The COVID-19 vaccine is almost here.

(Hashem yerachem).

Blogger Neshama is doing a fantastic job of pulling together a lot of important information about all this. I found the following very informative video on her blog, HERE:

(There are photos of women, for shmirat eynayim considerations.)


The Tomat Devorah blog is also bringing together some important information about this, and you can find some of that HERE.

And lastly, I have to mention Daisy’s blog HERE, which is also a very intense source of deep information about vaccine damage, and what’s going on with COVID.


It takes a lot of bravery to keep speaking out about what’s going on with this, so I thank these bloggers for continuing to try to inform the general public. None of them are being paid for what they do, and all of them often get a lot of flak and dissing.


One more thing I want to point out, is that I’m noticing a very interesting correlation between ‘rabbis’ who were first in line to put the boot into Rabbi Eliezer Berland, may Hashem protect him, and people who are telling the public that the vaccine is ‘safe’, and that ‘non-vaxxers’ should be punished and sanctioned.

After all the water that has gone under the bridge over the last 7 years, where I’ve been striving to show you just how corrupt all our institutions, and so many of the people inside them really are – both in the ‘secular’ and ‘orthodox’ world, both here in Israel and abroad – the one thing I will say is this:

Birds of a feather stick together.

If all these ‘rabbis’ and media commentators and politicians and others are happy to lie about COVID 19 ‘pandemics’ and ‘vaccines’, and to watch while the world gets destroyed around our ears as a result, do you really think they were any LESS happy to lie about Rav Berland?


Teshuva is really easy, baruch Hashem.

Just admit you were wrong, apologise to whoever you hurt, then ask God to help you not make that mistake again.

Then move on.


Just remember, slandering Rav Berland and COVID-19 have been connected right from the start.

If we really want this plague to end, we have to deal with the sins that caused it, spiritually.



The following comes from HERE:

 A former Pfizer vice president, Dr. Michael Yeadon among other medical professionals have recently warned that the vaccines have not been adequately tested and that there is a risk of “indefinite infertility” for women who take the current Covid vaccine due to damaging autoimmune response. In other words, the vaccine could make many women barren and unable to have children.

Maybe this is what Bill Gates meant when he stated in his Ted Talk that “vaccines and reproductive services” could help contribute to a reduction of the Earth’s population of 10% to 15% as a means to “stop global warming”.

Why would Bill Gates mention vaccines in the same breath as “reproductive services” in reference to population reduction? Aren’t vaccines supposed to help people live longer? Well, the Pfizer VP’s warning about the Covid vaccine is ringing bells for me. Maybe the Covid vaccine won’t make you sick, or kill you. Maybe you will live a long life free of coronavirus, but you’ll find out a few years after taking the vaccine that you won’t ever be able to have kids.


Think for yourselves.


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  1. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    You won’t believe what happened tonight, towards the end of candle lighting – the sixth night. First the sixth candle went out, then the third; and then I started thinking, while asking Hashem at the same time, and while the first, the second and the forth flame were strong and bright, yet the fifth flame was average: maybe if the fifth flame gets extinguished last this will be a confirmation of what I had experienced last night and written about? But then I thought I cannot play games and ask Hashem for confirmation this way! But then, lo and behold, the first and the second died pretty soon, and the forth lasted a little bit longer but died a normal candle death; meanwhile the fifth kept getting brighter and brighter; then I thought to myself: maybe Hashem sent a Mal’ach, and angel, to keep the flame burning? But then it got weaker, and I thought: no, Hashem’s presence is keeping the flame strong – and immediately the flame got stronger and stronger, as though a supernatural force was keeping it bright, much brighter than normal. Then I thought of Moshe and the burning bush, and just then the wick starting turning red and burning. I then realized the Shechinah was there, and I bowed, and walked back the way you walk back at the Kotel- and the flame was gone. It was so powerful! And I realized that yes, the fifth candle WAS a turning point! What I wrote about was real!

    Think what you think, but this was my experience, which I wanted to share with you, Rivka and all you readers, whether we know each other or not. It does say that the lights of Chanukah are the lights of the Shechinah, right? Well, yes, the Shechinah was right here tonight, openly present.

    Chanukah Sameach to all.

  2. Angela
    Angela says:

    I am so glad I found the info on your website and the ones you point out.
    There is a question I have:
    Is it possible that people who have had this RNA vaccination can infect others because of the viruses they develop in their cells?
    I read that vaccinated people can still be infectious to others , only they themselves might not get infected. But that is not what I mean;
    My question is, is it possible that others can be infected like f.e. the polio oral vaccination infected others (not vaccinated) during a certain time after the vaccination.


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