Magnetic Me

I had an interesting Shabbat.

I decided to try to do six hours of hitbodedut this morning, and while I was talking to God, I got the strange idea that I should check to see if I’m magnetic.

Why would I be magnetic?

I thought to myself.

I barely wear the (graphene oxide impregnated….) masks, and never breathe through them.

I didn’t take any Covid shots (packed full of PEGylated graphene oxide, wherever you get it from….)

I haven’t been in hospital, BH, on an IV saline drip (that is mixed together with an aquaeous solution of graphene oxide…)

So why the heck would I be magnetic????


(You can already tell where this is going, I think.)

But to keep ‘the inner voice’ happy, I grabbed a magnet off the fridge and did the experiment.

Guess what?

All around my clavicles and sternum, I am magnetic.

And I’m also magnetic above my eyebrows, too.


In just a moment, I’ll tell you more about why this matters, and what it proves.

But before I do that, when my husband came home from shul, I decided to do the ‘magnet test’ on him, too.

He also hasn’t had any Covid 19 shots etc, and he, too, is magnetic.

All over the back of his neck (where I even got a small fork to stay put for quite a few seconds….)

And also above his eyebrows.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s the video:


You can see me sticking a magnet to one side of his forehead, and a bottle cap to the other side, because this graphene-oxide induced ‘pseudo magnetism’ doesn’t just work with magnets.


Ok, so what does all this mean?


If you go HERE on the Orwell City website, you will find a bunch of videos of people sticking all sorts of things to themselves.

(Not all shmirat eynayim friendly).

Below, these are SCREENSHOTS of some of those videos (so don’t double-click them, they won’t work as videos).


While many of the people who are now ‘magnetic’ did have the COVID shots, some of them didn’t.

It took the researchers at La Quinta Columna a few weeks to figure out a possible answer to this – because the Covid shots FOR SURE contain (electro-magnetic, super-conducting) graphene oxide nanotech as the pegylated ‘delivery system’.

As covered in previous posts, they found graphene oxide in saline drip solutions; and they found graphene oxide in RAINWATER, after a chem trail fly by (more on that in a moment.)

And the last couple of days, they’ve been finding more and more examples of MAGNETIC FOOD.


Take a look at this.

(6 mins long, with English subtitles):


Here’s a snippet:

Graphene has been introduced by inhalation or intravenously directly —the vaccine—.

Do you remember the toxicity report that talked about the different routes of administration or entry into the body?

Well, we have also found graphene now in foods such as meats, teas, chamomile, cereals, cookies, lactose-free milk, cocoa, and infusions —we have hundreds of videos of that—. Let’s say that’s how it’s administered orally.

But it’s also administered intradermally. We find it in hydrogels, all kinds of cosmetic items, creams, mascara, in almost any makeup product, moisture facial milk, sun creams

It’s also in tobacco —going back to the inhalation route—. In tobacco too. In electronic cigarettes, in the famous PCR tests, which are manufactured by NanoGrafi. Probably, in the antigen test.

All of that is by the inhaled route. And also in masks.


Take a look at a few more of their videos HERE and HERE, and there is also now a new Telegram channel where people can share videos of their ‘magnetic food’, at this link:


Now, I’ve been doing the ‘magnet test’ on my own foods, and so far I haven’t found anything that’s stuck.

But do your own experiments!!

And do your experiments on yourself to see if you are magnetic, even if you didn’t get ‘jabbed’, because this graphene oxide is EVERYWHERE.


While I was busy sticking magnets to my thorax this morning, I heard the low rumble of a small engine fly overhead, here in Jerusalem.

It was a crop-sprayer.

I know that not because I saw it, but because I lived in the middle of fields or 5 years, and I can tell what a crop-sprayer sounds like with my eyes shut.

Over the course of the next 45 minutes to an hour, it made at least 11 passes over my area of Jerusalem.


So what exactly was it ‘spraying’ all over us?

Graphene Oxide nanoparticle smart dust.


You remember, back at the time of the first lockdown in Israel, Rav Berland sent out a message that people should stay in their houses for a couple of weeks, mamash?

He said back then that only the youngest / fittest member of the household should go out to do the shopping, once a day, and everyone else should stay at home.

I have to admit to finding that very strange, at the time.

But now it’s making perfect sense, because they are spraying us all with biotoxic graphene oxide, to make as many people as sick as they can, with ‘Covid 19’ symptoms.


