his son in law, Rabbi Shmuel Ben Rabbi Avigdor, to the position for life, in return for a large donation.

After the death of Rabbi Yehuda (1762) a sharp dispute developed between the Kahal and Rabbi Shmuel who wanted to appoint members of his family to public positions and intended his son Rabbi Israel to succeed him in office. For some 30 years, the conflict raged on, drawing into it powerful factions from Vilna and elsewhere and threatened the community’s autonomous standing.

The Kahal – the official leadership – opposed Rabbi Shmuel and accused him of corruption and taking bribes but he was supported by the ‘mob’ (the artisans who, despite their large number, were not represented in the Kahal), and later by the Hassids, who operated underground.


The YSOD had one daughter.

And that one daughter apparently wasn’t married to ‘Shmuel ben Avigdor’, like all the historians tell us she was, but one ‘Rabbi Jacob Gunzburg’, who I have a feeling is directly related to the later ‘Baron Gunzburgs’ we’re discussing.

Again, that would explain why all this was covered up.


So, let’s end this monster post with more of the connections the Baron Gunzburgs had in the world of finance closer to our times – and why that matters.

Lucky for us, the creator of the ‘Sputnick’ Covid, experimental gene-therapy shot that the Russians are using as their ‘Pfizer’ equivalent is one ‘Alexander Ginsburgh’.

I actually tripped over that piece of information on a Russian ‘fact-checking’ post, HERE, which went to great lengths to assure everyone that no, he isn’t at all related to the Baron Gunzburgs we’re discussing here, as being Rothschild agents in Russia.

As usual, there was no detail in that ‘fact-checking’ post, so I drew the opposite conclusion: he for sure is.


Luckily, some Russian ‘conspiracy theorist’ got there before me, and set it all out neatly, HERE.

The writer does a very good job of teasing out many of the links I’ve touched on above, between the Guntzburg family and the more familiar architects of that ‘New World Order’ I keep hearing about.

It’s in Russian, so Google translate it, if you can bothered.


So, as you can see, I have my hands full of yet more genealogical dumpster diving, trying to figure out what the links really are, between the Chabad Rebbes and the Guntzburg family.

But it’s all connected to Covid 19.

It’s all connected to the ‘Great Economic Reset’.

And it’s all connected to breaking apart the world of lies, so we can get to geula, hopefully the sweet way, as fast as possible.

And that’s the only reason I’m doing it.


PS: This is another post, in Russian, which sets out the links between Horace Guntzburg and Frankist-Freemason Moses Montefiore.

It’s always the same people, and the same names.


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  1. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    When I looked at the site in Russian of the “conspiracy theorist”, one of his theories is that Kate Middleton is Jewish from her mother’s Goldshmit side. When I try and check it, it seems to be split. Do you know more about this?

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      I had heard about that: and also that Princess Diana had some Jewish connections as well ( I can’t remember exactly how and from which side). If I recall ( I don’t have sources unfortunately), Kate also has Jewish lineage from her father’s side. And as you know the royal family has a Mohel, so if what I am saying is correct, and both mothers of the couple are Jewish, then what are the kids? Circumcise Jewish boys and their sisters?

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Thanks for connecting these dots, Daisy.

        If you go here:

        You’ll see that the Queen Mother is a direct descendent of the Frankist Solomon Schorr (who I think is the husband of the Frankist ‘prophetess’ Chaya Schorr that Jacob Emden writes about), son of Elisha Shorr of Rohatyn, through his two daughters.

        That would make the Queen Mother and the Queen ‘Frankist Jewish’ descendants…

        Here’s what it says underneath the geni profile:

        Yehuda (Jan Fredyk) Wolowski (Shorr) of Rohatyn/ Rogatin took the name John Frederick Walsh in Ireland. He was associated with the Walsh family of Barbados and their shipping business which may have been the reason the family chose Walsh as their Irish name. He and his wife were Frankists. He was in the Czestochowa prison with Jacob Frank in 1760. He was a son of Shlomo (Franciszek) Shorr (Wolowski).He was an ancestor of the late Queen Mother through two of his daughters. An attempt has been made to obscure this Walsh (Wolowski/ Shorr) ancestry.

        • Daisy
          Daisy says:

          Interesting! I had no clue about this one. But the strange thing is, according to the hierarchy, the Queen owes allegiance to and is subservient to the pope. I remember seeing pictures of the Queen in the City of London literally getting off her horse-driven carriage to bow down to some Vatican figure ( sorry, it’s been years, I don’t remember whom she was bowing down to, but the hierarchy was clear). And it’s the same with the King of Saudi Arabia: they both bow to the pope, not by choice, that’s their place in the pecking order..

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            I think it’s maybe connected to the Sovereign Order of Malta – SMOM.

            The Queen is a member of SMOM, which has a budget of a billion and half euros a year, paid for by European taxpayers, and also ‘observer status’ at the UN, even though it’s not a country.

            It’s perhaps the real ‘puppeteers’ behind the deep state, and also behind all these Freemason-Frankists.

            The former Jews in this picture are still just the servants, the front men, for non-Jews behind the scenes, however prominent and ‘all powerful’ they appear to be.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:


    In reply to your comment about the Queen and the Knights of Malta ( I could not reply directly because of the system):

    I spent quite a bit of time researching all these relationships years ago. So I dug into my archives, and I came up with this list; there is tons of additional material having to do with the Vatican, how they are the ones pulling the strings behind EVERYTHING happening in the world. I hope that these few posts will add to your knowledge about the issue:

    Lots of stuff there, I know….one page has a few posts, then the next page, etc, etc. etc. Hatzlachah!

  3. Adelle
    Adelle says:

    wanted to comment awhile back when you first reset your site about the power of shichecha. this is something that came up for me around rosh Hashana, how it’s so easy to save everything – photographs, chats, emails. my friend was saying that periodically she goes and deletes chat history with people she no longer connects with or just to clear up space on her phone and in her mind, heart and spirit. Hashem remembers everything. we don’t have to hold on to all of it all the time. I also think of “ve’hatzara nishkacha”. perhaps a sign of geulah is our own willingness to release and forget our own tzarot and those things that activate pain within us.

    I’m also reminded of rabeinu burning his writings. even the fact that he wrote them and that these manuscripts existed in the world created something powerful. I feel that you’re right. even if you start over again, having done the research at all is creating ripple changes contributing to the awakening and collective tshuva.


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