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I’ve had some tabs up about ‘magnetic nanobots’ for a while, and I decided that it’s time to close them down.

***Updates below***

First, here’s how I got into the subject.

There’s a channel called that has put together literally a couple of hours of videos of people apparently sticking magnets to the site of their ‘Covid vaccination’.

You can take a look if you want – but it’s not pretty viewing (I forgot how sensible the ‘tznius’ laws are. And man oh man, tattoos just look so bad on most people, especially when they’re old and flabby. But I digress.)

I’m not wading into the debate of whether magnets are really sticking to the site of Covid injections – watch the videos, make up your own minds.

But it did all kind of get me thinking as to whether something like that is even possible, in theory.

And so, I began looking into it.

And what I found is totally mind-boggling.


First I found THIS, on the website, entitled:

Magnetic microbots can hook up brain cells to make a neural network

Snippet below:

Tiny robots that can transport individual neurons and connect them to form active neural circuits could help us study brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The robots, which were developed by Hongsoo Choi at the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea and his colleagues, are 300 micrometres long and 95 micrometre wide. They are made from a polymer coated with nickel and titanium and their movement can be controlled with external magnetic fields.


So, I’m reading that, and I’m already starting to get worried.

Maybe I read this wrong, but it seems to me they are saying the science already exists for ‘magnetic nanobots’ to start hooking up neural networks – which is another way of saying they can take over your brain….

But surely, I’m just reading way too much into this?

I click around a bit more to see what else I can find about magnetic nanobots and brain control, and the main person who is quoted in that ‘New Scientist’ article, a Korean scientist called Hongsoo Choi.

He’s got a lot of papers listed up on Reseachgate. I read through – and I start worrying even more.


Here’s a selection of the newest papers Hongsoo Choi has put out:

Neutrobots smuggle drugs across biological barriers

Recent Progress in Magnetically Actuated Microrobots for Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic Agents

A magnetically actuated microrobot for targeted neural cell delivery and selective connection of neural networks

3D‐Printed Soft Magnetoelectric Microswimmers for Delivery and Differentiation of Neuron‐Like Cells

Man, the list just goes on and on and on…

But by the end of this, it’s clear to me that if this stuff is already ‘out there’ openly on Researchgate, then it’s been ‘in development’ in the black ops, Deep-State controlled side of science for decades.


I’m not going to get into connections between ‘magnetic nanobots’ and Covid 19 vaccines.

I’m not going to speculate on electro-magnetic impulses and 5G.

Really, I don’t have to.

THIS comes from 2018, and it really says it all:

MOTION CONTROL OF MAGNETIC MICROROBOTS FOR NANOMEDICINE: (In 4 Volumes)Volume 1: Minimally Invasive Surgical Robotics Volume 2: Micro and Nano robotics in Medicine Volume 3: Image-guided Surgical Procedures and Interventions Volume 4: Rehabilitation Robotics

In the drug product the RNA is encapsulated into lipid nan0particles, which protect the RNA from degradation and enable transfection of the RNA into host cells after intramuscular injection for vaccination.”

They are telling everyone that these ‘nanoparticles’ (aka, nanobots) are just going to biodegrade, after they’ve done whatever they’ve been designed to do.

But they’ve lied about so much already, why would anyone believe them?

Once you’ve gone to all that trouble, of actually getting your nanobots into people’s bodies, why would you waste that opportunity by having them ‘biodegrade’?


Are magnets really sticking to the site of ‘Covid 19’ injections?

I don’t know.

But I can tell you that magnetised nanobots that can cross the blood-brain barrier, build neural networks and be controlled externally by electromagnetic pulses are real.

So if there does turn out to be a connection, between Covid 19 experimental gene therapies, and magnetised nanobots that can be ‘remote controlled’ from the outside to make the body and brain do things they otherwise would not do – let’s just say, I wouldn’t be shocked.


PS: Here’s a few more scientific studies, just to bring the point home:

Genetically targeted magnetic control of the nervous system


As proof of concept, we used Magneto to delineate a causal role of striatal dopamine receptor 1 neurons in mediating
reward behavior in mice. Together, our results present Magneto as a novel actuator capable of remotely controlling circuits associated with complex animal behaviors.