Each time, ahead of these Covid 19 lockdowns in Israel, I’ve noticed a weird greenish dust settling on outside surfaces, a week or two before ‘the next wave’ of illnesses begins.

I was thinking it was some sort of strange pollen, but now I know better:

It’s graphene oxide nano-sized ‘smart dust’.

And then we all go and breathe it in, and hey presto!!! We all start feeling pretty ill, with irritated lungs and a lot of other serious side effects, pretty fast.



I am magnetized the most strongly where my lungs join in the middle, then branch off.

(See diagram – the red circle.)


That’s because I INHALED the graphene oxide they have been spraying all over us, probably for years and years.

And I’m also magnetized above the eyebrows – same as my husband – because again, I breathed that stuff in, and it found it’s way up to my sinuses.


This is sadly very real!


As I keep saying, shot or no shot, we are all in the same boat with this graphene oxide nanotech ‘poisoning’.

But at least now we are starting to really figure out what is going on, and what is making so very many of us so sick.

And now we’ve identified the problem, we can start to work on figuring out the solution to what gets all this stuff to dissolve and flush out the body.

This is a good place to start, but I’m sure there are many other things to be done, to get this stuff destroyed and out of the body – even while they keep spraying it down on us, injecting it into us, and adding it into our food, medicines and cosmetics.


The more of us work together to share this information around, and to figure out solutions, the better it will be.

But the time for sticking our heads in the sand and pretending this is someone else’s problem is over.

Our governments and military are literally trying to kill, control and enslave us.

And we have to acknowledge that fact honestly, and ask God to rescue us.



More people are doing experiments, this time on their medications.

I strongly suggest we all start doing these experiments ourselves, just to see what is really going on, at least in our part of the world.

So far, I haven’t found any foods that are magnetised in my fridge, but I tend to eat pretty natural, mostly.

I’m going to check out my fish and salmon now – and if you’re taking medications, do the experiment.

That would be one of the the first places to stick all this nanotech graphene oxide stuff…


And here’s a few more experiments, done on tap water in Spain.

The first shows them precipitating something magnetic out of the tap water.

You need a special piece of equipment to do that.

The next couple of clips just show people doing simple experiments other people are doing to test the magnetism of their tap water, that can be easily replicated by anyone.

The water appears to be magnetic.

Let’s do these experiments here, too, so we can start to really understand if that is also happening here, too.

The more of us are trying to figure this out, the more accurate the results we’ll get back, when we share our experiences.



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19 replies
  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    I don’t know about this. I was watching someone I know recently talk about this after those who got the shot noticed this effect, and he and has wife, neither vaxed, discovered magnetic locations on their own bodies. Much of his not-vaxed audience also reported the same. I think this is natural, has always been the case in some way, and is not vax-induced. The world is fundamentally electromagnetic in nature, and so is the body, and it would not surprise me in the least to learn that the body naturally has magnetically active nodes.

  2. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    Yes, the body is electro-magnetic. But I have NEVER seen people able to stick bits of metal to their body before the last couple of months. Kids would have been doing the ‘magnetic’ thing for decades and centuries already, if it was a known ‘thing’ that people are magnetic. And no-one has done it before now.

  3. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:


    I have been feeling weak and ill for around a month know in general, and when I wake up I have pains along my spine. My sinuses too are going haywire since, on a regular day, I have a mild sinusitis for as long as I can remember. These days, I am emitting a thicker, bloody mucus from my nose. I am getting migraines in the sinus area more often. There is definitely something toxic in the air in Jerusalem that we are breathing in. I can’t point to any other casual factor.

    I even did a PCR test last week so that I can go to a hotel with family. That test turned out negative.

  4. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    Then why did they bother with the while vax thing, if they’re succeeding in other, probably cheaper ways?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      What is the point of asking that question? Clearly, I don’t have the information required to answer.

      I have some guesses…. but that’s all this is right now, educated guesses.

      How would you answer your own question, Yosef?

  5. Hava
    Hava says:

    Rivka, I tried your experiment this morning, twice.

    Once, after prayers; and once again after I bathed, washed my hair and made sure I was dry, using fans.

    The first time, the refrigerator magnet stuck to my chest near the collarbone/clavicle and on my neck.

    The second time, it didn’t stick anywhere at all.

    As far as I’m concerned, everyone who tested “positive” for magnetism ought to try the second part of my experiment and see if the magnet still sticks to your skin. With real magnetism, the magnets ought to still stick to the skin, wouldn’t you think?

    And I would try one more thing: Hold a compass to your body and see if the needle points to it. Make sure you are wearing nothing with iron or steel on it: jewelry, wristwatch, etc., and for those it applies to, watch out for those prostheses (hip and leg bone replacements, etc.), not testing there unless you’re sure they’re made of materials that don’t respond to magnets or compasses. That positive result could be considered real magnetism.

    I may not have covered all the bases (as we say in US English), but I think you get the drift.

    Maybe you and your husband aren’t magnetic after all.

    I’m not trying to put you and my readers “back to sleep.” We just have to find a way to absolutely prove what we’re saying, that’s all.

    And the green stuff in the dust you mentioned above? Most likely it’s mold spores. Yerushalayim has a lot of that. The spores are carried by the wind into dwellings in the summer, then turn black and grow when they come into contact with the constant humidity of winter and the dwellings are closed. Breathed in, mold can make you sick too.

    Anyway, I thought smart dust was more greyish or silverish.

    The research continues.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      You are making some solid points, thanks Hava.

      It’s the bottle cap that is actually more disturbing, as it’s hard to understand how that is sticking to anything on the human body, given that it’s not magnetic, just a piece of thin metal.

      But I will try the experiment again, and let’s see.

  6. Nechama
    Nechama says:

    Good Grief! Glad you’re back and well rested I hope. Which masks do you refer to? What do they look like? I have been wearing ONLY the clear full-face covering. Cannot wear anything that restricts my breathing. A rabbi called them ‘diapers’ and refuses to wear them. I think that’s appropriate, as they don’t protect anyone and they do collect “dirty toxins and bacteria” from inside one’s own body.

  7. Jeremy M
    Jeremy M says:

    Suffice to say, I tried this and am not magnetic despite getting the vaccine and not eating healthy enough to get any special antioxidants…but gosh, it is indeed weird that it works for you and others.

  8. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    My goodness, Rivka; at first I was totally shocked and worried about all of you. But after reading Hava’s comment, I think she has a good point, especially regarding jewelry and washing off possible dust, etc.

    A suggestion: how about going to the country for a couple of days, and seeing if this persists? Could the spraying be limited to big cities? And if there is a significant difference, how about making a (temporary) move? I tested myself, here is NY state – in the country, however – and I have zero magnetism. Also to be mentioned is that I do not use a cell phone here and only use my laptop with an ethernet cable, so that my environment is not magnetic at all: I wonder if being bathed in EMF from cell phones, laptops, smart meters etc. can convey magnetism to the body as well. I don’t know if this describes your environment, but if it does….

    Thanks for this great information.

    And do you have any latest news about the Rav? I really davened for him today. I hope he gets out of this new crisis without new trouble, B”H. They are really trying to do him in, don’t they?

  9. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    But Rivka, whoever the Vilna Gaon was in terms of family, you cannot deny his greatness. A few years ago I was following Dov Bear Bar Leib, author of, who was writing a lot about the Vilna Gaon ( heh, another two animals, maybe he is also a descendant, who knows?), and I must say I was very impressed with what he was reporting about the Vilna Gaon ( I have no clue what he is writing about these days though).

    What’s so wrong about being educated in science and secular science in addition to Torah: aren’t you? Am I not? Does that make us non-kosher? And who is to say that OUR connection to Hashem is any better than theirs? I would call that terrible Gaavah. Compared to their Torah erudition and understanding I am a worm,(I won’t say what you are , it’s up to Hashem). Seriously, who are WE to judge who THE VILNA GAON Z”L or RAV CHAIM KANIEVSKY are ? I believe the Rav was abused and his arm twisted to get him to sign whatever he signed. Come on, he is 83 years old, the age of the Rav. I think what they are doing is simply elder abuse; I can’t imagine he made those decisions with a clear understanding of the situation. Who visited Rav Kanievsky? Ron Balicer, ( AKA Walliser?), the trojan horse of the WHO. How was Rav Kanievsky supposed to know the truth?? Did he have the privilege to hear the truth about the death shot the same way this Beth Din heard it? The Beth Din Tzedek, – Beth – was so fortunate to be properly informed ( is this the Beth Din of Rav Moshe Shternbuch? Rav Shternbuch is also a direct descendant of the Vilna Gaon, and if so, what is their now ruling re: the death jab? If they are willing to oppose it, that would raise some questions about your view of the Vilna Gaon, wouldn’t it?