And here’s a more ‘newsy’ version of the same idea, from 2016:

Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour



I watched this video (above) a couple of weeks ago.

It’s a very scientifically-minded guy trying very hard not to come across as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ as he talks about a number of patents DARPA has on using nano-technology to ‘remote control’ insects and animals, by taking over their lower brain stem functions.

Insects ONLY have that ‘snake brain’ (= NEFESH soul level).

Animals (like the mice mentioned above…) are more challenging, as they also have the ‘mammalian brain’ with emotional affect to deal with (= RUACH soul level).

And of course, humans are the ‘star prize’, because we also have our frontal lobes, which is where all the activity that truly makes us human – like empathy, compassion, abstract thinking, conscience, communication with others, connection to ‘intangibles’, including Hashem,  and other spiritual stuff like heartfelt prayer- happens. (= NESHAMA soul level).


When people are working on their lusts and bad middot, and doing their best to connect to God, and to overcome their ‘knee jerk reactions’ to act like an animal – they have a very strong NESHAMA.

And that NESHAMA (aka ‘frontal lobes’) is in the driving seat in brain.

And when they aren’t doing all those things….

Then many people’s brains will be literally hi-jacked by the ‘snake brain’ (aka NEFESH soul level).

Snake brain is also particularly strong – and challenging – for people who have been through a lot of trauma, or inherited severe trauma from their ancestors.

I.E. All of us.


(I cover this stuff in way more detail in the ‘PEOPLE SMARTS‘ book I wrote last year, that you can get on Amazon HERE.)


But the point is this:

If your neshama is stronger than your nefesh, then even if this ‘Covid’ nanotechnology shot is doing what this post suggests is at least possible, you’ll be able to overcome it.

And if not….

That’s a very scary thought.

One of my insightful friends had a powerful ‘dream’ a few weeks ago, that she shared with me, that the Covid shot would only damage people who ‘don’t have a soul’.

Neither of us had any idea what that actually meant, when we were discussing it, but I’ve been rolling that notion around for a while now, and it certainly ‘fits’ the thesis above.


There is no time to waste!

We need to be upping the talking to God, upping the work on our bad middot – especially things that instantly strengthen snake brain, like anger, apathy, depression and fear – and doing whatever we can to strengthen our neshamas in the following weeks and months.

Because this story is definitely NOT over yet.



Here’s some links, including to DARPA’s own website, so you know I’m not making this stuff up:

This from two years ago, from the LiveScience website:

DARPA, the Department of Defense’s research arm, is paying scientists to invent ways to instantly read soldiers’ minds using tools like genetic engineering of the human brain, nanotechnology and infrared beams. The end goal? Thought-controlled weapons, like swarms of drones that someone sends to the skies with a single thought or the ability to beam images from one brain to another.

This week, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) announced that six teams will receive funding under the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program. Participants are tasked with developing technology that will provide a two-way channel for rapid and seamless communication between the human brain and machines without requiring surgery.


This video comes from 2009 – you can see scientists ‘remote controlling’ a giant beetle:


The Nazi scientists were basically up to this stage, with remote-controlled moths, back in 1942….

That was 80 years ago.

Just imagine how the technology has moved on since then, and remember that the ‘Dark Ops’ side of things is always at least 30-40 years ahead of what is coming out ‘in the real world’.

Lots to think about, I know….

And lots and lots to pray about.



The TomerDevorah website just put this up:


Just to be clear, I’m starting to think all this talk of ‘spike proteins’ from Covid 19 in the ‘vaccine’ was a deliberate red-herring.

IF there were spike proteins for ‘Covid 19’ in the ‘vaccine’, then we WOULD be seeing mass deaths occurring already in Israel, which started vaccinating almost six months ago, back in December 2020.

That isn’t happening – or at least, I can’t see it happening.

For sure, there are tons of ‘adverse vaccine’ reactions occurring, including death, because the body is being flooded with millions of ‘nanobots’, that are off creating new neural networks and otherwise messing around with the nervous system.

For sure, a lot of people are going to be having bad physical and neurological reactions to that.

But that’s kind of the ‘side show’ here.

The main attraction, if you can call it that, is all about CONTROL.




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