    I think we have to be extremely circumspect before judging Gedolim; we are in no position to do this, not me, and not you, with all due respect.

    Despite this horrible situation, I still have a tremendous respect for Rav Kanievky: he radiates Kedushah. I think he was a victim of abuse here, and totally misinformed by Rav Firer’s corrupt report – as you informed us about.

    (All the rabbis say: speak to Rav Firer. For some reason they still respect that corrupt man; have they no clue about him being massively bribed? I don’t know).

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      As we keep saying, it’s not about our yichus, it’s all about our actions in this world.

      I’m not saying I’m understanding – at all – what’s going on with all this, but what I am saying is that we should be coming to our conclusions based on hitbodedut, and believing our own eyes, ears and ‘gut feeling’, as opposed to just going on the ‘yichus’ or reputation of other people to decide things for us.

      It’s kind of sad if that’s a controversial statement to make.

      • Daisy Stern
        Daisy Stern says:


        We are not disagreeing here: that’s exactly what I am doing: going by my gut feeling, and my gut feeling is telling me that Rav Kanievsky is a real Gadol: his aura is very pure. I really believe that he is innocent of this horrible crime here, that he was somehow deceived. I can’t even imagine Rav Kanievsky doing something evil. I was never a follower of his, all it is is a deep, incontrovertible feeling of holiness about this man.

        And if I am wrong, then I guess my gut feeling was wrong too.

      • Daisy Stern
        Daisy Stern says:

        Reply #2:

        Well, you know what, Rivka, after you wrote this and I had replied, and after I discussed the situation of Rav Kanievsky in Israel with my son, ( he understands quite a bit about rabbinic “politics”) I found out that Rav Kanievsky had actually signed that very strict psak himself. So I decided to go back and search for other photos of him, to see if his aura would differ from the one I had seen radiating from him on a couple of pictures. Oh yes, there are quite a few not pleasant at all, and not so recent either; I guess people change, sometimes they are amazing and sometimes not at all. Not always an angel, but then am I one either??? So you know what: I will say exactly what you say: I don’t know anything about that situation. Fair?

        But I still have a question for you: if you really think that Yichus is so unimportant, then why are you spending so much of your time researching it? I guess you do know, deep down, that Yichus does matter, whether good or bad: after all we all learn from our parents, from a young age, to be a certain way, we learn our values, our middot from them. And isn’t Yichus even an important topic of the Perakhim Nivcharim? Tehillim 89: David and his descendants will inherit the throne of Israel forever, (whether deserving punishment or not for their behavior). So if Yichus is good enough for Hashem, shouldn’t it be good enough for us too??? Just saying….

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I’m not really researching the ‘yichus’, I’m researching which families had ties to the Sabbatian-Frankist Freemasons that have been subverting Judaism from within for centuries.

          The fact that those families keep crossing over, repeatedly, with the same families who are a) still in power today, in all areas of the Jewish community and b) still go on and on about the importance of ‘yichus’ – i.e. who you are related to and descend from – cannot be a coincidence.

          What bothers me the most, is all the lies.

          The Sha’agas Aryeh is being lied about, deliberately. The Vilna Gaon is being lied about, deliberately. Even people like the Chachan Tzvi are being lied about, deliberately.

          The list of lies goes on and on and on.

          Why lie so much, if there is nothing ‘bad’ to cover up?

          And as these people’s descendants are still in positions of power today, what I want to know boils down to this: how connected are these families, these people, to the Sabbatian-Frankist-Freemason groups that launched a takeover of the Jewish community 400 years ago (if not long before that)?

          Because once we have the answer to that question, it will get much easier to understand whose psak we should be blindly following, and who is really a gadol.

  10. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    Wow, my husband and I tried the metal bottle caps and they also stuck to clavicle and over eyebrows. Neither of us had jab. Pretty disturbing but I guess Hashem wants everyone to have a bit of magnetism.

  11. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Sorry, Rivka, I wrote this comment under the wrong post of yours. It has to do, of course, with your article about Rav Kanievsky’s Yichus.
    Hope you don’t mind what I am writing too much, but this is my take on the story – which is very well researched, no doubt! Congratulations on that.


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